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Found 168 results

  1. Anyone from the old primary school up above the hill? The school name is Balestier hill primary school and I'm talking about the 1970s. Not the current one but the old building. There was a puzzle in my mind till today. During that time, we spotted a coffin up above the stage (at the tuckshop) but it was never clear to us whether it is indeed a ''coffin'' above? Anyone from that school in the 1970s period? Do you remember seeing that?
  2. How come some kids will become like that in Primary school? Is it because parents work too hard and leave them to maids? Especially the $1 per day case. Omg.... Any MCFers here have stories to share? http://edumatters.sg/bullying-what-can-you-do-about-it/
  3. My sprog is in Primary 5, for the first time so far - last night I was truly disappointed in the school system. By and large, I find the schools are doing a pretty decent job - so far the education has been going pretty well, I haven't always agreed with what they teach. But hey, I don't need to - they have been doing it rather well. Last night, chatting with the kid - it is the first time I have been seriously upset at what they are doing. Just had the "Chinese Composition" exam for first semester, and we were chit chatting about what she wrote. Apparently they were given picture prompts - about a boy bullying his grandma, running into the road and almost getting run over. Well ok, putting aside the rather ham fisted and heavy handed moralising - we talked about what she said next... I suggested a story line of... Seeing the boy in danger, Superman came flying out of the sky, and stopped the car just in time, lifting it up to protect the boy. But then, when he found out what had happened, he said "Nah - you don't deserve to be rescued" where upon he dropped the car onto the boy, turning him into ketchup. Crotch spawn informed me that if she wrote that, she would be marked down for "going out of context" - WTF????? Out of context? No wonder the kids are so boring - they have to tell a predictable and "moral" story - In my day, we were encouraged to try and shock / surprise the teacher. Not write stories to some freaking boring formula!!! Blardy hell - how to move forward like that?
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    HooRay...... School Holidays Starts From Today

    Piew........... all the morning and evening peak traffic jams will ease for the next 6 weeks............... Also down from Monday is the ERP charges....... Very stressful when driving along PIE turning left to Steven Road every morning........
  5. Kb27

    India school exam cheat

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-31998343 About 300 people have been arrested in the Indian state of Bihar, authorities say, after reports emerged of blatant cheating in school exams. Parents and friends of students were photographed climbing school walls to pass on answers. Many of those arrested were parents. At least 750 students have been expelled. An estimated 1.4m students are taking their school leaving exams in Bihar alone - tests seen as crucial for their chances of a successful career. The authorities have clearly been embarrassed by the cheating, the BBC's Jill McGivering says, with the episode prompting ridicule on social media. Students were seen copying answers from smuggled-in note sheets, and police posted outside test centres were even seen being bribed to look the other way. Here's how to cheat: ...and they are probably coming here as FT.
  6. Finally. A major milestone in vaccination... Actually boys will also benefit from reduction of sexually transmitted warts etc, but i guess the cost vs benefit ratio is not there. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/sec-1-female-students-free-hpv-vaccine-against-cervical-cancer-11316882
  7. Mustank

    Fake Degree School Boss run road

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/Education/Stor...717-155267.html if his students find him, i hope the students will not chong tong
  8. This guy must have true grit. Wow. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/from-ite-to-nus-secondary-school-dropout-gets-into-medical-school
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-48253398 This would never work here? Right? Anyone have a link to that photo of the guy walking to start his NS with his maid following on behind him carrying all his kit.
  10. Lala81

    Sec school streaming abolished

    Moe gradually to abolish outright streaming Into express and normal. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/streaming-secondary-schools-scrapped-o-n-levels-ong-ye-kung-11312252
  11. Freeder

    What’s your Primary School?

    Just met my former Pri school classmate after 30 years
  12. many such accidents happen when driver never pull their handbrake, not the first time and happen in many countries.
  13. Whats the relationship between these 2? What cause the reduction of traffic flow and reduction of ERP rate during school holidays? Parents need to go to work every single day mah.. Any parent can explain?
  14. I have a need to buy the following, and need leads here. Kindly assist if you have or know where to buy? I know opp Sultan Mosque is a shop. Needed items: 1. Chap Teh 2. Marbles 3. Gaseng (top) 4. 5 stones Any one have any else of those old skool games, do post here Disclaimer: Those under 20, er, do note, these are not electronic games....kekekekee
  15. A high school in Suixian County, Henan Province has garnered attention online for removing chairs from the school canteen to prod students into finishing their food quickly. The move comes a result of learning from other schools and aims to improve the efficiency of student dining to encourage more time for studies, a staff member at the school office told Pear Video, a video streaming app. The school had dining tables with linked chairs in the past, but in the new semester starting on Aug. 26 they have been replaced by long tables without seats, forcing students to eat while standing. Besides, each student will be assigned a designated spot to eat, so generally speaking it would take 10 minutes to finish a meal, said the staff member. A student surnamed Li said he needed 20 minutes to finish his food before while now he only needed 10. Gao Shan, director of Gastroenterology at the Central Hospital in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, said it's better to eat slowly because not chewing enough will affect digestion and cause chronic diseases if continued for a prolonged period. Suixian High School, founded in 1940, is a key education facility and enjoys a high reputation for sending graduates to top universities in eastern Henan.
  16. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/olympic-champion-joseph-schooling-launches-swim-school-10476812 Schooling launches own swim school in Tampines Hub called Swim Schooling but he is not going to be a full time swim teacher there. Students will be taught by the trained coaches employed by the school, which makes it same same as other swimming schs I presume? Ever since the Olympics ended he has been so busy with being a superstar and now even his own sch. How many of you will send your child to his sch in hopes of grooming the next Olympics Champ of the future? Nevertheless best of luck in the Asian Games Joseph Schooling!
  17. Jin scary, pushed down by school trainer as part of some disaster management training. I've never heard of such training, making people jump down from a school building. Parents must be devastated. Other students watching will require psychological counseling. RIP. Watch video at your own discretion. -------------------------------------------------------- https://deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/130718/19-yr-old-girl-dies-disaster-preparedness-drill-coimbatore-n-logeswari.html Coimbatore: A 19-year-old undergraduate student died when she jumped off the second floor of her college building during a disaster preparedness drill in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Thursday evening. N Logeswari was a second year student pursuing Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) course at Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science at Narasipuram. Around 4 pm on Thursday, students of the college were being shown how to escape if disaster struck. A video of the training session showed Lokeswari perched on the sunshade of the second floor balcony, when the trainer Arumugan, standing next to her, was telling her to jump. Eyewitnesses say Logeswari was reluctant and did not want to but was prompted repeatedly by the trainer. After a while, the trainer pushed her and she tumbled down hitting her head on the sunshade of the first floor. Though students standing on the ground were holding a net for Logeshwari to land safely, she crashed to the ground after hitting the sunshade. According to reports, Logeswari was rushed to a private hospital in Thondamuthur, where she was administered first aid. She was referred to the state-run Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, where she was declared "brought dead". The police have sent the body for postmortem and the family has been informed. Trainer Arumugan has been taken into custody by the police and a case for causing death due to negligence has been filed against him. College authorities told the police that the drill was conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority of India (NDMAI). Meanwhile, NDMA has clarified that Arumugam was not authorised to conduct such a drill.
  18. Former school sites could become retirement villages https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/housing/former-school-sites-could-become-retirement-villages Govt studying suggestion by MP, who cited cost savings and ageing in place as benefits of ideaSchools which once echoed with the voices of children playing may one day be hubs of community living for the elderly in Singapore. A suggestion in Parliament this week by Bukit Batok MP Murali Pillai to turn vacant school sites into retirement villages is being studied by the authorities. National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said of such projects in a written reply: "Their location within established housing estates will enable residents to age in residential surroundings. "Their relatively large site area can accommodate a significant number of housing units and common spaces, allowing residents to interact with one another and develop a sense of community. "However, there are also costs involved to rejuvenate the ageing vacant school properties and reconfigure them for housing purposes." Mr Murali told The Straits Times that cost savings are the main reason behind the idea, saying that when developers build retirement homes, the higher capital expenditure is passed on to seniors. "This option of ageing graciously in-situ with fellow seniors would be an attractive option," he added. MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling said the idea allows facilities and services to be located together, bringing convenience to the elderly and using resources effectively. But she added: "The design also has to consider: How do we ensure the elderly are not living in an isolated sub-community and are integrated into the wider community?" Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Saktiandi Supaat, a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for National Development, said the proposal could help to maximise space, but added that there are other needs of residents and the dynamics of the area for constituencies to be considered too. Veteran real estate consultant and academic Steven Choo agreed that savings would be passed on to buyers if the means of sale or lease are arranged by the Government. "I am excited about this idea," said Dr Choo, who studied retirement housing solutions in Hong Kong and Japan as a developer. "Retrofitting of a school compound for residential use is very doable." He said he has not seen such a project in Singapore, and it would be great to have a successful demonstration project. Dr Choo's office in Kim Yam Road is located in commercial building The Herencia, which used to be Nan Chiau High School. He enjoys its high ceilings. Some residents were also receptive to having such retirement villages in their backyards. Retired accountant Agnes Mak, 67, who lives next to the empty Bishan Park Secondary School vacated earlier this year, said: "I wouldn't object to it because the elderly can mingle with residents in the neighbourhood, which is good." Financial planner Tan Wen Man, 28, who lives next to the empty Bedok North Secondary, also vacated earlier this year, said: "I won't mind because the elderly are not noisy and quite friendly. If it is a primary school, it will be noisier." According to a Straits Times report in February last year, due to falling enrolment and mergers, there were 11 schools vacated in 2016 and last year, with four more to be vacated this year. At least nine other former school sites managed by the Singapore Land Authority are vacant state properties. The Academy of Singapore Teachers, the Singapore Red Cross and the Enabling Village are located in former school compounds. The Government is looking for ways to house the elderly as the population ages. The first Housing Board "retirement kampung", Kampung Admiralty, which has healthcare and wellness facilities for seniors, was opened officially in May.
  19. Just wonder if any of your you g child is in international school preschool or junior school? If yes, any feedback?
  20. respect the teachers.... this looks like Singapore: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=498888523559547
  21. Theoldjaffa

    First Day Of School Traffic

    Wah first day of sch, at 7am CTE towards city already jam like siao. Is it the norm haha, cos my first time driving out at this timing. Accident on CTE towards SLE between Moulmein and Jln Bahagia exit. Drive safe everyone. Get your kids to school safely.
  22. Ahtong

    Creative School Punishments

    My primary school teachers had a lot of creative punishments for students who misbehaved. 1 punishment was progressive standing. If you misbehaved once, you had to stand next to your desk. If you misbehaved again , you stood on the chair. If you misbehaved yet again, you had to stand on the table. Good luck if your seat is right below the fan. Another punishment for serial misbehavers was banishment to the corridor. As the name implies, you moved your desk and chair to the corridor for the duration of a lesson. There was a male teacher who would improvise punishments. One time he told me to place my hands together, overlapping the fingers from both hands. I blur blur followed his orders and the next thing I knew, he whacked my fingers with his ruler. Did you people also endure such creative punishments while you were schooling? I wonder if any teacher still dares to try such stunts nowadays.
  23. I am wonder whether the CHIJ primary schools allows children of different religion? I remember the Maha allows non Buddhist children. Are there selection criteria differ from other primary schools? I don't intend to talk too much about religion, just some research for buying a house for overseas friends.
  24. Teachers may soon have to pay to park in schools. The Straits Times understands that the Ministry of Education (MOE) is looking into whether public schools should continue to not charge staff for parking space in school compounds. Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao had reported on Thursday that the ministry has been discussing the issue since the start of last year. Currently, all public service organisations, including the Education Ministry, charge parking fees at their offices. But parking remains free at the primary and secondary schools and the junior colleges. Only school staff are allowed to park in schools. Last year, the Auditor-General Office's (AGO) report highlighted how the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the Temasek Polytechnic (TP) were not imposing parking charges, or charging below market rate, for the use of their car parks. The report said such practices "are tantamount to providing hidden subsidies for vehicle parking". The report pointed out that ITE did not charge users for its car park, and the estimated amount of parking fees forgone was $66,000 a month. According to the report, SP implemented paid parking only in May 2013, but parking continued to be free for motorcycles. Parking was also free for those who parked their vehicles at the staff apartment car park. Of those who were charged for parking, some users, such as the poly's staff, tenants, and contractors, paid below the market rate. At TP, which started charging for parking in June 2014, it capped its daily car park charges at $1.50 for staff, and $6.00 for other users, resulting in some users paying below market rate, the report went on. Both the polys and the ITE had to review their parking charges. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapor...ok#xtor=CS1-10