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Found 56 results

  1. INTRODUCTION: U-Audio is a Pit Stop for all your car accessories need. Being in the car accessories trade for more than 20 years, we do not just sell accessories but provide customised solution to all of our customers' needs. Apart from audio system we provide a comprehensive list of services like Car Alarm Systems, DVD, TV systems, Solar Film, Sound proofing, Air-Con Servicing, Car Battery, Customised Car Number Plates, and many more. LOCATION: 22 Boon Lay Way #01-62 TradeHub 21 S(609968) PHONE: 9688 4020 (Ah Seng) OPENING HOURS: 9.30am to 7.30pm (Mon - Sat) Our listing on SGCARMART: http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=11526
  2. Hi, If you got a pair of two-way component speakers in front and a pair of two-way co-axial speakers at the rear powered by a decent 4 channel amplifier, is it still necessary to install a subwoofer plus dedicated amp in the boot? I certainly do not want to get that thunderous killer bass which can be heard outside of the car! Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a used car amplifier, Sony XM-502X (Made in Japan) to sell. Excellent condition. PM me if you are keen. Thanks
  4. i am looking to restart my ICE DIY again... since the old ice forums sgsoundsystem die out, anyone knows if there are still any general active ICE forums in SG? or is mycarforum the only general one left? now everyone separated, so lets see if we can re-start. i know Bobcat recently appointed Emma Judge. there is still ICE competitions, but very very low key already. lets see, i got Pioneer P99RS ready for 3 way active. 3 way component speakers ??? No Dyn esotar ok, something basic to start with. maybe Rainbow 3 way my fav. 6 chn power amp ??? hmm looking at JL audio XDv2 or good ole Audison LRx6.9
  5. I need some help as I am a noob at car hi fi. I have these: Amplififer: Audison SRX 21 400 watts SubWoofer: Pioneer TS WX 11A 4 speakers Rainbow KX 165 Peak power 120 watts nominal power 20-80 Freq 55-21,000 Impendance 4 ohm My car HU is stock, so what's a good HU to go with above? I think the speakers need replacement?
  6. Hello all, Does anyone know where to repair a Focal 4.75 car amplifier? Keep blowing the fuses. AudioEdge no longer the local agent. Any input is appreciated. Thanks !!!
  7. I have a old to To ROTEL integrated amplifier AX 939 RX with missions speakers. Simple 2 channel amp, it has no digital or optical input or output. No HDMI,20 over years technology but still sound good. I want to stream music with tidal. Can it be done? Do I need a streamer or DAC or better to buy a new one. Any recommendations
  8. Surf2004

    Is Amplifier Necessary

    Hi, I plan to install Pioneer 8850 HU with front pair of components and rear coaxial speakers. Plus an active sub. All Pioneer brand. Is it necessary to add an amplifier ? TIA !
  9. Anyone has tried any of the available OEM integrator - digital amplifier with DSP on their ride? Would appreciate if you could give your feedback. Came across the followings and interested to hear some of their field report. - Audison Prima AP4.9 bit (http://www.audison.eu/index.php?page=product&id=52) - Match PP 82DSP (http://www.audiotec-fischer.de/lng/en/pp-82dsp.html) - Mosconi Gladen D2 100.4 DSP (http://mosconi-system.it/product/gladen-d2-100-4-dsp/)
  10. Unfortunately, my amp decides to give up on me on Xmas eve. Does any of you have lobang or have knowledge of anyone who knows how to repair a 86280-53110 PIONEER AMPLIFIER, or happen to be selling? Thanks.
  11. Stage 1 Gonna start an audio system upgrade on Qashqai J11 In many occasion, the first to upgrade a car stereo is the speaker, head unit and addition amp. Often sound isolation or acoustic treatment is being left out in the equation. There are 4 main things to consider in car audio. 1. Speakers. 2. Amplification. 3. Source.(head unit). 4. Acoustic treatment.(soundproofing). http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/Vehicle-Car-soundproofing-deadening-Engineers-view-/10000000176936757/g.html Personally, I feel that Acoustic treatment is the most important as it form the frame work or foundation resonant frequency of the car itself. If Acoustic treatment were to be in the last stage, there is a possibility of retuning the system again. (dismantle of parts, cover, speaker etc .) Love hate relation with vibration Vibration we love How do speakers work? http://www.physics.org/article-questions.asp?id=54 The electromagnet is attached to a cone made of a flexible material such as paper or plastic which amplifies these vibrations, pumping sound waves into the surrounding air and towards your ears. Vibration we hate As the speakers are generating these musical frequency, its also generated vibration within the door panels chamber. Often these frequency are trapped within the door chamber and causes crosstalk of frequency. Not forgetting that vibration from the car itself during moving off. As a result, some frequency are loss and some are amplify. That why we often hear the ugly sound of bass banging onto the wall of the inner panel. As much of the frequency(force) is being reflected back. In addition , other lose frequency. Solution Method 1 Weight the car down. By adding enough weight we can reduce the vibration of moving parts. However, efficiency suffer as more horsepower is require to move the car. Bad fuel consumption. Method 2 dampening material http://www.crutchfield.com/learn/learningcenter/car/vibration.html Vibration dampeners and noise deadeners can improve the sound of your vehicle by lowering the amount of ambient noise when you drive. Here are a few ways how: Speaker grilles tend to resonate and buzz, road and engine noise can come through the firewall and floor, and a door panel missing a rivet can vibrate noisily. Noise deadeners can help reduce these annoyances. Just using an inexpensive door kit can make your speakers sound better by damping the resonance around the speaker area. If your vehicle has a lot of ambient noise, applying a vibration damper can give you a quieter, more relaxing ride. Method 3 Acoustic Insulation 3M Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation is a cavity filling solution for automotive sound insulation applications. Compressible, lightweight and conformable, this product can be readily processed by conventional techniques such as die-cutting, heat sealing and ultrasonically bonding High performance and low density making them ideal for mass reduction applications Each method has it pros and cons Most convention and common is method 2. However, I decided to go for the 3M thinsulate as it should be the most elastomeric materials (An elastomer is a polymer with viscoelasticity (having both viscosity and elasticity) and very weak inter-molecular forces, generally having low Young's modulus and high failure strain compared with other materials.) also being lighter of the 3 and easier to work with. It just like going to the boxing ring with mike Tyson and you gonna tired him out by draining his energy by all those empty punch being throw at you. A empty punch is more tiring then a punch which land on the opponent. UNDERSTANDING DAMPING TECHNIQUES FOR NOISE AND VIBRATION CONTROL http://www.earsc.com/HOME/engineering/TechnicalWhitePapers/UnderstandingDamping/index.asp?SID=62 Sound test Please dont ask the wife or girlfriend for feedback. They always reply : NO different , why waste the money. But to ours Trained ear it really make a different.. Day and night.. After 3 installation on Qashqai I m totally convinces it works. All the cymbals sound like crystal bells All the bass sound more beefy Mid all around.. no more messy sound Songs Tested Rebecca Pidgeon No rattle on the door panels / vocal just flow into your face Carpenter It going to take some times - Sweet voices of Karen just feeling so lushy full / Feel like there a drum set right infront of me / All the instrument sound at the right volume. Megadeth Dawn Patrol ( the ultimate Drum and bass ) My ear just bleed. However, dont expect the 3m Thinsulate to perform magic an turn the car to total isolation from the outside. Nevertheless, it a good platform to start with Stay tune for stage 2 ....
  12. Looking for either this 2 brands. budget $600 or below per pair. Heard from friend said Hertz good in speaker and audison good in amp . True?? 2) 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 which is better for mid bass ? saw some forum mention 6 1/2 much much better. true ???
  13. I have bought 2 Focal amplifiers FP4.75 & FP1.800, and a 13" Focal subwoofer ten years ago. Due to COE law, I am force to get rid of my nicely maintained car and got to transfer these audio component to my new ride. These Focal amplifiers were much sought after during ten years ago. After a decade, I am surprise they still sound decent. The unfortunate thing is that my new car uses a different speakers size of 4" while my previous car uses 6.5" speakers, so I ended up buying a new pair of speakers for my front doors. I was offered to choose either Focal plug n play or K2 Power. The verdict is clear as there isn't much difference in price and so I decided on K2 Power. I had car audio installation from a small shop(have many trophies) with frequent customers at cheaper price, but this time I went to a slightly reputable bigger audio shop(also have many trophies) with more expensive cars at their workshop and charge a higher price. Total items & installation price can be difference of more than $100++. So, did I pay more for better tuning advise, workmanship, service? A sensitive topic with an easy answer. Tuning advise is depend on how newbie the customer is. To a newbie, whatever shit the installer says, the customer will agree as he/she has already parted few thousands dollar to buy happiness. To a customer to who has been burned his/her pocket with ICE before, the installer with discuss and give options on sound tuning, which is a rather accessible knowledge from internet these days. In fact, most customers ended readjusting their bass level after the installer knowledgeable tuning. As for service, most shops are customer service oriented these days. In car audio competition, judges not only focus on sound but also weight in heavily on presentation and installation. So if you think a good workmanship is worth the extra on your expensive car, then you should pay the difference.
  14. Ongkmeng

    Repair Shop for Amp ?

    Is there any shop that is specialised in repairing amp ? I have a defective DLS amp that needs to be diagnosed & repaired.
  15. Draco666

    Dekitting my ICE

    Selling the following: *Deleted by Babyblade PM me if interested (negotiable).
  16. Hi, Any advice or amplifier selection to match a speaker at 180W / 60RMS / 4Ohm? Looking at 4 Channel amp.......... Thanks,
  17. Gslin

    New Amplifier

    Recently hv some extra cash($300-350), would like to install a 4 channels amp. Can someone advise the model & current mkt price? thanks.
  18. has anyone tried attaching a class AB amplifier to non amplified speakers? the flow diagram is as follows, computer line out> amplifier> unpowered speakers. wonder what is the difference like? my understanding is that the difference here with the conventional arrangement of using speaker out is where amplification is done. either in the subwoofer amplifier circuitry or the amplifier. thanks
  19. hi, seeking some advise on buying a 4 channel amplifier. current set up: front compo speaker: specs as followed: * 6.5" Mid bass Speakers * 180 watts * Injection Polypropylene Woofer Cone * 25mm Aluminum Voice Coil * 10 oz High Performance Ferrite Magnet * Tweeter Speaker with 20mm Silk Dome * Frequency Response: 65-20,000Hz * Sensitivity: 90dB/W/M * Impedance: 4 OHMS * Maximum Power: 500W pioneer active sub. stock rear speaker, 20Watts, max 40w. thinking of investing in a good 4 channel amplifier and a capacitor. what is the watt that i should seek when come to buying an amp. understand most of the speaker operates at 4 ohm, what is the specs that i should look out for? 4 x 200 watts @ 4 ohms? don't think of changing speakers as may consider to upgrade ride in near future. as of now, clarity of sound is poor. gf complains too much background sounds.. bass is good as this is a mid bass speaker plus thanks to pioneer active sub. 2 set of tweeter, reasonable good. music source: mp3. i know the mp3 source is important, generally.. just for her sake since she wanna pool in for the upgrade. please share your views
  20. install with EDS today and did a flush for my TB...My Car become more powerful sia lolx can really feel the difference throttle more responsive more smooth..lower FC must try afew tank 1st. worth the money la faster go fix :)
  21. Hey folks, Anyone heard of Ameron digital amplifier from Malaysia? Got a quote of about $480 for it including installation... is it good price for a digital amp?
  22. anybody with any comments on this speaker w/ amp combo being sold on sgcarstore? Reviews on google seemed pretty positive for the price. Particularly, interested in comments on the price and the dealer/installer selling this. Thks
  23. Horsee

    Amplifier fault

    Hi, Have this problem, right speaker suddenly very soft. When interchange L & R cable at amplifier (DB drive 4 ch amp), the symptom follow to left speaker, right speaker ok. Pls advise what could be the cause of problem. Can advise on where to troubleshoot & any idea on wat is the repair charges? Thanks. Me ICE Noob
  24. Hi to all ICE expertise, Any Good recommandation for a 4 channel amplifier? Budget around $1k plus.... separately if can recommand speakers and sub-woofer, even better.... kam sia!
  25. I intend to get a 4-channel Amplifier to drive the Infinity Reference speakers - 2 component (front channel), 2 coaxial (rear channel). I have the following amplifier in mind, below SGD$350. Alpine F250 Alpine F242 Sony XM-4s Which is the recommended one?