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  1. Went to Hokkaido recently and would like to share some photos here. Famous for its flower flied and winter sports during winter, August is end of the summer season I think. Weather wise still cooling average around 22 C with morning and evening dropping to below 18C. This trip I rented a 8 seater and total distance covered is approx 1400 Km. While the speed limit for city is 50 km/hr and highway 80 km/hr, to maintain at 80 km/hr on highway is not so easy. Took Scoot from Singapore and transit at Taiwan (1 hour transit time) Good break but just enough time to get on the plane. Landed in Sapporo early morning. This is a short of their air port. nowhere near Changi T1 but there are buses you can catch to town. I booked Unizo Inn next to Sapporo Grand Hotel. Checked in and walk to collect my car which I booked with Budget car rental. It is within walking distance. Photos of a street shot in Sapporo and their underground train station (MRT). Beside flower and snow, Japan is also about food. 1st stop is their famous Furano Cheese factory. But, it is more like a cafe and their cakes.
  2. They look huge, getting closer to Alphard and Vellfire. The twin will be unveiled in Japan in Jan 2022. Stay tuned.
  3. hopefully no one is taking this red yeast rice pill here. 😣 Japan dietary supplement recalled amid investigation into two deaths and 100 hospitalisations Cholesterol-lowering supplements containing ‘beni koji’ recalled by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical over possible link to kidney disease Beni kōji: One dead and dozens sick after taking red yeast pill in Japan A major Japanese drugmaker has said it is investigating a death and dozens of hospitalisations that could be linked to its red yeast rice pills. At least 76 people were admitted to hospital after taking the beni kōji fermented rice products, the firm says. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical reported the illnesses after issuing a voluntary recall of five products last week. The firm urged customers to stop using the pills, which were advertised as cholesterol-lowering supplements. Kobayashi said it suspected that the problem may have come from previously undetected toxic substances in moulds used in production. Beni kōji is rice fermented with monascus purpureus, a species of reddish-purple mould. While advertised as a health supplement for high cholesterol and blood pressure, it's also widely used as a traditional colour dye for food products. On Tuesday, the company issued a statement announcing the "causal relationship" of its Red Yeast Cholesterol Help product and the customer's death. It said it had received a message from the bereaved family saying the person had died from kidney disease and had been using the Red Yeast Cholesterol Help product the past three years. The firm said there had been a regular mail order. "Although we are diligently confirming the facts and causal relationships, we would like to report this from the perspective of prompt information disclosure," Kobayashi said. "Our company has always prioritised the health of our customers above all else and we sincerely apologise for this situation." Affected customers had reported symptoms such as changes in the colour of urine, swelling in their limbs and fatigue. The company began an investigation after a doctor alerted them to reported health problems in January. It has since established a hotline for customers. Its Red Yeast Cholesterol Help product debuted on shelves in February 2021. The company has so far sold more than a million packets, Japanese media reported. The firm has also supplied beni kōji as a food ingredient to food and beverage makers around the world. It warned companies of the risk last week. None have reported any illnesses among customer so far. But one major beverage maker, Takara Shuzo Co, announced it would recall a sparkling sake product that had been coloured with the supplied beni kōji.
  4. The MPV look gigantic in size (5 mm shy of 5 m from end to end), and finally available in 2.4L Turbo, producing a healthy 275 horsepower and 430 NM. Toyota has unveiled the fourth-generation Alphard alongside the Vellfire. These follow the recently introduced posh Lexus LM, a mechanically related vehicle based on the same TNGA-K platform. The twin are the first Toyota models to have steps on both left and right sliding doors, with a step emerging about 220 millimeters above ground. The boxy minivans are 4995 mm long and share a massive wheelbase stretching at 3000 mm. Both are 1850 mm wide while height depends on the model and trim level, either 1935 mm or 1945 mm. The Alphard and Vellfire can seat up to six people in a 2+2+2 layout with second-row captain's chairs. There's now an extra 5 mm between the first two rows and an additional 10 mm between the second and third rows. Both can be had with front- or all-wheel drive as well as a hybrid powertrain, with a plug-in hybrid setup to be added later. The most powerful of the bunch is a turbocharged 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine available in the Vellfire. "Tuned to deliver a sporty sound," it makes 275 hp (205 kilowatts) and 430 Newton-meters of torque. Customers can also pick a hybrid based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with a combined output of 250 hp (184 kW). Lesser Alphard models have a non-electrified, naturally aspirated 2.5-liter, four-cylinder unit with 180 hp (134 kW) and 235 NM. Depending on the engine, the minivans come with a CVT, an e-CVT, or an eight-speed automatic.
  5. While it look more like a facelift of the 5th gen Serena (C27), this actually a brand new model from Nissan, and it is now available in 3 drive train options: petrol only, petrol hybrid and ePower (EV). The gasoline version uses a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with 150 horsepower (110 kilowatts) and 200 Newton-meters of torque offered with or without all-wheel drive and a CVT. There's also a hybrid e-Power model (2WD only) with a new and quieter 1.4-liter engine producing 98 hp (72 kW) and 123 Nm. Combined with the electric motor, the total system output is 163 hp (120 kW) and 315 Nm.
  6. The current 10th generation Civic was officially unveiled on 17 September 2015, and after close to 5 years, the next gen is on the horizon. The spy shots below shown the 5 door Type R variant, which look more upright than the current gen even though it was wearing heavy cladding. More spy shots of the other variants can be expected to surface very soon. Stay tuned.
  7. So yup guys... as the header says... I use Japan Guide as my reference for this price hike... hopefully the pricing is correct. https://www.japan-guide.com/news/japan-rail-pass-cost-increase.html Current 21 + 7 day Pass price = 60,450 + 29, 650 = 90,100 yen New Price 21 + 7 day Pass price = 100,000 + 50,000 = 150,000 yen So must pay about $600 more per person... Flying in and out of Fukuoka cos the pricing for SQ plus want to travel whole Japan. Tickets already purchased. My trip is 2 - 30 Dec 2023... 28 days... so must buy a 21 + 7 day pass... My trip itinerary comprise the following Shinkansen trips: Singapore - Fukuoka (SQ) Fukuoka - Hiroshima (Shinkansen) 8570 yen Hiroshima - Osaka (Shinkansen) 9890 yen Osaka - Nagano (Shinkansen) 11,220 yen Nagano - Tokyo (Shinkansen) 8340 yen Tokyo - Aomori (Shinkansen) 17,670 yen Aomori - Hakodate (Shinkansen) 8160 yen Hakodate - Tokyo (Shinkansen) 23, 760 yen Tokyo - Fukuoka (Shinkansen) 22,220 yen Fukuoka - SIngapore (SQ) Plus all the other limited express, express and local JR trains in each area as applicable. Just based on the shinkansen trips above the total is 109,830 yen. I'm still out of pocket by 40, 170 yen. That works out to about $400 right? Still worth it to pay for the JR Pass or not? I mean there are many other parts at each area where I also take JR trains and they are mighty expensive too...
  8. The sun hangs overhead, casting a brilliant glow on the crisp winter air, while the roads encircling me paint a breathtaking picture. As I approach a tightening curve, the vibrant surroundings transform from a motion-blurred spectacle to crystal clear clarity as I dig into the brake pedal and rapidly hit the downshift paddle. With the six-piston calipers up front biting down hard, Fourth, third, and second, arrive — as the resonating echoes of the exhaust reverberate through the mountainous terrain with thunderous claps. There's little time to savour the moment though as I unwind the steering wheel and ease into the throttle to once again unleash 453 horses as the hairpin opens up into a long sweeping curve revealing the magnificent sight of a snow-capped Mt Fuji in the distance. It is a splendid sight and a majestic beauty that belies the awesome power lying deep within. But with the cacophony of slightly more minute explosions bursting out the rear pipes of my exhaust, my focus sharpens again as I dive into the next bend. This is Hakone, Japan, and I'm behind the wheel of a BMW M2. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Backstory It's 1998, and a much younger and more impressionable version of myself was about to embark on his first-ever trip to Japan—a genuine adventure beyond the borders of Singapore. Despite a somewhat rushed itinerary covering the essentials of Kansai and Tokyo, the experience was transformative. As a fervent automotive enthusiast engrossed in games like Gran Turismo, this initial visit during the golden era of JDM sportscars left an indelible mark on my life. Even in the outskirts, I encountered a multitude of Skylines, RX7s, Fairladys, numerous 180SXs and Silvias, and the occasional NSX. A serendipitous sighting of an Autech 4-door GTR added a touch of automotive rarity to the experience. It was also during this visit that, albeit from the confines of a minibus, I first laid eyes on the roads of Hakone, driven by my Japanese teacher, who turned out to be a fan of the Touge as well in his S130 Fairlady! As I stood on the edge of the rest stop nonchalant to the slight drizzle of rain lightly misting down my jacket I caught sight of Hakone's meandering roads, A delicate fog descended upon the asphalt like a spectral veil. Amid the occasional crackle of branches and the haunting wind, it seemed as though time had momentarily paused, if only for a few milliseconds. At that moment, I made a silent promise to myself – one day, I will be back to drive these roads. As we all know, time has a way of altering plans. Despite visiting Japan almost every year for nearly two decades, I never managed to return to Hakone, at least not in the manner I initially envisioned (I'm pretty sure Pirate ships don't count). Until now. Interestingly, while I never did make it back to drive in Japan, my love for cars never waned and through years of hard work or perhaps just sheer luck, I've had the pleasure of driving some amazing BMWs in a multitude of beautiful locations. It was during one of these overseas assignments that I had the opportunity to meet a representative from BMW Group Japan. I think you can see where this is going. Enter BMW Group Japan. Enter the Hakone Turnpike. As I navigated through Tokyo's congested roads en route towards destiny, the G87 M2, generously entrusted to me by BMW Group Japan, effortlessly devoured the motorway miles (or kilometers). Despite certain critiques about the new M2's more mature handling compared to its predecessor, the heightened stability and improved ride quality derived from its M3/M4 chassis contributed significantly to the overall enjoyment of the commute. It didn't take very long before the signs towards one of Japan's most legendary and iconic roads loomed into view. Extending just over 15 kilometers with an elevation climb of over 1,000 meters, the Hakone Turnpike was inaugurated in 1969 as a toll road (with a mostly 50km/h speed limit) linking Odawara to Yugawara. Over the years, it underwent a couple of name alterations, featuring brand sponsorships from Toyo Tires and Mazda. Presently, the toll road is under the ownership of the Hakone Turnpike subsidiary of the Central Nippon Expressway Company, going by the name Anest Iwata Turnpike. With my entry toll paid, it was time to fulfill a childhood dream. [/img] So delightful is the M2's torque, so accessible is its power, and so surefooted, competent, and confidence-inspiring is the handling that I find myself pushing harder and harder as the altitude rises. Relentlessly encouraging me to explore its limits with its Turbocharged S58's heartbeat playfully dancing up and down the digital tachometer with each flick of my wrists. Powering down a long sweeping bend, the M2 leans just enough to communicate what's happening, and as I keep the throttle down, I feel the rear end dig into the ground as the M2's computerized active differentials perform their mathematical wizardry to provide the best possible power delivery. [/img] With the Turnpike's sweeping curves that hug the hillsides and stretches of tarmac that punch through dense forest and trees before opening up into a beautifully scenic bridge for you to power through. This combination of road and machine provided an almost a dream-like driving experience, offering a smooth, intoxicating journey so beautifully presented and so enjoyable to sample that I catch myself on multiple occasions wishing it never ends. Skylines and skylines. As I summit the Turnpike, my day has only just begun. Pulling into the Anest rest stop, my eyes catch a glimpse of a beautiful Hakosuka Skyline. Judging by its battle scars, it seems to be in a similar Touge-hunting mood. Sporting its dings, scratches, dirt, and chips with pride, this vintage Nissan hotrod looks far from a garage queen. Despite the GT-X insignia in the cabin, implying its likely modest beginnings, the fat, worn tires, wheels coated with brake dust, exhaust-stained rear panels, and fully stripped-out, caged interior signal a build that transcends mere aesthetics. Could that S20 window decal offer a glimpse of what truly hides beneath its bonnet? It seems I wasn't the only one captivated by the allure of the Hakosuka Skyline, as its distinctive features, battle scars, and unique modifications garnered attention and admiration from fellow travelers at the Anest rest stop. With lunch devoured, it was time to ignite the M2 for the picturesque journey along the Tsubaki Line and Izu Skyline Touge roads. These winding roads, characterized by narrower paths, intricate bends, and blind corners, occasionally unveil expansive and breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji. As I unleash the power of the S58 once more, let's circle back to our introduction as I power down a short straightaway into a blind crest before dabbing on the brakes to rein in the charging Bavarian, Orbital's Halycon On and On playing in the background as the M2 flawlessly and joyously absorbs every moment of the drive, never missing a beat. Taking a moment at a secluded but very picturesque side road to also rein in my adrenaline, I found myself pondering the significance of the color red. Beyond its visual allure, this scarlet hue embodies essences of passion, joy, happiness, celebration, and vitality. Characteristics that resonated perfectly with how it has felt powering this rouge beauty through the dynamic landscapes of Hakone. The Perfect Partner. With traffic ahead, I settled into the cruise along the West Izu Skyline, the M2 gracefully navigating the winding roads leading to the coastal town of Numazu, Shizuoka. The scenery unfolds in a captivating display of nature's beauty, enhancing my sense of awe and exhilaration. The memories of the exuberant morning drive lingered, merging seamlessly with the present moment. It was sheer bliss and the M2 was the perfect partner to enjoy it with. Until I saw it, as the lumbering bus ahead of me pulled off, I caught sight of the unmistakable rear end of a G82 M4. Without hesitation, I punched the M2 button, prompting a burst of acceleration as I eagerly closed in on the M4 whose driver, likely sensing the impending arrival of his car's baby sibling, responded by unleashing the power of the M4, it was go time. It must have been quite the spectacle as we gracefully danced along the winding roads of Nishi-Izu Skyline, the M4 leading while I kept pace. Two of Munich's finest machines playfully carving up and down the mountains in unison, with the M4 occasionally surging into the distance, aided by a driver much more acquainted with these roads. As the M4 pulled away into the distance as I hooked a left into another narrow Touge road leading towards Numazu, it felt like a beautiful moment that perfectly encapsulated the phrase "Freude Am Fahren" had just unfolded. Numazu, Toronto, and Mount Fuji. Nestled along the picturesque Shizuoka coastline and with roots dating back to ancient times, Numazu has evolved into a modern town while retaining its historical essence. Known for its tranquil atmosphere, coastal charm, seafood offerings, and local markets, This scenic coastal town offers a mix of coastal simplicity and natural beauty ideal for a noteworthy stop on any road journey. Me? I only had time to stop for a photo. But what a view! As the sun cast its brilliance on the G87's Toronto Red body, I marveled at the fresh aesthetic perspective it offered compared to the Zandvoort Blue example I drove in Singapore. While the M2's signature baby blue shade may attract attention, it doesn't handle reflections, depth, and shadows as effectively as this crimson beauty. Complemented by the 930M Bicolour wheels, the new M2's more daring and assertive design language truly came to life, especially with Mt. Fuji in the background, creating a truly breathtaking sight. Chasing the sun, chasing a dream. With this picturesque scene etched in my memory, the next leg of my journey led me along the coastal roads of Numazu, through the city of Mishima towards my next Touge. The city's traffic slowed my progress considerably, and the sunlight was slowly but surely subsiding by the time I reached the Ashinoko Skyline. Linking National Route 1 near Hakone Pass to Kojiri on the northern shores of Lake Ashi, the Ashinoko Skyline is a picturesque toll road winding along the border of Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures on the western side of Hakone. Tracing the western ridge of the Hakone mountains, it offers vistas of Lake Ashi, Mt. Fuji, Mishima city, Numazu city, Suruga Bay, and the Izu Peninsula. As I pulled into a viewpoint with the sun setting, words almost failed to capture the awe-inspiring scene unfolding before me. It was truly a spectacular sight. With my dream now fulfilled, I couldn't help but feel a surge of emotion. The beauty of the moment was overwhelming, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you BMW Group Japan, it was the best drive I've ever had and the G87 M2 will forever remain special. It was now time to have dinner and return to Tokyo. Thank you for reading.
  9. Japan trip Osaka to Shikoku Island self drive trip to Awaji, Nagoro Doll Village (Kakasi No Sato), Kochi, Tengu Kogen, Iya Valley. Really amazing Tengu Kogen even only for 1-2 hours after reached the top blizzard came and similarly on Iyaonsen Hotel arrived in good weather at night blizzard and 40 cm snow that they have to suspend cable car operation to open bath at the bottom of the valley the next morning. Rent car from TRAC, getting white Axio with winter tires option that already clocked 160k km mileage for 49k Yen and spend 20k Yen on ETC. Was about to make round trip via Shimami Kaido - Himeji - Kobe - Osaka but decidec to make shorter router, Osaka - Kobe - Awaji - Kochi - Tengu Kogen - Oboke - Osaka, spent 4 night in Osaka for lepak and of course visting Mario Bros World...never had so much fun, really interactive theme park. James May Clone Only 20 something people in this village but more than 200 dolls....
  10. Hope everyone is safe. Japan Airlines plane on fire at Tokyo's Haneda airport https://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/japan-airlines-fire-tokyo-haneda-airport-4020876 TOKYO: A Japan Airlines plane is in flames on the runway of Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday (Jan 2) after a possible collision with a Coast Guard aircraft. Live footage on public broadcaster NHK showed the aircraft erupting in flames as it skidded down the tarmac and fire crew members feverishly tried to extinguish the fire. Japan Airlines said that all 379 passengers and crew had been evacuated. The flight, JL516, had departed from Sapporo's New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. It landed at Haneda at 5.47pm, according to data from flight-tracker Flightradar24. The Coast Guard said it was investigating the possibility that one of its aircraft collided with the passenger jet. Follow our live blog for the latest:
  11. Please hold tight to your chair before you scroll down for the images. ... Are you ready? ... Ok, be prepared, OK? Sadly, this is how the new Japanese Rojak will look like... Patent images obtained by Japanese magazines from the local trademark bureau show a new take on the Crown. It doesn’t seem to be wearing its distinctive badge, but we're being told this high-riding fastback will indeed be sold as a Crown. The somewhat odd shape should be familiar as the Citroën C5 X and China's Ford Evos have a similar body. Going back in time, we're getting hints of the defunct Honda Crosstour. The car featured here will reportedly go by the name of Crown Cross and should have the following dimensions: 4,930 mm long, 1,840 mm wide, and 1,540 mm tall, with a wheelbase measuring 2,850 mm. That would make it bigger in every dimension compared to the outgoing sedan, but with a slightly shorter wheelbase. Sources from the Land of the Rising Sun claim Toyota wants to sell the reinvented Crown with a four-cylinder 2.5-liter hybrid engine hooked out to a CVT. There also might be a turbocharged 2.4-liter with an electric motor and a six-speed automatic. It will sit on the TNGA-K platform and come with a choice between front- and all-wheel drive, with a plug-in hybrid option in the works. The official premiere is allegedly locked in for July 15. And I forgot to add, when I first saw its face, it is >90% like the Civic.
  12. This is simple, beautiful and practical. 2022 Toyota Aqua revealed with hybrid powertrain, bidirectional charging After 10 years on the market, during which 1.87 million units have been sold, the Toyota Aqua is transitioning to the second generation. It exited the North American market where it was known as the Prius C a few years ago, but it continues in its domestic market Japan with a fresh look, a different platform, and some clever features. Featuring a far more modern design than its predecessor, the 2022 Aqua has been fitted with a one-pedal operation mode as regenerative braking kicks in the moment the driver eases the pressure on the accelerator pedal. Offered as standard with front-wheel drive, the small electrified hatchback can be ordered with an E-Four system for better traction courtesy of AWD. Toyota claims it’s the first automaker to install a high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen in a road-going hybrid. Compared to the battery pack used by the first-gen Aqua, the new cells offer better, smoother acceleration at low speeds while featuring double the output over the original model’s pack. At the same time, the hatchback can travel at higher speeds than before when the internal combustion engine is turned off. Interestingly, the vehicle comes equipped as standard with support for bidirectional charging courtesy of a power outlet (1,500W / AC100 V) which incorporates an emergency power supply mode. This will come in handy in a blackout as the energy stored in the car’s batteries can be used to power various household appliances. Riding on the TNGA-B platform, the 2022 Aqua has a 50-mm longer wheelbase than before and boasts a large 10.5-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. The driver’s seat rotates and there are plenty of storage spaces throughout the cabin, giving the hatchback impressive practicality for such a small car. The greater distance between the axles has generated additional legroom for rear passengers along with a more spacious cargo area.
  13. Terrible start to 2024 for Japan. First A350 hull loss as the entire plane burnt to skeleton TOKYO – A Japan Airlines aircraft was engulfed in flames at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Jan 2 after a possible collision with a Coast Guard aircraft. The airline said all 379 passengers and crew have been evacuated. Live footage on public broadcaster NHK shows the aircraft on fire as it skidded down the tarmac and fire crews feverishly trying to extinguish the fire. The Coast Guard said it is investigating the possibility that one of its aircraft collided with the passenger jet. Five out of the six crew of the coast guard aircraft are unaccounted for, while one escaped, public broadcaster NHK reported. A spokesperson at Japan Airlines said the aircraft had departed from Shin-Chitose airport in Hokkaido. Haneda has closed all runways following the incident, a spokesperson for the airport said. REUTERS [UPDATE] Two of the six crew members of the Japan Coast Guard aircraft are dead, the captain is in critical condition
  14. Rumored to be fully unveiled (online) tomorrow. Basically, this RZ is a distance cousin of Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Sorella Solterra, sharing the same e-TNGA electric vehicle platform.
  15. After the Corolla Cross and new Crown, another iconic Toyota model has been SUV-nised... I seriously hope the trend will stop soon. @Toeknee_33what's your thought? Toyota announced the debut of an all-new model on September 6, which will be streamed live on YouTube from Tokyo, Japan. The automaker didn’t name the model but the official teaser photos showing portions of the front and rear suggest it will be the already-confirmed Century-branded SUV. Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂
  16. To be unveiled in Japan in September 2022. Although it is sized between the HR-V and CR-V, but this new SUV will be replacing the CR-V in the Japanese Market, as they just announced the cease of CR-V production days before introducing this latest ZR-V. A strange move to me. For those of you who are follow motoring news closely, you may find that it look very familiar and that you have seen it somewhere. Well, the same model is available in the USA recently, but using the HR-V nameplate. Another head scratching decisions by Honda...
  17. Official drawings of the 2019 Mazda3 – keep in mind that at this time, we don’t know if it will be sold as a 2019MY or 2020MY in the U.S.A. and Canada. The new “3” will employ Mazda’s latest Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture. The platform is said to be stronger while providing a much better ride quality. But the big news for the fourth-generation “3” is the debut of Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X gasoline enginefeaturing Spark Controlled Compression Ignition. This innovative four-cylinder unit combines characteristics of diesel and regular gasoline engines, using spark plug ignition to “control compression ignition”. In short, it ignites the fuel-air mixture similar to a diesel engine promising to combine the fuel efficiency of the former with all the benefits of a gasoline unit, without the emissions penalty. Mazda forecasts an output of around 190 horsepower with 170 lb-ft (230Nm) of peak torque from the 2.0-liter version. That puts it well above today’s 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G that delivers 155hp and 150 lb-ft (203Nm) and on par with the bigger 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G with 184hp and 185 lb-ft (250Nm). The difference here is that Mazda is targeting at least a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy and up to 25 percent less carbon dioxide emissions over the current Skyactive G engines. Mazda Kai Concept Wants To Get Our Hopes Up For New Mazda3
  18. If you have been dreaming of driving in Japan during your travel and want to start planning your vacation, you are lucky enough to chance upon this thread, and we hope by the end of this recommendation, you are equipped with tips and information about you Japan holidays! And we are currently selecting 50 participants that would like to attend! Join This Event! MCF HangOut proudly presents you with an all-new alternative of renting an almost brand new car in Japan. And to make the scenario more real, we narrowed down to Ishikawa Prefecture, 500km away from Tokyo, surrounded on three sides by the Sea of Japan, and on the fourth by Mt. Hakusan, allowing it to enjoy the best of both mountain and sea. Date: July 13, 2019, Saturday Time: 1pm – 4.30pm Venue: Singapore Recreation Club, B Connaught Drive, Singapore 179682 Registration Fee: $10 per registrant (Free goodie bag worth $50 for every registrant) Parking in available. Join This Event! About renting a car in Japan. You need to visit Ishikawa during the Autumn. Here's why. *Limited to 40 participants. Successful registrants will be contacted via phone or e-mail. Payment will be processed only if your registration is successful (payment must be made via Visa or Mastercard). Terms and Conditions There will be a registration fee of $10 once you have confirmed your attendance. The participating party agrees to pay the registration fee when they confirm their participation for the event. The Management of MCF will remunerate the registration fee in the form of $15 shopping voucher or grocery voucher during the event. Registration closes on 11 July 2019.
  19. This shall be my retirement ride, if the COE continues to remain at the current level. Anything higher, will go BMW liao. Five-Door Suzuki Jimny Spied Flaunting Its Longer Wheelbase The Suzuki Jimny is about to grow a bit bigger and gain an extra pair of doors to make the little SUV a bit more utilitarian. These spy shots catch one of them testing in Europe. Aesthetically, the five-door Jimny looks identical to the existing version, except for the lengthened body and extra doors. The spy photographer estimates that the wheelbase is about 300 millimeters longer than the existing 3 door variant. The width and height appear to be unchanged. Another interesting note from the photographer was that this vehicle seemed to be driving without producing any engine noise. This suggests that the Jimny might be getting a hybrid drive train. It's not clear whether the existing 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine making 100 horsepower (75 kilowatts) would continue to be available or whether this potentially electrically assisted setup would completely replace it. Switching to the turbocharged, mild-hybrid engine would give the Jimny improved emissions. This might rectify the current issue that limits the model's availability to a two-seat, commercial product in Europe. According to a rumor from Japan in 2021, Suzuki plans to call this model the Jimny Long, which fits with exactly what it is. The same report claims this version uses a turbocharged, mild-hybrid engine, which fits with what the photographer of this one is saying. For JDM models, price for the five-door would be about 300,000 yen more than the three-door unit. This Jimny Long, or whatever it final name is, is expected to be unveiled by end of this year, and become officially available from 2023. Stay tuned for more info.
  20. Patent images from Brazil registry. The front bonnet is exceptionally and unnecessarily long. Total waste of space (and material) in my opinion since the engine option is unlikely to be anything larger than an IL4 2.0 sump which will be transversely mount as usual. These spy shots give us a glimpse of how the actual car sis going to look like.
  21. The spec for the PHEV look mouth watering. Dimensions 4,745 mm (L) 1,890 mm (W) 1,680 mm (H) 2,870 mm (WB) Engine 2.5L e-SkyActiv-G IL4 PHEV (323HP, 500Nm, 5.8 sec, 200Kmh) 3.0L e-SkyActiv-X IL6 mild hybrid 3.3L e-SkyActiv-D IL6 mild hybrid
  22. Yes, the Fairlady Z is making a come back, after 12 years... Err @Jamesc are you one of the board of directors? You just mentioned the new Z days ago! One of the Nissan model I am eagerly anticipating (although sport car is not really my cup of tea), and hopefully it stick to the original sleek design in its early days. From the video, am I the only one to see hint of the 1st gen Fairlady Z?
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