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Found 20 results

  1. http://paultan.org/2015/07/09/2016-toyota-sienta-mpv-unveiled-for-japanese-market-2/
  2. Accidents on expressways are common. When that happens, it is essential to turn on your hazard light and put up the reflective triangle sign to warn other motorists of the accident that is obstructing the road. Otherwise, this may happen: What Happened? The accident above occurred on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). A white car with a damaged bonnet that was involved in an accident earlier stopped on lane 2 of the expressway. The blur sotong driver of the white car left it without its hazard lights turned on, nor did he put up a reflective triangle sign behind his vehicle to warn other motorists of this obstruction. Instead, he stood on the centre divider helplessly while waiting for assistance to be rendered. Just then, an SMRT taxi, a Toyota Prius travelling in lane 2, failed to notice the stationary vehicle and rear-ended it forcefully. The rear-end impact was so great that the white car's boot burst open. And within seconds, a Toyota Sienta travelling behind the Prius failed to react in time and rear-ended the SMRT taxi. The chain collision caused smoke to be emitted from the vehicles and debris to be flunked around everywhere across the expressway. So this is why ladies and gentlemen, don't be a blur sotong. Always remember to turn on your hazard light and use the reflective triangle sign in such situations. Here's wishing all those involved in the chain collision a speedy recovery! Netizens' Comments Either blind or they don't give a d@mn. I wonder which is more jialat... The Toyota Sienta got me lost for words. HAHHAHA the driver's palms confirm sweaty after that near-miss! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. While shopping around, I ran into this cute 7 seaters. What amaze me most is that for a small car like this, you actually can sit 7 adults. The seating is even better than WISH or the likes. 1 door is auto sliding while the other with
  4. Hi all , I would like to made a check on the above 2 mentioned Hybrid Compact MPV . Any comments on the findings I have made, is it correct or not? The findings as follow: 1.BHP: Honda Freed Hybrid 131bhp vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid 72bhp ( I believed Sienta Hybrid BHP should be higher, anyone can clarify ?) 2. COE : Honda Freed Hybrid is CAT B vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid is CAT A ? 3. OMV : Honda Freed Hybrid more than 20k vs Toyota SientaHybrid less than 20k? 4. Downpayment Honda Freed Hybrid 40% vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid 30%? 5. Overall Size: Honda Freed Hybrid vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid, which is bigger? 6.3rd Row spacing: Honda Freed Hybrid average 1.75 m sitting still have 4-5 fingers spacing vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid 72bhp is touching the 2nd row seat? 7.Safety Features: Honda Freed Hybrid vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid ? Anyone can comment pls? 8. Pricing : Honda Freed Hybrid 113k -116k vs Toyota Sienta Hybrid is 106k to 110k 9. Which one is more worth to but for a compact MPV? 10. Will it be another hit after Toyota Sienta Hybrid?
  5. Just bought a COE 2008 registered Toyota Sienta. Been driving 5 months. Lately Vibration from irregular road surfaces or Hump will get a :Beep Beep Sound. Anyone can help here or advise ?
  6. A friend just purchased a brand new Sienta from PI. Have requested PI to upgrade the rims from original 14" to 16" and topped up $500 bucks. PI just came back saying Sienta can't go for 16" due as car will have insufficient power to move. Any bros/sis here driving a Sienta can comment? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am deciding between these 2 cars. I have listed down some pros and cons, but can everyone also contribute to let me know more so that I make a better decision? Thanks. Of cos, I want to buy a cheaper car, everyone wants that, but I also want to know if by paying less for Sienta, will I be getting a much worst car. Is Sienta value for money compared to Wish? Also, I am not very sure of the OMV of the Sienta. Let me start off with what I know: Toyota Sienta ------------- Pros Lower price $62k Great FC Lower road tax $874 Lower insurance Cons Less power (at 1.5) then Wish (1.8) Less interior space???? Car does not look as nice as Wish (subjective) Rare in SG, so harder to find spare parts and more expensive? Toyota Wish ----------- Pros More power Great FC More interior space??? Better looking Cons Higher road tax $1242 Higher cost (About 70K) Pls help to contribute what you know about the 2 cars, thanks.
  8. Hi that, anyone have experience with the mentioned subject interm of price, performance and fuel consumption? I'm trying to gather feedback on these PI cars. Thank you very much. Regards,
  9. Went Japan last month and saw this cute bright cute MPV or a so called "compact minivan" TOYOTA SIENTA. Always like the cute small compact cars in Japan when ever im there. Saw so many nice accessories there too. Heard my PI bringing in and price is S$ 10x,xxx Told me better price than a Wish. Like the range of colors they provide.... maybe should check out the Hybrid if he does bring in. http://youtu.be/pZJSrus1ros Nice " fun car" to have for family outings too.
  10. Hi, Me looking for small to mid-MPV. Wish to get feedback for Sienta Dice 1.5l. Anyone driving this model? How's the drive and maintenance? Look like only one PI (i.e. M9) is selling. Any experience with them? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi, my toyota sienta is having a wheel alignment problem, around every 1/6 turn of the wheel i can feel a 'TUD' then it turn left a bit. my bro just went to a workshop and it don't service PI toyota sienta, so need recommendations please thanks!
  12. Hi, a friend is looking for a brand new Toyota Sienta. I'm helping him find out the reliability of this car. Anywhere to get reviews about this car? Is there a Sienta club here in SG? Any reliable PI to recommend are welcomed. Thanks!
  13. http://sgsienta.proboards.com/index.cgi
  14. Has anyone here own this model? how is this car... ... ...
  15. Hi guys, Toyota and Daihatsu have released a new compact 7-seater much like the Toyota Sienta, however it does not have sliding doors. http://paultan.org/archives/2008/12/26/toy...v-full-details/ What do you think of this compared to the Sienta? Do you think this is a replacement for the Sienta or a different model altogether? The car's head unit has an interesting feature, it can actually rip audio files from your music CD and store it as data files on its on-board flash storage so you dont have to bring your CDs around in you car.
  16. I've got 3 fans for my sienta. 2 in front,plus the usual fan. Nicely and expertly done by my JB expert mechanic,relayed and fused. When the compressor on,as usual,3 fans will on,the usual fan have another face to face blowing at the air-con and radiator. When the compressor cuts off,3 fans off.The 2 extra fans work independently and will not affect anything even if they're spoilt. The 3rd on the outer left blow at the air-con panel The best mod for taking heat away from engine,coolant to heat also hard,let alone boil or overheat. Air-con cooler a lot- no joke Main fan, one at the right/left. Cost - RM300 A great investment that goes a long way to cooling the car
  17. Spacio Website http://toyota.jp/corollaspacio/index.html Sienta Website http://toyota.jp/sienta/index.html Also, what is the price and OMV difference between the 2 cars from PI?
  18. Hi all bros, can't seems to find anything related on the above, can anyone currently driving either 1 of the above mention help? Thanx!
  19. Anyone driving a Sienta now? Care to share your opinion about this mini-MPV? I am seriously considering getting one.
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