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Found 109 results

  1. What are some of the better brands in the market? And where to buy? Rgds
  2. Hi! Can any members here recommend be a pro Mercedes workshop . Of course pricing & experience Pm me also can. Thanks
  3. anyone driving a ford focus here? would appreciate if you can share about the maintenance/servicing cost of ford focus by regent motors, eg, oil change, spark plug charge, timing belt, wheel bearings etc. the more detailed the better. and also major parts cost, eg, brake rotor/pad, transmission, suspension, ECU. thanks in advance. thinking to get a ford focus wagon.
  4. Aircon blower stopped functioning for a while and then on again. Thankfully the car has a front and rear blower. When I checked the fuse box, the 35A front blower fuse is quite badly burnt. Normal below 25A fuse can find easily. This 35A fuse is rather unique. Where can we find a 35A fuse? Thank you.
  5. Hi, Anyone applies for specialist diploma course under WDA - SME funding before? If my staff wants to apply for a course, can he apply the course first with the polytechnic or must he wait for the company to register with WDA for approval before the staff can proceed to apply the course?
  6. Hi anyone knows where to get good workmanship of repairing chipped windscreen (Front) Ok you may wanna ask me why dunwan go claim insurance, the reason is becuz for AIG it cost $100 to change and does not include the solar films, solar film company wanna charge me $200+ for the front only. So total damage will be about $400 after GST. If you know any shop or FL that can do a good job, do let me know. Thanks alot.
  7. Anyone knows where I can get these locally? Thanks in advance.
  8. would like to know which country i can attempt to export cars to in order to get a better sale price. i can't seem to find exporters in singapore, and the dealers and lowballing. anyone knows which are the general market we can direct export our cars to in order to sell? i know to export cars to UK must pay at least 30+% of duty and tax. export to malaysia must pay $50k RM for the licence. i know australia stop allowing import already.
  9. Kklim

    Ball boy knows best

  10. Anyone knows the owner or anyone related to the above mentioned car? It's alarm was activated and its blasting its horn continuously(throughout the day and night) for the past few days. It's parked at ball 124 Geylang East Ave 1 car park. The police came but they only took down the numbers and nothing else. And it's causing a nuisance to the residents.
  11. Hi Guys. Firstly, thanks in advance for reading this. Something weird happened to my Liteace alarm system for the last two days. I tried to install a new 12V Cabin Dome LED and it did not work. So I placed the normal filament bulb back into the Dome Chassis and no light has come on ever since. Note that I'm quite sure I din short any part of the circuit. Now, the digital clock is gone as well (seems like no electricity) and cabin light cant be turned on. Additionally, my alarm system seems to went bonkers. I made sure all doors are closed yet alarm will go off (like as if doors are not closed properly). Ironically, I am still able to use the remote to lock the whole car but whenever I do so, my mileage meter will reset and my radio's recorded channel wil be gone. I have looked into the fuse box and found all fuse to be intact and in good condition. As such, I am suspecting that its the fault of my alarm system. Anybody faces the same problem? Just want to make sure as I dun wanna change a new system and this problem persist. Thanks again!
  12. It's a toy and hobby store located at Orchard since the 1950's...
  13. hi! as the title says it all "Anyone knows what E-throttle proton persona/gen2 using?" and also do provide the hardness size too! it will be great info for us! and also how much isit! thanks in advance guys.. james
  14. Hi friends I need to order some herbs abroad and will ask friend to DHL to me in Singapore in carton. Which department am I suppose to enquire whether the item is banned in Singapore or not? Or must I say whether the item is allowed to come in Singapore. It's some kind of herbs , Stevia leaves. Can someone advice?
  15. Berncsp76

    Anyone knows where to get plums?

    Saw on tv on how to make DIY plum wine aka those Choya types and tempted to try it coz i am sucker for plum wine...can consume almost >10 bottles half a year or less... Need to ask bros or sis here that seen those fruit shops that sells those yellow skin type of plums like below: if not, those green skin type also can...either from jap or taiwan is fine.. went around to find but dun seem to be able to find the correct type...
  16. Can't seem to find a local retailer leh....
  17. kind of curious, anyone here works at stand chart? Are the rumors true?
  18. SimonTan

    How the gov knows your location?

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...622-354534.html So easy to track anyone's location? Using HP signals or video facial recognisation? Very scary world nowadays.
  19. Hi all, Anyone happens to come across workshop that can customize dashboard like the ralliart dashboard? Thanks
  20. Does any1 knows the impact of using higher temperature plugs instead of those as indicated by car manual. For eg. Using: Denso irdium IK20 spark plugs Manual: Denso irdium IK16 spark plugs
  21. http://www.kumhotireusa.com/tire/category/truck-suv http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?ti...odel=Solus+KL21 Singapore does not have it. There is only 2 distributors, both did not bring in. Called many shops, they donot know the model exist. Its not very new btw. JB? Thks
  22. Hi all bros I have these qns- Is there any parf or omv value for commercial panel vans like combo n kangoo? Have a friend who is keen to get 2nd Thanks all!
  23. hi bros anyone here knows where can i find colt / colt plus forum? dont seem to find any around thanks
  24. Anyone knows any source of ZDDP additive? Cause the latest API:SN oil is not exactly suitable for flat tappet engines due to lack of ZDDP (its an anti-wear and anti scuffing additive). Many people have reported high cam wear as a result of it. I know the STP oil treatment has it but it thickens the oil. Thus I am looking for just plain ZDDP additives. Btw, anyone tried the Novasyn Boron CLS? I just wonder if they could replace ZDDP instead. But its quite costly though.
  25. RadX

    Google knows everything!!

    ‎1. Turn on Google Maps (maps.google.com) 2. Search for 47.110579,9.227568 3. Find the green arrow, then click Street View 4. Look up 2x and look left 2x. Spot something in the sky..... LOL!