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Found 141 results

  1. Was planning to go Shilin Night Market @ Turf Club tmr night. Then I saw this report https://mothership.sg/2019/04/shilin-night-market-singapore-crowds/. The q looks terribly long. Wonder anyone went there tdy? Maybe can give some comments whether worth going anot.
  2. Unfortunately, my house no cable TV. Wondering where I can sneak out to watch tomorrow's match?
  3. Just want to ask who is using night car wash services from HDB carparks. I would like to find out 1) What is the price you paid per month 2) Do they wash daily 3) Is the service up to your expectation
  4. Typically, car parks in HDB estates which allow night parking from 10.30pm to 7 am the next morning costs $2.00 for a yellow night parking coupon. However, nowadays for those areas where ERP-technology is implemented with the gantry and cash card auto deduction, is the system able to take this into account, or during the night you are still being charged 1/2 hourly?
  5. StreetFight3r

    Night at Orchard

    Visitors to Orchard Road will soon be able to grab a bite from a food truck and catch a street performance under the stars. A new monthly night-time event will kick off in May to inject vibrancy into the shopping belt's offerings after dusk. Called Night at Orchard, it will feature arts, fashion, food and musical performances by buskers every first weekend of the month, organiser Orchard Road Business Association (Orba) told The Straits Times. The first edition of the roving event will be held on the pedestrian walkways between Ion Orchard and Ngee Ann City on May 3, starting at 5pm. More details will be made available in the coming weeks. It is part of a year-long trial for Orba to bring pop-up concepts and arts and entertainment events to pedestrian spaces along the street. First announced in January as a piece of larger plans to refresh Orchard Road, the trial will kick off this month with a pop-up by Korean cosmetics brand Hera. The Singapore Tourism Board's (STB) chief executive, Mr Keith Tan, told ST in a recent interview that the latest attempt to rejuvenate the 2.4km stretch must not "just remain plans". There will be visible changes to the street from this year, starting with the street-level activities curated by Orba, he said. Later phases may see other government proposals come to fruition, including the addition of more greenery and turning part of the street car-free. Compared to countries like Taiwan with many famous permanent night markets - Shi Lin, Rao He, Shida etc etc, Bangkok - Chatuchak, Asiatique etc etc, even Malaysia got many night markets - Jonker, Alor Street, and as near as the night market outside KSL on Mondays, sg really lose out on street vibrancy. all we have are malls,malls, clean streets. even the shops in the malls are such repetition. every small same shops same items. everytime i go overseas youll be sure i plan night markets into our itinerary for the family. these vendors should also bring some form of uniqueness or identity in the items they are selling. if you go bali, theyre known for their rattan, wood, handmade products with engraving. we need some form of identity that represents sg and not just generic stuff we can buy from inside the malls. its a good step forward to allow buskers, street vendors into places like orchard, gardens by the bay etc. just hope we are not too late to play catchup, and not too rigid.
  6. Picanto

    Qing Ming Night Visit

    since daytime is quite hot and crowded, any of you consider going in the night? its cooler, less people and not much traffic jam.
  7. As most of us here drives, some may love the convenient of driving out far for good late night supper with your kakis. I share my one here. I believe they are nice. 1) Jalan Besar Food Centre aka Lavander Foodcourt. - the Kok Kee Wanton Mee (i hope no spelling error) and the BBQ wings which is diagonally opposite. 2) Boon Lay Market - Power Nasi Lemak. Used to be very nice. Nowadays, the standard like dropped. But.. still nice! 3) Bukit Timah - Al-Ameen and Al-Azfar (i hope no spelling error) 4) Thomson - Thomson Prata. 5) Bedok 85 - The 2 Bak Chor Mee stall. Anyone want to contribute? Please contribute real nice food
  8. Just came back from the place. All I can say is that it is much more affordable than NTUC chalets or whatever they want to throw up. Cinta Ayu Allsuites is the only "hotel" there. Why the ""? I would classify it as service apartments. There are studio apartments, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom suites. Got my booking via Late Stays. MYR316. ABF included. However the dinner was OK considering it a BBQ buffet. MYR42++ per adult. Good for families looking at the range of suites they have. Especially families with grown up children. Cinta Ayu has a pool by itself but just walk across the road to the club's Spa and Sports Centre is another pool area. A lap pool, children's play pool. Of course the other thing is golfing. This place is good for a short getaway. Nearer than Pulai Desaru and less expensive than Sofitel Palm Resort.
  9. Need a night out listening to music pop or otherwise on Thur with my girl. Any place " happening "on Thur night? Thanks.
  10. Health is important. All MCF members do take care Women who work nights face higher cancer risk: study http://www.asiaone.com/health/women-who-work-nights-face-higher-cancer-risk-study?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180109&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77 Women who regularly work the night shift in Europe and North America may face a 19 per cent higher risk of cancer than those who work during the day, said a study Monday. These heightened risks were not apparent among female night-shift workers in Australia and Asia, said the meta-analysis in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. "Our study indicates that night shift work serves as a risk factor for common cancers in women," said study author Xuelei Ma, an oncologist at the West China Medical Center of Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. "We were surprised to see the association between night shift work and breast cancer risk only among women in North America and Europe," he added. "It is possible that women in these locations have higher sex hormone levels, which have been positively associated with hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer." The review incorporated 61 previously published studies on the topic, spanning 3.9 million participants from North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia and more than 110,000 cancers. One drawback to the study was that the different definitions of long-term night shift work -- with some of the papers describing it as "working during the night" and others saying "working at least three nights per month." But the association was stark. While overall long-term night shift work increased the risk of cancer by 19 per cent, the risk of certain cancers were even higher. Female night shift workers saw a 41 per cent increased risk of skin cancer and a 32 per cent higher risk of breast cancer. The risk of gastrointestinal cancer was 18 per cent higher than in women who did not perform long-term night shift work. A subset of female nurses was also highlighted in the study, which showed "those who worked the night shift had an increased risk of breast (58 per cent), gastrointestinal (35 per cent), and lung cancer (28 per cent) compared with those that did not work night shifts." Ma noted it was possible that nurses might be more likely to undergo screening, since they work in the medical profession. "Another possible explanation for the increased cancer risk in this population may relate to the job requirements of night shift nursing, such as more intensive shifts." When it came specifically to breast cancer, the risk rose by 3.3 per cent for every five years of night shift work, said the study. Previous research has shown that nighttime work can disrupt the body's circadian rhythms, causing hormonal and metabolic changes that may boost the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and depression. "The results of this research suggest the need for health protection programs for long-term female night shift workers," said Ma. "Long-term night shift workers should have regular physical examinations and cancer screenings."
  11. It's been a hectic 2017 , some had enjoyed much , some wished 2018 the new year would be better ! A short trip is indeed a refreshment to perk up your drive for the many days ahead. Hong Kong , a bustling city of people , culture , modernization with an intense blend of the old . A walk down the streets of Hong Kong is never dull albeit the old houses . Enjoy the walk of life through Hong Kong as I filmed the transition of Hong Kong from 2017 to it's new year 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XETBVO7t48 Totally low powered after editing this film, which took 5 days of sightseeing and walking filming the scenes whenever I had the chance. As I took into my shock , I had more than 30 Gigabyte of 4K footage to edit and process. But it was pretty much satisfying to produce this short film as a remembrance for myself and my family to look back in the future. It is all memories. The new year also allows me to inject some spices into my old mediocre style of film production and I departed from my usual in this first 2018 new short film. Hope you ladies and gentlemen will enjoy !
  12. carloverguy2017

    Singapore Night Festival 2017

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z4qC4P2ctk FIlmed last night. You don't want to miss this at location, SIngapore National Museum, because it's just very mesmerizing !
  13. Advice needed. What to thing to do if car breakdown in middle of night? Any cheap towing services to recommend? Any 24 hrs workshop to go to? Thanks.
  14. Review http://www.pcworld.com/article/2056895/review-f-lux-makes-your-computer-usable-at-night.html Download https://justgetflux.com/ Try it, you might like it.
  15. Hi guys, Anyone know if there are any heavy vehicle parks that allows night parking using coupon?
  16. Blackbird

    Night Car Wash and Car Spa

    Hi .... Just got my new babe Silver Civic FD and groom it with iCare in AMK autopoint.... must say they are really pro in their services..... just found out that they have started Car wash and Car Spa services at night till 11pm. Definitely good for pple like me who cannot tend to my babe in the day. Call James .... the boss for more details. I gathered they have a package deal like free Car Spa with the purchase of a booklet of car wash coupons..... sound like a reasonable deal. Cheers Blackbird
  17. Hi, For those who frequent north, what is the usual traffic condition at Causeway towards JB ard 8pm and back to Spore ard 10pm? Thanks for info
  18. hello bros.. any suggestions here for places with good food that are open after 10pm throughout the midnight in SG? can only think of geylang dim sum, you tiao da wang, frog porridge, beef horfan. maybe changi airport also.. but other than these.. any other suggestions?
  19. oleandero

    2014 Singapore night festival

    lets go show our support! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-night-festival/1322236.html http://www.brasbasahbugis.sg/SNFPortal/content/conn/ucmnhb/uuid/dDocName%3aNHBSVRAPP61620000045068 SINGAPORE: The seventh edition of the Singapore Night Festival kicks off this Friday (Aug 22) and the organisers have promised it will be "louder and wilder" this year. The theme for this year’s annual light extravaganza is "Bold and Beautiful". Urban hits will take centrestage in a performance by 10 DJs and musicians. Night Lights, a crowd favourite, will also return on a bigger scale. Visitors will be able to enjoy light installations such as a "greenhouse car" - which questions the impact of industrialisation on the environment - or catch what is known as "flow art". The Night Festival will take place at the Bras Basah and Bugis area over the next two Fridays and Saturdays (Aug 22, 23, 29 and 30). Admission is free. - CNA/ek
  20. Shinjuku self-immolation act protests Abe’s democracy hijack http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2014/07/05/commentary/shinjuku-self-immolation-act-protests-abes-democracy-hijack/#.U7ouyfmSxKJ Abe is like a thief in the night sneaking in the back door to steal the heart and soul of Japan’s pacifist Constitution, and this is what angers people. The absence of any substantive public consultation and the failure to pursue revision through the front door by securing Diet approval and holding a public referendum — procedures laid out in the Constitution — raises serious questions about Abe’s commitment to democratic principles and the sugarcoated militarism he touts as “proactive pacifism.” LKY once said that "The Japanese are also peerless in the way they strive for perfection in everything they do." and that rearming Japan "is like giving chocolate liqueur to an alcoholic", as in it will want more and more arms.
  21. SMRT Night Rider services to be scaled back Public transport operator SMRT is scaling back its Night Rider services due to low ridership. From April 30, Night Rider services heading towards the city will cease to operate. SINGAPORE: Public transport operator SMRT is scaling back its Night Rider services due to low ridership. From April 30, Night Rider services heading towards the city will cease to operate. Night Rider services NR1, NR2, NR3, NR5, NR6, NR7 and NR8 leaving city towards residential areas will also end earlier -- at 2am, instead of the current 4.30am. SMRT said that from April 30, these seven services will operate from 11.30pm till 2am on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as on eve of public holidays. SMRT's Director for Media and Marketing Communications Alina Boey said that ridership for Night Rider has declined steadily over the years to 11,000 per year as of February 2014. "This translates to about 350 passengers across seven services per night, more than a 50 per cent drop since February 2008. Curtailing services between 2am and 4.30am allows us to maintain a balance between reasonable services for commuters and business sustainability," she added. - CNA/ac http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/smrt-night-rider-services/1070866.html?cid=FBSG
  22. http://wanbao.omy.sg/local/story20140220-23027 曾获得多个国际大奖的榜鹅水道,公园后方入夜竟变淫窟,记者现场目击,10多名艳女公然招客,寻欢客络绎不 绝。 I am organizing a night cycling trip. who interested?
  23. As the title suggests, what can a group of say 12 guys do?
  24. the entire front of the bus was smashed, and while you cant see it, the windows of the bus were all shattered and people were stuck in the bus ... >< not sure who hit whom...