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Found 30 results

  1. steveluv

    My Favourite Bath Soap

    I have been using this product for more than 30 years and still love it for the following reasons: 1. Cleans really well. After a shower with this you can feel your skin very clean. 2. Smells natural and light 3. Works out a great lather so feels good 4. Knowing the ingredients are all natural and not tested on animals I like it 5. I used it as a shampoo sometimes and its great too Only complain I have is it dissolves faster than normal soap but then for 55 cents a piece it's a great treat to your daily bath.
  2. Welcome to my virtual home! After all the hoo-ha, here I finally am with my own thread. My name is Chryst, and I am your self-proclaimed MCF beauty guru. In my boudoir, let me dispense my expertise *cough* about any beauty concerns* you might have present-buying advice female psyche insights But my opinions are solely my own, and you shouldn't apply them wholesale to the female of your choice. *Please go see a doctor if you have a serious condition because I am most definitely not a doctor. To make things easier to search for/look at, I'll be linking queries in this first post so anybody can easily access them. Unfortunately, my previous thread is dead so I will repeat those past questions in full here. Please feel free to either post your question in this thread or send them to me via PM. I will edit and truncate your PM and reply it anonymously here. A little extra information never hurt anybody. And just cos this is my home, the entry fee is feeding my insatiable curiousity. From time to time, I'll be asking weird questions too. When there are no more questions to be asked, let's just have a nice time chitchatting. (Virtual) food & drinks on your left, lounges on your right. The exit is just a click away. Enjoy your stay. * General Skin Care Basic skincare all men need: Facial wash, sunblock/sunscreen, moisturizer Tested Korean skincare brands that's not bad: Laneige, belif, Iope, Sulwhasoo, Dr Jart+ Skin Problems To calm rosacea: Clinique Redness Solutions Daily, La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist Hair Care To delay hair loss: Pantene Hair Strength Tonic (personal favourite) or apply fresh aloe vera daily Botox Cost: Legally this cannot be advertised, so PM me! Clinics I've gone to and think are okay: Prive, Astique and EHA Where I usually go and the cost: Milan Clinic at Huai Kwang, Bangkok. Approx SGD$300 for 7 areas *waves* to @jamesc, @Terrylmt, @kdash, @Theoldjaffa, @Tianmo ... sorry I can't remember everybody. Housewarming party!
  3. Ex-Malaysian Beauty Queen Has 1000 Pairs Of Shoes, As Told To UK High Court http://eng.mynewshub.cc/2014/10/06/ex-malaysian-beauty-queen-has-1000-pairs-of-shoesas-told-to-uk-high-court/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Mynewshub-English+%28MyNewsHub+-+English%29 LONDON: In a bid to have her divorce heard in Britain, Pauline Chai, the estranged wife of Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Kay Peng, has told the High Court that she keeps 700 of her 1,000 pairs of shoes in her £30mil (RM156mil) Hertfordshire mansion. “I have more than 1,000 pairs of shoes from 43 years. I have accumulated them, I never dispose of them,” Chai, 67, was cited by the Telegraph as saying. Chai, who was crowned Miss Malaysia 1969, was giving evidence last Friday to prove that the couple settled permanently in Hertfordshire in 2009 and she was therefore entitled to file her divorce petition in the country. Khoo, 75, is contesting Britain’s jurisdiction and has filed his own divorce petition in their native Malaysia. Neither of them is a British citizen. They have five adult children together. Chai’s claim is estimated at £200mil (RM1bil) and if successful, is potentially Britain’s largest divorce settlement. It is believed that she filed her petition in London because divorce settlements are based on an equal distribution of matrimonial assets here. She could be entitled to less under Malaysian law, which divides matrimonial assets according to a spouse’s contribution to their acquisition, either directly via payments or indirectly by raising the children and taking care of the home. The couple lived a lavish lifestyle during their 43-year marriage, with luxury staffed homes also in Kuala Lumpur, Canada and Australia. In Britain, they live in separate mansions at Rossway Park, a sprawling 405ha estate in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire guarded by Gurkhas and containing some llamas, alpacas and two man-made lakes costing £60,000 (RM312,000) each. According to the Telegraph, when challenged by Khoo’s lawyers that she also had an extensive collection of clothes, shoes and handbags in her Kuala Lumpur home, Chai responded: “When you have houses all over the world and you travel so much, (you have some at each house) so you don’t have to carry it all along with you.” Khoo is ranked 42nd on Malaysia’s 50 richest list by US magazine Forbes. According to Forbes, his net worth as at February this year is £190mil (RM987mil), though it is speculated his worth is closer to £500mil (RM2.6bil). Chai also told the court last Thursday that she had ordered a padded toilet seat for her husband as he had backache from spending hours reading and working while sitting on the toilet daily. The Daily Mail reported that Chai’s lawyer Richard Todd QC said last Friday she lived on a “beautiful English estate”, had a taste for English TV shows and valued what was “quintessentially” English. It had been reported earlier that Chai had her 15-room Hertfordshire home decked out in Laura Ashley furnishings because she “loved England and everything English”, and not just because her husband owns a 40% stake in the clothing and interiors firm. Chai filed for divorce in February last year, citing her husband’s unreasonable behaviour. She has accused him of being “very controlling”, rationing her food and forbidding her from leaving their house without his permission. Chai said on Friday that she was not divorcing her husband for money, but to get away from a “violent” relationship, admitting that at one point she had locked herself in a back room, according to The Telegraph. “I just wanted to get away from an abusive, oppressive relationship which I could not take because of my age,” she said. “When I was younger, I could recover. Now it is too difficult to overcome it because of the violence and the fear he is putting on me,” she added. She said he had told her: “You are nothing, you have nothing, you have no bargaining powers.” Khoo’s lawyers have strenuously denied these allegations on his behalf, though the reclusive magnate has not made a personal appearance at any of the proceedings in Britain. He will give evidence via live video link when the hearing resumes on Oct 13. This high-stakes case has also attracted attention, and criticism, for its spiralling costs. The legal fees for both sides have reached an eye-watering £2.3mil (RM12mil) in total, just for the preliminary proceedings so far. Chai is represented by Ayesha Vardag, the capital’s “diva of divorce” who in 2010 got pre-nuptial agreements recognised in England, allowing her client, German heiress Karin Radmacher, to protect her £100mil (RM520mil) fortune from her former husband. Khoo has retained Fiona Shackleton, another renowned divorce lawyer who has advised the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Nigella Lawson and the Prince of Wales during his divorce from the late Diana, Princess of Wales. – Singapore Straits Times/ANN
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    'BIG' Beauty ......

    Tua Pui Swee Boh ..... Rebel Wilson in MTV Movie Award Who says tua pui boh swee ....
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    Our Beauty No Match Against HK ......

    HK beauty Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012 finalists revealed 30 Jul - Hong Kong TVB station has finally revealed the finalists of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012 recently. The winner of the competition will represent Hong Kong to participate in the upcoming Miss World and Miss International competitions. During the press conference, TVB unveiled the nine finalists who have made it to the grand finale. According to TVB website, Hong Kong viewers can now vote for their favourite contestant online as the one with highest votes will be the tenth finalist. Amongst the nine finalists revealed are: Christy Chan, Carat Cheung, Tracy Chu, Wingto Lam, Melanie McAndrew, Jennifer Sum, Roxanne Tong, Cynthia Tsang and Jacqueline Wong. More information and photos can be found on the newly-established Miss Hong Kong 2012 official website. "Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012" finale is scheduled to take place on 26 August. The show will be broadcasted live on Hong Kong TVB Jade, HDJade and Singapore Starhub TVBJ.
  6. Ahtong

    Sleeping Beauty at MRT

    Ladies nowadays very daring.
  7. Saw the Green Hornet trailer, the car driven by Kato looks pretty slick. Heard on radio that Jay Chou actually imported one back to Taiwan. Any idea what's the specs of the original car? Does it have a modern version?
  8. Despite recalls in recent years, Jap reliability is still hard to match (at least in the 'affordable' segment in the market). Alfa etc give us the soul and beauty.... where to find a car which combine the two??
  9. http://www.asiaone.com/static/multimedia/g...20_israeliarmy/
  10. Mustank

    Beauty and the homeless

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...e_homeless.html A mysterious masked woman in China has created a buzz online for dressing up in a superhero costume and helping homeless people in Beijing. Photos of the woman first appeared on December 24. The woman calls herself "Chinese Redbud Woman" and started a microblog to chronicle her adventures. STOMPer Superhero, who shared this story with STOMP, said: "Now that's what we need in Singapore. Superheroes who make helping people look good!" The 'super-beauty' has been seen outside a bookstore, at the subway station and other places distributing warm clothing and other items to beggars and other homeless people. Her unusual approach to doing good caught the attention of Beijing residents and netizens alike. When asked about her true identity, the Chinese Redbud Woman told a reporter via her microblog that it did not matter who she was, and emphasised that what she was doing was not a publicity stunt. She added that she "just wanted to help these people who are in need". Her microblog already has over 7,000 followers. However, netizens are divided over her antics. Some have praised her charity efforts, while others questioned her intentions and asked whether what she was doing was merely a publicity stunt.
  11. Latka

    Did S

    Yahoo News Did S
  12. ST Forum Jun 8, 2011 ALIMONY AND ATTRACTIVENESS Don't weigh beauty on scales of justice I WAS appalled to learn that courts can take into account a woman's prospects of remarriage when deciding on alimony ('Divorce and the attractive woman'; last Friday). As the title of the article suggests, the case in question centred on, among other things, the woman's attractiveness. That a woman's prospects of remarrying and/or her attractiveness, however defined, should be a factor in deciding the amount of alimony awarded by the courts sorely offends the dignity of any woman who may have taken the already extremely painful decision to divorce. I hope that I am right in saying that the decision to divorce is not one that is usually taken lightly. Which woman would be happy to be paid more at the expense of being judged unattractive? Yet again, being judged attractive by a court is neither a prediction nor guarantee of remarriage. In fact, remarriage is often not an easy or straightforward matter. If and when it happens, alimony will cease anyway. Furthermore, what if a woman does not want to remarry, for example, for religious, emotional or psychological reasons? I know many women who have been so emotionally devastated by divorce that the last thing they want to do is marry again. Last but not least, if she has been ditched by her husband for a younger, indeed more attractive woman, can you imagine the pain of being judged by a court and found either less attractive and awarded more alimony or more attractive and awarded less alimony? I trust that judges do look at the broader picture and weigh all the factors in each case. However, I believe laws that can be applied objectively are simpler and easier to administer. Carol Wong (Ms)
  13. hey.... I've been hearing raving feedback from my friends on how amazing and wondrous the Alfa 8C and Merc SLS AMG look. but when i spoke to them on a personal basis... they told me that their impressions have been highly influenced by the car magazines, esp those from UK and US. Imho, i think these two rides look horrendously ugly. I've no doubt that these two cars will give you the ride of your life, but aesthetically, they don't look appealing to me. As compared to mercedes SL. and Alfa Brera. vs ================================================================================ ================ vs Your opinions?
  14. Friendstar

    A real BEAUTY

    Imported car Look at the "backseats".... i reckon they'r for putting ur LVs, Pradas etc... super in love with it.
  15. "What's the meaning of i-d-i-o-s-y-n-c-r-a-s-y? I think the person who coined this word is crazy..." came the unprompted reply before she drifted further into a rambling speech. And that, everyone, was Ris Low's maiden voyage hitting the airwaves as a newly-minted 987FM radio DJ on The Shan, Rozz [& Ris] Show. Fortunately, the bewilderment was nipped in the bud by a swift response from co-host, Shan Wee who stepped in with the denotative meaning [of idiosyncrasy] before turning to his new radio partner to ask if she has any strange habits to tell. "Yes I do. I shave my armpits every morning, otherwise it will overgrow," Ris offered matter-of-factly over an interview with xinmsn during her radio show. This, is a beauty queen fallen from grace, besieged by controversies and her bad 'ingrish-speaking' fashion yet she remains oblivious to the stream of stinging criticism; and instead of scrambling for a shovel and digging a hole to bury herself, it seems she is quietly determining her next move - like, ink a radio DJ contract on a primetime show. It certainly looks like all the bad publicity has done its part to muddy up her resume. News of the ex-beauty queen's co-hosting gig on 987FM broke last week and the station's shocking decision has since drawn flak from several netizens and radio listeners, who feel it is a publicity stunt that, if not managed well, could go terribly wrong. Posted on MediaCorp's message board, forum user 'jeat17141' wrote: "Gawd no no no no no no no. Poor Shan and Rozz; not going to tune in to them as often now. Thank you for ruining one of my favourite radio shows by turning it into a complete joke." When asked to comment on the rationale behind its decision, 987FM Senior Creative Director, Georgina Chang said: "Ris has proven that whatever she does, she gets people talking so she really draws a lot of attention and curiosity and [having her], it is just to spice up the evening drive [show]." Georgina also revealed that the team was appalled at her decision to sign on the controversial ex-beauty queen and despite a slew of negative feedback from the public, she thinks otherwise: "She's not hired for her radio talent but she has a certain reputation and she brings something else to the show. She's not hired for her diction and people are always curious about the things she says so I think it'll be highly entertaining." When asked about how she would help "to spice up the evening show", Ris replied: "I'm funny, witty and I'm real. I think people want to hear real stuff." Echoing Ris's stance is Shan, who was extremely sweet toward his rookie partner, and even provided Ris an on-the-spot diction coaching peppered with encouragement. He said: "Rozz and I have been doing a radio co-host show for about three years now [and] that's quite a long time so I'm quite happy to have a change and it's just fun." "Personally, I think that personality is the most important thing when it comes to the different factors that make up a DJ so Ris's personality is her main asset." In contrast to the easygoing nature of her regular partner, Rozz appeared a little awkward, at times, certain moments during the show when Ris candidly declared: "I'm settling down pretty well but Rozz seems to be unhappy with me". Admittedly, Rozz shared her initial hesitation about her new co-host but assured us that she is "ok now". She said: "Ris is very new. Of course she brings a different dimension to radio and obviously we are banking on her popularity but chemistry-wise, I think we'll need a little more time [because] Shan and I actually took a year and a half to get to a comfortable stage where we are now. So yes, I'm a bit apprehensive, to be honest." To which, the excited rookie partner quipped: "We'll make this work Rozz, don't worry." If Ris was feeling stress or nervous, she hid it well for she was a picture of calmness despite hosting a 'live' radio show for the first time with zilch experience. When we asked Ris on her thoughts and emotions on her first day on the job, she replied coolly: "It's good for me and it's feels like home." Well, don't write her off just yet. Take it with a bag of salt, if you must but we hope Ris knocks the socks off her listeners and you may discover yet more reasons or even more of her idiosyncrasies, to love - or hate - the controversial media darling. She was, after all, named CNNGo's 25 most influential people in Asia (2009) and that, to us, is totally boomz, you know.
  16. Check this out guy! One day, we can own a performance car for a truly bargain price! Hope this car will make it into Singapore by the time I need to change my ride! Maybe I'll even get this on top of my MPV! SHANGHAI, China
  17. AFTER much fanfare and many 'oohs' and 'ahs' from visitors at the opening of Changi Airport's Terminal 3 (T3), one question needs to be asked: Is T3 an architectural achievement but a commercial failure? T3 has failed in three areas. Firstly, by building such an expensive new terminal, we have failed to recognise the current explosive growth and future market domination of budget carriers. How can Singapore and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) attract more airlines to operate from Singapore in the future with such a costly new terminal? Singapore's aim to become a competitive air hub will be hindered if low-cost carriers avoid Singapore because it is too expensive to operate at Changi. The game of becoming the next air hub in the region is not just about capacity but also about cost. Secondly, only Singapore Airlines for now is using the new T3, because of the new aerobridge for its Airbus 380 aircraft. But SIA is also keeping most its operations in the older T2. When T2 was launched, SIA was able to shift its entire operations to T2. I do not believe T3 or any single terminal is unable to handle SIA's entire operations. It is the higher cost of operating in T3 that will create future problems for SIA's operations. A handful of other carriers will operate from T3 only from May. I cannot help but wonder how much money will be lost while T3 is under-utilised and when T3 will turn in a healthy profit. Thirdly, we have failed to realise that fuel prices, a key cost component in the transport industry, have been rising since the oil crisis in the 1970s. Many airlines around the world have filed for bankruptcy. Cost is a major consideration for all airlines, and the global trend is to build low-cost terminals. Budget carrier JetBlue is building a new 26-gate 20 million capacity terminal (Terminal 5) at John F. Kennedy International Airport for only US$550 million (S$788 million). Mind you, that is in New York where building costs are among the highest in the world. Another waste money project by our high pay minister. What is new in spore,everything is inflated by our dear govt,maybe even the price of building it is inflated. We are a country with rich govt who will squander all our $$$ to attract the rich and FTs not sporeans,ok!!!!Even our upgrading of life cost an arm and leg, what more about a airport terminal.Everything is expensive in spore [/color]
  18. A person of high office like a minister of a country has to be of exceptional character. Falling to temptations will jeopardise the country as state secrets can be easily passed over to an unscrupulous person or even a spy. This guy has a character flaw, so he can't hold high office. No point for the police to wayang now as the "horses has bolted". There may be more scandals out there! All together "BOLEH!" Posted by: Zokozoko at Sun Jan 06 09:48:24 SGT 2008 Any MAN that have NOT sinned please do cast the first stone? Does this comment appears bias? What about Sillypore? That is the problem with Sillyporean, quick to criticize others but dont reflect inward and see what rubbish there is inside first
  19. Xone

    Another Beauty for sale

    Hi there..... http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-20YJjvmC-1000.html Another beauty for sale... Hmm... i wonder if i can get those projector lights for my ride... is it legal?.
  20. One true yellow beauty for grab http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2EAvgiAU-1177.html
  21. Was just wondering what would our MCFers do should they win the lucky draw prize being offered in the DBS-Amex promotion - a black Ferarri Modena ? Let's assume COE stays in the region of $29,000 and road tax is $4222. And we haven't gone into the insurance for this baby yet.. any ideas how much?
  22. I've had always been damn poor on my head in parking. Just now I did that becuase there was no other parking lot and the last one was next to a wall. It was very tight and I didn't tink much, just try to to head in parking. Without any luck, this is what happened to my sunny.. I'm going to spray paint this front bumper. How much does it cost? Which is the reccomended place to do it so that it looks almost flawless? I heard from my friend they normally spray half the bumper one, and a spray shop call Foolip at around Kranji is good.. Any comments? Thanks..