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  1. My cars carpet(the furry part throughout the whole car flooring) which is originally light beige color is now very stained, lots of black patches. Especially those spots where footwear rubs against. Is there a good way to restore it? Or would changing the whole floor carpet be easier/cheaper?
  2. Roomba is an intelligent and effective vacuuming robot. All Roomba Vacuuming Robots feature iRobot
  3. hi guys. anybody can recommend places where they do seat cleaning? last wk i carried some food in my car. unfortunately, the oil leaked n got all over my seat. think the oil got seeped into the cushion. everytime i wipe, the towel sure turn yellow n red (the food is rendang n ayam masak merah). so...am thinking of letting the experts do. mayb those with steam cleaning or watever they call. pls help...else those sitting on the seat clothes sure turn red or yellow.
  4. We live in strange times... Now, instead of hugging my loved ones when I get home, I do my COVID return home SOP: - Wash my hands at a tap - wipe down my pocket items with alcohol - head to the toilet, strip down, take a shower (I use Dettol) - change into new clothes - take my clothes and wash them along with the stuff I've already placed in the basket Then and only then do I interact with my family.. I also top up the masks in my car, or my backpack if I'm not taking the car out. I also top up the alcohol wipes and sun my shoes/ watch / keys at the balcony. Then I 'reload' the clean clothes meant for tomorrow's use in the bathroom, as well as the come home shorts I'll wear.. Does anyone else do so? In addition, for any incoming parcels, I have a tray I keep at the doorway / gate where I ask the delivery man to place the parcels. If it's food or now fresh fish and such, I will rinse / wipe them before I place them in the fridge..
  5. Anyone DIY? Brought a thrttle body cleaner at Mr DIY, loosen the air duct, ask my kid to step on the accelrator when I on the igition swtich without starting the car. Open the e throttle, use a rag, spray the cleaner and clean it... Less than 10 mins job, spend less than $5. Remove battery terminal and reset the ECU, and start cleaning the battery terminals using steel brushes. Apply copper grease on the terminal and connect it back. Required Materials for this How to Clean a Throttle Body ProjectHere’s a list. Paper towels or rags Throttle body cleaner Gloves
  6. saw that 3m has a product to clean throttle body but couldn't find it at autobacs, any idea where can i find it? or is there a workshop that can help me do cleaning for a reasonable price?
  7. Hi bros, as you know, when car gets older and cat becomes dirty, the exhaust flow also less efficient and results in lower power and higher fuel consumption. What do you guys do then, short of buying a newer car or changing to a new LEGAL cat?
  8. Hi all, Been using a Nespresso Krups machine for about 1 year now and its flow rate is getting slower. Been advised to flush and descale the machine, will any type of descaling solution work or must I use a Nespresso descaling kit? Thanks.
  9. Recently I was approached by a promoter to sell this FW1 Cleaning Wax. He did a demo on my car and it looked pretty decent. It was able to remove some paint marks due to a scratch by another vehicle. The cleaned portions also look quite glossy and feels smooth compared to the rest. Though, I don't normally wax my car nowadays. Anyone else bought to try before? I'm probably going to try it out soon after a rinse with water. The promoter said it can be used without a rinse but I'm not sure that's a good idea.
  10. Hi car owners with direct injection engine (GDI/Gasoline Direct Injection), would like to understand more about cleaning of carbon deposits on the intake valves. Anyone has experience to share about such cleaning service - chemical or mechanical - is available locally? Or has anyone tried to diy? More info on the need for cleaning can be found here: http://www.aa1car.com/library/intake_valve_deposits_gdi_engines.htm
  11. Does washing cars considered an exercise? You tend to burn cardio by the repetitive movements of your arms, stretching of your waists and your back, because these places tends to get sore and tired after a throughout car washing, polishing and waxing, vacumming and carrying full pails. Not much for the legs, unless you use your legs to do the repetitive movements. Would it help you to keep fit wash your car weekly?
  12. Good Morning My mum is looking for a part-time cleaner, no ironing & washing required and got a dog at home. Once per week only, so not easy to find one hence I'll try my luck here. Location: Serangoon North Anybody with contacts? Thank you.
  13. I got a piece of those furry carpet at home, stained by my doggies pee. i have tried to spray Febreze to wipe and clean it but still have the pee smell. how do I do a proper cleaning? are those steam cleaner helps? any place I can send it for cleaning? thanks
  14. MCF HangOut with Sonax X Renault 17th Nov 2018 Renault Showroom | 28 Leng Kee Rd S(159105) Detailing your car not only keeps it clean but can also help it to look great and perform better over the long run. If you have not yet detailed your car for the longest time. We would like to invite you down to this MCF HangOut with Sonax X Renault. We will be conducting our car grooming car clinic at the Renault showroom this time, so in an up close you can have a better understanding of DIY'car grooming! [JOIN US AND LEARN MORE ABOUT CAR GROOMING] 1300 – Registration starts! 1315 – Opening Speech from Sonax and Renault 1330 – Sonax Car Clinic 1500 – Continental Hi-Tea Buffet 1515 – Lucky Draw and Group Photos 1530 – Test Drive, Every test drive will recieve an Exclusive Renault Goodie Bag worth $123 with every test drive (One goodie bag per participants). And here are the three chosen benefits of keeping your car clean! 1) Enhanced Image A clean car says a lot about you. You only get a one chance to make a first impression... Make it a great one by starting with Sonax Gloss Shampoo Concentrate. 2) Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs Vehicle owners agree. . . A clean vehicle means lower costs. Proper car care maintenance improves vehicle’s appearance and makes one feel good and proud when driving. Protecting your car will result in significant savings in the long run without having the need for regular visits to expensive detailers. SONAX Xtreme Spray & Seal is a super easy to use DIY sealant that acts just like an expensive paint coating 3) Health You may not realise it, but the interior of your car is full of germs carried in by passengers that get in and out of your car (including yourself). Regularly use of Sonax A/C Power Cleaner cleans the air conditioner unit and provide a fresh fragrance in the interior! [COME JOIN MCF HANGOUT with Sonax X Renault]
  15. Thinking of giving my engine compartment a cleanup, it's dusty and a little greasy. How do u guys do it? What solution do i use for this? Do i need to cover/wrap up certain parts? Heard that some car wash offer engine wash by spraying water directly at the compartment, is it advisable to do that or is better to use a rag to clean it? Pardon my long list of questions.
  16. Hi all :) I need to clean the IACV and EGR on a Nissan Almera 1.8 2004 (engine QG18DE) Sorry i dont know a lot about cars but i think i know where the IACV is See picture https://ibb.co/k9WtW8 But i cant find the EGR valve, can someone point me in the right direction? Help is much appreciated! All the best Patrick
  17. I have a female friend, pregnant, staying at Canberra crescent She's placed under 2 weeks MC for now. At her current situation, she needs someone to come to the flat, just to clean up abit and bring or cook home food for her She just needs to rest more. Flat is not big. New 3 room flat. BTO. no pets. And it's generally v clean. No need to stay for whole day. Can come and go. Flexi hours This is good for someone who is staying nearby Canberra crescent and has some free time. So not much work to do actually. Just bring or cook some simple home meals for her. And do some general cleaning. If there is anyone living near by, and have some time to spare, to do some work, pls do consider. Payment of service will be made. Negotiable
  18. Hi there bros, Dunno whether i,ve posted in the right section ?? .. but i'll jus shoot any way.... wah lau!! today i ta bao breakfast for my colleagues beef noodles then the sauce leak thru the seams of my IKEA Transaprent white box and it stain the base of my car boot ( dunno correct term bor ? ) Any idea wat spray on cleaner/cleaning agents to get to clean it or i have to take the whole bloody piece out and wash it ?? although it oni stained a bit.. plus the base is black color.. it some how DID left tat "buay song" feelings inside me lor... ..plus a bit sticky too... Hope u bros out there who have experienced this could help me out ....
  19. Any idea where to get this locally, Seafoam or Chemtool to remove carbon deposits in intake and pistons. Tried to purchase from Amazon but they dont ship to Singapore. Tried other injection cleaner but it is not effective.
  20. Which brand should I buy for fuel cleaning system ??
  21. just came back from pump (Cal***). although my windscreen is visibly dirty due to monday's rain, the uncle and his fellow attendant rather stand and talk to each other. i think for the past few years, i dun rem such a service anymore. how i miss those days when pump prices were $1.00 only and all the uncles will not hesitate to clean windscreen, ask if wan check water la... does any bro here still enjoy such service? which brand and where? im just curious to see if this is altogether dead...thanks.
  22. I am looking for an effective vacuum cleaner that can remove stains inside my car's mat. I've used quite a few but it's not working for me. I would prefer to have the all purpose one which can also clean carpet and things inside my house. Anyone knows what would be the ideal product to buy? Thanks!
  23. Anybody know of any types of brands of air blowers/dryers? Basically im looking for a "wind blowing" device powered by the car, and just to blow cold air. Thanks!
  24. Reminds me of the old days! Good that they are bringing it back! Daily cleaning by students will be introduced in all schools The move is intended to inculcate in students a sense of responsibility and good life habits, says MOE. By Linette Lim Posted 25 Feb 2016 13:25 Updated 25 Feb 2016 13:42 Primary one students at Xingnan Primary School doing a classroom activity called the "Little Home Helper" programme. (Photo: Linette Lim) SINGAPORE: Annual spring cleaning for the classroom or being rostered for weekly cleaning duty might be familiar to some, but now, the Ministry of Education (MOE) wants to make classroom cleaning a daily affair for students. By the end of 2016, daily cleaning by students will be introduced in all schools, said Acting Minister for Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng on Thursday (Feb 25). According to MOE, all schools from primary schools to junior colleges have autonomy in the implementation of daily cleaning. This covers common areas such as classrooms and corridors, and excludes toilets. This is being introduced with the aim of inculcating in students a sense of responsibility and good life habits. Acting Minister for Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng (right) with students from Xingnan Primary School. (Photo: Linette Lim) MOE said that many schools have already incorporated five to 10 minutes of cleaning activities within their school hours each day. These schools include Xingnan Primary School, Park View Primary School, and New Town Secondary School. The ministry said they looked at similar practices in other education systems - such as Taiwan and Japan - in the planning process. - CNA/av i wun be surprised some will bring their maids to clean for them...hahhha
  25. 1. I was one of the judges during the SiTF 2015 Awards and one of the participants was this interesting company call Neutrinos Engineering Pte. Ltd. 2. Their product that they pitched is one that clean the car engine (specifically the carbon deposit) using dry hydrogen. I was convinced and went for the cleaning as I'm interested to see how much carbon is deposited in my 8+ yrs old car and the results was a shock to me - glad I went for this service. Below is the result/report: 3. Forumers who are planning to renew their COE or is driving a 10+ years car may wish to consider this service as well. 4. List of workshops that provide this service: http://neutrinos.com.sg/where-to-get/ 5. Found a write up of this service in sgcarmart: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=82492 6. A Youtube video that explains what is this all about: 7. Their other Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbN10Qy4r5DIDM9pWqJIlw 8. Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NeutoTherapy Declaration: I have no vested interest in Neutrinos Engineering Pte. Ltd.
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