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  1. I suspect I was scrubbing too forcefully when i tried the soft99 glass stain cleaner/remover to remove the oil film. Now I see fine scratches running horizontally all over my windscreen. Are there shops that can help polish or otherwise remove these very fine scratches on windscreen? i tried the home remedies like toothpaste + soda but not effective in my case, maybe i did not do it right....
  2. Darn! my less than a year old Kia hit by stone again on NSH. There's a small star crack at the center bottom of the windscreen. Should I repair it or just send to Kia to file for claim to change it?
  3. Jialat, I park my car outside shipyard while there is spray painting on the vessel nearby. Now my ride also got a new coat, tried claying but the windscreen still have paint specks. Thinking of using thinner as the solvent to clear it, will it harm the windscreen coating?
  4. I have this water/chemical stain on my front windscreen which came from a leaky pipe in a basement car park that is super stubborn. I suspect the drip contains some chemical. The stain though transparent is very obvious when the windscreen is wet. :angry: I have tried Autoglym glass polish, thinner, turpentine, vinegar, lime, bleach, claybar, Jif but none seem to work! Anyone can suggest what I can do to remove it?
  5. Is there any good budget friendly water repellent available online other than rain x? https://shopee.sg/product/114887211/1955265070?smtt=0.60879487-1666395799.9 LOL I'm actually not using for the car but to repell shower glass screen stains.
  6. Two weeks ago, coming back from ipoh on NSH, windscreen got hit by a stone near the IU area with a "big flower" crack..... then yesterday, I was shock to see the long hairline crack appeared! maybe under the heavy rain of yesterday afternoon. As my car got only 1 year to go, do I need to replace it? I mean will it have the tendency to shatter any time? My windscreen is pasted with solar film.
  7. Hi all, Do anyone have any idea how to remove those irritating water marks on the 6 piece of glasses on our car? I have this problem on mine. Any shop that does the water mark removal on the glasses? Or is there any product i could use to remove it? Can the seniors here please advise? Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, does anyone have any idea where in sg (preferably north area) that i can get a normal Suzuki or hopefully Suzuki Sport decal sunshade similar to the pic below? If not I'll just have to get a normal plain black one. Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers D
  9. I have been using those japanese oil film removal (yellow bottle) bought from auto-bac for the past years but seems that the oil film will come back after a weeks or so after applied , is there any other better products ?
  10. Anyone have any good recommendations? Seems like i seldom use the wipers but yet have to apply the windscreen coating every 3-4 months.
  11. Hi gurus. Long story short. Early Dec: Offered renewal quote by insurance Mid Dec : Branch hit front windscreen. Windscreen replaced with no excess because I purchase the plan with "no windscreen excess." End Dec: Renewed Insurance. Cover note issued. Road Tax renew. 3 Jan: CSO called and tell me they will invalidate my motor insurance as my premium have now increase due to the windscreen replacement. No mention of increase in premium until 3 Jan. So now I have 2 qns. 1) Can they invalidate my insurance at this point?! I have written in to LTA and GIA to seek further clarification. 2) Wouldn't it make consumers a fool since we are then paying twice for windscreen? I pay more to get a plan with "no windscreen excess". Now that I replace my windscreen I have to pay a higher premium because my wind screen was replace. Then isnt I paying twice? Then why don't we all just buy the cheapest policy since ultimately we are still the suckers???
  12. Hi guys, any to recommend? Am using my shampoo for it currently, not very good. Heard rainx will cause streaks. Is it true?? Which brand do u guys use?
  13. Hi Guys, my windscreen fog easily esp during raining days. Is there any way i can prevent it from fogging? The fogging is damn serious for my case as the fog covers my whole windscreen and i have to use my wiper to clear it off everytime.
  14. Hi,i have1993 Opel Vectra sedan and yesterday,while i was changing the windshield wipers i accidentally broke my windshield.....i mean I pushed the wiper arm and it slammed on the windshield. I really felt bad after that and i am really scared that this crack will continue spreading accros my windshield.I cant afford new windshield or used :( I invested all of my money from work in this car and now this... One friend told me that this crack its not dangerous and will not affect other parts but i really dont know what to do. Here are some pictures and i think that the big crack that is going right to the driver was not there yesterday.Also the crack is down in the window,i cant feel and scratches outside. Will this crack spread around? Is it safe to drive on highway at high speed ? Need your advice.Thank you
  15. does anyone still does that ?? I remember I did my last ride engraving my car plate number on the windscreen. Going to get my new ride and want to do the same thing. But don seem to see them around. Anyone know where to do it ?? Thanks !
  16. Any good products for keeping the windscreen glass clean and clear and remove those oily layer. Used Rain-x before, result is good but cause wiper to shudder. And Autoglym Glass cleaner, heard will left those small blue residue particules after effect. Any good recommendation here?
  17. My insurance only allow these workshops. Any recommendation among them which is the recommended one? preferably east or north area. Thanks http://www.gia.org.sg/pdfs/Industry/Motor/...apore%20Ltd.pdf
  18. Extremme


    Hi, is there a way to prevent the annoying windscreen wiper squeaking sound? My wiper is brand new and stock but whenever I turned on the wiper while raining, it will have the squeaking sound
  19. I want to add a 10cm strip of graduated tint to the top of my front windscreen - does anyone have recommendations where this can be done, and the price I should be expecting to pay?
  20. Hi anyone knows where to get good workmanship of repairing chipped windscreen (Front) Ok you may wanna ask me why dunwan go claim insurance, the reason is becuz for AIG it cost $100 to change and does not include the solar films, solar film company wanna charge me $200+ for the front only. So total damage will be about $400 after GST. If you know any shop or FL that can do a good job, do let me know. Thanks alot.
  21. just came back from pump (Cal***). although my windscreen is visibly dirty due to monday's rain, the uncle and his fellow attendant rather stand and talk to each other. i think for the past few years, i dun rem such a service anymore. how i miss those days when pump prices were $1.00 only and all the uncles will not hesitate to clean windscreen, ask if wan check water la... does any bro here still enjoy such service? which brand and where? im just curious to see if this is altogether dead...thanks.
  22. Sometimes after the wipers wiped and return, there will be a few patches on the windscreen that is foggy for a few seconds. This is irritating and sometimes block the view on the road. Any idea how to remove that? Also what is a good recommendation to remove fine scratches on the windscreen as well? Used the 3M grey sandpaper thing and resulted in scratches.
  23. Hi all, I have a good laugh yesterday (Saturday) at Tesco TC! . My rear passenger seat glass was smashed in the late afternoon at the open car park near one of the entrance to Tesco. So are two other cars near me. My alarm was activated but by the time I reached my car, the glass was smashe. Nothing was stolen, GPS, Portable DVD player and things that are removable still incontact except a bag containing water bottles. Called up a friend in JB, immediately bring me to this shop: DR. CERMIN SDN. BHD. Lot 1084, Batu 9 1/2, Jalan Skudai, 81300, Johor. Tel: 07-5546257 H/p: 016-7661990 They're a specialist in all type of car windscreen and also ISO certified. Reached there at around 7:45pm and the job was done swee swee in an hour. The foreman was an ex-SIA Airplane Mechanic. Paid around RM300. So, in case you need to get your windscreen replaced quickly in JB during a weekend, give them a call. By the way, must say 1st that I have nothing to do with the shop. The foreman told me there is an obvious increase in such theft case lately, Thanks to the economic downturn. He also told me one of the shopping centre was reported to have 15 cars' windscreens smashed at one go recently. From this experience, I only have myself to be blamed for exposing my portable items. Must be getting complacent . Anyway, no more open car park for me in JB shopping centre liao. Will still go Tesco but look for a better parking lot. Good luck to all . Happy JB shopping . Regards,
  24. this silly company using dunno wat material to print their brochure/flyer and it somehow Stick on my windscreen i reckon it's cos of the heat early in morning then rain then hot again that done it but then again, i believe the material they used is part of the reason so beware when u see someone putting a flyer on your windscreen
  25. What a lousy morning. My windscreen was hit by a stone this early morning while I was on my way to my office. Any bros here had similar encounter before?
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