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Found 539 results

  1. Neutrino

    Mobile Phone plan help needed

    I don't use a mobile phone and my missus only uses a couple of dollars worth of whatever a month. But she just told me that M1 are scrapping nearly all of their 19 mobile plans and reducing them to just two, the cheapest of which cost S$25 per month. Is this correct. She said Singtel and Starhub already do this. Is there a Mobile Plan with any provider which would suit her small usage. Thanks.
  2. nazerath

    Home repair advice needed

    I have a main door that is sagging such that the bottom actually touches the floor at the furthest end when closing but I fixed that by sanding with the door on. The problem seems like the highest hinge is a bit loose causing the tilt but I cannot tighten it because the door frame is steel and the holes are a bit worn. Was thinking of anchoring it with long screws but how can I grip the concrete that is behind the door frame? I cannot insert a plug or anchor through the hinge hole and the screws must be able to seat flush at the hinge. Another is a concrete top that is seeping water, not leaking, just that the splashing from washing causes it to land on the edges n seep to the bottom. Plumbers putty would work but can I get them to cover a 2 inch by 36inch by half inch cheaply. At half inch would cement be able to stop the seepage? I cannot engage pros because I do not want to invest too much.
  3. rickbath

    Brighter headlights needed

    Hi All, I'm driving a '08 Toyota Axio which i bought about 2 months ago. During a recent drive to KL and back, i realised the headlights are not bright enough especially during the stretch when there are no streetlights. I would like to change the headlights to something with is LTA compliant. I saw there are tonn of LED headlights but need to change back to stock during the inspection. I'd rather not take the trouble and change to something which is compliant and brighter than the current. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  4. My fog light is damaged and need replacement along with some scratches near the light. Any workshop to recommend that deal with skoda parts?
  5. Paint Protection (PPS) coating such as ceramic coating/glass coating comes with 3-5 years warranty protection. Is maintenance needed annually or after 3 year? Or if it a apply and forget coating? Anyone send his car back to recoat annually and etc? I use to do that for car wash. What are your views, thoughts and advise? Necessary or waste of money?
  6. Sci10213

    Medical advice needed

    Hi Any doctors around? I would like to seek some preliminary advice... Recently for 1 week I have been experience frequent bouts of dizziness. Whenever I lie down & get up, my head start to spin - like to going to faint liao. And this only happens recently only. I never got such thing before. Is it due to low blodd pressure? Or stress? Or exhaustion? Or even the worst scenario i.e. something in brain? Can advice if I should go to see GP first or go to do some checkup at hospital or where? HELP PLEASE
  7. Ok my problem, the car dont idle very smoothly when it is not warmed up or when the weather is very cooling. Went to workshop A, plug in laptop. Boss straight away say 02 sensor need to change and quote me a price. As need to order the sensor, i went off without fixing first. Next day, went to workshop B, the boss plug in a handheld device. Then say is MAF sensor dirty or faulty, he proceed to clean sensor. Fix MAF sensor back, he say faulty. Must change. Tell me dont believe, you try with the sensor unplugged. Indeed the car was more powerful and run smoother. So which sensor is the faulty one? Workshop seems very confident it is the o2 sensor. But the maf sensor when unplugged really improved alot. Can anyone advise on this?
  8. Dear bros/sis, Looking for used car seats for Honda Stream, a y body can help me? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Like to check with you guys. Should you park your car in a condo car park and a light drops from the ceiling and damages the car, the condo management should be responsible and compensate for damages right? Initially the condo management said they would compensate and then proceeded to make claim with their insurer. But here is the twist, insurer contacted me saying that the condo management has done their due diligence to do regular checks to make sure the light fittings are all in good condition and so the condo management nor the insurance company is not liable. This makes totally no sense to me. Can anyone advise on this please? Thanks!
  10. Ommph

    Help on Workshop Needed

    Hi All Bro and Sis, My 9yrs old skoda has been trembling rather badly recently and today, it finally stalled. But after a while, it was ok again but the trembling continue. Anyone has such issue before? Any reliable workshop to recommend? Thanks in advance!
  11. as above. never attended one before.
  12. Mahjong74

    Charity Awareness and Help Needed

    Most of us here in this forum are blessed with good jobs, able to afford car and above average salary. I believe in 取之于社会, 用之于社会. Whatever we earn from the society, we should give some back to the society. Although there are many charity organisations like NKF, Cancer society, Old folk home, hospital getting Government funding and also public donations. Some poor and elderly people still fall thru the cracks and not able to get any help from any Government agency and most Charity organisations. I am not related to any of the charity organisations but like to bring awareness to one, Ray of Hope https://rohi.sg/case/list which is less well known to the Public. This is also the purpose of this thread. Many of the cases at Ray of Hope is much more urgent and serious than Give.Asia. Some genuine & urgent cases as below: https://rohi.sg/case/details/Your-donations-will-give-Abi-hope%21 https://rohi.sg/case/details/Save-my-wife-who-is-suffering-and-diagnosed-with-Stage-4-cancer- https://rohi.sg/case/details/HOPE-will-keep-her-going I hope people here can help to donate any amount to help these people and cases at https://rohi.sg/case/list. $10, $20 means a lot to these people. Thanks https://rohi.sg/case/details/HOPE-will-keep-her-going The Struggle Previously, ROHI has helped raise $1,000 for the living expenses of 78-year-old Madam Yang (https://rohi.sg/case/details/Bring-hope-to-an-elderly-grandmother). Although we were heartened to hear that the family is now reunited after her daughter’s discharge from the halfway house, there are more issues for Madam Yang to be worried about moving forward. Madam Yang’s health has also taken for a dip and she still suffers from the side effects of her medications. She often suffers from swollen joints as a result of her arthritis. Recently, her right toe was also amputated as there was a growth on it. The real struggle comes when Madam Yang, who is a Malaysian is not entitled for medical subsidies and grants. Madam Yang told us that even with the $600 Guardian Care Assistance that she receives every month, the assistance is insufficient to cover the family’s expenses, especially when she needs to visit the hospital multiple times a month. Quoting Madam Yang, “To me, receiving treatment is never a priority. I would rather spend the money on my family”. Help Needed – Give Hope When the case workers first met Madam Yang, she told us how helpless she feels, especially when she is not in the best state of health to work. Apart from her long list of medical conditions that include severe arthritis, breathlessness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and suspected digestive and throat issues, she is also the main caregiver to her 14-year-old grand-daughter as her daughter is struggling with stage 2 leukemia and depression. Even with so much to handle, a resilient Madam Yang chose to remain positive and remains positive for her family. Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to raise $1,700 to help the elderly grandmother with her arrears (Medical, Town Council and SP Services - $450) and living expenses ($250 x 5 months). Payment for Madam Yang’s arrears will be made to the relevant agencies directly.
  13. Hi guys, i am some problems with my vertical parking, my car always tend to more on the left side of the car lot and sometimes in between of two lots. I always need to do adjustments to get it right. I really don't know why it always like that. I am so afraid of doing any parking now. Can anyone here give me the steps of doing vertical parking?I am driving a Mit Lancer. Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Need help on my fren's car which is stolen at JB. I noe chances of finding back is slim but we will try any channels that will helps.....Thank you very much!!! Details as below: SBX9703X Honda Civic 3 door EG6 EG6 with EK9 Front Yellow with CF Bonnet & boot Blue sport rims Spoon side mirrors Last seen at Taman Sentosa near abalone mee store
  15. Hi all, Can anyone here advise what cld be wrong? After the car has been stopped for 30mins or more, there will be this harsh rattling sound from the engine during start-up.. The sound is somehow like 'clattering'.. 'Clak clak clak' for abt 1s or so... Car no more warranty thu cant go back to borneo. Any current/ex is250 owners and experts here can give sound advise? Tks for all inputs.
  16. Guys, need some advice. Sometime end May i viewed and bought a used car (coe left 1.5yrs at about $27k) from a dealer. Till date in July, ownership has not been completed and i have not paid any installment apart from first installment which i paid together with downpayment when i drove away the car. Brief sequence of events below: 1) Day 1 - View and placed a $500 deposit 2) Day 2 - Sent car to my workshop for checks and negotiated price down further as some repairs needed 3) Day 4/5 - Loan aprroved. Collected car along with a cheque for downpayment and first installment. 4) July - It has been a month plus and dealer kept delaying the transfer of ownership. I have also not received any form of installment advice from approved bank. I have been constantly messaging and calling him but all sort of excuses given and last given yesterday was cash flow problem. What sort of actions can i take at this point of time ? Very stressful :(
  17. Hi, newbie here lookg 4 above. Must hv 12V power cord. Appreciate any recommendations. Also lookg for good wax to bring out the shine on bluish grey ride when he is being discharged fm workshop.
  18. Hi everyone. Need some advise here. I accidentally scratched a mercedes while trying to reverse my lorry n the owner is asking for repair compensation. So i would like to know how much is the total cost to repair a scratch mercedes market price before i got con for extra charges. Help me pls. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi Guys, Have not driven into Malaysia for at least 5 years, need to drive in urgently due to family bereavement. Kindly tell me what documents I need with me nowadays. Where do I buy the Touch n Go card? Intending to go in via Tuas. Thx help. Fazer
  20. seen my friend proton with front lowering spring and rear stock spring setup and he told me that it is much more comfortable than lowering spring alone.... he is using stock absorber with aftermarket spring.... he did it not long ago so there is not much feedback on the negative side to such setup. I'm very tempted to do the same... with my lowering spring, I'm always worry during reverse parking, crossing the hump and when I carry passenger at the rear... but I have a few concenrn as below: from what i believe, the front suspension is more stressed compare to normal lowering spring setup cos more weight is transfer to the front, thus, I have to expect higher wear n tear on my absorber. This problem is not too bad cos i have another 3 set of stock front absorber to standby for such problem and the labour cost of changing the absorber from my Mal lobang is too cheap to be true (RM30) so i dun really care about it.... look wise, some plp might think that it looks weird but I like the way it looks cos it make the ride more fierce... now come to my major worry... the braking issue and stability/handling... on stock, the front brake is responsible/absorbing of 70% of the braking stress, will such setup create even more stress to my front brake? will it affect the performance on my overall braking? I'll be adding 1 set of spring stiffener to reduce such problem... but, will it help? As for stability /handling issue, anyone foresee any problem in this area? will the handling/stability of the ride become worst than stock?
  21. Hi peeps, Earlier when I started my engine and wanted to move off, the engine died. After subsequent starts I noticed my idle speed is lower than usual. The car died a number of times before I managed to drive home. Any idea what is the problem of my car? My ride is a Lancer GLX and is 4 yrs old now. Tomorrow I'll send in to C&C. Hopefully I do not have to burn my pockets Thanks!!
  22. Jusnel

    Home cleaning needed

    I have a female friend, pregnant, staying at Canberra crescent She's placed under 2 weeks MC for now. At her current situation, she needs someone to come to the flat, just to clean up abit and bring or cook home food for her She just needs to rest more. Flat is not big. New 3 room flat. BTO. no pets. And it's generally v clean. No need to stay for whole day. Can come and go. Flexi hours This is good for someone who is staying nearby Canberra crescent and has some free time. So not much work to do actually. Just bring or cook some simple home meals for her. And do some general cleaning. If there is anyone living near by, and have some time to spare, to do some work, pls do consider. Payment of service will be made. Negotiable
  23. hi, Anyone have any good workshop for spring and damper swap. Roughly how much. On top of that, looking for stainless steel brake hose. Where to get. My ride is Nissan B14.
  24. Dear Bros and Sis, Anyone has recommendation of where to buy lights and fans in JB? Can help to provide shop names and their address? Thanks a lot in advance!
  25. Cow28

    Nexen 672 review needed

    Looking at buying nexen 672. Relatively cheap with threads that looks quiet and safe. Any one on them can post a review ? Thanks !!