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Found 12 results

  1. Just scrap my old car. Salvaged my ICE. Pioneer P99 Sinfoni 3 way Audison 6 channel amp Audison capacitor My new ride is the 1.3 Jazz with build in HU. How ah? How to intergrate my old ICE? Don’t want to swap out the stock HU as it has car info and controls inside. Guess my P99 can’t be used. How to use the speakers and Amp? Can I use the mid in the front door, base in the rear door and tweeters replace the stock? Any shops to recommend?
  2. SteveLim1969

    Audison Prima AP8.9 BIT

    Hi, anyone installed and has experience with Audison Prima AP8.9 BIT ? Where did you go to have it installed, was the installer knowledgeable on doing the tuning and time callibration? Thanks.
  3. I need some help as I am a noob at car hi fi. I have these: Amplififer: Audison SRX 21 400 watts SubWoofer: Pioneer TS WX 11A 4 speakers Rainbow KX 165 Peak power 120 watts nominal power 20-80 Freq 55-21,000 Impendance 4 ohm My car HU is stock, so what's a good HU to go with above? I think the speakers need replacement?
  4. Here a a pillar DIY project ..... Took longer then I expected due to work comittiment New pillar for the project Drilling and placement
  5. Looking for either this 2 brands. budget $600 or below per pair. Heard from friend said Hertz good in speaker and audison good in amp . True?? 2) 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 which is better for mid bass ? saw some forum mention 6 1/2 much much better. true ???
  6. One of the greatest challenges with integrating car audio products into your car in the quest to replicate a true concert experience is the placement of speakers, interior trim materials, cabin acoustics and road noise. While installation and sound deadening will eliminate some of these issues, it is necessary to use dedicated processors and digital interfaces to correct the fundamental issues. For those who want the most out of their car audio system, a digital signal processor can help. After some slight adjustments, your system will sound like it has been professionally tuned and optimised. There have been rumours that if your speakers are good enough, you won't require a processor. Unfortunately, this isn't the case because it's the environment that creates the need for a processor, not the speakers. Digital signal processors (DSP) Most Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory fitted stereo systems are underwhelming in terms of quality sound. Well, they may have convenience features like iPod inputs, Bluetooth hands-free and steering wheel controls but they lack the ability to fine tune audio performance as well as add extra amplification. Most OEM stereos are also designed to compensate for low quality speakers, which is accomplished by artificially manipulating the frequency profile. When inferior original equipment speakers are replaced with high quality aftermarket units, this manipulation is often very easy to pick up on and if an amp is also installed, the problem will only get worse. That's where a DSP can come to the rescue. There are a number of uses for DSPs, but one of the most remarkable is to fix problems that have been noticed with OEM stereos. The DSP sits between the head unit and the amp, and it can literally undo the factory unit's problems. Some DSPs even have custom profiles that can be downloaded from the Internet, which will automatically fix the pre-processing issue and improve the overall listening experience by finetuning the head unit to suit the interior of the specific vehicle. Audison has released a number of digital components that make it not only easy to get great sound from factory sound systems, but also allow for a complete digital connection from processors to amplifiers. One of them is the Audison bit Ten - a DSP that will be equally at home in a modest system or a full-blown competition car audio system. Audison bit Ten The bit Ten is a multi-function DSP featuring analogue input, capable of transforming an OEM or aftermarket system into a high performance system. This processor comes with a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed Cirrus Logic DSP. It is a special DSP, ensuring high integration, where the main processing functions are implemented in optimised and pre-configured blocks, providing the ability to reduce the processing resources, thus ensuring top level performance. The architecture is completed with 24 bit analogue to digital (A/D) and digital to analogue (D/A) converters, as well as a powerful microcontroller to manage, supervise and connect the system to a computer. During the installation phase, where conversion of the analogue signal into a digital one is done, the bit Ten automatically reconstructs a digital full-bandwidth stereo signal and de-equalises the frequency response and, if necessary, reconstructs the central and subwoofer channels. Users can also configure the output mode of each channel relative to the installed system. bit Ten and its advantages Audison truly sets the level when it comes to getting great sound quality in your vehicle, and with the bit Ten, they have designed a product that allows anybody to upgrade their system, no matter what vehicle they have. All of the operations on the bit Ten, from setting the parameters of each input single channel, setting the delays according to the listening position to adjusting crossovers and equalisers for each of the five output channels can be managed with or without a computer. The other great advantage of the bit Ten is that you can retain your factory fitted head unit, which is often heavily integrated with other climate and vehicle controls. The bit Ten uses advanced processors to digitally correct factory speaker placement and frequency response, providing a great one-stop solution with minimal component replacement. The bit Ten boasts a modern and flexible platform, making it possible to stay current with technological evolution.The firmware, based upon Flash memory, can be updated at any time without having to disassemble the device from the system. And to make things even better, the bit Ten has a built in AUX input, allowing you to plug in an MP3 player, or any other audio device, so if your car doesn't have an input, the bit Ten will take care of it. The bit Ten also allows for a hands-free kit and offers an audio mute as standard as well. Having amazing sound really has just got easy, thanks to this little box of tricks. Why Audison? With 34 years of experience in the audio industry, Audison is a renowned name in the audio industry. Since 1979, the founders of Audison have fuelled a long lasting passion for high quality sound, continuing to design and build tools which can produce the perfect sound. In addition, they design and select the materials, experiment and listen to the results time and time again, allowing only their emotions to let them recognise when the product was complete. Since its inception, Audison presents its products to the market only after they have fully met the requirements of their creators to ensure that the highest quality is delivered. More impressively, Audison has many awards and accolades to its name such as the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Award, the Innovations Design and Engineering Award and many others. In Singapore, In-phone Marketing (Asia) Pte Ltd is the official distributor for the Audison bit Ten. They are located at 130 Joo Seng Road #05-05 Olivine Building Singapore 368357. For more information, please call 63822262.
  7. Hungee

    Audison BIT ONE

    Hi All, Anyone has experience or know much about the Audison BIT ONE processor ? All I know is that it's a processor, but seems not as popular here ? Reason ? Price too steep ? Not good enough ? or what ? Appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi everyone, just to highlight that there is a Audison & Hertz carnival at Soundwerkz on the Sunday 30th Dec. Those who looking to upgrade their current system might want to check them out on sunday. Heard there will be packages on promotion. Can visit their website to know more. http://www.sound-werkz.com Just a bit of contribution. Was at there doing up soundproofing and was told of this event. Nothing affilated with the mentioned shop, just thought it might helps those who thinking of update their current sound. Cheers!
  9. Hi All, Me trying to understand the above amp ... As specs mentioned, it can have following config : a) 4 X 65W RMS (4ohm) b) 4 X 105W RMS (2ohm) c) 2 X 210W RMS (4ohm) d) 2 X 65W & 1 X 220W RMS (4ohm) If I wanna bridge it to 2 channel to drive my front comp spkrs, means I am taking config © ... but 210W/ch ? really so much meh ? Also it mentioned for front channels got hi-pass, but rear/sub channels got lo-pass ... means rear/sub channels no hi-pass ? then if I bridge them to 2 channels, 1 ch got hi while the other got lo ah ? me confused (as usual) ... not sure if this model can be bridged as 2ch ... Any guru care to share? Thanks in advance. Cheers ... HUNGEE
  10. I need some advise on the choice of amp. I'm using rainbow component speakers with pioneer 8650 head unit. Wanted to add a amp to boost my front two speakers. Currently i'm looking at these two models. Read from feedbacks that these two amps not bad. My budget about $400 with installation and will be adding a woofer in future. Anyone knows which one is better and more suitable for my system and roughly the pricing. 1)Lanzar HTG414 - 4 Channels 600 Watts High Power MOSFET Amplifier http://www.lanzar.com/itempage.asp?MODEL=HTG414 2)Audison LRx 4.300 - 4 channels http://www.audison.it/prodotti.asp?lang=en...=1&idprodotto=3
  11. Hi all, due to popular demand, i have decided to start another group buy for audison amps. for more information about audison amps pls go to their website at www.audison.com . if you want, you can call me at 97832173. pls try nt to sms me. thanks. name / model / contact no. 1.
  12. Pajheroy


    Hi all, newbie here, from the Philippines. could someone kindly refer me to an Audison dealer or distributor in Singapore? also, any opinions on the audison vrx line of amplifiers? many thanks :)