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Found 38 results

  1. These thieves don't seem to have a clue, but the whole story is pretty comical and informative. Tesla Model 3 owner Annabelle Brett was alerted that her car's alarm was triggered. The notification came to her phone via the Tesla Mobile app. Of course, she headed to the locked parking garage to check on her car, only to find it had gone missing. However, she knew the car would have Sentry Mode footage of the incident, and she also knew she could track its whereabouts using the app. Brett was smart to take a friend along, as well as contact the authorities. While Brett was tracking the Model 3 and proceeding to its location, she was also able to use the Tesla Mobile app to activate Valet Mode, among other features not directly related to safety or security. This means she could honk the horn, flash the car's lights, open and close the roof and windows, control media, and more. Brett took full advantage of the app's features to not only slow the car down but also to mess with the car's features to assure she had the thieves' attention. It didn't take long before the criminals changed plans, left Brett's Model 3, and tried to flee. The thieves were in such a hurry, they left one of their driver's licenses in the car. It didn't matter much though, since Brett had the incident on camera, and one of the criminals was easily identified. https://www.facebook.com/ACurrentAffair9/videos/3369061069857292/ Am I the only one here who have concerns with such remote access features (over an app), which can manipulate a moving car? What if someone other then the owner pickup the phone and started messing around with the car when the owner is driving it? Accident awaiting to happen? Imagine @Jamesc is driving his newly purchase Tesla to meet his small three, but left his phone at home, and her beloved MIL heck into his phone and started messing around with the driving parameters while he is behind the wheel?
  2. Want to go JB but scared your car kena stolen? Maybe should do this too. This is a brand new Volkswagen T5 Sportline. https://carbuzz.com/news/rust-wraps-are-the-best-way-to-trick-casual-carjackers
  3. years ago, remember rx300 and rav4 are favourites amongst car thieves in m'sia. with growing affluence, more and more s classes, and supercars like lambo, ferrari are on the road. do car thieves prefer to target japanese suv because it is in higher demand and perhaps lack the sophisticated security features of german cars or do they like to target luxury cars. this review may be useful to anyone who is driving to malaysia
  4. Thu Apr 3, 6:36 PM ET LEWISTON, Maine - Police are searching for a man accused of shoving an electric guitar in his pants and walking out of a store in Lewiston, Maine. Police say the theft occurred last week and they're looking for three men. One of the men shoved a Fender Stratocaster in his pants and pulled a sweatshirt over the top. The other two acted as lookouts. All three can be seen on footage from video surveillance. Strangely enough, the music shop has seen the method before. A man did the same thing in 2006 but was caught as he tried to walk out. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080403/ap_on_...DxpUo0P8LIuQE4F
  5. Mockngbrd

    FT snatch thief + molester

    http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_739656.html Gahmen fault again!!!
  6. Fcw75

    Stupid snatch thief

  7. Altivo

    Underwear thief!!!

    wah lau!!!!!! Don charged with theft of bra, panties at NTU By Elena Chong, Court Correspondent An associate professor with a fetish for women's underwear has been charged with theft and fradulent possession of bra, panties and apparel. Lee Wing Foon, 39, was first charged in court last December with stealing two bras and a pair of panties at Nanyang Technological University on Dec 20. He was then remanded for psychiatric observation. On Monday, he was further accused of two charges of stealing three more bras and three underwear at the Hall of Residence 10 at Block 50 NTU on Dec 20. He also faces two charges of having 30 panties, 32 bras and 58 pieces of apparel suspected to have been stolen at NTU, and 272 pieces of bra, 87 panties and 65 pieces of clothing at a flat in Compassvale Lane, Sengkang, the next day. A pre-trial conference will be held on Feb 18. If convicted, Lee, who has a doctorate in engineering from NTU, could have been jailed for up to three years or fined or both for theft. The maximum penalty for fraudulent possession is a fine of $3,000 or a jail term of up to one year.
  8. Shinjuku self-immolation act protests Abe’s democracy hijack http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2014/07/05/commentary/shinjuku-self-immolation-act-protests-abes-democracy-hijack/#.U7ouyfmSxKJ Abe is like a thief in the night sneaking in the back door to steal the heart and soul of Japan’s pacifist Constitution, and this is what angers people. The absence of any substantive public consultation and the failure to pursue revision through the front door by securing Diet approval and holding a public referendum — procedures laid out in the Constitution — raises serious questions about Abe’s commitment to democratic principles and the sugarcoated militarism he touts as “proactive pacifism.” LKY once said that "The Japanese are also peerless in the way they strive for perfection in everything they do." and that rearming Japan "is like giving chocolate liqueur to an alcoholic", as in it will want more and more arms.
  9. A 30-year-old man was sentenced to a year in jail on Monday for snatch theft, despite his attempt to evade arrest by hiding in an uncovered manhole that he had accidentally fallen into. Muhammad Ibrahim Abdul Kafoo, 30, had pleaded guilty to snatching the handbag of lawyer Lesley Fu in April outside Chijmes near City Hall. On April 29, he walked towards Ms Fu and ran off after grabbing her red handbag. She went after the thief with two police officers, but they lost sight of him near some road works being carried out near Saint Andrew's Cathedral. It turned out that the man had fallen through an uncovered manhole at the worksite, and decided it was a good place to lay low till his pursuers gave up. He stayed hidden for about 15 minutes, emerged completely soaked, and took a taxi back home. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/snatch-thief-hid-sewer-later-caught-and-jailed-one-year-offence-20
  10. Dear all, Yup to relocate ecu, I read how to better prevent car from stolen. The highly rated solution is yo relocate ecu( I think only can delay a while longer only). My questions are is it legal, I dont see why it is illegal. Anyone know where got such service. Lastly any better suggestion to prevent such unfortunate experience. I understand the top 2 option is dont go malaysia and dont drive. Please share valuable input Thank for reading
  11. I thought only in other country where thieves are humiliated in such manner. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151734568872115&set=a.10150602946322115.373647.129011692114&type=1&theater
  12. Roadrunner2029

    Car thief caught already

    19-year-old arrested for stealing 2 motor vehicles AsiaOne Thursday, Aug 15, 2013 SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a 19-year-old man who is believed to be involved in 2 cases of theft of motor vehicles. On April 6, at about 4.45am, officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division manning a roadblock along Punggol Road spotted the driver of a motor car abandoning his vehicle some distance away. When the officers reached the car, there was no sign of the driver. Police managed to trace the owner of the car, who confirmed that his vehicle had been stolen. Meanwhile, a van was reported stolen from a multi-storey carpark located at Hougang Street 31 on June 16. The van was found a few days later at Hougang Street 22. After follow-up investigations, the suspect's identity for both incidents was later established and he was arrested in the vicinity of Jurong West Street 64 on August 14. The suspect will be charged in court on August 16 for theft of motor vehicle, which carries a maximum jail term of seven years' imprisonment and he shall also be liable to a fine. Commander of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Keok Tong San commended the officers' commitment and perseverance which resulted in the arrest of the suspect. He also advised all vehicle owners not to leave their vehicle keys or valuables in their vehicles unattended, even for a short while, and if possible, to secure their vehicles with additional locking devices such as steering-wheel locks. http://news.asiaone.com/news/crime/19-year...-motor-vehicles
  13. You know what they say, "Do whatever you want, just don't get caught!" Unfortunately (or thankfully, perhaps), these teenage car thieves in the United Kingdom don't seem quite knowledgeable about such a saying. Instead, these thieves just seemed so proud of their 'stealing' ability that they even shot pictures of themselves with the cars they had successfully stolen. What amazes me more is that they even posted the pictures on Facebook, a world renowned social media, and on their phones! This led the local police to catch them red-handed, or should I say, 'bread-handed' (you'll see why). It's a real 'shame' to the world of Grand Theft Auto. Speaking of Grand Theft Auto, it reminds me of the action adventure packed car theft game, the latest trailer of which will be shown on 30th April 2013. Alright, let's get back to topic. To be honest with you, these teenagers, aged from 18-23 years old, were quite an expert indeed. Comprising eight members, they managed to successfully steal nine high performance sports cars that were, and still are, very expensive. Porsches, Range Rovers, BMWs, and a Mercedes Coupe worth
  14. Baphomet

    Car thief kills baby in China

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...306-406669.html The boy was in an SUV stolen by Zhou Xijun, 48, in northeastern Jilin province on Monday, triggering a hunt involving thousands of police officers and taxi drivers until he handed himself in the following day and confessed, reports said. Zhou "discovered a baby in the back seat of the stolen car, stopped at the side of a road before strangling the baby to death and burying it in the snow," Jilin police said in an online statement. No information was available about whether the body had been recovered. Chinese media gave the case prominent coverage Wednesday and the topic dominated social media websites, generating far more attention than the annual meeting of China's parliament, which opened in Beijing on Tuesday. The parents left the child alone in the car for 10 minutes with the engine running before realising the vehicle was stolen, the state-run Global Times daily said, adding a family member had "fainted from grief" on hearing of Zhou's confession. Internet users expressed their disgust at the crime and many called for Zhou to be put to death. "Killing him once would not be enough," one user of Sina Weibo, a website similar to Twitter, wrote. "I would never have imagined that what people most feared would actually happen... the killer should be severely punished," wrote another user. China had a murder rate of 1.0 per 100,000 people in 2010, according to the United Nations, among the lowest in the world. WTF is wrong with this world !!! :angry:
  15. Jman888

    Stupid car thief

    stupid or what? :wacko:
  16. my car's window was smashed in JB, 2nd time in 5 months. the 1st incident i was parked in broad daylight infront of a shopping center. the 2nd incident i was parked inside an official car park with security cameras however the guard said that the cameras are for viewing only and not recording so wasn't able to catch the thiefs after the 2nd incident i'm considering to install an aftermarket car alarm, was quoted $400 for normal ones and $$600 for keyless entry + push start was wondering if such alarms actually help or will they always go off whenever another car passes by too close and cause a nuisance instead. anybody got stories to share? has a car alarm actually prevented thief? in both instances my window was smashed so i'm not sure if the force was enough to trigger the alarm in the 1st place. also how effective is an aftermarket keyless entry? i'm very worried that they might just hack the keyless entry and drive off with my car instead! but a $200 difference for keyless is surely a very good deal!
  17. Duckduck

    Guitar Thief

    got this from edmw fb Guitar Thief after stealing the guitar still pretend to look at other stuff!
  18. JB thief makes off with S'porean's Volkswagen Mr Lee shows how he was working on the battery while the thief entered his car. MALAYSIA - He drove to Malaysia, looking forward to an enjoyable fishing trip with his friends. But his plans fell through when someone stole his Volkswagen GTI right in front of his eyes outside a Johor Baru 7-Eleven convenience store. The car owner, Singaporean Lee Chee Peng, 41, and his two friends were following their usual routine. The contractor told The New Paper on Tuesday: "We go fishing there about once every two months." After eating, they would visit the nearby 7-Eleven convenience store to get refreshments for their trip. It was no exception this time. They parked their cars side by side facing the store at about 4.45am on Sunday. After buying their drinks and loading them into the icebox, they got ready to drive off. First sign of trouble It was then that Mr Lee realised he had trouble starting his car. He said: "I realised that the battery was flat. I was thinking, 'This is disastrous, my trip is over'. When he told his friend, Mr David Poh, 45, a fellow contractor, about his predicament, Mr Poh brought out jumper cables from his boot. ] The two men lifted their car bonnets and tried jump starting Mr Lee's car. Meanwhile, their other friend went to the toilet. As Mr Lee and Mr Poh were trying to get the Volkswagen's engine to start, Mr Lee noticed a Toyota Alphard driving into the empty parking lot to the right of his vehicle. He said: "There were two men inside. The driver looked to be in his 40s, and the passenger, in his 30s." Mr Lee didn't take much notice of them and continued cranking his car. After some minutes, the engine started. He got out of his car and closed the door without locking it, leaving the key in the ignition. He then removed the cables from the battery and passed them to Mr Poh, who headed back to his car to keep them. Said Mr Lee: "My bonnet was up, so it was obstructing my view. I had a shock when I closed it. Someone was in the front seat." He was staring into the eyes of the passenger from the Toyota. The man immediately looked down and clutched the gear shift. Said Mr Lee: "I didn't even hear him enter my vehicle. Those guys were pros." Instinctively, he shouted: "Hey, that's my car!" and ran towards the driver's door. But the man immediately drove off, nearly running over Mr Lee in the process. Mr Lee then got into Mr Poh's car and a high-speed car chase ensued. He said: "My friend was driving like crazy, he was really stretching the car. It was the most horrifying ride of my life." Said Mr Poh: "We were driving at more than 130kmh. It was like a scene straight out of a movie." The pair chased the man on a straight road, even beating many red lights in the process, but it was futile. The GTI proved too fast for Mr Poh's Honda Civic. Said Mr Lee: "Whatever I did to my car was working against me. "It was really a sinking feeling, watching your car pull away until you can't even see the tail lights." After about 10 minutes, Mr Lee and Mr Poh headed back to the 7-Eleven to meet their puzzled friend, who had missed the whole incident. Mr Lee then made a police report at Johor Baru Central before returning to Singapore and making another report at a neighbourhood police station. The New Paper could not contact the Malaysian police, but was shown a copy of the Malaysian police report. Besides losing his car, which cost more than $90,000, Mr Lee also lost his fishing equipment, which amounted to about $3,000. But he was grateful that he had not been hurt. He said: "I was stupid to dash in front of my car as the man wouldn't care if he injured me. I could have been knocked over by my own vehicle." He added that he didn't harbour high hopes of seeing his car again. He said: "How could I let them snatch it from right under my nose?" Mr Lee said the incident has put him off driving to Malaysia. "I'm never driving there again. I'll think really hard about ever visiting Malaysia again," he said. "It's just too dangerous." AsiaOne
  19. STOMPer myalice's left rear car window was smashed by a thief who managed to get away with $3500 worth of belongings, among which were a laptop, an iPhone 4 and branded goods. The STOMPer said that the thief was able to make a quick getaway as he or she was on a bike. The STOMPer reports: "I will never leave valuable things visible in my car... "I paid a dear price. "This happened at 9 Jalan Kasa, 7 Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru. "Watch out for bikers as they can make quick getaway. "I lost my laptop, iPhone 4, LV wallect, IC, LV bag. The total value of those items is S$3500. "I made a police report at Pelangi station. "So many people still travel to JB, the causeway is always jammed. "If anyone returns these things I will offer them a reward of S$1000."
  20. Dear Bros, am facing this problem for the first time and would appreciate any advice regarding this issue. Car was broken into while parked at the multi-storey carpark. Time frame should be Sunday morning 2.30am till this morning 8am. Problem is that the alarm seems to be deactivated and there are no signs of forced entry. Hence I would like to seek bros advice regarding the following issues: 1) Is this claimable under vehicle insurance? 2) If so, how do I go about filing a claims? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  21. Was checking pressures on my tires in a clockwise fashion, starting from left front and as i moved to the rear tires the caps felt different. i couldn't figure out what was wrong but upon inspection the rear caps were still silver, but they were hexagonal. in fact i think now they are stainless steel. (my originals were round chrome.) damn. weird ass. must be a cyclist who took my caps and replaced them with his.
  22. Feb 22, 2011 M'sia snatch thief's private parts severed in accident KUALA LUMPUR - IT WAS a gory end for a snatch thief who died with his private parts severed in a collision at Ampang Jaya between his getaway motorcycle and the victim's car. The police and passers-by found the body of the 35-year-old suspect in a drain, with his penis almost crushed and detached from his body. His pants had been ripped from his body in the accident. His accomplice, who was riding pillion, suffered body injuries. The incident happened soon after the 28-year-old victim was locking the gate to leave her home in Taman Mega Jaya in Ampang on Monday. She had left the bag in her Toyota Vios, while the car engine was on. A man suddenly appeared, opened the car door and snatched the bag. The woman tried to fight back but was kicked in the abdomen. Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Amirruddin Jamaluddin said the woman then got into her car and gave chase before blocking them. The two men were caught off-guard and rammed right into the victim's car resulting in both of them being flung from the machine. The accident occurred about 200m from the woman's house. -- THE STAR/ANN Damn funny sia.
  23. Gentlemen. There is someone who attempted to break into my dad's cab last sat. He left dents at the window seal area in his futile attempt to break in. A police report was made but my dad got the sop reply that they will patrol more. Load of BS. On sunday, my dad called me and told me he noticed new dents, this time, at the passenger side. On monday, he got them fixed. Today, he called me again and he noticed new scratches at the same area again. Now ... if he did it once, I think I can let it go. The 2nd time ... I cannot tahan liao. My purpose is to ask what you guys will do? How will you attempt to catch him in the act? How many people do you think is enough to have a proper stake out? What time is the best to do the stake out? How will you hide? What equipment will you bring? Finally, my dad has nothing expensive on display in his cab. He removes his cashcard every night. At the most, he has a pair of cheapo tweeters and 1 ionizer on display, plus a pouch where he keeps his coins, just coins, no cash. Any out of the box ideas will be greatly appreciated. I just don't trust that the MIB will step up their patrol. I need to catch this b@stard myself.
  24. How secure is this software, but wouldn't this software able to track down where we are too? ------------- http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/12/07/ip...n-snatch-thief/ The