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Found 165 results

  1. Lotr

    Eye surgery - cannot drive

    Now recovering from retina surgery. Cannot drive car, cannot test drive, cannot buy car... sibeh boring, sibeh gaolat. Only can come here and complain.
  2. If the law passes you won't be able to have a beer at a BBQ... Faint lor...
  3. Think there have been many cases of people faced with million dollar medical bills. Think it is time to review the need for free healthcare. Would you rather we have high taxes and have free healthcare or have it status quo where healthcare is only for rich in society? http://theindependent.sg/1m-for-hospital-bill-healthcare-or-nightmare/
  4. just now i was in Toa Payoh central when i was waylaid by an AIA agent having their road show. to cut to the chase, he told me that from middle of Sep 18, we cannot use the CPF SA to invest anymore ... is this true ?
  5. A friend just purchased a brand new Sienta from PI. Have requested PI to upgrade the rims from original 14" to 16" and topped up $500 bucks. PI just came back saying Sienta can't go for 16" due as car will have insufficient power to move. Any bros/sis here driving a Sienta can comment? Thanks!
  6. If for some reason need to sell just after 1month how arh?
  7. Car dealers to remove warranty restrictions to allow independent workshops to compete http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/car-dealers-to-remove-warranty-restrictions-to-allow-independent-9488024 SINGAPORE: Major car dealers have agreed to remove restrictions on warranties and related documents, announced the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) on Monday (Dec 11). The commission said this in a press release after concluding its inquiry into the supply of car parts in Singapore. The inquiry was carried out to better understand how the operations of the car parts market and the effects of market features of competition, CCS said. In its findings, CCS said it was concerned about dealers requiring customers to service or repair their vehicles exclusively at the respective dealers' authorised workshops, to ensure that the warranty remains valid. The restrictions allowed dealers to void warranties if the car had been service or repaired previously at an independent workshop. CCS said such restrictions deterred car owners from using independent workshops and thus the ability to compete effectively with authorised workshops. "To address this, CCS has raised its concerns with the major car dealers and have worked with them to remove the warranty restrictions from their car warranties and related documents," the commission said in the press release. Advertisement All major car dealers have agreed to make the relevant changes to the warranty terms by CCS, it said. All agreed changes to the warranty terms for exsiting warranties and new warranties will be implemented by Dec 31. Another finding by CCS was that importation and wholesale distribution of car parts are generally competitive. Car parts can be obtained from a large number of suppliers located in Singapore and overseas, the commission said. While there is limited supply for parts which are replaced infrequently or that belong to niche models, CCS said this is due to the small number of buyers and sellers in the market. CCS also found that technical information, equipment and diagnostic tools are generally available. This is despite car manufacturers and their authorised car dealers not supplying such inputs to independent workshops. "This is because independent workshops are generally able to gain access to viable alternatives such as those supplied by third-party equipment suppliers," said CCS.
  8. One of my side mirror cannot retract, any recommendation workshop to do this? I dont mind JB workshop to. Thank you
  9. Sigh, my car lock suddenly jammed!! Unable to open from the driver side! Need to crawl out from the passenger side. Lucky nobody see. So Sia Suay! Sigh.... anyone experience before? Is it easy to repair?
  10. A few months ago I got this manual accent. No issues with it except for this. Occasionally I cannot engage the first gear or the reverse gear from neutral gear. This happens when my car is stationary. So far no major issue with this except late moving off from traffic light or a bit delayed in reverse parking. I checked with the AD during my 1000 km and 5000 km check and they say nothing wrong and maybe it's how I stepped on my clutch. The thing is, this failure to engage still happens once in a while and in my car park i ever tried to replicate this by changing gear with my clutch not fully depressed half depressed and so on but not able to replicate the failure to engage. So I don't know if it's my fault or there is something wrong with transmission fluid or so on.... So I wondering if anyone ever faced this before and what was the cause. AD say nothing wrong with gear box. I ever thought of going to an external workshop if it happens again but I worry I kenna chopped carrot.
  11. Dear all, Self explanatory, dad complains when he cannot get free upgrades for his child from economy class to business class... http://singapore.coconuts.co/2016/11/30/cheapskate-dad-complains-sia-about-son-economy-class-not-being-able-sit-mum-business
  12. Indian home buyers are usually against buying properties with the main door facing west, anyone encountered such buyers?
  13. Come to think of it, I often hear people say conti car not suitable for SG climate. That's why got engine problem, breakdown,etc. And they will say better to get sushi/kimchi car instead.... But Japan has 4 seasons, and so does Korea.... just like those conti cars from Europe..... So there is no basis at all to this claim? Or must buy those Made-In-Thailand Toyotas then can tahan SG climate?
  14. After Aug 15 2016 http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2016/08/14/6-notable-cases-in-singapore-you-cannot-comment-after-15-august/ 6 notable cases in Singapore you cannot comment after 15 August 0 BY TERRY XU ON AUGUST 14, 2016COMMENTARIES Nominated Member of Parliament Kok Heng Leun on Wednesday submitted a Public Petition on the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill which was signed by 249 individuals. (Electronic signatures are not allowed for such a petition, and so these people were required to sign the petition in person.) Those who have not heard of the Bill cannot be blamed. After all, it was introduced just a little over a month ago, with little to no public consultation, and the local media has barely said anything about the issue. As the petition points out, the key provisions in the Bill are vague and goes beyond its stated goal of consolidating key elements of the law of contempt into statute. New powers have been given to the Attorney-­General (AG) and the legal threshold for the offence of scandalising the court has been lowered under the bill, overturning precedent set by Singapore's courts and making it easier for the Attorney-General to obtain a conviction. To make things worse, the maximum penalty has been set far, far above the current precedent, so much so that some have commented that it is disproportionate to the crime. The highest punishment meted out for contempt of court in Singapore thus far was six weeks' imprisonment and a fine of $20,000, but the new Bill will increase the maximum penalty to three years' imprisonment and a fine of $100,000. With this Bill in place, Singapore can kiss free speech goodbye and Singapore’s culture of self-censorship and fear will be entrenched even further. How will this affect the average person on the street? That is a question many, including seasoned lawyers, have found hard to answer, due to the broad language of key provisions in the Bill. To give you an idea, here are some of the more recent TOC coverage that could be affected by the Bill. 1. The Thaipusam "riot" where devotees were "violent" against police officers Fracas between devotees and police officers During the annual Thaipusam procession on 3 February 2015, three Singaporean men were arrested and subsequently charged in court on Saturday morning for allegedly disorderly behaviour and assaulting police officers. A group of police officers in civilian attire had approached a group of devotees and asked them to stop playing their musical instruments. Harsh words were subsequently exchanged, and the situation escalated. The police's statement on the incident was, "Despite numerous warnings to calm down, he persisted with his disorderly behaviour and was placed under arrest. While one of our officers was effecting the arrest of the man, another two men, aged 32 and 28, came forward to stop the arrest, with the 32 year old assaulting three officers in the process. The three men, all Singaporeans, also used vulgarities against the officers. All three men were believed to have been drinking earlier as they smelt strongly of alcohol. They have been arrested and investigations are ongoing. One injured Police officer was conveyed conscious to TTSH and is in stable condition." However, according to an eyewitness TOC spoke to, he said that none of the men arrested were drunk and that the police claimed that they were drunk based on assumptions, such as body odour. It is unknown whether the three were found guilty of the charges, as no reports are available. Have proceedings concluded, or are investigations still ongoing? If the Bill were already in force, would we be risking contempt of court charges commenting on this case even today? TOC understands that members of the group later filed a challenge to the courts on last year's ban of musical instruments. The government and Hindu Endowment Board (HEB) retracted the ban before the case was heard in court. The plaintiffs withdrew their lawsuit thereafter. We don't know what caused the government and HEB's change of position on the use of musical instruments. But a lack of public discussion on the event and reports from eye-witnesses would have surely put the devotees at a disadvantage. Read TOC's coverage here: Eye-witness account of the Thaipusam incident on 3 February 2. Dominique Sarron Lee Dominique Sarron Lee's death was caused by the negligence of two officers from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), yet family members could not sue the government due to a clause in Section 14 of the Government Proceedings Act. 14. (1) Nothing done or omitted to be done by a member of the forces while on duty as such shall subject either him or the Government to liability in tort for causing the death of another person, or for causing personal injury to another person, in so far as the death or personal injury is due to anything suffered by that other person while he is a member of the forces if — (a) at the time when the thing is suffered by that other person, he is — (i) on duty as a member of the forces; or (ii) though not on duty as a member of the forces — (A) on any land, premises, ship, aircraft or vehicle for the time being used for the purposes of the forces; or (B) on any journey necessary to enable him to report for duty as such or to return home after such duty; From TOC's communication with the family, we understand that all they wanted was for the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) to acknowledge that Dominique's death was a result of negligence and to receive an apology from the Defence Minister himself. But they were met with denials and stonewalled while seeking more information about his death. When they launched a suit to find out more about what happened to Dominique, MINDEF stepped in and stopped the legal action, saying that the information was state property. During the meeting with MINDEF's representatives, the family were offered a sum of S$320,000 to settle out of court. Their demand for an apology from the ministry was rejected. (TOC wrote to MINDEF about the family's claims in February 2016, but has received no response.) To seek justice, the family sued the government and the two SAF officers for a token sum of $34,500 for causing death due to negligence. The court threw the case out as the government was protected by Section 14. If the new Bill had been in force, would people have been able to comment on the unfairness of the system towards the family? Would the media and blogs be able to comment on ongoing cases? The uncertainty and high penalty would likely mean that people would choose to self-censor instead. Read the letter by Dominique's family about what they have gone through. 3. Benjamin Lim Tribute to Benjamin Lim laid across his bed. Everyone in Singapore should have known about the case involving 14-year-old Benjamin Lim's death after he was interviewed by the police at school and the police station after being accused of molesting a girl in the lift. The Law Minister himself later repeated this allegation in Parliament, almost as fact. If the Coroner's Inquiry was to find that the police and school have nothing to do with the death of Benjamin Lim, no one can comment on the matter as it may be viewed as a contempt of the court by the AG – anything that looks like it might have been suggesting that the court was not impartial could be in contempt of court. Even the family who is currently under a court gag order will be forced to keep silent and accept the judgement as such. Read the full story here 4. MINDEF's court case with Dr Ting Choon Ming In 2015, TOC reported how Dr Ting Choon Meng, an innovator and medical professional, decided to withdraw his case against Ministry of Defence for the unauthorised use of his company's design after Syntech Engineers, which represented MINDEF, dragged the case out and demanded about S$580,000 in legal fees. Dr Ting had his patent revoked due to MINDEF counter-suing him, stating that he did not have the rights to the patent. After the story went out, MINDEF went for TOC and Dr Ting, claiming that the story was not factual. The Ministry filed a court order against the two under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA). While it succeeded to silent TOC and Dr Ting at the state court, the High Court subsequently ruled that MINDEF as a government body is not entitled to use the act for protection. MINDEF is still appealing for the right to use POHA. Under the new Bill, would the government be able to claim that such reporting and commentary was in contempt of court? Read TOC's coverage here: Inventor forced by Mindef to close company over patent rights 5. The defamation suit against Roy Ngerng Roy Ngerng's case was the first time in Singapore a defamation suit was brought by a politician against an ordinary citizen. Ngerng was later found by the court to have defamed the prime minister, and was ordered to pay $150,000 in damages and aggravated damages to Lee Hsien Loong. The case was closely followed by Singaporeans. Some pointed out that Lee and his party had not seemed to have suffered from Ngerng's blogging, and had even secured a decisive victory at the 2015 general election – what, then, was the damage that Ngerng was accused of inflicting? Under the Bill, would such questions be deemed in contempt? Read TOC's coverage here: “We all know I’m being persecuted” – Ngerng’s teary outburst in court 6. Amos Yee Amos leaving court with his mother [Photo: Terry Xu, TOC] Amos Yee was arrested at his home by eight police officers after over 20 police reports were filed against him for comments that insulted Christianity and the first Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. He was first charged not just with wounding religious feelings and distributing obscene material, but also harassment. The case drew widespread public comment from the get-go. Some pointed out the absurdity of the charge of harassment, as Yee had simply published a YouTube video – one would actually need to willingly click on the video to watch it. The charges of harassment were later dropped, although there was little indication as to why this was so. Amos was later convicted of the two other charges. He was sentenced four-weeks in jail, but had already been remanded by the police for 50 days which included his time spent in Changi Prison and two weeks at Institute of Mental Health for assessment. When the defence lawyers tried to take a look at all the 32 police reports filed against Amos, the prosecutor only allowed two, which complained about the insult of the Christian faith, to be viewed in court. Many observers believed that Amos' disparaging remarks about Lee Kuan Yew and his legacy is the real reason for the state bringing charges against a teenager. If the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill had been in force then, such comments could potentially have been in contempt of court. The local and international advocacy related to free speech and the rights of the child could have also been deemed in contempt of court. with that, if anyone here chooses to still comment and make remarks, you are on your own @laserjet for your infor please and suggest we lock the needful threads
  15. Most Singaporeans will probably agree that we pay some pretty ridiculous prices for our cars here, especially with rising COE prices. But one Singaporean in particular doesn’t really seem to mind that, for he has just forked out over $3 million for his new car. And the craziest thing is, he isn’t even allowed to drive it on our roads here. But when you pay that sort of money, minor inconveniences like that won’t be a concern to you anyway. In all likelihood, the owner of this bespoke Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ‘1 of 1’ special edition model will probably have his car in storage, maybe at one of his numerous properties overseas even, so the fact that this car is left-hand-drive and thus illegal to be registered here is of little significance. Bugatti have not revealed the identity of the Singaporean buyer, who was presented with his new purchase at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance show in California by Bugatti’s president himself, but there is a very obvious clue ‘hidden’ in the grille. Apparently, the owner has requested to have his initials, PL, laser cut into the grille design, so given that information, you can probably figure out pretty easily who is this (not so) mysterious billionaire. Other requests by ‘PL’ for his custom-made Bugatti include a sketch of the classic Bugatti Type 35 race car into the lid of the centre storage box located between the seats, as well as a gigantic Bugatti logo painted in black on the underside of the rear spoiler, which rise up once the car hit speeds of over 180km/h. He has even opted for a “Uniquely Singapore” paintjob for his million-dollar ride, with the yellow and black two-tone colour scheme clearly bearing a strong resemblance to the 'Yellow Top' cabs that used to ply our roads regularly. A $3 million taxi, imagine that. PL is Peter Lim? https://sg.news.yahoo.com/3-million-bugatti-cannot-193304385.html
  16. Hi guys, I have Alpine ICS-X8 that has a problem now..I can play anything from USB,or CD without any problem. But when I switch to radio, no sound at all..I even cannot change the channel..Anyone has similar experience before?any advise? please share if you guys have any..thanks
  17. Has anyone encounter same problem as my IE11 when surfing mycarforum webpage, the "Back" button is not usable eg. webpage does not go back to previous page when click any post
  18. In the past, parents will eagerly volunteer at schools to get priority placing for their children going into P1. Based on this year's stats, and because of the new ruling to keep 40 spaces for Phase 2B and 2C, there is one school so popular that there may not be any vacancies at all for Phase 2A(2)! Guess which school? http://edumatters.sg/p1-registration-phase-2a1-closed-stats-update/
  19. Government, judges cannot be sued for judicial decisions: Apex court http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/govt-judges-cannot-be-sued-judicial-decisions-apex-court-20150625#xtor=CS1-10 I find it apt to use this picture to describe the whole situation
  20. "It will also be considered an offence when a person use items bearing Singapore Police Force (SPF) logos and insignias for the purpose of creating a false impression of an association with the SPF without authorisation." http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/penalties-for-those-who/1879574.html
  21. This post in EduMatters features one of the coolest Hulk Buster Gif so far!!! http://edumatters.sg/how-to-make-your-child-study-hard-for-their-mid-year-exams/
  22. Who the heck would want this guy to be a MP? kee chiu! so i can f**k you until you wake up your bloody idea!
  23. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/09/02/ar...-late/#comments Another example of journalist writing for the sake for writing and didnt get his facts right. Only those that make purchase after 30 Augs are affected by the increase in MOP. During the YOG , the report for the horsing riding competition also made a mistake. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/08/24/sa...es-yog-history/ There is only 1 event.. and it's mixed.. There is no "over at the male event" ..
  24. Just to check. Anyone have this prob. My car nissan latio cvt cannot accerlerate. No matter which gear i change to. Max is 20km
  25. cocobay

    Help, I cannot find my thread.

    Can someone help me, I cannot find my thread. I started a thread "small car for lady" on Tuesday, now I cannot find where it is.