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  1. market rebound?
  2. Cat A golden EGG breaking soon
  3. nigel8210

    Jaguar XE

    Three years 120k mileage? WOW
  4. nigel8210

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    The best way is to buy a property worth more than 10mil bht in Bangkok Can get long term VISA
  5. nigel8210

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Jaguar Land Rover For Jaguar I-Pace Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery
  6. nigel8210

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of August 2019

    action starts now
  7. nigel8210

    Fiat Ownership - Good and bad?

    Scotty sometimes a bit biased leh, like kanna sue liao but he is a joy to watch I prefer Mat Watson for car reviews
  8. nigel8210

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    When you exit Thailand back to Malaysia, counter 8 to return the car import form is after the immigration is done You still need to signed physically a book, just like book in/ book out in NS last time However, the officer was very rude to me when I returned the form, I asked her kindly in English if she will return me any type of confirmation she said in Thai something like, "buzz off, don't disturb me talking to me colleague'' (yes, she was happily chatting with someone at the counter) I was worried because at the import custom counter when I was going into Danook, some Malaysian folks told me they were made to pay the 10,000Bht penalty for failing to return the form upon exit back to Malaysia previously It is quite easy to miss it actually, cause there is no barrier, just drive though
  9. nigel8210

    Self drive to khao kho, khao yai

    I also want to know, but my understanding is that comprehensive local insurance refers to only locally rental cars NOT our so call temporary "imported" cars
  10. nigel8210

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Did that a month ago, good luck , in total took 26 hours one way But we lucky, no jam across the thai border What car you driving ?
  11. nigel8210

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Buki Kayu Hitam? Wow
  12. nigel8210

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    just saw the price list and specs Personally I would go for the Astina Specs, the options offered in conti cars almost all included , Like ACC, HUD, Driver alert etc etc But once I see the torque and HP, completely turned off 0-100 in 12s plus/minus?!!! My current rides, a sedan and SUV is 7.3s and 7.1s respectively and already I don't feel fast doing a straight dash or for overtaking 12s is a joke in today's climate With full electric cars improving, 0-100 in 6-7s are no longer considered super cars but b&b
  13. searching, but difficult to find information on car wash services here in Singapore that does this service leh
  14. Any recommendations for the above, just went on a long roadtrip recently, come back realise a lot of dirt stuck at the underside of the car
  15. nigel8210

    Harrier 2017

    Yes so far my merc almost five years except for wear n tear no issues and already clocked 112,000kmOccasionally some sensors will sound alarm for no reason but one off type of events