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Found 78 results

  1. steveluv

    My Favourite Bath Soap

    I have been using this product for more than 30 years and still love it for the following reasons: 1. Cleans really well. After a shower with this you can feel your skin very clean. 2. Smells natural and light 3. Works out a great lather so feels good 4. Knowing the ingredients are all natural and not tested on animals I like it 5. I used it as a shampoo sometimes and its great too Only complain I have is it dissolves faster than normal soap but then for 55 cents a piece it's a great treat to your daily bath.
  2. TheChosenOne

    What's Your Favourite Anime Show?

    For me, I'm a fan of Initial D.
  3. Today I went back to this hawker stall in Whampoa market which I ate since I was a child more than 20 years back. It really brought back memories and it still taste as nice. I just wanted to share the stall and am wondering if anyone else know about similar stalls that has been selling for a long long time and still taste as good. The stall I am talking about is the Curry Rice Stall in whampoa Market. I think they only sell for breakfast only... the braised pork there is REALLY good. Quite easy to see as there is always a queue. No newspaper cuttings though. IT still taste the same since my parents brought back for me 20 years back.... It is REALLY HARD to find the same stall selling the SAME food for 20 years. And still taste the same. Almost all my favourite childhood stalls have closed down or moved.... The only other one I know still at the same place is a Malay food stall in a Coffee shop in TPY.
  4. What is your favourite jeans brand?
  5. home drink alone to enjoy or coffee shop or bar or
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    All Time Favourite Movies ............

    Had been to too many movies and the following are my all time favourite movies of life time....... 1. The Ten Commandments 2. Ben Hur 3. The Sound of Music 4. Clash of the Titan (old version) 5. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly I am looking for the DVD or BlueRay disc to keep them forever....... Only had the following in LD (Ten Commandments, Sound of Music), VCD (Ben Hur). Anyone know where to get them in DVD or BlueRay ? Thanks......
  7. FM 91.3, fm90.5, fm98, fm98.7, fm95, etc. which is your favourite station or DJ in the morning show. My choice FM 95. Tried listening to 91.3 but felt that the male DJ is more like a supporting role to his female partner.
  8. What's your fave? Blues Brothers? Steve McQueen? The Classic "Pork Pie"
  9. Inspired by the other 1980s thread, hope this will refresh some memories especially those born 1960s or 70s. Those who weren't familiar with Japanese music would find many songs familiar from their Cantonese or Mandarin cover versions. 1. ラブストリ突然に (Love Story Suddenly) 小田和正 (KazumasaOda) http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rfVaISPZ2c8/ 2. 夢のつづき (Dream On) 玉置浩二 (Tamaki Koji) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kekUjI6LfvM 3. Friend 玉置浩二 (Tamaki Koji) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t67DU6Pz-kw 4. 昴 (Subaru) 谷村新司 (Shinji Tanimura) 5. Say Yes 飛鳥涼 (Chage & Aska) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C2-me3pC18 6. 戦場のメリークリスマス (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence) 坂本龍一 (Ryuichi Sakamoto) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZQYg0vjLxE 7. セカンド・ラブ (Second Love) 中森明菜 (Akina Nakamori) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLZuM32wMDA 8. 青い珊瑚礁 (Blue Coral Reef) 松田聖子(Seiko Matsuda) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J9BRAEbf7g 9. アスファルト・レディ (Asphalt Lady) 杉山清貴&オメガトライブ (Summer Suspicion) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywdt1-FahDY よろしくお願いします。
  10. If you are an ex- or current owner, or have driven, seen them. Will crossovers be more popular in SGP driving environment in coming years? Will you buy one for the experience and move to other types eg MPV, sedan, etc after it? Or stay with the type for as long as you could?
  11. I've not been shopping in local shopping centre for a long time. But I visited the central mall recently and realized that it probably has the most number of restaurants and makan places than any shopping centres. I think a good shopping centre must have varities, family friendly, a big size supermarket and most importantly, ample resting areas! Regards,
  12. Or share your views on fine dining restaurants? eg, the most expensive 1 or the most romantic 1?
  13. Thaiyotakamli

    Favourite Terminal In Changi Airport

    Which one do you like? I kind of like the renovated T1 with rich history but still T3 for me due to better shopping experiences, connected to hotel and more spacious
  14. Fcw75

    Favourite brand of Root Beer

    My favourite gotta be IBC. How abt you?
  15. Hey, street-smart drivers! Test yourself in Singapore's favourite automotive telematch, Torque On The Move! Beat the rest and win the first prize worth over $4500! We have many more attractive gifts and prizes to be won! Happening on 27 August 2016, sign up with a friend and enjoy loads of fun, challenges and lots of driving. Our early bird registration discount is ending on July 17, 2016 with limited slots left, so hurry and register now! Registration opens now, sign up at www.torque.com.sg/totm16
  16. kobayashiGT

    What is your favourite radio channel?

    Which fm channel is your favorite?
  17. Tanyachua88

    What is your favourite emoticon?

    Got new emoticons added in MCF. Which one is your favourite? Or is your favourite not inside?
  18. A review for the threads posted in 2014. 1st: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2693178-handed-a-case-letter-to-vw-today-blog-updates/ What yours?
  19. Achtung

    My favourite Unker

    Guess who? http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/10/singapore-nightlife-car-culture/larry_chen_speedhunters_singapore_night_call-36/
  20. https://www.flickr.com/photos/46688094@N04/4798959812/ Kiwis are very kwai-kwai drivers. If only we merged like this, too.
  21. Thaiyotakamli

    Favourite Korean Girl Group

    Lai Lai Lai Who is ur favorite??? Pls specify specific member of ur favourite!
  22. Niuyansmith

    Can I know the origin of your name?

    It does not エルメスアウトレット trust you aspect is too much too much when I am not エエルメスバッグ trust yourself too. Goddess of the night laughing starry magic, she asked: Can I know the origin of your name? When you do not know the name of God is a starry night in fact, is this, in our country it is probably just a coincidence that it should be called fate, but I take this name: You watch starry sky ashamed to say a little, hesitated. Most High God'll take you to visit and gave the spirit world of you: I was walking smiling invitation quite naturally, took his arm, the goddess body side of magic watchman of the starry sky starry sky. Then portal that appeared in front of the oval, the portal, she has endless amounts of blue Starlight overflow, a brilliant dark blue color vortex, from the vortex edge. She approached the portal because I did not expect a cordial goddess of magic, starry night watching the stars, and he nodded in エルメス バッグ a hurry. He did not know, this is a gesture of goodwill goddess of magic way of anyone that will make the God of her simply, but she will do so. After passing through the portal, he appeared in a magnificent castle surrounded by a flow of a huge lake merge castle moat, the last river. 5 mountain much, jungle mountains, far away, and from there, fruit trees, from the field and pasture, the outside of the moat is the grass of green grass, but the spirit of the entire world is full of vitality. Goddess of magic, said turned to night starry sky viewing the stars: you are God-man, but the tablets of powerful gods, such as wide a gift the spirit world, the supreme God, you have this carefully I the spirit world is located in the vastness of the outer surface hope advocacy peaceful world, the God of our indigenous people.
  23. 2013 has been a wonderful year. A very busy one actually. I have not shot so much in a year before and I have to say I had fun shooting each and every car. So being a photographer more than anything else, I would like to share with you, in no particular order, 15 of my favourite shots for 2013... Giving the Grand Cherokee the SRT8 treatment is such a wonderful combo. Felt invincible driving it. The Range Rover Sport. It can now wear its 'sport' badge proudly now. Probably one of the best handling SUV around. Always wanted to shoot at weird places. Good that the RAV4 had ample ground clearance. My favourite Volvo for this year. I must say the R-design package makes the V40 a better driver's car. Plus, that Polestar blue paint is simply stunning. While the rest of the world downsizes into turbocharged in-line fours, the IS250's V6 engine is a breath of fresh air. And in this LFA-inspired F Sport trim that, the sliding tachometer is darn cool. Manual, 280bhp, FWD with LSD, trick HiPerStruct front suspension and Brembo brakes in a sexy looking hatch. What more could you ask for? Need a fast and good looking SUV? This is your answer. Or get the newly-launched SQ5 if you have the cash. Love the noise, love the drive, love the looks. While most of my colleagues prefer the V6S, I will have me the laugh-out-loud V8 any day. Can't wait for the Coupe to be here. Hidden gem. The best fast-performance diesel for me this year. 650Nm of torque coupled with quattro makes it unbeatable in the real world. A value for money large off-roader. Seats seven with ease and looks good. The facelifted E-Class is a much improved car. Drives well and rides well. No wonder Singaporeans are lapping it up. Until I have sampled the new S-Class, I reckon the Range Rover is the best luxury car for the bosses. The interior is just so classy and the ride is impeccable. Knowing it has excellent off-roading abilities is just another bonus. Some facts about the F12berlinetta... The only NA V12-engined car I shot this year. The only Ferrari I shot this year. And the fastest car that we reviewed that I did not get to have a go in. Oh well. Some facts about the Koenigsegg Agera S... The fastest car I shot this year. Nuff' said. Both the Suzuki Swift Sport and the Toyota 86 aren't new cars for 2013 but both are firm favourites here in the office. Happily both carry the NA flag proudly and are excellent drivers' car.
  24. Do you have a favourite? Which do you think does the most for Singapore?