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  1. KaKiLang

    Self drive to khao kho, khao yai

    Clearing more then 1 month leaves and offdays, nowhere to yolo, planned to road trip up Khao Yai and Khao Kho which I skipped last Jan when I hit Phitsanulok/Ayutthaya. Leaving this Saturday morning, can share some of your experiences? Any law against flying drones in Thailand? Kum sia :}
  2. No I skip Tumpat ferry crossing this round, Its safe to rough out near borders, they are security tight areas there are guards around. Most of Thailands fuel stations are huge and clean, shower facilities and food are available and most of the time we are not alone, there are truckers, travellers parking next to you for rest stops. Through the journey we did not make any hotel reservation, we wont know when we will reach there and maybe if the place is nice we will stay a few more days, and I dont want to waste time locating for the hotel for a mere one night good sleep and navigate back to the highway, Its nice feel to sleep out in the open like a van life travelling. Phu Chi Fa was my goal, will not miss Mae Hong Son loop in my near future. Nice to sleep out at PCF parking lot, wind howling outside and having hot meals inside 15°, wakeup with a nice view. I left my back seat cushion at home, so both the front seat can decline all the way flat.
  3. Pai seh, lazy to do a smart phone version, view on desktop.
  4. Sharing my humble road trip up most Northern part of Thailand done in January. Have been trying to do this but always failed with my wife disapproval. Mrs passed on 1 and a half years ago due to cancer, after her first year memorial, gathered myself, planned and headoff for this long road trip on my faithful 2004 7th Generation Civic. Unlike Adrianli's conquest, I did it on a more leisurely budgeted pace over 21days, in case my old beng ride needed a bypass on the way down. Love the Thai culture, never ever felt any thread or fear throughout the whole journey, wokeup every morning with renew energy to drive on. Friendly road blocks all the way, always getting blessings from most Siam police/military men. Set a rule and pace, curfew when nightfall, get a strong data plan, stock enough entertainments, food and drinks. Most important, get our Singapore Ambassy in Bkk inform, sent them a email/pitstops schedules and possible your thai mobile number. Link below, lazy to cut and paste from my blog done along the way. Hope this information I gathered will help more bros to kick off their road trips. https://4x4mobility.wixsite.com/mysite
  5. KaKiLang

    Road trip from Singapore to Bangkok (2019)

    I miss Mae Hong Song Loop, intention to visit the long neck tribe but last minute detour up Mae Sai, crossing over to Tachileik, Myanmar, down Phu Chi Fa, Phrae, Nan, will do another north before my civic goes to the graveyard. Need proper paper to cross Cambodia, my FWD wont make it. Road trip up Thailand has become a Malacca trip for me.😂 My Jan trip was 16th for me, 10th for this 15yrs old civic. Maybe I should post my last blog on a new thread, to encourage those still dragging their feet to go beyond.
  6. KaKiLang

    Road trip from Singapore to Bangkok (2019)

    Tod benzene is not good for the injection? I only fuel up Esso, PTT and Shell, claimed theres no benzene added, the pump attendant keep telling me "no benzene".
  7. KaKiLang

    Road trip from Singapore to Bangkok (2019)

    Your trip up BKK reminds me of my January road trip up Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, but you are going much faster then me, 140-160kmh, 2 stops? Read your encounter with TP there before BKK, during my return leg near BKK, me too was surrounded by 5-6 hostile plain clothes during my pitstop until they realise Im on road trip then they relax down. Jan was their General Election. Did once many years ago in 9hrs Hatyai, now averaging 11-12hrs. December planning another trip up, this time will cover east thailand, Udon Thani, Sakon Nakhon down Surin, any plan to form a convoy??? will be driving the same 15yrs old civic up.😊
  8. KaKiLang

    AC Issues

    Last year did a gas topup, was told to watch my compressor, cutoff intermitently. After one year, only hot air even in highway, went in jb near the KSL, replaced the whole cooling systems, a recon compressor, a oem new cooling coil and condenser as the old systems lasted me 15years. Damage 1000rm.
  9. KaKiLang

    DIY cleaning throttle body

    I remove the whole body/MAF/positioning sensor and did a thorough cleaning. You be surprise the amount of gunk behind the butterfly and down the manifold.
  10. Champion, can even think of this, shame the Beemers community.
  11. Diu le lou moh repeated many times.
  12. https://youtu.be/Rxsr5bPiMIE
  13. https://www.facebook.com/sgkaypohloh/videos/385004745462523/?t=7 From this manuever ....... To this road rage MMA style. https://www.facebook.com/TimeNewsInternational/videos/2371758426417009/?t=21 Happens in KL. Sorry no spoiler, very violent.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/SGRVigilante/videos/305487757025635/
  15. I diy MAF cleaning, just make sure use the correct cleaner.