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Found 15 results

  1. Pratakosong

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    Source and Answer : https://www.facebook.com/nicklebee.tutors/posts/2935987673095244
  2. Rayleigh

    Math Question

    Hi, I need help for a Math question for a P5 level. A and B shared $425. After A spent 2/3 of his money and B spent 1/4 of his money, B had twice as much money as A. Find the amount of B had in the end. Thanks in advance. Anyone knows the unitary/equivalent method?
  3. Remember when the internet went bananas trying to find out the date of Cheryl’s birthday in a logic question? Here comes another one. Don’t worry, this is pretty simple, as long as you know how to think out of the box. (Photo: Mashable) The puzzle is meant for elementary school kids, who have to identify the number of a blocked parking lot spot in less than 20 seconds. In the question, six numbered parking spots are displayed, with one blocked from view by a parked car. With the numbers, 16, 06, 68, 88, and 98, it does prove to be quite a challenge. The answer is simple: Just flip the image over, and the answer will be right in front you, clear as day. (Photo: Mashable) This puzzle appeared in a Hong Kong elementary school first grade student admissions test, and was circulated on Chinese social media platform, Sina Weibo. According to The Guardian, the puzzle was in fact created by British puzzle inventor David Bodycombe, who came up with the question when he was in a car park in Portugal. It was also published in a 2002 IQ puzzle book for Marks & Spencer. ========================================================================== It is L8 rite?? Cant be 87...
  4. Thaiyotakamli

    Help in math prob P5

    There were 2/5 as many boys as girls at carnival at first. After 42 boys and 42 girls added, ratio become 3/4 as many boys as girls. How many boys were at the carnival at first? Please dont give me algebra answer as P5 havent learn yet and i think answer must be done in ratio way. Please help bros, thanks
  5. Turboflat4

    Dumb math question

    That's an actual Pri 3 CA1 past year question from a branded Pri school. No options, so it's a free response question. What's your answer, and why? I can think of three equally valid ways to do it (two obvious and one slightly less obvious), giving three different answers. In fact, none of these is truly correct since there's insufficient information to establish the implied metric, but whatever. I wouldn't mind if challenging questions are set by those with a modicum of intelligence and judgement. But clearly, at least some of the question setters are falling short of the mark.
  6. Ender

    Primary 3 math question

    Trying to help my son with this question, but was stuck. Without using simultaneous equation, hope someone good in math can help out. Can't figure out how to use model math., Question There're total 160 ducks and pigs in the farm. Molly counted the number legs, and found that total number of legs from the pig is 100 more than the ducks. Find out the quantity of ducks and pigs.
  7. Mllcg

    Math question.

    is the answer 1 or 9? http://news.insing.com/tabloid/math-questi...ate/id-1f343f00 6/2(1+2)=? my answer is 9 anyone else?
  8. Kelvinlev

    Math Help , please

    A table and 3 chairs cost $2348. The table costs $264 more than 1 chair. Find the cost of the table. Paisei, think here think there, cannot find, and will get more confused thereafter, algebra not applicable for P4 students, right?
  9. Thaiyotakamli

    Help needed for primary math Q!!!

    Badmonton club in a school spent $681 to buy 50 t-shirts n shorts for its members. Each t-shirt cost $12 n each pair of short cost $15, how many t-shirt did the club buy? Bros, help me with this math qn, my P4 cousin ask me n i dont know the answer lol
  10. Fastfive1

    Math question....

    Hmm what will you pick?
  11. Davidklt

    Trick Math Question

    3 men each contributed $10 to buy a map at $30. Boss told the staff to give a discount of $5. The staff kept $2 and return $3 to them. Each man go back $1. 3 X $9 = $27 The staff kept $2. $27+$2=$29. Where is the $1?
  12. Torquemonster

    Math question i can't solve.

    Mr Lim and Mr Tan travel from town A to town B, a distance of 30 kilometres. Mr lim is moving 5km/h faster than Mr Tan and Mr Lim arrives at town B an hour earlier. Find the speed at which Mr Lim is travelling. can anyone help me solve this question thanks.
  13. Turboflat4

    ST article with misleading math?

    ST misleading? Is that even possible?! Anyway, this could be a Primary School Maths question that might challenge the reporters (Amelia Tan and somebody else). (I'm paraphrasing from memory here). The ST reported that Singaporean students are "holding their own" against the foreign students in exams like the "O"-levels and PSLE. For the "O"s, they stated that 60% of the top students were Singaporeans - and this was the basis for their assertion. Q : What's misleading about this assertion? (Note that I didn't say it was inaccurate, it's a perfectly accurate statement, I'm sure, but it is very misleading for a simple reason).
  14. Geboz

    P3 Math - Help

    Please help to solve this P3 math using methods known to a P3 student, no algebra allowed. This is too tough for me Question: Grandpa has some stamps. If he gives 6 stamps to each of his grandchildren, he will have 5 stamps left over. If he gives 8 stamps to each of his grandchildren, he will be short of 9 stamps. a) How many grandchildren does Grandpa have ? b) How many stamps fors Grandpa have ?
  15. Simplyme

    PSLE Math Qns

    I dono how to solve anyone noes? Taken from http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Story/STI...62.html?vgnmr=1