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Found 41 results

  1. I just tried to register my kid for P1 yesterday but the system keep telling me that the data I entered did not match their database. So after the fifth time, I called MOE instead and waited for about 10 minutes before my que number was up. Spoke to the executive and was told that there was one clause which prevented me from using the P1-IS system. She said that both parents must be citizen or PR at the TIME OF BIRTH of the child. As my wife was still on work permit when my son was born, so her present blue nric cannot be used. I wonder why are the authorities keeping so many different records instead of just updating to one current one instead? So next time when my wife get pink ic, hopefully that will not affect us getting our keys to our new bto.
  2. Anyone from the old primary school up above the hill? The school name is Balestier hill primary school and I'm talking about the 1970s. Not the current one but the old building. There was a puzzle in my mind till today. During that time, we spotted a coffin up above the stage (at the tuckshop) but it was never clear to us whether it is indeed a ''coffin'' above? Anyone from that school in the 1970s period? Do you remember seeing that?
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/coding-to-be-made-compulsory-for-all-upper-primary-pupils-next-year Enrichment classes on coding for all upper primary pupils next year Hariz Baharudin SINGAPORE - All upper primary pupils will have coding classes from next year, as part of the Government's goal to develop a healthy pipeline of tech talent for the digital economy. Conducted by the Education Ministry and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the 10-hour enrichment programme will be piloted this year at some schools for pupils after their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), before being rolled out to all primary schools by 2020. Code For Fun (CFF) will seek to develop an appreciation of core computational thinking and coding concepts in pupils, through simple visual programming-based lessons. This was one of several key announcements made by Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran at the ministry's workplan seminar, which centred around building a safe and inclusive digital society for Singapore that leaves no one behind. At the seminar on Wednesday (July 10) at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, the minister also announced the formation of a new specialised telecoms cyber security specialist team, and more efforts to equip Singapore's ageing population with basic digital skills. He also gave an update on government initiatives to help companies digitalise their business. Mr Iswaran said: "We are also reaching out to every enterprise, every worker, and every citizen, so that we can bring all of them, every enterprise regardless of its size, big or small, every worker regardless of education level and every citizen regardless of their tech savviness - bringing them into this overall national effort so that we can build a digital economy that is made up of enterprises that are digitally capable, empowered by workers who are digitally skilled and citizens who are digitally connected." This, he said later, starts from young, and CFF will seek to excite young Singaporeans about the opportunities in the digital age and expose them to the skill sets needed for the potentially lucrative digital economy. In 2016, a study by Oxford Economics and Huawei estimated that the size of the global digital economy amounted to about US$11.5 trillion (S$15.6 trillion) or over 15 per cent of global gross domestic product. And closer to home, a study published by Microsoft last year estimated that the digital economy would contribute another US$10 billion to Singapore's GDP by 2021 to increase the growth rate by 0.6 per cent annually. The Ministry of Communications and Information said in a fact sheet on Wednesday that since CFF was launched as an optional enrichment programme in 2014, it has benefited 93,000 students. It added that the programme will continue at the secondary level as an option to complement existing efforts in computing education, which include computing subjects taken at O Level (elective) and A Level. Mr Iswaran also announced that the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) will be expanding its youth engagement outreach with the Singapore Cyber Youth Programme (SG Cyber Youth), a collaboration with the cyber security industry and academia. This programme will reach out to 10,000 secondary and tertiary students in the next three years to provide them with opportunities to explore cyber security as a career and expose them to relevant technical knowledge and soft skills. It will build on CSA's existing efforts, which include the Youth Cyber Exploration Programme (YCEP) boot camp, a multi-day initiative which aims to introduce secondary school students to the opportunities of a cyber-security career and was started in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic last year. All five polytechnics are now involved in the boot camp, and this year's edition attracted a turnout of 400 students from over 30 secondary schools coming together to learn about cyber security. Among other new initiatives under the new SG Cyber Youth will be a new advanced-level of the YCEP to be introduced next year, said the MCI. The ministry added that students can also look forward to participating in cyber security learning journeys CSA holds with the Education Ministry and its industry partners, adding that more initiatives will be announced next year.
  4. Freeder

    What’s your Primary School?

    Just met my former Pri school classmate after 30 years
  5. I just recently bought a resale car. The exterior is white in color, log card stated primary is white color. However, when I send to repair, the mechanic open up the side mirror and realise the original color should be red. The interior of side mirror casing is red, one part of the the side mirror (after dismantle) is also partially red. Can the primary colour be changed after respray? Will I able to find out what is the original colour of the car? Thank you!
  6. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/moe-kindergartens-primary-schools-priority-phase-2a2-9443768
  7. Am very delighted when Nan Hua Pri Sch (NHPS) accepted my application as PV for my daughter's enrolment for P1 in 2012. However, me now staying >2km (at CCK)...thus am contemplating very hard on whether to shift house. Have checked the property prices (both HDB and pte) in Clementi area (especially within 1 km of NHPS) and it is quite high...or should I enrol in a decent neighbourhood sch within my resident vicinity and then enrol her for tuition and enrichment classes instead?? At CCK, I am considering South View Pri (within 1km to 2km from where I stay) and Yew Tee Pri (within 1km from where I stay)...however, for both 2008 and 2009, South View Pri has balloting even in Phase 2B for those residing within 1km, while for Yew Tee Pri, balloting was applicable for phase 2C only. Thus far, NHPS only has balloting for phase 2B in 2008. For 2009 and a few years before 2008, there was no balloting in phase 2B. Haiz...really in a dilemma...any advice from gurus here?? Many thks!! Back to top
  8. I am wonder whether the CHIJ primary schools allows children of different religion? I remember the Maha allows non Buddhist children. Are there selection criteria differ from other primary schools? I don't intend to talk too much about religion, just some research for buying a house for overseas friends.
  9. Enye

    Sabah quake tragedy

    Hope for the best.... SINGAPORE: A group of students from Tanjong Katong Primary School were on an excursion at Mount Kinabalu when a 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck on Friday (Jun 5), Channel NewsAsia understands. At least eight of them are uncontactable, along with two teachers, Mr James Ho, a parent of one of the students, said. This was later confirmed by the Education Ministry. The 12-year-old students and their teachers were understood to have departed Mount Kinabalu on Wednesday for a leadership programme and were expected to return on Monday afternoon. Anxious parents were seen rushing into the school for a meeting with teachers on Friday afternoon. One woman said her daughter was injured and is "on the way to hospital". Mr Ho told Channel NewsAsia that his 12-year-old daughter Rachel is one of eight students stranded at the via ferrata route on Mount Kinabalu. He said he has received no news about their well-being. "This happened in the morning and it's been more than 12 hours. And the frustrating thing is we are not getting any updates on the rescue operations," he said. Another 19 students from the school have returned to safety, Mr Ho added, and five of them and one teacher suffered minor injuries. Mr Sadri Farick, whose child had leg injuries after the quake, also expressed frustration at the lack of information. "I sympathise with my friends whose children are missing. We got news from one of the boys that there are boulders dropping in front of them, and they have been cut off, so we are expecting the worst but still have hope." MOE WORKING TO CONTACT MISSING STUDENTS AND TEACHERS In a statement, MOE confirmed that 10 people from Tanjong Katong Primary have yet to be accounted for. "Three schools, Fuchun Secondary School, Greenridge Secondary School and Tanjong Katong Primary School, are in Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on overseas learning journey. All students and teachers from Fuchun and Greenridge have been accounted for and arrangements have been made for them to return to Singapore. Of the 29 students and eight teachers from Tanjong Katong Primary School, 21 students and six teachers have been accounted for. MFA and ISOS are rendering assistance for their safe return to Singapore. We are continuing efforts to contact the remaining eight students and two teachers. Parents have been informed and kept updated on the situation." COLD NIGHT FOR THOSE STRANDED: PARKS DIRECTOR Earlier, Sabah Parks director Jamili Nais told Channel NewsAsia over the phone that 38 Singaporeans had begun climbing Mount Kinabalu at about 2am to 3am on Friday morning before the earthquake hit. "Up there, it is getting colder. We are in touch with the staff and in touch with some of the stranded climbers. It's getting cold but the weather is slightly better now. Three helicopters are on the way to drop food and warm clothing," Dr Jamili said. "But Im really fearful because before long, its going to be very cold and tonight therell be hypothermia, so we are working very hard at least to drop the food and warm clothing as well as camping equipment," he added. Paramedics, doctors and ambulances are waiting at base for those rescued, he said. In a statement, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said majority of the more than 100 Singaporeans in Sabah at the time of the quake are safe, and that it is still working to reach those who are uncontactable. It has also despatched a Crisis Response Team to Sabah to render consular assistance. - CNA/ly
  10. P1 registration: Child must live at declared address for at least 30 months from July 2, 2015 Children who have secured places in primary schools under the home-school distance priority will be required to stay at the address for at least 30 months from the start of the Primary 1 registration exercise on July 2, 2015. -- PHOTO: ST FILE By Amelia Teng SINGAPORE - Children who have secured places in primary schools under the home-school distance priority scheme will be required to live at the address for at least 30 months from the start of the Primary 1 registration exercise on July 2. This new rule applies to children entering primary school next year. Previously there was no specific length of time set by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The ministry said on its website: "A child who gains priority admission into a school through his/her distance category is required to reside at the address used for registration for at least 30 months from the commencement of the P1 registration exercise on 2 July 2015." The ministry said that there are a small number of cases where families are unable to remain at the registered address for the entire duration of their children's primary school studies. Even so, a child who gains priority admission into school by distance must still abide by the new rule, it said. "If this condition is not met, MOE reserves the right to transfer the child to another school with vacancies, as the priority admission to the first school was based on the declared address used for registration," the ministry said. "The home-school distance category priority is given with the expectation that the family will reside at the address for the duration of the child's primary school studies, as it is for the convenience and interest of the child," it added. Families which have bought a yet-to-be completed property and plan to move in after it is completed, are required to live at the new address for at least 30 months starting from the time the family moves into the property. "For example, if the child registers in 2015 and only moves into the new address in July 2017, the 30 months stay period starts from July 2017," MOE said on its website. In March this year, a father who lied about where he lived to get his daughter into a top primary school was sentenced to two weeks in jail. The 35-year-old self-employed man, who cannot be named to protect his daughter's identity, pleaded guilty in February to giving false information to the school's principal on July 30, 2013. A charge of lying to a police sergeant 10 days earlier to change the address on his identity card was taken into consideration. The man had indicated his address as being within 1km to 2km of the brand-name school, when he registered his daughter under Phase 2C of the Primary 1 registration exercise in 2013. This allowed his daughter to secure a place. His identity card showed the same address, but the man actually lived in Balestier Road, which fell outside the priority radius. The address he provided belonged to his uncle's sister, and had been rented out. His subterfuge came to light when MOE visited the place. ateng@sph.com.sg - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/education/story/p1-registration-child-must-stay-declared-address-least-30-months-july#sthash.AgdvwxeK.dpuf
  11. Bluemice

    Reco for home tutors (Pri sch)

    hi MCF, Anyone has recommendations for home tutors or tuition agency (for home tutors) at West SG ? This is for a P3 kid. thank you mice
  12. Ender

    Primary 3 math question

    Trying to help my son with this question, but was stuck. Without using simultaneous equation, hope someone good in math can help out. Can't figure out how to use model math., Question There're total 160 ducks and pigs in the farm. Molly counted the number legs, and found that total number of legs from the pig is 100 more than the ducks. Find out the quantity of ducks and pigs.
  13. Thaiyotakamli

    Help needed for primary math Q!!!

    Badmonton club in a school spent $681 to buy 50 t-shirts n shorts for its members. Each t-shirt cost $12 n each pair of short cost $15, how many t-shirt did the club buy? Bros, help me with this math qn, my P4 cousin ask me n i dont know the answer lol
  14. JackRabbit

    Primary 2 Maths Question

    Hi All Need some help - my kid got this question wrong for a Math Test (Primary 2). I also have no clue what's the right answer. Please help!
  15. TurboQ

    Neighborhood primary school

    How do we define neighborhood school (primary). ? Are all non-SAP schools considered neighborhood? In that case alot fall into neighborhood schools! Or based on PSLE results? Or based on location? (located at HDB area considered neighborhood ?) Or based on the naming? (Chinese name means neighborhood ?)
  16. If your son is constantly being bullied (slap, pinch etc...) by a bully ...what will you do? And what happens if the teacher has already told the bully but still the same?
  17. Kungfu

    Primary School admission

    So it goes to say that "If your parents are rich/famous/influential/whatever...............you gets to go to a top Primary School,but you are poor, or youe parents is...............forget about it.............you'll never set foot into Raffles................. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/11/13/primary-school-admission-is-not-fair-mm-lee/ This is s..........pore
  18. Planning ahead to see which development I should purchase in terms of property. Can anyone enlighten, how do we know if my apartment is within the 1 Km boundary/proximity to the school? Is it done by the school? Who can we call to find out? Cheers.
  19. Kungfu

    Nowadays primary lvl education

    OMG OMG OMG Since now holidays,try and coach my P2 girl in her English and Maths.................................OMG OMG.............when I mark her Maths papers.......I mis- marked certain questions for correct when they were wrong and vice versa.........walah ah...........only when my teacher wife highlight to me. Ostrich can dig hole to hid.........HDB flat how to dig hole............quietly go EATTTTTTTTTTTTT my Orangling and Bath. When bathing.........on water hot hot.....see whether I dreaming or not...............P2 mATHS PAPER i dun know how to mark.............I got Bachelor of Accountancy Degree Now primary lvl so jialat difficult one ar Next time my P2 girl come ask me Maths questions............i also dun know hide where
  20. Hi all, looking for the above mentioned for my primary one kid...any good recommendation please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi all, If given a choice would you send your child to a neighbourhood co-ed school or a boys school such as St. Garbriel's primary? Due to where I live now, all available schools are >1Km and <2Km. So my chances of enrolling the child to a choice school is not rosy . Any comments and advice from the parents and old boys of the school? Thank you very much. Regards,
  22. Ivan96935sg

    Need Help in Primary 6 Maths Qns

    I need some help on the following Maths Qns which I have trouble explaining to my kid. Anyone kind enough to guide me with the explanation? "If Ken gives Devi $16, he will have the same amount of money as Devi. If Devi gives Ken $20, the amount she has will be 1/10 that of Ken's. How much money does Ken have?"
  23. Just thought it good to share with those who are thinking of which primary school to go - neighbourhood or better ones. After attended a P2 parents' orientation programme, what left most impression is the speech from the principle. He received a call from press when PSLE released - how come your school top school only got 281, not within the top few after national best of 289? Answer given was that we must learn to look beyond top scorers statistics. In any school, there are different categories of students from gifted to very slack in their studies. We cannot judge a school based on how many top scorers it has, but more important are the rest of the students cohort - how do their fare in the PSLE? The statistic tells the complete story, although sadly it is not available to main-stream people. Ths school achieve 100% pass in that all student can go to secondary schools. This is not something to trumpet about, as 1 or 2 bad apples will reduce it to less than perfect. What matters is that 89.1% of them are eligible for Special/Express stream, compare to 60% for national average! And all go to better secondary schools to boot! The principle even showed slides to indicate how many go to which school. Really impressive. So it could be that some neighbourhood schools could have some top scorers, which is not that difficult given the current influx of FT students from China. But what about the rest of the cohorts taking the PSLE? I am not trying to be elitist or yayah, just to share my thoughts on this. Thks for reading.
  24. i understand that these can be bought at the schools. i not sure whether the schools earn $$ from these or not. is it cheaper to buy outside?