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  1. Jialat, I park my car outside shipyard while there is spray painting on the vessel nearby. Now my ride also got a new coat, tried claying but the windscreen still have paint specks. Thinking of using thinner as the solvent to clear it, will it harm the windscreen coating?
  2. I have this water/chemical stain on my front windscreen which came from a leaky pipe in a basement car park that is super stubborn. I suspect the drip contains some chemical. The stain though transparent is very obvious when the windscreen is wet. :angry: I have tried Autoglym glass polish, thinner, turpentine, vinegar, lime, bleach, claybar, Jif but none seem to work! Anyone can suggest what I can do to remove it?
  3. as above. wanted to know if the majority of drivers leave their spare tire in their boot or leave it at home.
  4. I have been using those japanese oil film removal (yellow bottle) bought from auto-bac for the past years but seems that the oil film will come back after a weeks or so after applied , is there any other better products ?
  5. Hi everyone, not sure if anyone encountered this before. Basically, I was trying to get some tissue from my car while holding onto the pump. Didn't press the lever but there was leftover petrol in the nozzle and it spill onto my car door. Wiped it down immediately. While the leather seems fine, there are ugly white trails on the plastic now. Anyone has solutions to that? Thanks!
  6. i call all the famous ones and the freelancers one, all of them will not remove the tyre from the rim to respray. neither will they remove the calipers to spray. i was wondering if anyone has a contact to a professional who can spray paint in that manner.
  7. Start by removing the Centre Console, refer to - Removing Matrix's Centre Console http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Asian_Make...ics%29_P2324088 Tools required is a Phillips Screw Driver and a piece of cloth, After having removed the centre console, take a piece of cloth and insert below the Cluster Panel as shown, push the ODO Switch upwards to remove, you'll need to push hard initially cos it quite tight if you are removing it for the 1st time Bottom view of the ODO switch After pushing out the ODO switch, remove the connector Next remove the Phillips screw, do not remove all the way, leave a little and use your fingers to turn the remaining few turns, be careful not to drop the screw, i dropped mine and is forever lost somewhere in the cabin, Next use both hands and hold the cluster and pull it off, (picture show left hand cos right hand holding camera to take picture) Picture of the cluster removed Next remove the 2 Phillips screw on the right side of the panel Remove the 3rd screw on the left Next turn the instrument panel over and remove the connector switch Picture of cluster and instrument panel completely removed Back view of instrument panel (pre-FL version using 3xT10 and 4xT5 bulbs, FL version is using 8xT5 bulbs) Bottom view of instrument cluster Bottom view of ODO switch, arrows show the 3 screws, which you may want to remove to turn/invert the metal spring, for easy future removal of the cluster panel without having to remove the centre console. Installation is the reverse of the above steps.... Happy DIYing...
  8. My 4-mth old car side windows had really bad stains from water that leaked from the ceiling. I’m guessing it’s limescale. I tried all kinds of stuff to remove it, turpentine, thinner, glass cleaners, etc, but none worked. I even sent it to the professional groomers to remove the stains and ended with a shiner car albeit with stained windows. Last resort was to get the windows changed if I couldn’t bear with it anymore. Then last week while shopping in JB, I came across a product from WAXCO called “Water marks remover”. Given that it only cost less than S$15 to get it and I’ve already spent a few hundreds on polishing with failed results, I decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, it worked like magic! All the stains were gone. I’ve also used it to clean my front windscreen which had developed juddering after the polishing session, will update if the juddering is gone during the next rain shower. I think it’s some kind of strong chemical in the bottle, it even came with 2 rubber gloves to protect the hands. Directions also stated strictly not to use it on the car paint work, and to rinse it off with lots of water when cleaning is finished. For those with stains in the car windows (and maybe juddering on the windscreen), can try out this product. I bought it from Tesco, but I think other supermarkets will also have. Good and cheap solution for me, only wished I tried it earlier before wasting my money on the polishing! I have photos of the product but don’t know how to upload, so here’s a link to a picture of it. https://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=7454
  9. Amoebas devour girl's cornea after contact lenses stay in for 6 months File photo depicting a case of Acanthamoeba Keratitis. Acanthamoeba keratitis, first recognized in 1973, is a rare, vision threatening, parasitic infection seen most often in contact lens wearers. Thursday, Jul 03, 2014The China Post/Asia News Network By Lin-Yi Shen TAIPEI, Taiwan - A college girl was found to have had both the corneas of her eyes devoured by amoeba after wearing disposable contact lenses for over half a year without taking them out. The girl bought a pair of disposable contact lenses that were supposed to be used for one month and wore them for more than six months, even while she was sleeping. After feeling acute pain in her eyes, she went to hospital and was diagnosed with acanthamoeba keratitis, which is caused by a protozoon called an amoeba. The infection was brought on by dirty water that she used to clean her face, doctors said. Acanthamoeba keratitis, commonly referred to as amoeba keratitis, usually afflicts contact lens wearers or people whose eyes come into contact with dirty water. Director of ophthalmology at Wan Fang Hospital Wu Jian-liang indicated that contact lens wearers are a high-risk group that can easily be exposed to eye diseases. A shortage of oxygen can destroy the surface of the epithelial tissue, creating wounds in the eyes and cultivating an environment suitable for amoebas to survive. Wu said that the college girl did not follow the correct procedure in maintaining the hygiene of her contact lenses and her overuse of the lenses gradually damaged her corneas. After half a year of wearing them, her corneas were devoured by amoeba and shrank to half their normal size. Unfortunately, polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) or chlorhexidine, which are considered to be effective medicines in eliminating such amoebas, haven't yet been introduced to Taiwan, said Wu. Director of ophthalmology at Tri-Service General Hospital Lu Da-wen warned that no matter whether they are soft or hard, contact lenses should not directly come into contact with water, as this will increase their chances of becoming infected by other viruses and protozoon. Lu also stated that cases of acanthamoeba keratitis usually increase markedly during summer, and people should therefore pay more attention to proper hygiene at this time. - See more at: http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/amoebas-devour-girls-cornea-after-contact-lenses-stay-6-months#sthash.90qOvv55.dpuf
  10. Today discovered some birdshit stain on my 3 month old black ride. Tried waxing it but seems like the bird sxxt a bit etch onto the paintwork liao. Any advice on removing it ? Advice appreciated.
  11. Hi guys, my car is silver color. I was lazy and didn't wash for a few months. Now some areas can see dirt streaks caused by rain, and they don't come off when washing. I tried clay bar also cannot. Should I buy polishing product and try to polish myself by hand to remove the streaks or do I need to send to professionals who can use the machine?
  12. The evidence supporting the lack of an app drawer in the Android N release is really starting to stack up. The just-announced LG G5 has no app drawer and while the Galaxy S7 does have an app drawer, there is a hidden setting to remove it. All of this is making it look increasingly likely that Google is indeed planning to ditch one of Android’s most recognizable features. http://www.androidauthority.com/exclusive-android-n-may-not-have-an-app-drawer-674571/ http://www.androidauthority.com/android-n-no-app-drawer-evidence-lg-g5-samsung-galaxy-s7-675315/ Android becoming iPhone liao!
  13. I will plan to scrap my car. I am thinking to remove some parts and resale to workshop. Please brother here share from you experience what are u remove before sending it to scrap yard ?
  14. hi guys, I have a protective transparent sticker for my front headlamp in case of any stone chips. it was bought and installed separately. now I need to remove it and re-stick another good quality one. but first, I need to remove it to inspect the headlamp lens. any good shops that can remove this?
  15. Any bro can advise me on how to DIY stubborn water spots on car wind screen? tks u.
  16. Hi, been about a year or so since I have my car....and the leather seats are getting dirty after sometimes.....is there any good soultion to clean it and bring back the cleanliness again? Is it worth to bring it to professional leather restoring service center? If so, which is the cheapest and reliable? Thanks..
  17. Hi, My apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum. Was away for the week and left my car parked in the MSCP. When I went and take my car today, I discovered the bumper and boot have quite a lot of white dots (paints spilled from the MSCP wall painting). Apparently, when they paint the carpark, my car was not fully covered. The paints have dried and I am unable to scratch them off. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about in removing the paint? Thank you.
  18. Using hair dryer?Adhesive remover?Where to buy?The carbon sticker got white mark caused by the car washer whom accidentally wax the stix too.Any helps and tips is fully appreciated
  19. Hi, need some advise on where can I get a cheap dekitting services for my car's audio system as I am changing to a new car next week. Any recommendation appreciated.
  20. My wife's iphone's screen protector has a crack. How to remove the previous glass protector ar? (to change to a new one) Any one with experience got pointers? other than brute force lol...
  21. dear brothers/sisters, anyone can advice how to remove spark plug that is stuck to the car? mechanic managed to remove 3 out of 4. now left one and the mechanic say its dangerous to remove, might result in engine need to be removed. google and found some results like spraying WD40 or on the engine make it warm then easier to remove. thanks in advance for any advice given!
  22. The doctor said he need to cut the finger to remove the ring. The goldsmith said he need to cut the ring to remove it. What did the engineer do?
  23. A cigarette butt landed on my roof top (likely thrown by someone on the second or third floor) and it left a yellowish burnt mark about a 10 cent coin in size. Would someone be kind enough to let me know how to remove this burnt mark?
  24. MyCarForum is serious about protecting the intellectual property and good name of its owners. We have policies in place for dealing with any breaches or suspected breaches of your copyright, trade mark, reputation or any other legal right. If you feel a post on our forums infringes your rights/reputation or that of your business, please email "support[at]mycarforum.com" with full details of the post, your real name and your business name. The more details you include, the quicker we can act on your claim. If you claim breach of copyright or trade mark, please provide us with details of your original works or a trade mark registration number so we can verify your claim. If you claim a post or thread defames you, please provide the reason for your stand. MyCarForum operates in a "live" environment. Posts and threads are not moderated prior to being published. In simple terms, we are not aware of that post, unless it is brought to our attention. After you have sent us the details required, we will take the necessary actions on the said forum post within 30 working days.
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