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Found 12 results

  1. Hi anyone knows where to get good workmanship of repairing chipped windscreen (Front) Ok you may wanna ask me why dunwan go claim insurance, the reason is becuz for AIG it cost $100 to change and does not include the solar films, solar film company wanna charge me $200+ for the front only. So total damage will be about $400 after GST. If you know any shop or FL that can do a good job, do let me know. Thanks alot.
  2. Hi, sometimes car will be hit by hard objects like falling branches or glass bottles thrown from HDB, somebody's door, etc, and the paint will chip off, leaving small holes in the paintwork. What can we do about these (beside respraying the car)? Can we fill up the holes with something to protect the metal? My car is light metallic green, hole is black, anyway to cover up and touch up the hole to make it less obvious? Thanks for any advise, be it professional help or DIY also can.
  3. Eviltrap

    Windscreen chipped

    Hi guys, I just got back from Malaysia and my windscreen had a small chipped part. Think must be from flying gravels on the NSH. Anyone has any good workshop to recommend to assess my damage? And hospital much does it cost to change it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Any experience chip on windscreen? I tink I got 3 chip on my windscreen, is it important to repair or can claim or just leave it? Pls help me
  5. Bornno1

    Rotor chipped off

    hi guys 1 of my rotors is chipped off, the chipped off part is about 0.5mm deep. Can hear a slight tok tok sound when slow braking. Does skimming help? If replace rotors have to replace in pairs?
  6. Windscreen hit by hard object and chipped off quite badly, want to change whole windscreen (front). Understand that I can claim insurance and pay a sum of money, $100? Can I get it done at AD?
  7. Was traveling along TPE tonight when I suddenly heard a very loud and disturbing "PIAK" sound, glanced around and spotted a chip on the windscreen. Inspected the crack when I got home and its pretty bad with two crack lines extending out from the chip, attached is a rough sketch of the damage. Can it be repaired? If so, what is a rough estimation? Will the damage pose any damage or weaken the entire windscreen? Thanks
  8. I know scratches, dents and paint chips are part and parcel of owning a car. But am wondering what are the general threshold most people have after collecting their new car. I am not talking about getting into an accident where of course the damages will be much greater. I am talking about just a slight flaw (like less than 5cm kinda of thing)
  9. Bernielac

    Paint chipped...

    hi just found a paint chipped off from my car .. any one knows anywhere that can remedy it?? pls help.. really heartache to see my wife 'disfigured'..
  10. Hi juz wondering how do you guys deal with this problem when your front bumper got hit by flying stones while driving. Any grooming centres to recommend, how much to perform this kind of job? I used touch up paint but can see difference lor... Any advise appreciated.
  11. Delvin

    Tyre thread chipped off

    Hi Brudders, While washing my car last nite, noticed one of my rear tyres has the thread chipped of the size of 5 cents coin and about 3mm deep. I am travelling to Malaysia during CNY. May I know will that damage pose a risk of bursting?
  12. Yesterday as I was driving on the PIE, I heard a loud "TOK TOK" sound. Next thing I knew I got a chipped windscreen from a small flying gravel. Where can I get the windscreen repaired to remove the minor chip?