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Found 17 results

  1. Sparcolite

    Dekitting 2008 Alfa Spyder

    Hi Guys, time to bid my 2008 Alfa Spyder good bye for the last 4yrs. Hoping to find an Alfa Lover for her else I'll have to trade her in. I have kept all the receipts n there's no repairs required. She has 60k miles. I'm also weighing the options to dekit the following parts which is not that easy to locate in Singapore. You can reach me via SMS at 9457 3080. 1) AP racing CP5555 6 Potters with 355mm floating discs. The bracket n bells are all CNC custom made. Complete with pads n braided hoses. Requires at least 18" rims to clear. 2) Prodrive GC-014i Forged MonoBlock 18" rims. Comes with 225/45/18 Michelin PS3 tyres. Covered no more than 3k miles on the rubbers. Rims are light n straight. No kerbing but do expect some stone chips. 3) 4-2-1 custom header from a fellow reputable forumer here. Removed from his red 159. I never had the time/chance to get it installed. 4) Sprint booster. Plug n play. Simple n straight forward.
  2. Hi all, After 7 years and 250,000km later of driving my beloved and wonderful Skoda Superb I. I am sad to say that I will be retiring my silver bullet soon. I remember that I bought the car purely to usher in the birth of my daughter. We have many shared, loving memory with our "Skody"(everyone in the family calls her that.) I will be dekitting - 1. Tyres - less than 1000 km tyres - FALKEN 18" with RIMS or without. 2. RIMS - BSS RIMs make me an offer - but need to be replaced with wheels... 3. Tools - Reserved for Koolaba. 4. Spare tyres - must be replaced with another spare tyre. I will be moving to a SUV - Kia Sorento Diesel 2.2L CRDi 196hp/436NM torque (if Skoda had a bigger SUV, I would have migrated to it) but alas cant wait. - thanks to Koolaba for the poison, he got me into a Skoda too and never regretted. So ping me if there is anything you might want from the car.
  3. ** mod: please post in the market place.
  4. Amokie

    Dekitting of ICE

    I bought a car left 3 years and after 2 years, I am selling it to dealer next week. There is an ICE setup which the 1st owner left in the car. Anybody aware of the value? Should I bother to dekit and install it in my new ride? Appreciate any advice. - Blaupunkt MPA5 ? - Pioneer CDX P1280 disc changer? - Subwoofer by Cadence Z ultradrive? - Lanzar Heritage power supply?
  5. Hi, need some advise on where can I get a cheap dekitting services for my car's audio system as I am changing to a new car next week. Any recommendation appreciated.
  6. Draco666

    Dekitting my ICE

    Selling the following: *Deleted by Babyblade PM me if interested (negotiable).
  7. Booked a new ride over the weekend and will be trading in my Mazda CX7. I'm looking to sell my near new set of 4 Bridgestone Dueller HP tyres (235/60/18). They've been installed for 3 months and travelled less than 2000km. The new tyre markings are still on the side walls. Any reasonable offers will be considered and the cost of switch must be borne by buyer, please. Please PM interest. Thanks.
  8. Blackaccent

    EP80 Dekitting

    Dear all, Posting on behalf of Bro EP80. He is currently dekitting his ride and have some items to let go. Please have a look at the below threads. If you are interested in any of his items, please contact him direct. Thanks. Click here
  9. Blackaccent

    Dekitting my EP80....

    Dear All, I am slowly dekitting my ride before selling off / scrap (Not decided yet)Click here. Though is very sad to make this decision, but ........ Please have a look and SMS with a reasonale price cos I dunno what is the market price for these items. If price offered is not worth my effort to remove, I will just let go with the car. Thanks.
  10. Steam

    Dekitting EP70

    EP70 kakis need anything? PM me. Cheers.
  11. Joshksy

    Dekitting my Starlet

    Here's the link to my sale. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2651317 Hope to sell them off quick. If not, they will all go with the car...
  12. Well guys, and gals, My octavia A4 coming to 5 yr old and feeling the itch to change ride. Based on current market, unlikely to be able to sell my car on the secondhand market. So....will anyone be anyone be interested in taking over some parts, for a reasonable price? Caveat is, no confirmation that I will definitely change ride, depends on finance. List of item: 1. FSD shocks with Eibach Sport spring 2. Front and back anti-roll bars (can't remember the brand offhand) 3. Sebring exhaust 4. Fuel pressure regulator with custom adaptor PM me your interest please. Thanks.
  13. my FC drop very badly and thinking to put back my original exhaust system. My whole set of exhaust was replaced with aftermarket ones... from extractor, cat converter, mid pipe, centre muffler and rear muffler. I did it in Mal but too lazy to go back there again.... any recomendation on the workshop that is doing a good job + reasonable price?
  14. All you need is to pay the labor, and your item will swap with mine. Items has been functioning well and served me for 2 yrs ++, well, inspection coming next year, and i dont wish to go through a hassle to search for underground inspection, so decided to do it this way. A) 4,2,1 + pipe + Cat B) Angel Eyes + HID 8000K + pole light (white) /one side ring not functioning, is either the relay faulty or ring faulty, some of our forumers know that MY got a workshop can repair c) Evo spoiler (3 pieces) if you want it, just help me get those nuts (colored type), and i swap with u Spoiler color is black, is a replica, and the top plane fake carbon fibre alittle whitest, if u want to see the picture, i can try to take a screenshot for ya. For the headlamp, preferrable a sport headlamp. Item A ( Reserved ) Email me @ keith_hiap@yahoo.com.sg The address to repair the Angel eyes Here is the address that you want. 51-51A Jalan Meranti Merah, Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru 80250, Johor Cekk: +60-7-3350423 Keith
  15. Ian_chan


    anyone interested? 3e engine with weber, exerdy cluth, lighten flywheel, 4-2-1 2 inch exhaust system straigt thru. with weber. pm me. =)
  16. Here goes... 1.strut bar 2.antiroll bar 3.TOMS flywheel+clutch assembly (swap req) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOLD 4.Full set disc brake+Front&Back rotor cross-drilled, ep71 break pump (swap req) 5.short shift (swap req) 6.front tray(limited edition) with volt & vacuum meter 7.front center console with original reinforced frame+left console (under glove compartment)+right) 8.Suspension-RSR springs+front KYB special with Tanabe camber kit (swap req) 9.Motorised side mirrors 10.EP71 Turbo Speedometer 11.EP71 Seats(1 set) 12.EP71 double-layer reinforced radiator + upgraded ford fan 13.EP71 rear break lights with factory tint 14.SSR Type-C RS replica 15" Rim 15.Advan Nova AD07 Tires 16. SU Carb >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOLD 17. Distributor + Mellory Ignition Coil >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOLD 18. TRD Steering Wheel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOLD ....& more. PM me if you are interested.
  17. Ralliart


    Willing to sell the below mentioned items for CS3. 1. SAFC2 ( 1yr 8mths with receipt) $250 2. APEXI ITC ( 3yrs old) $200 3. Hotbits 4-2-1 extractor stainless steel $230 4. Operated muffler $30 sold 5. Short shifter $80 6. Original foglamps $80 sold 7. Evo 9 spoiler (mica blue 1 pc) $100 8. Volk racing CE28 215/40/R17 replica rims & BFG tyres $300 9. Simota Aerofoam carbon air intake 2yrs $180 10. E68 & 2 fuel magnets $50 11. Throttle Valve Bored $30 12. BC coilover >1yr $650 13. Dummy Cat sold 14. Viper voice module 15. Original Evo Gear knob >1yr $90 Interested pls call or sms 90085401 kannan to discuss price.thank you.