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  1. SINGAPORE - It will be mandatory for diners to return their trays and clear their table litter from June 1, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Friday (May 14). Table litter includes used tissues and wet wipes, straws, canned drinks, plastic bottles and food remnants left behind after dining. To help diners adjust, there will be a three-month advisory period from June 1 to Aug 31, during which diners will be advised to follow the rules and no enforcement action will be taken. From Sept 1, enforcement will be taken against those who do not clean up after themselves at hawker centres. First-time offenders will be given a written warning. Subsequent offenders may face composition or court fines, which can go up to $2,000 for the first conviction. The Singapore Food Agency will also work with NEA to roll out enforcement progressively at coffee shops and foodcourts in the fourth quarter of this year. NEA said the move, which takes place amid the public health crisis that Singapore is facing, comes after years of extensive educational efforts to change behaviour and mindsets of diners at public places. NEA's deputy chief executive of public health and director-general of public health Chew Ming Fai said: "We've been talking about these clean tables since 2013, and there's been a lot of education effort that has been put out over the years." One example is the Clean Tables Campaign launched in February to remind diners to step up the cleanliness in public dining places, such as not leaving food remnants behind after eating and clearing their dirty crockery. Mr Chew said: "Following up from that exercise, we've seen a small uptick in terms of tray return rates from 33 per cent to 35 per cent, but unfortunately, I don't think that is significant enough." To complement enforcement, NEA will also be setting up more tray return infrastructure across the hawker centres. Currently, there are about 900 tray return racks installed across 111 hawker centres. Good move lehhhhh but wasnt expecting the mandatory lai zhen de
  2. Both my washing machine and kitchen sink drain to this main drainage pipe on the kitchen floor.... recently when both are drain at the same time, the water was being force out due to slow drainage to the common pipe - sign of choking. This morning, without even using the washing machine, just washing at the sink, the water runs out....but still drained very slowly..... then I use the aluminium broom handle and shove it down the pipe, pieces of white solid block float up and I removes it..... now it seems like TOTAL CHOKE When I look above the ceiling, checking how my above neighbor's drainage pipe looks like, a normal U shape, but funny I can't feel any opening all around at the bottom of the pipe with the aluminium handle.... so I wonder if I get those "snake flimsy metal rod" , I wonder can it penetrate and clear those solidified waste since those wire are so flimsy.... any advice?
  3. A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800, registration 9V-SKH performing flight SQ-308 from Singapore (Singapore) to London Heathrow,EN (UK), was enroute about 90 minutes into the flight at around 02:30Z, breakfast was just being served, when the aircraft encountered severe clear air turbulence resulting in an altitude deviation of about 100 feet and all loose items becoming airborne. The aircraft continued the flight to London for a safe landing about 13 hours after departure. 7 people received minor injuries during the turbulence encounter. The aircraft was unable to perform the return flight SQ-319 on time and departed for the return as flight SQ-319D the following day about 28 hours after landing. Scenes on board shortly after the encounter (Photo: Alan Cross): http://avherald.com/h?article=462eaf1c&opt=0
  4. I'm looking for those clear heavy duty bags that we often use in SAF outfield training for food disposal and also to carry items/logistics. Asking if anyone knows where such heavy duty/thick food waste disposal bags are sold? Don't need the normal black big bin garbage liner types.
  5. Stay clear, Capt @radx landing in 4 hrs (2300 hrs) in his HELL666 underworld flying object!!!! Those got nothing to do go to bed early, dont anyhow go out jalan jalan, least you meet capt @radx and his broken hell shield. Capt @radx, pls merge this back to the hungry ghost thread after you have landed. Enjoy your 1 month visa free stay! over and out!!! Cabin crew prepare for landing!!!
  6. I will urge all drivers to be considerate of other road users when approaching yellow box. Don't use yellow box as your waiting area "while traffic light is red in your favor" as others could be waiting for long to exit to find you are blocking their way. I have numerous cases when trying to exit car park but no one want to give way and when comes your turn then entire box is blocked by taxis/cars (Happen very frequent at Marina bay financial center car park exist).
  7. Hi all, Just wondering whats the best thing to do or rather what are my options if i have access in OA account and still servicing a HDB bank loan. Theres about enough to pay 24months of installments in my OA(cos my house is dirt cheap so installment is pretty low) Is there any way i can make advanced payments or clear my OA to decrease the total sum? If yes, is that a smart move? What else can i do with this access? Thanks in advanced guys
  8. Any bro here know where can this be done locally? Lye Design dont do (I check it out today liao) http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread/206183
  9. Recently saw more and more road users turning on foglights for no reason. Very blinding. Especially those hu change them to those super bright ones. Any bros have similar experiences.
  10. I was told to redline to 7000rpm for 1minute to clear carbon builtup in car every 3months or so. Is this car mechanic advise true or just BS? Expert advise please.
  11. The decal/sticker/film behind my car door handles is now full of scratches... I know it's for protective purpose but it really looks damn ugly...tried asking a few detailers to help me remove and both claimed that it's very very difficult... Any bro have done something similar or any suggestion? plan to reapply the a new protective sticker after the old one is removed...
  12. Decided to put a new yet to launch Duragloss Nano Clear Seal on a test with Optimum Opti-Guard..Not sure it will be a fair comparison since Opti-Guard is a coating.. Observation Duragloss Nano CS produce a wet finished...The application is easy on and not require to buff off..Application is similar to Enviroshield..Apply a little and it enable to spread on a large area easily..Once cured..It has a very slick feel.. Let see how durable and resistance it is.. The panel is divided into half..With Opti-Guard and Duragloss Nano CS..As for the prep..clay with Duragloss claybar..Polish with IP and finished with FF.. Wipe down with 99% IPA.. This is after applying DG Nano clear seal and Optimum coat..
  13. Currently i have a bunch of Plain basketball jersey (50+Sets) & Plain soccer jersey (100sets) stuck in my warehouse (Not those BPL or NBA jerseys). So is there anyway i had clear all this in 1 shot? Because if i were to sell off 1 by 1, it's gonna take a donkey years. So any kind souls can advise me? Like example to export out etc? Thanks.
  14. Some luxury car dealers are gearing up to lure buyers to their showrooms, beginning this weekend, in a bid to clear stocks of vehicles that will be reclassified as premium models from next February. The move follows changes in the certificate of entitlement (COE) system, announced on Monday, in which a car's engine power will be included as a new criterion. Cars with over 130bhp or an engine exceeding 1,600cc will fall into Category B. Dealers planning to go on a sales drive include Volvo agent Wearnes Automotive, which is looking to sell models like the S60 and S80. These currently belong to Category A - which caps engine displacement at 1,600cc - but will be re-classified under Category B next year. Mr Victor Kwan, managing director at Wearnes Automotive, said the dealership will start clearing its 1.6-litre engine cars with "aggressive pricing". Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-stock-20130911
  15. Want to be cool? Well, then you should be seen driving the coolest machine, Ferrari. According to a survey conducted by an U.K. company called Clear, over 20,000 participants and 678 brands, Ferrari came out on top in the automotive category and third overall, behind Apple and iPhone. This is the third year the poll is carried out. Ferrari improved its rating by a whopping 34 percent as compared to a year ago. In Singapore, the 'cheapest' way to be cool is to purchase a Ferrari California 360 which will set you back by $976,000 without COE. It's clearly hard to be cool on our tropical island.
  16. hi been hearing pple saying sometimes muz step on it to clear carbon in car... does it really help?? how much to 'step on it' is correct n proper? when i used to ride bike my fren also told me to rev e bike at gear 3 till 10k rpm to 'clear carbon' i follow suite (at ard 8k rpm) for 5 mins on highway after dat e bike feel sluggish... went WS mech told me valve kena stuck... so would like to as k does it really help n how to do it properly?? thanks
  17. I thought the COE have taken it's effect, then I realize it's school holiday...
  18. Ok our DPM cum IMF Chairman of International Monetary & Financial Comittee mentioned this recently: CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1198179/1/.html Govt closely monitoring inflation: DPM Tharman Posted: 29 April 2012 1843 hrs
  19. , with strong backing, everything is possible... http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews...429-342748.html
  20. Hi, I am expecting guests with a 2 year old child. Gonna ferry them around for a few days while they are here. My qn is, do i need to get a child car seat for this 2 yr old kid? saw from TP website the following excerpt: If my friend has a kid who is below 1.35m in height and they want to hitch a ride in my car and my car has no child seats, will I be penalized if I were stopped by TP? All private vehicles that come with seat belts will have to abide by the seat belt rules so if you have a child below 1.35m in height travelling with you, you will need to have a child seat for him. Generally, our officers will exercise flexibility if such rides are infrequent and on ad-hoc basis. However, if the rides are frequent or regular, it is advised that you discuss with your friend on investing in a child seat. So what does that mean? How will the TP know whether they are frequent or infrequent riders?
  21. Was otw from Clementi to Yio Chu Kang and surprised that the roads, holland road/ farrer road/ Lornie road etc were very clear. Even CTE also. Time was about 7am? What happen? Feels like public holiday..
  22. SINGAPORE - The Government is studying ways, including looking at the experiences of other countries, to deter frequent gamblers from visiting the casinos. It will also "soon" amend the Casino Control (Advertising) Regulations to make it "crystal clear to both casinos that they cannot target the domestic market", Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said yesterday. Mr Chan added that as of Oct 31, there were more than 26,000 self-exclusion orders issued to foreigners. He was responding to questions tabled by Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah. In a written reply, Mr Chan said: "The regulations will also be widened to cover not only advertisements but any promotion of the casinos, which should prevent incidents like the heartland shuttle buses. We will make further announcements in due course." Noting the difference between frequent gamblers and impulsive gamblers, Mr Chan reiterated his ministry's concern on the former group. Mr Chan said that in Holland, for example, the authorities look out for frequent gamblers and interview them. Said Mr Chan: "Depending on their assessment, they may subsequently limit the patron's visits to the casinos or even exclude them. Depending on our assessment of the problem, we may consider different measures to deter frequent gamblers. What we put in place eventually, if any, will have to suit our local context and meet our needs and situation." Ms Lee also asked if the Government planned to raise the casino levy for Singaporeans in an effort to discourage gambling. Mr Chan reiterated that the S$100 entry levy is to "signal that gambling is an expense and not a means to make a living, and to discourage casual and impulse gambling". He added: "Some believe that a higher levy will be a more effective deterrence. Others worry that increasing the levy will only cause Singaporean visitors to intensify their gambling so as to 'max out' the upfront cost of the entry levy. The jury is still out as to which is the likely behaviour of Singaporeans if we raise the levy." On Ms Lee's suggestion to impose an casino entry levy on foreigners as well, Mr Chan said the ministry was focusing on a "targeted approach of combining education and casino exclusions". He added: "Such an approach also emphasises individual responsibility. For an individual, self-exclusion can be a much more effective upstream safeguard against problem gambling than even a downstream monetary quantum." The National Council on Problem Gambling will continue to work with the Ministry of Manpower and employers to advise foreign workers to apply for self-exclusion, Mr Chan said. Mr Chan stressed that the safeguards - while stringent - for foreigners and Singaporeans "should not and cannot replace individual responsibility". "Individuals must make the correct decision to gamble responsibly. In our Asian context, we also encourage families to play their part in helping their family members to do what is right," he said. http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC1111...domestic-market
  23. anyone drives a Q7 without damaging the rims at Tuas check points?
  24. jiak gu ba (eat beef) finally admits... our president is sort of zho bo one.. so why need one? we are a parliamentary constitutional nation, not those constitutional monarchy where their kings/queens are just symbolic head of state (eg UK, Thailand, Japan) if our president is simply a symbolic head of state, might as well ask the descendant of the previous Malay royal family to be one i guess he's "shocked" by TKL's comments
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