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Found 29 results

  1. Lala81

    Simple home DIY repairs

    Hi guys. Our home handyman adventures are sorta scattered all round the place in different threads. Maybe can lump here under something like makan thread. Don't think this belongs to plumber thread. So I start this off. My 555 ss water container. The lid handle fell off. Would an epoxy work? Any recommended brands? Funny thing is if it's epoxyed on originally. How come got that 3 contact points?
  2. DIY Motorcycle Parking Spaces Seen In Woodlands Void Deck, Town Council Investigating source: https://mustsharenews.com/diy-motorcycle-parking-spaces/ DIY Motorcycle Parking Spaces Allegedly Created By Biker Group Who Also Spray-Paint Rims There Every motorist would be familiar with the agony of not being able to find a carpark space. While most of us would simply wait for a lot to be vacated, or seek alternatives elsewhere, a bunch of motorcyclists apparently decided to DIY their own parking spaces. On Tuesday (25 Aug), a series of pictures were uploaded on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group, showing the “DIY” demarcated lots in the void deck of an HDB block in Woodlands. Makeshift lots created with masking tape According to the post, the handmade lots were found at the void deck of Block 899A, Woodlands Drive 50. The makeshift lots appear to be marked by pieces of masking tape. 2 motorbikes were seen parked inside these DIY lots, while another was parked outside the perimeter. The space on the left is also labelled with an “A”, while the one on the right has a “H”. It’s uncertain what the letters stand for. Allegedly the work of biking group One might be tempted to think that they were the pranks of children, but apparently, they were the work of a bunch of motorcyclists. The contributor managed to capture a picture of a group gathering at the void deck. They were allegedly decorating the walls and switch room nearby. The contributor also claimed that the riders would spray-paint their rims at the area, and leave behind unsightly marks on the floor. The motorcycles’ exhausts are also extremely loud, and would disturb residents living nearby. Town Council didn’t see any white tapes However, when queried by MS News, the Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council shared that its officers had visited the location earlier on Tuesday (25 Aug), but did not spot any white tapes on the floor. They will continue to monitor the situation, it said. From a search on Google Maps by MS News, we found out that there’s a multi-storey carpark just next to the block. It’s thus unclear why anyone would want to create DIY parking spaces nearby. Think, not park outside the box While thinking outside the box would be, under most circumstances, something praiseworthy, taking it literally and flouting parking rules blantantly is clearly something that’s not acceptable. Not only is it inconsiderate to residents, it’s also a safety hazard. If a bunch of people are indeed doing so, we hope the relevant authorities would take action ASAP to put a stop to it.
  3. Buadongdong

    DIY detailing experiment

    Bought some tyre shine products a while back and finally got my lazy bones to work and washed the car myself. Since I was washing, decided to do some experiment for the products i bought. Below are the pics of each of the products used on each tyre. All tyres are given 2 coats of the products and see which lasts longer and maintain its shine. Feel free to comment on the experiment so that I can do better in future experiments. The photos doesnt do justice to the shine. It actually is shiny but i cannot seem to take a photo to bring out the shine. I'll report the daily shine status of each tyres and see what are the results. As of now, in order of most shiny; 1) AG 2) MG 3) AM 4) AF
  4. carloverguy2017

    DIY steering wheel wrap - very nicely done !

    Here is a very successful DIY project - leather wrap ( or Alcantera ) on steering wheel. The wrap is customised for each specific model of steering wheel, and they provide all necessary items required for the DIY, which is a rather nice feature . There shall be no mention of what seller since this post is to show you how easy to DIY your steering wrap. If you are good at hands-on, do consider this option instead of paying hundreds to shops instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xU_IvxSN2A
  5. Ka_kia

    Sticker Bomb Cars

    Good Day People, Just sharing... https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=sticker+bomb+car&dcr=0&sxsrf=ACYBGNQMV8y4L2qFbX2CwD67YRrfJ8_I6g:1574912008306&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi31bq2_IvmAhUOOSsKHU4OADkQ_AUoAXoECA0QAw&biw=1366&bih=654 Just a random thought of using sticker bombs for a) Scratch body panels b) Car interior Perks of doing includes a) covering scratch in a cost effective way. Though may need to apply clear coat protection to prevent sticker fly away or faded. b) Spruce up interior in a unique way Cons includes a) Messy looks b) If need desticker is maybe alot of sticky residue Me personally is thinking of trying to cover some unsightly scratches on left and right fenders of the car.
  6. Anyone DIY? Brought a thrttle body cleaner at Mr DIY, loosen the air duct, ask my kid to step on the accelrator when I on the igition swtich without starting the car. Open the e throttle, use a rag, spray the cleaner and clean it... Less than 10 mins job, spend less than $5. Remove battery terminal and reset the ECU, and start cleaning the battery terminals using steel brushes. Apply copper grease on the terminal and connect it back. Required Materials for this How to Clean a Throttle Body ProjectHere’s a list. Paper towels or rags Throttle body cleaner Gloves
  7. Macross_vin

    Anyone hear of Color N Drive?

    Dear All, I have just came across an advert from Facebook on this brand call Color N Drive. Seems like the paint touch up product is good and easy to use. Any bros have heard and use before? Please advise and review. Thanks. colorndrive.com/en
  8. VteckiCk

    Home Fix closing down!

    Hardware chain Home-Fix is closing all its retail stores in Singapore https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/hardware-chain-home-fix-closing-all-its-retail-stores-singapore?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1576062358 Another one bites the dust Right after Sasa Have been patronising MR DIY at JB instead Now SG there's MR DIY too so it's the inevitable
  9. Have some old (5 years old) sticky residue from double sided tape on my front door (zzz leftover from 5 years ago when i used double sided tape for CNY decorations). I tried to remove it back then but then procrastinated cos i was busy then. Then haha now it's 5 years on. Scrapping it doesn't work cos it's just a very thin residue that u can see and hardly feel. It's the usual laminated type of door. Anyway to remove it without damaging the laminate? Other than Rubbing alcohol, any other suggestions?
  10. Bluepica

    Home carpet cleaning

    I got a piece of those furry carpet at home, stained by my doggies pee. i have tried to spray Febreze to wipe and clean it but still have the pee smell. how do I do a proper cleaning? are those steam cleaner helps? any place I can send it for cleaning? thanks
  11. i am looking to restart my ICE DIY again... since the old ice forums sgsoundsystem die out, anyone knows if there are still any general active ICE forums in SG? or is mycarforum the only general one left? now everyone separated, so lets see if we can re-start. i know Bobcat recently appointed Emma Judge. there is still ICE competitions, but very very low key already. lets see, i got Pioneer P99RS ready for 3 way active. 3 way component speakers ??? No Dyn esotar ok, something basic to start with. maybe Rainbow 3 way my fav. 6 chn power amp ??? hmm looking at JL audio XDv2 or good ole Audison LRx6.9
  12. Hamburger

    DIY punctured tyre

    Coming back home last night the car tyre monitoring system indicated a leak in front R tyre. Checked it out upon reaching home and indeed discovered a nail. 1. Extracted the nail out with an orange pliers. 2. Plug in a round file to smoothen and enlarge the hole. 3. Standby the sticky worm inserted into the needle eyes. 4. Insert into the hole with some force, with about 3/4 way in and pulled it out quickly. 5. Spray some water or bubbled one to check for leak. I pumped up the tyre a bit with a portable inflatable pump and drove to a petrol kiosk to fully inflate the tyres and do a reset on the tyre monitoring system. Do note that I am on RFT and hence could drive back home. Non RFT tyre should find a safe place to stop immediately and proceed to mend the tyre. Lucky me it was the front tyre, might need to take it off if it was at the rear which would restrict the hand movements. Fun, yes, Satisfaction, oh yes.
  13. Ahbengdriver

    Scan Tool

    Where can one get a scan tool in local shops or local sellers. Like tis for example Schwaben Professional Scan Tools
  14. A lot of time, you might be thinking to yourself that should you seek help with the professional when it comes to repairs and remedy. But sometimes, even seeking help can be time-consuming and wallet unfriendly! MCF Hangout with 3M - 25 Aug 2018 Luckily! We have met 3M and we are working together with MCF to organise an MCF HangOut to educate you guys on quick fixes to a number of problems you might face during your tenure of driving. These quick-fix doesn't require you to seek for professional assistance as 3M design and formulated the products into DIY packs and it is in a single-use packaging. Meaning you will not store these items at your home once you have resolved the problem (COME JOIN US FOR THIS MCF HANGOUT AND STAND A CHANCE TO WIN EXCITING PRIZES FROM 3M!) Car owners around the world trust 3M for cutting edge automotive solutions. For over 100 years of automotive science and innovation, 3M has developed products that are easy to use, affordable and do the job. Auto body fillers, adhesives, cleaners, waxes and polishes are just a few of the 400 products they carry for car enthusiasts, restorers, and do-it-yourselfers. Hands on and learn how to solve some of the tricky problems from 3M Auto Care. Be involved and work on some problems with the correct products and you can do it yourself! We are also looking for 5 members' car to become the demo car during the event! We are looking for cars that have hairline scratches and you wish that it can be removed. Members can also take this opportunity to wash car on site with your partners! We will be sharing with you on proper washing technique where you can prevent your car from damages. We are now looking out for 20 members (plus partners) to come and join us for this event! And here's the programme! 0900 – Registration start 0930 – Event Start – Opening Speech by 3M Singapore 1000 – Car Clinic – Prep Wash with Clay Bar 1030 – Car Clinic – Identifying and removing Scratches, Headlight Renewal and On the go cleaning 1145 – Tea break 1200 – Giveaway quizzes, Win attractive prizes 1215 – Group Photos /Tea & Refreshments/ Pop Up Shopping Registration Closed
  15. chryst

    Cooking: All About Beef

    Bought the Anova precision cooker during Black Friday for lazy woman steaks. Was only USD$99 + $20+ shipping, arrived over the weekend. Ordered from their American site but it was shipped from Hong Kong though. It has a Singapore compatible plug. Faster ran to Foodie Market at Katong to buy me some meat! 1.5inch ribeye (sorry didn't notice pic blur when I took it) 3/4 inch A4 wagyu Started with the ribeye first. A sea salt and fresh ground pepper rub. Let it sit for awhile and added rosemary and thyme. Into the bag (provided with the machine) with a clove of garlic. Throw into the pot and just wait! Bonus pic: "Mama, you cooking? Will I get some? I am a good boy!" 2 hours later.... success!
  16. How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRSoRkM8GcM
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTDnjimqrYY Very simple DIY 1. Clean with #1 Wet packet 2. Clean with #2 Dry packet 3. Prime with supplied primer packet ( if provided ) 4. Stick lower lip onto underside 5. Secure with screw 6. Sit back and admire.
  18. Due to an injury when I step on a nail in the old past, now the bone on one side of my heel hurts badly when I walk. I am thinking about creating my custom insole and embed a wood support around the injured bone. I experimented with some wood cut-out and it worked. I can make wood part but I can't find good materials which I can create main part of the insole and a normal matching part for opposite foot. Assume I want to make custom insoles, what kind of materials I can find and where? I think folks in a car forum would have more knowledge in hardware and do-it-yourself ideas.
  19. I recently DIY installed a set of spacers for my car. Thought I share with you guys the process. Hopefully this can help those of you keen to install wheel spacers yourself. Why I did not choose to pay a small amount of money and save myself the hassle of the DIY? Well, after researching on the proper installation of spacers, there are a few reasons why I think DIY will be better compared to workshop installation: 1) Proper application of anti-seize copper grease to the right surface and not to accidentally get these into thread grooves. 2) Tightening of the bolts need to be in "Star" shaped pattern sequence to ensure the spacer and wheels are aligned properly 3) After 150km of travel, will need to remove the wheels to retighten the bolts. 4) Need to use torque wrench to tighten to the factory specification. In my case is 150nm. I shall span this tutorial over a few thread posts for clarity in presentation. First up, a pictorial video guide.
  20. carloverguy2017

    Hyundai Accent DRL stickers DIY

    anyone with some time to spare, and a steady hand with interest in arts and crafts may try this simple cosmetic enhancement. totally legal and accentuates the contours of your car. Look for some features of your car that you think you love. such as shoulder lines, wheel arch lines etc and go from there. Here is my simple DIY guide on how to accentuate my DRL area to show off the aggressiveness of the body design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL8zugYgtrQ Remember some simple tips that were not mentioned in the video : Always clean your surface well Measure twice, cut once Have a good imagination, too !
  21. Here a a pillar DIY project ..... Took longer then I expected due to work comittiment New pillar for the project Drilling and placement
  22. Clement

    Recommended shops for DIY PC

    Any recommended shops for DIY PC? Other than Sim Lim Square, are there any other places to go to? Need to get a new DIY PC.
  23. Hi, Looking for an electrician to rewire my friend's resale HDB. Actually do we need EMA certified electrician to do the work? Cos I guess a lot of electrician from the north do not have such certification but of course their price are cheaper. By the way, if you have any good electrician pls recommend.... I found some with $45 for single 13A power gang and $55 for double power gang, $28 for light point.... See any can be better than this... Thanks!!
  24. Hoonigan

    DIY LED cabin

    Here's my latest DIY project Purple Violet LED ! In the market there's no such colors of LED. Only Pink, blue, Cool blue or red. No violet nor purple
  25. Showster

    DIY Aircon with Plastic Bottles

    I wonder if this is real and works. If it does, it will be wonderful for our climate. A living room standalone aircon plus compressor costs close to 2K already, maybe can give this a try instead. Stay cool. http://observers.france24.com/en/20160602-bangladesh-air-conditioner-plastic-bottles-technology This air-conditioning unit is made out of plastic bottles and works without electricity (all photos provided by the GREY group) BANGLADESH 06/02/2016 How Bangladeshi inventors are making eco-friendly air conditioners from plastic bottles Become an Observer LoginContribute Forgot your password? What can you make with old plastic bottles? A vase? A flowerpot? … an air-conditioning unit? Believe it or not, you can. When inventor Ashis Paul came up with an innovative way to draw cool air into homes using plastic bottles, his whole company got on board to help teach people living in rural Bangledesh to do the same. Since February this year, they’ve helped people to install these units-- which don’t need electricity to function-- in more than 25,000 households in developing areas of the country. “Most people live in tin huts… in the summer, it’s like being in sauna in the Sahara” Jaiyyanul Huq Jaiyyanul Huq is a creative director with the Grey Group, the advertising company that spearheaded this social project. We are a flood-prone nation, so in rural Bangladesh, most people build their homes out of tin, instead of mud. About 70% of Bangladesh's population lives in these homes. But the problem with these tin huts is that they get unbearably hot in the summer, especially in northern and central Bangladesh. I’ve been in these huts. It’s like being in a sauna in the Sahara. One of our creative supervisors, Ashis Paul, started thinking about ways to bring relief to these people. He was turning it over in his mind when one day, he overheard his daughter’s physics tutor explaining to her how gas cools when it expands quickly. Ashis has an "inventor" mentality and he’s always been fascinated by science. So, he started experimenting. He told us about his idea of making an air-conditioner out of plastic bottles. The simplicity of the Eco-Cooler is incredible. Ashis Paul designed the Eco cooler. How to Make an Eco-Cooler To make an Eco-Cooler, you cut plastic bottles in half and then mount them on a board. Then, you place the board over a window, with the bottlenecks facing towards the inside of the house. The change in pressure that occurs when air enters the wider part of the bottle and comes out through the bottleneck cools the air. It seems uncanny, but the principle is simple. Blow on your hand with your mouth wide open. The air feels hot, doesn’t it? Now, blow on your hand with your lips pursed. It feels like a cool breeze. The Eco-Cooler doesn’t require any electricity to function! "We finalised it just as the weather was getting hot" The Eco-Cooler can decrease the temperature by 5°C immediately. When it goes from 30°C to 25°C, I can tell you that it makes a difference. The Grey group decided to take it on as a pro-bono project. We like to give back -- it’s core to our company. We decided to make and distribute these units for free. We designed the first prototype in March last year and finally finalised it at the end of February this year. That’s just when the weather starts getting hot in Bangladesh. “The streets here are littered with bottles, so the raw materials are easy to find” To distribute the Eco-Coolers, we teamed up with Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. because they work in a lot of villages in Bangladesh [Editor’s note: Grameen Intel is social business platform that’s a partnership between NGO Grameen and the company Intel]. We sent our teams out to the villages where Grameen Intel works to teach people how to make our Eco-Coolers. The beauty of it all is how easy these units are to make. First of all, the raw materials are easy to find: people don’t recycle here, so the streets are littered with bottles. We show people how to make them and then ask them to both do it on their own and to teach others. We also made a how-to pdf that’s up on our website and includes an easy step-by-step process. It’s free and people get immediate results!