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Found 88 results

  1. My folks thinking about purchasing a landed (F/H) property now (to stay). It's about 980K. Land size 1300 sqft, built up about 1500 sqft. Is it wise for them to get it now? Is the price okay? Thanks.
  2. Tianmo

    Stay clear! Capt Radx landing!

    Stay clear, Capt @radx landing in 4 hrs (2300 hrs) in his HELL666 underworld flying object!!!! Those got nothing to do go to bed early, dont anyhow go out jalan jalan, least you meet capt @radx and his broken hell shield. Capt @radx, pls merge this back to the hungry ghost thread after you have landed. Enjoy your 1 month visa free stay! over and out!!! Cabin crew prepare for landing!!!
  3. Hi guys, I will be transit in Seoul from US on a return trip to Singapore. I am thinking to have a stopover in Seoul for 2 nights. Its my first visit to Seoul. Any recommendation for hotel (about S$100~S$120 per night)? Any places of interests should go? I will be staying 2 nights only. Prefer not to travel too far from the city. Thanks in advance!
  4. hi, any recommendation for service apartment for 2 months stay. 2pax only. 1 or 2 rooms is fine. budget $2k to below $3k. preferably in the west. at the budget i guess cannot afford ccr right got a distant relative need to stay for 2 months in spore. thanks!
  5. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/lists/13-apps-to-help-kids-stay-focused?utm_source=Edu_Newsletter_2018_05_29&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly 13 Apps to Help Kids Stay Focused Some of these apps are handy for kids to use for positive energy. I get my own kids to use it and they found some of it useful , hence I am sharing it here.
  6. Just came back from the place. All I can say is that it is much more affordable than NTUC chalets or whatever they want to throw up. Cinta Ayu Allsuites is the only "hotel" there. Why the ""? I would classify it as service apartments. There are studio apartments, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom suites. Got my booking via Late Stays. MYR316. ABF included. However the dinner was OK considering it a BBQ buffet. MYR42++ per adult. Good for families looking at the range of suites they have. Especially families with grown up children. Cinta Ayu has a pool by itself but just walk across the road to the club's Spa and Sports Centre is another pool area. A lap pool, children's play pool. Of course the other thing is golfing. This place is good for a short getaway. Nearer than Pulai Desaru and less expensive than Sofitel Palm Resort.
  7. Hi, Planning to take a trip to Genting by driving. now thinking of booking room at Awana Genting, any feedback on the hotel? is it convenient to get to the theme park and casino? is Awana very old n rundown or new? T.I.A.
  8. Hi, I intend to bring my extended family for 1 week bangkok stay during june holidays. Anyone know of a good place (apartment will be ideal) for 1 week stay for 8 people (5 adults, 3 children). 2 to 3 bedrooms near skytrain will be ideal. thanks.
  9. Poker

    Who stay at Toa Payoh??

    link: http://www.h88.com.sg/article/Toa+Payoh+Ce...+$894,000/ Toa Payoh Central 5-room resale flat hits $894,000 [updated, see last paragraph] The latest data from HDB revealed an interesting gem - a 110 sqm 5-room resale flat in Toa Payoh Central went for a whopping $894,000. HDB resale prices are inching towards the million mark ever so quickly! Where is this flat? It lies between the 36th to 40th floor of Blk 79C (it's in one of those tall blocks you see in the pic on the left). This 2009 TOP-ed unit is right opposite Toa Payoh Central and within minutes of the MRT. If we're not wrong, a 5-room unit should have fetched around $350-$400k when it was a BTO back then in 2004/5. That means the flat effectively doubled in price within 3 years! Working out the sums, converting 110 sqm to square feet we get 1,184 sqft. Meaning this unit was sold for $755 psf, a price range you in new Exectutive Condos. Wow! This is like striking lottery! That kind of price range is waaaay out of reach for most young couples who've just started their careers. Forget about mature estates, stick with Punggol! Think I have to shift to Punggol liao
  10. Reason for not want to work-> low back pain, always feel pain when sit too long in office. (good reason) I will not mind if i take home 12K but will mean living a simple life style. 12K minus monthy outgoing is good to saving for both into retirement, for me at least. What say you guys? She tried internet marketing, gave up few months cited too many following up and take long time to generate 1st income, and busy work load and work stress. Lastly... prefer her man to buy a flat and not a cent from her. and the contrasting part...She doesn't spend much, always pack lunch to office. And not keen on dress above $100 cited expensive.
  11. any reviews to share?... http://www.grandlexisportdickson.com/index...97dfa3ca6ff55b9 all rooms got private swimming pool as standard... looks nice... pics always tell lies lol... wanna hear some FRs...
  12. Hey all, I will be transiting in LA back to SG next month and have 2 nights, one full day in LA. I heard that LA downtown is not very safe at all. Where should I stay ? Any hotel recommendation? I also dunno what to do there besides going to take selfie with that in famous Hollywood sign... lol Is driving there ok (besides being drive on the right) Thanks!!
  13. Picnic06-Biante15

    To Stay Competitive In SG, Get Out of SG

    Hur ........... Then scrape reservist lor so that young Singaporean could go oversea to work for few years without disruption......... Yahoo : Chan Chun Sing: Stay Competitive In Singapore’s Job Market, Get Out Of Singapore This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post. If the title confuses you, it shouldn’t. During the annual Future Leaders Summit organized by NTUC, Labour Chief Chan Chun Sing spoke to attendees about how to build a resilient career that would sustain competition and Singapore’s job climate. His advice? Spend a few years working abroad, because that experience matters. “How many of you have worked, lived overseas for more than two years?” He asked a room full of eager faces and senior managers. When a sprinkling of hands raised, he shook his head. “Not enough. Too few.” His reasoning stems from the fact that Singapore’s economy has changed tremendously from its shipping port beginnings in the 1970s. Now, it is home to several MNCs, using Singapore as a regional or global hub to reach other markets. It’s great news for Singaporeans, because more diverse jobs are being created as a result. But it also changes the requirements seen in job descriptions. “The truth is, I’ve spoken to many of the CEOs — local CEOs in foreign MNCs, foreign CEOs in local MNCs, foreign CEOs in foreign MNCs, local CEOs in local MNCs — whichever permutation you have, they only have one message for us. When they set up a regional and global headquarters in Singapore, are they serving the local market? Our local market is 2.5 million Singaporeans. If you want a local market, you go to Shanghai, it’s 20 million. If you want a local market, go to Tokyo it’s another 20 million.” The Labour Chief took the opportunity last Friday to reiterate that NTUC’s job is to take care of ALL working people, whether blue collar, white collar, or no collar. He assures all that the Labour Movement will continue to work on improving the lives of rank-and-file, as well as help PMEs attain better jobs, better pay and a better life. Having just taken on the role as Secretary General in May, Chan has been busy understanding the situation on the ground for Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs), especially for older workers above 40 years old, who risk being replaced by younger talents. Speaking to CEOs of MNCs operating in Singapore is part of Chan’s job scope in maintaining tripartite relations, where unions, companies, and the Singapore government work closely together to solve issues in the job market. In light of anti-foreign talent sentiments here in Singapore caused by the influx of immigrants, Chan presents a new perspective as the NTUC Secretary General — that perhaps foreign talents do have an advantage over many locals that we should be wary about. However, he admits that the task is not easy. He draws from his own experience when he was sent to Indonesia as an Army Attache where he lived apart from his young family for two years. “I was posted to Indonesia 30 days after my first child was born. For the first three months of my first child’s life, I was the weekend father. I came back to Singapore on Fridays on the midnight flight; I flew back to Indonesia on Sundays on the midnight flight. Very irregular. For the first year of my child’s life, she was flying back and forth. At the time, Indonesia was quite chaotic because it was after the fall of Suharto. Very often, there is this term — voluntary repatriation. When something goes on, as in bombs, we don’t know if we feel safer because it’s minus one bomb or if there’s another one coming.” “I’m not making light about this thing of going overseas. Yes, it’s painful. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it has its challenges. But having walked through it, I would not say it is something insurmountable. And that is why I’d encourage young PMEs to look at opportunities beyond Singapore so we can bolster our credentials so that one day we will all come back with that diversity of experience and that enriching not for yourself individually but also for society as a whole.” Getting out of Singapore to stay competitive in Singapore’s job market may seem like strange advice, but in application, it makes sense. A broader worldview can only truly be attained by experiencing the world. Perhaps it’s worth having a different perspective. The truth is out there: it doesn’t really matter if you’re a Singaporean or foreigner. What matters is whether you have the right skillset, experience and exposure for these jobs. It’s not about getting a degree, it’s about getting out of our comfort zones and treading uncharted territories. Like Chan says, yes, it is likely to be painful, but no, not insurmountable. PMEs like ourselves have to be well-equipped with skills, exposure and experience to compete for the senior jobs. Chan shares that NTUC is talking to companies to provide more overseas work opportunities for us, the working people of Singapore. According to a population report from 2014, 1.6 million Singaporeans are currently living overseas either for study or work, showing that a whopping thirty percent of our total population agrees with this theory. Perhaps it’s time to blow the dust off your passports and get out of here. Go forth, see the world, and conquer the world. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/chan-chun-sing-stay-competitive-085002778.html One question : Does other countries welcome us like what SG did to FT to come here? BTW, his attachment oversea (Indonesia) as in an army is nothing compare to those in China or middle East cos they cannot come back every weekends. He speaks with the top 5% of the cooperate ladder. As a Labour Chief to understand the workers, speak to those 40% at the base of the 'ladder'. The top earns million every year, no need to talk to them and they know what to do.
  14. 75K per annum considered high flying banker in London? market must be really really bad sia.... that's barely a bank teller/counter wiper pay in MCF. LOL but to be able to give up everything and live in the wild is really amazing... i doubt i could even last a week.
  15. RadX

    Staying at the Cemetery!

    How many here can do that? I have no issues actually. Quite peaceful! That said, the bugger is a real @#$^$%^. REally needs the rotan. bugger. Poor kid traumatized for life! Cemetery worker raped girl, 12, staying at site He took her out on 'errands' after befriending the family PUBLISHED ON APR 28, 2015 6:09 AM 4283 602 1 0PRINTEMAIL A cemetery labourer has admitted raping a 12-year-old girl who was staying at the burial ground with her family. -- PHOTO: ST GRAPHICS BY SELINA LUM A CEMETERY labourer has admitted raping a 12-year-old girl who was staying at the burial ground with her family. Roslan Jaafar, 41, befriended the girl - along with her younger sister and mother - after they started staying in a tent at the site in early 2012. He would take the girl out to run errands, such as buying cigarettes and dinner - but used their meetings to have sex with her. Roslan was caught only when the girl's uncle noticed she had been missing for hours and discovered messages about "making love" on her phone. Yesterday, he pleaded guilty in the High Court to two counts of rape and one of sexual assault of a minor. Two other counts of sexual assault of a minor and sexual exploitation of a child will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced at a later date. The court heard yesterday that the family moved to the burial ground temporarily as they had no fixed accommodation. In March 2012, the two girls started playing with Roslan's eight-year-old son at the cemetery while he was working. Roslan later visited their tent and introduced himself to their mother. He continued to visit the family regularly and grew close to them. In early May that year, the victim's mother agreed to his request to take the girl out with him to buy cigarettes. Roslan then began to take her out regularly to run errands, usually for more than two hours at a time. He would take her on his motorcycle to a quiet spot nearby and have sex with her on a bench late at night, telling the girl not to tell her mother about it. Although the court heard that the girl consented to having sex with him, by law, sex with a girl under 14 - with or without her consent - is considered rape. On June 1 that year, the girl's maternal uncle was visiting the family at the tent when Roslan took her out. When they did not return after more than two hours, the uncle became worried. He searched for Roslan's number on the girl's phone and found text messages from him. After Roslan dropped the girl off at the tent and left, the uncle confronted her about it. She broke down and told him what happened. A police report was made at the Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre and Roslan was arrested last year. Roslan told the court that the girl had told him she was not a virgin, but he accepted that she may have lied. Deputy Public Prosecutor Quek Jing Feng asked for a deterrent sentence, arguing that the victim was young and vulnerable. Roslan had betrayed the trust of the mother and that of the victim, who "would not expect a friend's father to cause her harm". The case was adjourned after the Law Society's Criminal Legal Aid Scheme said it was looking into whether to take up Roslan's case. The girl and her family are no longer staying in the cemetery. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/cemetery-worker-raped-girl-12-staying-site-20150428#sthash.1IK8JtWu.dpuf
  16. Anyone interested in free 4D/3N stay in Phuket Marriots 2bedroom villa, pm me by today. Stay comes with free airport transfer. Only condition is to attend a 90min presentation during the stay.
  17. Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Feb 10, 2009 Johor idea draws flak By Salma Khalik , HEALTH CORRESPONDENT A SUGGESTION by Health Minister that Singaporeans might want to consider staying at a nursing home across the Causeway in Johor where it is much cheaper drew flak from two oppostion MPs in Parliament on Tuesday. Workers' Party chairman and Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim said the suggestion was 'quite a bad indication of affordability of our own health care services here, and also a reflection of our national values'. Fellow WP member Low Thia Kiang (Hougang) asked: 'Is the Minister suggesting that Singaporeans who cannot afford medical treatment or step-down care here should now consider such facilities in Johor?' If so, is the minister 'outsourcing the Government's responsibility to provide affordable health care service to Malaysia', he asked. This riled Mr Khaw Boon Wan. 'I'm not saying that if you are poor I will put you in an ambulance, send you across the Causeway to a Johor nursing home. That is not what I said and please don't twist my words,' he retorted. In fact, the Johor option is not for the poor, who are heavily subsidised in Singapore. 'Everybody can afford health care in Singapore whether acute care or long-term care,' said Mr Khaw. The suggestion was aimed at middle-income families who need to pay for the care themselves. It gives them choice. 'I just wanted to point out to Singaporeans that there are options like this,' Mr Khaw said. The cost of nursing home care will always be more expensive in Singapore, as doctors and nurses are paid more, and construction cost is also higher. Since many people visit the elderly in homes only on weekends, it makes little difference whether the person is housed here or in nearby Johor. It's part of globalisation and this is already happening with Singaporeans going to Bangkok for Lasik to treat short sightedness and Americans and Russians coming here for treatment. It is also not something that should, or can, be prevented, said the minister. Singaporeans are already crossing the causeway for cheaper petrol and medicine. 'By allowing the flexibility of consumers walking across the Causeway... they benefit. I don't think we should constrain them from doing so.'
  18. For those Bro whom are familiar with Melbourne, which neighbourhood would you choose to stay for long term?
  19. Have u guys observed this trend? "Newly Minted" Singaporeans that do not stay in Singapore and family also not in Singapore but reside in home country. Well my office has 1 and he pays no taxes (u know y)
  20. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...a_crossin.html#
  21. Tungsl

    Stay at home DAD

    Just wondered are there many stay at home DAD around in this case, the wife is the one who brings back the bacon i know a couple who have an autistic child, wife works in civil service (cannot resign if resign loose seniority) but husband is in private company so they took the decision, husband stay home to take care of the child instead do you think our society is ready for this? are there any stay at home DAD in this forum do you feel embarass or would you feel embarass kee chiu
  22. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...-4095607-2.html later suay suay stuck in POND CNY also GONE~!!
  23. Plan a family holiday trip to Australia at End of Nov, Any good hotel to recommend to stay in Sydney and Gold Coast? must go place to visit? Like to find a farm stay near either city (<100KM driving), any recommendation? Thanks for suggestions.
  24. Anyone been to there before? any feedback to share? http://www.ukfarm.com.my/