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  1. Just scrap my old car. Salvaged my ICE. Pioneer P99 Sinfoni 3 way Audison 6 channel amp Audison capacitor My new ride is the 1.3 Jazz with build in HU. How ah? How to intergrate my old ICE? Don’t want to swap out the stock HU as it has car info and controls inside. Guess my P99 can’t be used. How to use the speakers and Amp? Can I use the mid in the front door, base in the rear door and tweeters replace the stock? Any shops to recommend?
  2. Ruzhyo

    Daihatsu Copen

    The new 2016 model?
  3. Ruzhyo

    Daihatsu Copen

    Will be a daily driver if I do get one. Don't need a big car.
  4. Ruzhyo

    Daihatsu Copen

    Stockist here stock most parts I need. Car is quite reliable. At most wait a 2 weeks to import and that happened only once. What do you mean deal with a PI for the new model? I think they all stop bringing in.
  5. Ruzhyo

    Daihatsu Copen

    I don't drive a Copen but I drive a Skoda Roomster. It's so rare in the 8.5 years driving it I've only see another of the same model twice on the road. I think there are less then 20 here. Parts are never a problem. Too bad they stop selling the new copen. I don't mind changing to it...
  6. Ruzhyo

    ICE Setup in your Skoda

    8) Ruzhyo - Pioneer DEX-P99RS & AVH-P5350DVD - Audison LRx 6.9 and 2 x Audison LRx 1.400 - Audison Capacitor - Sinfoni 3 way, Pioneer TS-STX99 Satellite Speakers & 2 x TS-W309D4 Subwoofers - 0 gauge grounding and alternator cables. - QED cables all round - No amp racks, all installed under seats and custom build compartment hidden from view.
  7. Ruzhyo

    ICE Setup in your Skoda

    IMHO should get a good head unit first. Garbage in garbage out. Head unit -> amps-> speakers -> amps -> sub
  8. Ruzhyo

    Anymore roomster for sale ?

    Mine is a 09 Roomster. Still have it. In fact I just got a new Thlue Wingbar roof rack last month. Interior is not bad. Re-wrap the fabric seats to leather. New fuel pump, new engine mounts, runs as good as new after 140k km. Whole car sound insulation done and with my sound system, I'm loving my ride. If only I can get a good price on the Superb Combi diesel...
  9. Ruzhyo

    Nail in the coffin for Skoda?

    current roomster owner. so harvest is going habis? actually keen on a Superb Combi...
  10. Ruzhyo

    Anymore roomster for sale ?

    There is actually people interested in buying a rooster?! Offer me a good price and u can have mine! a haha!
  11. Ruzhyo

    What is a good running shoes for jogging.

    I'm a short, fat guy whose got a normal right foot and a flat left foot. Been wearing all sorts of running shoes from top of the line Mizuno Wave Creations, New Balance 2040, Nike Airmax, Adidas Adistar, Brooks don't know what etc etc All gave me problem, after a few km knee sure pain. Until I stared wearing VFF. Never ran further and no pain in my knees and ankles. But first week or so my calf muscles hurt like hell. Now on my 3rd pair. Too bad it wears out quite fast. But for the comfort and no joint pains, it's worth it.
  12. WTB Volvo or similar bike lift. PM pls
  13. Ruzhyo

    Daihatsu Copen

    I am in the market for a NEW Copen. Anyone know any dealer selling?
  14. Ruzhyo

    The First Roomster!

    Fully serviced with harvest until 3yrs is up (this June). After that serviced at my own workshop with ORIGINAL Skoda parts and Fluids with receipts to proof. Brand new brake pads, rotors, radiator fan, belt and tensioner pulley just changed today. Stock Specs with sports rims and 5000km old tires. Millage is 125k Selling because I want a Convertible
  15. Ruzhyo

    The First Roomster!

    Thinking of letting go of my Roomster, anyone interested?