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Found 10 results

  1. Electricity supply to parts of Singapore was disrupted at 1.29 am, said SP Group, adding that it is investigating the cause. Social media users in areas such as Bedok, Yishun, Woodlands and Sembawang have reported blackouts. SINGAPORE - Several parts of Singapore were hit by a blackout as electricity supplies were cut early on Tuesday morning (Sept 18). SP Group said in a Facebook post at 1.43am that electricity supply to parts of Singapore was disrupted at 1.29am. "Our officers were immediately deployed to the affected areas and our priority is to restore supply as safely The post also said that SP was investigating the cause of the incident. Several posts on social media have indicated that several areas in central, eastern and western Singapore were affected. These include Eunos, Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Sembawang, Tanjong Rhu, and West Coast.and quickly as possible," it added. Power eventually returned in some areas, according to several affected residents. In a second post on Facebook at 2.15am, SP said that the electricity supply to all areas had been fully restored. “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank the public for your patience. We are investigating the cause of the incident,” it added. Mr Tan Boon Tong, 37, who works in healthcare, told The Straits Times that he was at his Housing Board flat in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 when the lights and fans suddenly went out. "My mother was in the living room watching television and it suddenly went off. So I went out to check, and it was total darkness," he said. "I looked out of the window and found that the block opposite was in total darkness as well."
  2. Hi all, Can anyone here advise what cld be wrong? After the car has been stopped for 30mins or more, there will be this harsh rattling sound from the engine during start-up.. The sound is somehow like 'clattering'.. 'Clak clak clak' for abt 1s or so... Car no more warranty thu cant go back to borneo. Any current/ex is250 owners and experts here can give sound advise? Tks for all inputs.
  3. A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800, registration 9V-SKH performing flight SQ-308 from Singapore (Singapore) to London Heathrow,EN (UK), was enroute about 90 minutes into the flight at around 02:30Z, breakfast was just being served, when the aircraft encountered severe clear air turbulence resulting in an altitude deviation of about 100 feet and all loose items becoming airborne. The aircraft continued the flight to London for a safe landing about 13 hours after departure. 7 people received minor injuries during the turbulence encounter. The aircraft was unable to perform the return flight SQ-319 on time and departed for the return as flight SQ-319D the following day about 28 hours after landing. Scenes on board shortly after the encounter (Photo: Alan Cross): http://avherald.com/h?article=462eaf1c&opt=0
  4. Would like to find out more about this tyre's characteristics, I just got this set, replacing my 2 year old Potenza RE050 which is a huge improvement in the road noise dept. No idea about the grip levels compared to the RE 050 though. Any comments?
  5. Anyone ever heard a swishing sound from their glove compartment before? The sound is similar to a coin sliding across a wooden table. I will hear that whenever I make a turn. Use to hear it once in a while 2 weeks ago, but it has gotten worse 2 days ago. Also, my aircon is leaking on my passenger side. Is it normal? Pls advice... TIA!
  6. I'm going to guess yes. I've been trying to book a slot for badminton, but it's like the slots are never free. I check at.....12.02 AM, on the day that's just been released and it's fully booked already. Is that...normal? Do people stay up till 12 just to book this? And I guess the day is released for booking exactly at the strike of midnight? Jesus, badminton is bloody popular.
  7. Hi there, Anyone knows of an experienced telemarketer who can perform? willing to pay well for good quality staff. cheers.
  8. FYI. my worst FC ever experienced was 10.4 km/l for Lancer. Thanks for polling.
  9. hi all, driving a Fit, I always felt that right front tyre is lower than the others..is it possible? what causes it? symptoms - when turning to either sides with steering locked...the car feels like rocking while turning. it feels more when turning on the right than left side... also, don alignment, balancing rotating...still the same... left front tyre - outer side have wear , the other 3 tires don't have... then after all the alignment, balancing rotating, changed of cmber nut on the front left.. 1month later the left front tyre show wear out on the outer side again... any idea why? thanks
  10. Sparetyre

    Anyone experienced this?

    Just want to check whether this is normal or my ears are playing tricks on me.... My front speaker is located at the lower corner of the door nearer to the kick panel. I find that the "listening experience" actually changed when there is someone sitting on the front passenger seat. That is, without a front passenger, I get a balanced SQ but when someone is sitting in front, the right side is more dominant. Is this normal?? Thanks in advance.