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  1. Yes ur rite ... Now the careful driver is punish n the dangerous motorist is in the right. I have pictures taken at the insurance workshop within 24 hr, which show no contact , can this be a valid evidence that no collision take place ??
  2. Thanks for words of support! I felt really really upset by this incident.
  3. Is wat i usually do spontaneously before lane change, never even think when i do this check , maybe well-train by driving sch fac9c9419545192 ...also im moving only at less than 40km/hr cos i only just move off from stationary, suppose that is y i check again, possibly i also saw a speeding object way behind. So i check 2nd time. Now im being punish for doing the right thing !! So injust !!!
  4. I should have drive off n mind my own business !!
  5. I though my insurance shd have their own lawyers to act for our behalf? Anyway, any good lawyer contact u can recommend me? Can pm me. Thks
  6. The thing is I never change lane , but i on right turn signal. Then again i can prove using a basic speed time graph that motorist is actually speeding, probably skidded due to wrong judgement. Wonder the calc can be valid. I try explain to the police but he seem blur
  7. MP took our taxpayer money , so it is their job to represent us rite . Lawyer fee starts from $4500 ... Arrgghh
  8. It is a relief if this is so , but after my 1st appeal in the resend summon letter from TP, they claim they have 'sufficient evidence' . I wonder how and why. N i will be appalled by our TP if all they want is to close the case by issue a summon without proper investigation.
  9. Lawyer? So i get a lawyer to act for my case against traffic police? Yes, i intent to report this case to MP, i felt so wronged n trouble. I don't understand how the TP can simply proseucute me without checking the fact . They never even talk to me !! Haiz ... Sibei TL.
  10. Hi , About 6 months ago, I was driving along the center lane of the road, wanted to change lane to right and so i turn on my right turn signal, was checking my side mirror and rear mirror when i saw a motorbike behind me skidded. As im the nearest to him, my passenger & myself decide to alight to help the motorist who fell. He seems fine with some superficial scratches , i offer to call ambulance but he refuse n instead told me to give him money as i was the one who cause him to skid, clearly he was speeding behind me from the upstream traffic junction, i don't mind giving him money if he need help but then he is falsely accusing me of causing him to skid when all i did is on the right turn signal. So i refuse n instead told him to seek medical help to check his wound. A passerby call the traffic police who came but did not do any traffic report as there is no contact between the vehicle and the motorist also rode his bike away after failing to get money from me. I was advise to make a report at my insurance workshop within 24 hr to protect myself in case the motorist claim my insurance, which i did, workshop take note that there is no contact after detail inspection. As predicted, the motorist did file an insurance claim. But due to insufficient evidence , the claim have yet to get through. 2-3 months later, i got a summon from traffic police who also ibform me that the motorist got a 7 days mc n hence it have become a injury case. 4 months later, i got a notice for traffic offence- careless driving , change lane abruptly which result in collision !! This is a total lie !!!! So i appeal by writing to TP but to no avail, 2 weeks after appeal TP inform me they have sufficient evidence to summon me ??! 1) there is no contact , how to have collision? 2) i haven't even change lane . Really saddened by this , where is justice !! Wat shd i do ? Fo rce to be admit to a offence i never did ?! , by twisting the fact so easily by the motorist, we r encouraging irresponsible behaviour, which make driving on the road more dangerous , the traffic laws have fail then.
  11. Topaz

    Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

    A bit of an extreme, but i agree to most part of it.
  12. Topaz

    Top scholar? S'porean still got chance...

    Nanyang kiddy isn't that fantastic for the price the parents r paying for....there r better kindy nearby, half the fees. PLUS it is not affilated to Nanyang Pri.
  13. Topaz

    Shitty Service From Singtel

    have really bad experience with ST too... never go back to them again ... told all my friend s n relatives to aviod ST as well...
  14. Topaz

    They earn Most of our Income

    Each expat in my company is taking ard $80k /mth-include salary, various expense allowances Yet, they looks like they r simply having holiday here... the local slog for a measy paycheck
  15. Topaz

    Anti China?

    Im not against PRC... but the behavoir of the taxi driver strongly suggest that there must be some disagreeament watsoever between the passenger n him... the story from the stomper is clearly loop-sided... We must hear the taxi driver version to judge this situation