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Found 103 results

  1. FM 91.3, fm90.5, fm98, fm98.7, fm95, etc. which is your favourite station or DJ in the morning show. My choice FM 95. Tried listening to 91.3 but felt that the male DJ is more like a supporting role to his female partner.
  2. Lala81

    UFM 100.3 优选1000

    Started yesterday. Top songs of last 30 years by voting. Super nice. Now reached 895... All Chinese music lovers need to listen. Greatest hits.
  3. kobayashiGT

    What is your favourite radio channel?

    Which fm channel is your favorite?
  4. Hey guys, What's the cheapest range of android auto HU currently available and the approx cost of it? Thanks
  5. Erykool

    Radio Reception

    Guys, need some advice how to solve this problem that I have... I am using a pioneer 1 din CD MP3 player in my Avante.. Using a internal windscreen antenna. i noticed recently that after I bought a marbella GPS in my car, the radio reception sometimes a little bit hazy... When I switch it off, it becomes very clear again... But the haziness only a little bit once a while so still ok. Then just recently I gotten a in car camera.. its those type which switches on when I start car and shut down auto when I switch off car... When the in car camera is on, the radio becomes very hazy and reception super poor... it gets so irritating that I switch the radio off... Any brothers encountered this before and what is the solution? I tried going to an audio shop and they ask me change the windscreen antenna to try so i changed to a new one cause the old one used for 6 yrs liao.. still the same with the new antenna... Reception is good if I switch off in car camera...
  6. Very curious here as I think most drivers will listen to the radio on the way to work. having worked overseas, i am quite shocked by the standard of our morning shows though i can understand to an extent why, with our strict censorship here. so i would like to know the consensus of you guys. i am only choosing the more popular stations here for drivers; i am aware of more english morning shows. personally, comparatively speaking, I do think Kiss is doing the best. the chemistry between the DJs is strong and they come across as very genuine. second would be 913 with Glenn and FD. They started out well but are declining as I think their shows are not really prepared beforehand. So they just say whatever that comes to mind or simply topic of the day. And it does come across as lazy and lacking effort at times. But well they too have a good chemistry. I find it hard to decide which is the worst, Class 95 or Gold. Class 95 with Vernon and Justin do make an effort on their show. However, their jokes can be stale and so 90s. And I find it a bad match for Class 95. They probably do better with a channel that targets the younger crowd. I find their jokes to be a bit crass at times. Gold with Mike and Vernetta likewise, is quite awful. Vernon and Justin, however crass, can come up with smart jokes now and then. However Mike and Vernetta come across as trying way too hard and mostly falling flat with their banter. Quite cringe worthy very often. And really, i find them a poor fit for a station with a more mature audience. in a nutshell, i find that Vernon, Justin, Mike and Vernetta all caught in a time warp, so stale and tired. i hope there are newer DJs that will shake the roost a bit. probably the only industry where it's the same old faces for sooo long lol
  7. My ride radio reception suddenly turned poor... mostly static noise... I wonder if the internal electronic antenna got problem. to change it cost how much ah? Don't wanna kena ketuk..... long time never visit any accessories shop... where can I go for east or central area?
  8. Rastaman01


    Hi all....am looking to play music from my samsung phone and to transmit to my car radio through the radio frequency..... looking for any device that allows me to transmit my phone songs played to a radio frequency... my car head unit is stock and has no input ports...
  9. Hello, I am researching the benefits of running a large radio campaign and I am wondering if anyone here has prior radio advertising experience? My goal is not at all branding, but rather direct sales. I would be directing the radio listeners to my website. So I am wondering how the ROI of radio ads compares to web ads? Does anyone have knowledge of how to purchase and setup a large radio campaign? I went through many resources and checked Advertising Campaign Examples but,I haven't found a clear source for rates and to purchase ads. Any advice? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/entertainment/gold-90-5fm-s-the-flying/1557394.html?cid=FBSG Mark van Cuylenburg, better known as The Flying Dutchman, shared this with listeners Tuesday morning, saying that he was going to be pursuing his own interests. His last show will be on Wednesday. SINGAPORE: After 18 years of charming listeners with his voice, GOLD 90.5FM host The Flying Dutchman (FD) will be leaving MediaCorp. FD, whose real name is Mark van Cuylenburg, shared this with listeners Tuesday morning (Dec 30), saying that he was going to be pursuing his own interests such as travelling with his wife. It's been an incredible 18 years but life is about evolving, its about change and change has to be embraced. It's very exciting," said Mr van Cuylenburg, who will be signing off from the show on Wednesday. FD started his career with the then Radio Corporation Singapore in December 1996 and had spent 17 years hosting Class 95FMs The Morning Express and over a year hosting GOLD 90.5FMs The Gold Breakfast Show. Said Ms Erina Cook, Assistant Vice President of Gold 90.5FM, Radio, MediaCorp: Ive had the pleasure of working with Mark since he joined Class 95FM in 1996. He has connected well with listeners and he willingly shares his experiences and ideas with colleagues. I wish him a good break. Vernetta Lopez will continue hosting The Gold Breakfast Show, said Ms Cook.
  11. Yeobt

    ICE FB Group

    Hi guys, Any nice and active FB group to join to expand my ICE exposure here? The heat here is like a bit low. TIA
  12. Clement

    Shortwave Radio Listening

    Hi, Anyone here who is into shortwave radio listening? It is really quite a niche radio hobby as there are many internet radio stations to listen to. But for those of us who are shortwave listeners, nothing beats listening to the static and fading signals that you get on shortwave. English shortwave radio broadcasts that can be received in S'pore include China Radio International, All India Radio, Radio Australia, Radio New Zealand International, Radio Bangladesh, KBS (Korea) Radio, All India Radio, Voice of Vietnam, Voice of America, BBC, Radio Philipinas, Adventist World Radio, Radio Taiwan, NHK Radio Japan, Radio Thailand and many others. A good website for further info is: http://www.swling.com/ Regards.
  13. Hi guys, I have Alpine ICS-X8 that has a problem now..I can play anything from USB,or CD without any problem. But when I switch to radio, no sound at all..I even cannot change the channel..Anyone has similar experience before?any advise? please share if you guys have any..thanks
  14. Ahgongwolve

    Fav Internet Radio

    Share yours... SKY Radio Love songs
  15. Happy new YEar! I got 3 radio clocks (those plug into wall supply) of different brand at home. Everytime after tallying the time with my handphone, few weeks later 3 of them sure go faster than the actual time. Even the radio clocks at my cousin's home also behaving the same thing.... it can go as fast as 20mins from the actual time. Anyone have the same problem? Is it cause for the supply frequency of our wall outlet which should be 50hz right?
  16. MadDog70

    Poor radio reception

    I'm getting poor radio reception on my Honda Stream. I've tried to ask around in the Honda Stream forum, but seems like no one is willing to help (can't be no one has this problem right). No choice have to ask it here now. Anyone has fixed this issue please help. Thanks!
  17. I changed car battery yesterday night and realised that my radio frequency and all others HU setting had been reset. so just wana check with you guys is this the norm? or something had not been done correctly?
  18. For those interested to take a look and know more about Radio Control hobbies, do drop by Funan IT Mall Atrium area from today to Sunday 7-3-13 to 10-3-13, there will a RC drift race on Sunday. There will also be Flight Simulator and RC Cars to try out and Trucks demo on Saturday. Come down and inquire more, we can answer all your questions you have in your mind for this hobbies, there will be a promotion running concurrently at our shop at #05-46 to help you kick start the hobby at a Super affordable price. The track is ready, for drifters, feel free to bring down your car to try out on our HUGE track layout, our in house expert can answer your question on setting up the car for drift! No drift tyres? Not an issue, we have the carpet drift tyres in stock at an affordable price too, just go to #05-46 to grab a set and you are ready to drift!
  19. Deckbuild

    VW Ads on Radio

    VW started advertising on their Diesel model that's able to achieve highest CEVs rebate of 20k. http://www.volkswagen.com.sg/en.html
  20. Recently redo v-Kool film for my Windsreen, they stain the radio bracket due to strong acidic washing solution (It whiten the grey color away with about 20 cent size spot). They offer a re-spray on the bracket from accessory shop. I wonder if the finishing will be smooth or coarse. Will the respray color be fading after a long perod due to hot sun at open car park then it becomes my own problem in future. The current finishing is smooth. Mind to advise it or has the similar experience? Perhaps I shall insist for a replacement of original radio bracket. It is estima 2010. Next Monay the manager will discuss with me on this matter. I hope that the spare part is not expensive then the company can afford the mistake for part replacement.
  21. Calvin79

    Heard on the Radio this morning

    Was on my way to work and was tuning in to FM93.3... heard that the government might allow camera phones into military camps soon... only restricted for sensitive areas in the camp... good news...no longer have to keep swtiching sim cards liao... Yeh!!!
  22. Need to check with the bros and sis here. My car currently has those retractable radio antenna at the top of the A-pillar on the right. I find it quite ugly and much prefer my previous car which uses a hidden internal antenna (or maybe even those shark fin ones found on BMW and Saab). Has anyone changed before to those that will automatically retract when engine shut down? How much and where to get it? Maybe I should also ask whether if got such thing in the first place or not. Thanks!
  23. Hippoheyhey

    Radio Station NS Highway

    Hi brothers, What fm radio stations can be received clearly when travelling along NS highway from skudai to malacca?
  24. Shanhz

    Bose radio and cd system

    Okay folks i am oldschool. I need a radio and cd system with amps and speakers. Entry level audiophile standard to put in home living room. Listen mainly to symphony orchestra. Thinking of this bose wave system, but i believe sure overpriced. But i suppose bose sound should be above average, dollar for dollar. http://www.atlas-sv.com/index.php?/home/productpage/83 Any suggestions? Budget is 1k all in.
  25. Is it possible to listen to overseas radio just like on the computer in the car's HU? Advise?