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Found 47 results

  1. Unfortunately, my house no cable TV. Wondering where I can sneak out to watch tomorrow's match?
  2. excited and looking forward to the start of the new season! starting off on the news of Son leaving Spurs for Asian Games... Son Heung-Min sorry for leaving Tottenham to play in Asian Games http://www.espnfc.com/tottenham-hotspur/story/3580361/son-heung-min-sorry-for-leaving-tottenham-to-play-in-asian-games via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app
  3. lets start the ball rolling with the UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Atl Madrid, 4-2 to Atl AET... thanks boss @spring for the heads up... Get a report of the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid 2018 UEFA Super Cup football match. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/report?gameId=511060 via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app
  4. Many thread on EPL, MSL and even online soccer management game and etc. So thinking of starting a thread to discuss our very own Singapore soccer league aka the S-league. I know many people will start to come in and throw all sort of insult to our local league. Bear in mind, this is our very own soccer league. If we don't support our league, how we expect a strong national team. Be it of interest to you or not, please give this thread and our league a chance to ''live'' in the world of professional soccer. ....Peace to all.
  5. Wyfitms

    Premiere League Pass

    Myrepublic has teleport VPN which allows access to PLP. Anyone used the service last season? Streaming quality good? I'm thinking of getting a season pass, heard that have HD streaming and can use tablets to watch too..
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    Malaysia Super League 2012

    Tonight, Lion XI vs Kelantan opening match at Jalan Besar Stadium for Malaysia Super League season 2012. My predicton Lion XI 0 : 2 Kelantan
  7. Little_prince

    MCF premier league III

    Continue from here.
  8. Former Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham defender William Gallas malu himself with very poor defending in Australian league http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHEayBUzH8k
  9. Is it true ..... from yahoo news: S.League brings S$200million to Singapore economy annually The 12-team S.League is into its 17th year of operation this year, and despite a turbulent near-two decades of existence, Singapore's first professional football league has a significant financial presence according to Football Association of Singapore (FAS) President, Zainudin Noordin. Speaking in a media interview with Mediacorp's Suria channel, Zainudin noted that the S.League was of great importance and that it contributed $200million annually to Singapore's economy. "Since it started about 16 years ago, it has grown so big that it brings in about $200 million to the Singapore economy every year," explained Zainuddin on BICARA. "It also generates a lot of other activities and jobs related to football. This is an example of how a professional league is important. Now with LionsXII in the Malaysia Super League, it will expand the regional involvement between Singapore and Malaysia. " The S.League, which was launched in 1996, has seen its fair share of criticism for failing to capture the interest of the nation in recent years, most evident in the falling attendance figures. However, the league has seen a boost in fan interest, with strong attendance numbers for most matches of the 2013 season. Zainudin noted the trend as well at the 31st FAS Annual General Meeting, when he stated that the S.League had an increase in attendance of 45% for the first half of the season this year. In the interview with Suria, the FAS President elaborated that the Singapore football industry has allowed the participation of 'hundreds of thousands' and brought various entitities together. "There is a lot of involvement from communities, schools, corporations and from professional leagues such as the S.league," he said. "S.league has been established for 16 years. There are hundreds of thousands of people involved in the football industry in Singapore. That is something the FAS is proud of, and we are still thinking of how to involve even more people. "There is big potential for football in our country and the region." Zainudin confirmed in the televised interview that an appearance in the final of the upcoming SEA Games was the target for the Singapore team, and that FAS was determined to host one of the Fifa Youth World Cups in 2019. Hard for me to believe cos most of the time, played to almost 20% filled stadium...... I am talking about S-League which does not includes the M-Cup and M Super League .... The link: http://sg.sports.yahoo.com/news/league-brings-200million-singapore-economy-annually-043000217--spt.html
  10. Thought i create this thread separately to uncluttered the fans thread. If you have created your team, or about to, all are welcome to join in for fun. Just sign up. Please keep comments Relevant, thanks! MCF Footbal Fans League Your League PIN: 26716 League Table Team Name Goals Assists Pts 1 PurpleReign FC 1 2 28 2 GS United 1 2 21 3 WeAre United 0 1 17 4 LP's Magpie Warriors 0 0 15 5 DJ FC 0 0 6 Sorry for the messy table, but hopefully still readable.
  11. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2659763 continue here
  12. Just realized my miostadium not showing champ league final tonight??! Fxxk u sinktel.. May i know any kopitiam to watch in amk or sengkang? Thanks..!
  13. As above Which team you like to see most to be in the Premier League next season? A. Cardiff City B. West Ham United C. Birmingham City D. Blackpool
  14. Ok folks.... for those interested the channel will start to kick in gear approximately around 4 hours from now.... Enjoy..... http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=...amp;part=sports
  15. Vroomtattat

    MCF Premier League

    Hiya my brudders. SMFA has approved our Game World and so far I have rejected 11 applicants from non-MCF brudders. (I think so lah, sorry if I have unwittingly rejected you ) This league of ours is currently by invite only and ALL MCF bros are welcome to join. We have to finalise on the teams before we kick off our season. Requested for specific team Tarzan666-barca/Milan Robo-rm Gs-arsenal Husnul-man city J22-pool LP- inter Team not confirmed yet Copa Vroom Robin HHH L_club23 Razgriz takumi mrmilktooth sg2303 Bear
  16. Adrianlim13

    Chelski Win Champs League ! !

    Amazing ! ! congrats Chleski
  17. Have your predict I think the Final will be ...... Barcelona vs Bayern Muchen And Bayern Muchen will sneak to lift up the cup. What you think though?? I think Chelsea cannot match Barcelona in Nou Camp and Bayern Muchen will sweat their last drop to play the Final at their own turf!!
  18. Interesting Transcripts of Mr Low Thia Khiang's... (ts' note: SAF Vet League sounds like the name of a certain group of people, not retired military personnel) Quote: John Andrew 11:47am Oct 25 Interesting Transcripts of Mr Low Thia Khiang's speech in Parliament on 21 Oct 2011, which I am sadden we hardly get to read from the papers, WHY???? Mr. Speaker Sir, In his Address, the President stated that our shared goal is to create a better life for all. Sir, we share this goal. We also agree that economic growth is basic to improving our lives. I do not think anyone of us here expects money to drop from the sky. Singaporeans are pragmatic and mature enough to understand this. The Presidential Address also provided a broad outline on achieving a better life for all, from the young to the old, from the lower income to those doing exceptionally well. All these are aimed at achieving a happy and fulfilling life for all Singaporeans. It is therefore puzzling that some PAP MPs made a fuss when Sylvia Lim said that the government should bear in mind that happiness should be the ultimate aim of its policy goals. Besides normal economic indicators, we should consider other indicators reflecting the happiness and well-being of a society, as articulated in the United Nations resolution initiated by Bhutan and supported by Singapore. In Bhutan
  19. An S-League match was embarrassingly abandoned on Monday night -- even before the game kicked off. The scheduled clash between Hougang United and league champions Etoile Football Club at the Hougang Stadium gave way to a brawl between 30 to 40 players during the pre-match warm-up. This is the first time in S-League's 16-year history that a match had to be called off due to disciplinary issues. Witnesses told The Straits Times that the melee was sparked by an Etoile player venturing into the side of the field where Hougang players were stretching. This was 15 minutes before the 7.30pm kick-off. A heated exchange ensued, which quickly turned ugly. "The entire Hougang team, around 20 of them, surrounded this guy and there was a lot of shouting and shoving," one fan, who was in his 30s, told the paper. "There were no punches thrown, but the Etoile player's bib was torn," he added. According to an official who declined to be named, Etoile players ran from their side of the pitch within 20 seconds to aid their team mate. The crowd of 300 then witnessed security and team officials quickly dashing onto the field to try to separate the jostling players. After discussions with referee Muhammad Taqi, match commissioner A. Raamasamy decided to call off the match for safety reasons. The altercation lasted two minutes, but the chaos boiled over off the pitch. Australian freelance journalist Paul Green, 62, said, "The Hougang players were chased by their Etoile counterparts, who jumped over advertising boards and barriers. They (Etoile) had to again be restrained by their team officials." An Etoile player, who wanted to remain anonymous, accused Hougang captain Shariff Abdul Samat of kicking Etoile reserve goalkeeper Hadama Bathily. It is understood that nobody required medical treatment or were taken to the hospital. Monday night's brawl brings back memories of the fight between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan players eight months ago, which resulted in lengthy bans and stiff fines for 16 players. Hougang and the French club have had a history of bad blood between them. In a fiery encounter in March, a verbal spat ensued after the final whistle, resulting in a shoving match that lasted about five minutes. Newly-elected MP for Hougang, Yaw Shin Leong, was present at the match in Hougang Stadium as the guest of honour. The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) issued a gag order for players and officials of both sides. There were about 100 fans outside the stadium who were denied entry, while those inside were advised to leave. Etoile players were jeered by fans who lingered outside the stadium as the team boarded the bus at around 8pm. FAS deputy director of competitions and marketing Ridzal Saat called the fracas a "very unfortunate incident". S-League chief executive Winston Lee said a full investigation would be launched and any party found guilty would be severely dealt with. Source:http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporescene/league-match-abandoned-due-players-brawl-040403157.html
  20. any pubs near thomson area or town where i can watch the final on may 28th? thanks~
  21. This season's EPL is very "kan cheong" with 3 teams fighting till the end. Chelsea is leading the pack with a 1-0 victory over Bolton and I'm sure ManU is feeling sore from the draw with Blackburn. Don't write off Arsenal who has a game in hand over ManU and we shall see tonight if Red Nose monkey's team is going to slip to 3rd! Good work Man C, you have the fighting spirit to slug it out for 4th spot. Tottenham is goner and I'm pretty sure HR is going to dump the game against you-know-who. What a season!
  22. 25 Nov 2009 : BREAKING NEWS - Liverpool have been immediately installed as favourites for this season's Europa League. And its not even December......... WTF..... Rafa - The Tactical Genius - Benayoun replaced goal scorer Ngog in the 77th min. - Alberto Aquilani, the
  23. Singapore Telecommunications Limited Page 1 of 1 Company registration number: 199201624D News Release SingTel wins exclusive rights to the Barclays Premier League Singapore, 1 October 2009 -- Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) today announced that it has won the bid for the rights to the Barclays Premier League matches for three years commencing August 2010. These include rights for mio TV, as well as the Internet and mobile.
  24. Skylander

    MCF PS3 Fifa10 League

    Fixtures Tables Results all here. Those participants please use this thread. That one too messy liao. Match 1 Arsenal 0-5 Barcelona Bayern Munich vs Chelsea Inter Milan 1-0 Liverpool Manchester United 0-1 Real Madrid Match 2 Arsenal vs Real Madrid Barcelona 5-0 Bayern Munich Chelsea vs Liverpool Inter Milan 6-0 Manchester United Match 3 Arsenal vs Bayern Munich Barcelona vs Liverpool Chelsea vs Manchester United Inter Milan vs Real Madrid Match 4 Arsenal vs Chelsea Barcelona vs Inter Milan Bayern Munich vs Manchester United Liverpool vs Real Madrid Match 5 Arsenal vs Manchester United Barcelona vs Real Madrid Bayern Munich vs Liverpool Chelsea 1-1 Inter Milan Match 6 Arsenal vs Liverpool Barcelona vs Manchester United Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan Chelsea vs Real Madrid Match 7 Arsenal vs Inter Milan Barcelona vs Chelsea Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid Liverpool vs Manchester United Match 8 Barcelona vs Arsenal Chelsea vs Bayern Munich Liverpool vs Inter Milan Real Madrid vs Manchester United Match 9 Real Madrid vs Arsenal Bayern Munich vs Barcelona Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea Manchester United vs Inter Milan Match 10 Bayern Munich vs Arsenal Liverpool vs Barcelona Manchester United vs Chelsea Real Madrid vs Inter Milan Match 11 Chelsea vs Arsenal Inter Milan vs Barcelona Manchester United vs Bayern Munich Real Madrid vs Liverpool Match 12 Manchester United vs Arsenal Real Madrid vs Barcelona Liverpool vs Bayern Munich Inter Milan 1-2 Chelsea Match 13 Liverpool vs Arsenal Manchester United vs Barcelona Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich Real Madrid vs Chelsea Match 14 Inter Milan vs Arsenal Chelsea vs Barcelona Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Manchester United vs Liverpool