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  1. Fastfive1

    DSG Gearbox & Manoeuvring in carpark

    Hahaha. The VW DSG is all about getting used to. I find myself putting my left foot on the brake while giving it gas using my right foot on an incline to prevent the car from rolling back. I don't that that issue with my BMW DCT. It creeps just the right amount. Never really worry about having the car roll back on me.
  2. how would I know? such people exist and that's a fact.
  3. I'm sure there are lots of people in this forum that pay full cash. Only a matter of whether they tell you who they are.
  4. Haha again people are gonna get mad if i say pay full cash... but yeah. pay in full la. you might get more than what you bargained for by taking up these funny schemes. good luck everyone.
  5. Fastfive1

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    You mean why can't he use 80k to buy a car in cash and remain debt free? I would like to think of this as personal preference. Some people like the instant gratification from getting something even if they can't afford it right away. For 80k he may not get the car he wants. One needs to factor in how many years the loan is spread across cos this affects the monthly installments. It also depends on how much money he makes. If he has the ability to service the loan on his 200K car, why not? Otherwise, this decision is stupid. It is all about how you make use of cash around you. But people who typically take 80-100% loan usually struggle with making the monthly payments. In this case deliberately setting up a company so you can register a supercar and take 100% loan is just stupid unless the guy is really able to pay off the monthly installments. Installments are one thing, one needs to factor in the repairs as well. Can you imagine if you live on a tight budget and you have barely enough for petrol and installments? The minute repairs come in, no money to fix the car. Leave the car sitting at the workshop, etc. Last time when there was 100% loan, you would see so many auction cars.
  6. Fastfive1

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    I bought my first car at 50K Dumped a ton of cash into it on mods, repairs, etc 30-40K Renewed coe at 45k Total spend is 135K Sold it off at 63K Bought my Z4 sDrive35is at 63K Renewed COE at 40K Fixed wear and tear 5K New paint was 2K Total spend is 110k Total Spent on both cars is around 245K Clearly I didn't spend 250K at one shot. It was accumulated spending on both cars.
  7. Fastfive1

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    You are being overly sensitive. There is nothing wrong giving an example. I'm happy that this is the most expensive car i've bought using cash. Considering I could only afford to pay cash for cars with a 50K price tag previously, I would say being able to pay 100k for a car in full cash is an achievement. Maybe this achievement is nothing to you because you've paid maybe 200k in cash for a car but I can proudly say I am not in debt. This is called living within your means.
  8. Fastfive1

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    Yeah because that statement summarises the whole situation. You take a massive loan to attain something that you typically wouldn't be able to afford. Unless you have the means to pay off the monthly installments without it affecting your regular spending, it is really stupid to take a loan for something you will struggle to pay off. Cannot afford, don't buy.
  9. Fastfive1

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    Well im sure there are people who have paid more than 100K full cash. Im just saying in this context it is about buying what you can afford. I'm only able to put out 100k in cash to buy something so i stick to that budget. With 100k, I can easily use that as downpayment for a new BMW 420i but that would mean I go into debt. This would mean every month I must make sure i set aside money for the installments. This would mean my regular spending is affected. I might have to cut down on my meals at restaurants just so I can finance the loan I took. Doesn't make sense now does it? I don't think loans are financially wise when it comes to buying a car. Then again you will probably say that a car isn't a financially wise decision. Right now I can take pride in the fact that I am debt free. I can sell my car any time now and not have to worry if the selling price will cover the outstanding loan. I mean if you've put down more than 100K in cash to buy a car, good for you! I haven't because I don't have that ability yet.
  10. Fastfive1

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    LOL! Cannot afford don't buy la. I know I cannot afford a new 420i, I bought a used one for 100+K full cash.
  11. Fastfive1

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    So far none. I've tried P zero, Goodyear As3, Michelin PSS, Michelin PS4, Continental sport contact 5 from the premium brands. Only Michelin met my standards. I've tried Kumho and Hankook. Both lousy korean crap. I've tried the Bridgestone RE003, it is good when new but after 10,000km the tire is noisy and isn't as grippy as before.
  12. Fastfive1

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    I love to blast down corners as fast as I can. Haha I love driving super fast on malaysian roads with twists and turns. There is a path from legoland to the KSL side. The sad part is I see a lot of stupid singaporeans road hogging. I usually have to overtake these idiots from the left or high beam them continuously.
  13. Fastfive1

    Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport [R|RS]

    When money is on the line, I rather not. Besides Ive already gone thru that phase where I would throw away a tire if im not satisfied with it. now i will stick to brands i trust.