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Found 78 results

  1. Lmws214

    Photos of the week

    Photos of the week for all of us to share in this folder. Do share pls. I will start first. A man removes stalks from red chili peppers at a farm in Shertha village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India.
  2. SINGAPORE - Starting April 1 next week, all schools will conduct one day of home-based learning a week, in the light of the recent spike of Covid-19 cases in Singapore. Primary schools will do so on Wednesdays, secondary schools on Thursdays, and junior colleges/Centralised Institute on Fridays. Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said on Friday (March 27) that this move will better prepare parents and students for more days of home-based learning if and when required. Schools will also stagger dismissal times to reduce the congestion when students take public transport or the school bus home. Singapore has ramped up measures over the past few weeks progessively to curb the spread of the virus, said Mr Ong. "So likewise, for schools, which are a major part of people's lives, we have also been stepping up (measures). So we will not want to do something dramatic, sudden, that will result in school closure," he said. "We still have options, we are not like many countries where they are forced into sudden school closures." When asked how long this home-based learning arrangement will last, Mr Ong said: "It depends how long the virus lasts, and how long we feel it will be around." From next Monday (March 30), schools will provide instructions to students and parents on accessing the home-based learning materials. Assistance will be given to students who do not have access to digital devices when their learning requires it. Students will have about four to five hours of learning on the day of home-based learning, of which two hours can be used to access digital devices. It can come in different forms, through e-lessons, or other references like worksheets and textbooks. Teachers could also conduct lessons via "live" videos. Schools will remain open for a small group of students whose parents are not able to make alternative childcare arrangements, and priority will be given to parents working in essential services such as healthcare or public transport. A small number of teachers in schools will supervise these students. Most teachers will stay at home on the day of home-based learning, while about 20 per cent of staff, including the principal, will remain in school. Co-curricular activities (CCAs) will remain suspended for the rest of Term 2, and so will other activities that involve mingling of students across schools like the National School Games. The Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation will be cancelled. On Sunday, Mr Ong had said that he received many questions from parents, with some asking why the March holidays were not extended, especially given the rising numbers of imported Covid-19 cases and impending border closures. He cited scientific evidence showing that young people are not spreaders of the virus, and said that closing schools would also disrupt the lives of many people, particularly parents who are both working, and who have limited childcare options. Various precautionary measures have already been put in place and hygiene protocols have been stepped up. Students now only spend their time with those in their classes, with CCAs and inter-school activities suspended. They sit apart in class and are reminded to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their faces. Communal activities such as mass assemblies and school camps have been suspended. Recess timings are staggered and temperature checks are conducted daily. Students who are not feeling well - be it with a cough, sore throat or a fever - will be placed in an isolation room in school or sent home. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-students-to-have-home-based-learning-once-a-week-from-april-as-schools-step-up
  3. Balloonists prepare to take off during the International Hot Air Balloon Week in Chateau-d'Oex, Switzerland.
  4. Dear friends at this forum.... this is my first post in this forum and hope to join you guys/gals for a good time! Got my Kia Carens last week. All was fine except some disappointment about the auto trans and the fuel consumption! The auto trans gear shift seems so stiff and plunge to higher gear lower rev so fast that the car could sustain the necessary torque to go (especially uphill....) The fuel consumption was also horrible, even after I add in the compensation for the differences in the size of the tyres... I am get so little km/litre that I am so embarassed to post! The specs says about 10-11 ... I understand that new cars needs run-in but I don't that it is so bad... if any can help me on these questions, I would be most appreciative! Cheers COSX
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    International Woman's Week

    Yesterday was International Woman's Day. (08-03-2015) WOMAN - changes her surname - changes her home - leaves her family - moves in with you - builds a home with you - gets pregnant for you - pregnancy changes her body - she get fat - almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pain of child birth - even the kids she delivers bear your surname Till the day she dies..... everything she does... cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benifit you....... sometimes at the cost of her own health, hobbies and beauty. So who is really doing whom a favour? Dear men, appreciate the women in your lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman. *Being a woman is priceless* Happy Woman's week! Rock the world ladies! A salute to Ladies! WOMAN MEANS :- W - WONDERFUL MOTHER O - OUTSTANDING FRIEND M - MARVELLOUS DAUGHTER A - ADORABLE SISTER N - NICEST GIFT TO MEN
  6. Kratoschumacher

    MCF Best Member of the Week and Month

    Hello MCF forumers, From now, two of the most enthusiastic members will be deemed as MCF’s Best Member of the Week & MCF’s Best Member of the Month. The selected members are based on the total number of points they accumulate in the past week/month. MCF Best Member of the Week – Gets MCF Cash Card! The member who has earned the most points in the past week (Mon-Sun) would be selected as the weekly winner. Members can win the weekly contest more than once, albeit with a three week 'break period'. For example, if Member A wins in the first week of March (3rd - 9th March), his next winning week would be after the first week of April (31st of March - 6th of April). To check the top 10, scroll to the bottom of the page. MCF Best Member of the Month – Gets $50 NTUC Voucher! The member who has earned the most points in the past month would be selected as the monthly winner. Click on the link to check the top 10 How are the points calculated? Praise Points + Bonus Points = Total Points Praise Points are awarded by other forum members when they praise your posts. Only the praise points will be taken into total points and dislike points will be neglected. Bonus Points: If you are a Premium member, you are credited with 20% additional bonus points to your total points, monthly, so if you need a little 'boost', and accelerate your climb to the top of the charts - upgrade as a Premium member for FREE! Check out premium member benefits - http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?section=premiumbenefits In addition bonus points can also be earned by writing reviews in sgCarMart! Here is one of three ways to earn your points. 1. Receive 3 additional MCF points after writing a review for a new car. 2. Get 2 more MCF points for writing a product review. 3. 2 additional point will be awarded to forum members who wrote a review on our motor directory. Keep track of your personal points, under the tab 'points', in your personal profile. There is no registration needed as all forum members - with the exception of moderators - are automatically taken into. MCF Member of the Week/Month will be notified by PM. Contest starts April onwards! First Best Member of the Week will be announced on 7th, Member of Month will be announced on 1st May. Good Luck! Former Weekly Winners
  7. hi guys, would be my first time driving in. pardon me but can i buy the toll card at all counters?
  8. Hi, I intend to bring my extended family for 1 week bangkok stay during june holidays. Anyone know of a good place (apartment will be ideal) for 1 week stay for 8 people (5 adults, 3 children). 2 to 3 bedrooms near skytrain will be ideal. thanks.
  9. Where there are fashion weeks, there will also be wardrobe malfunctions. On the first day of Singapore Fashion Week, we spotted a minor problem with one of the outfits at local designer brand GINLEE’s show. While the model was sashaying down the runway in a long silky blue top with a major plunging neckline, a slip on the top’s right side exposed what appeared to be a stick-on silicone bra. More at https://sg.yahoo.com/style/wardrobe-malfunction-spotted-singapore-fashion-week-093347968.html
  10. as the title mentioned, i think the victims will probably sell the cars off asap after it has been repaired if possible...so keep a lookout of the low price and telltale sign when inspecting such potential cars
  11. adrianli is prolly the best guy to help on this but any others of you lot got any ideas? 2 or 3 weeks duration. Time is not of the essence. Do I have to book up at hotels before I leave??? Don't appreciate driving like most of MCFers but want to have a better look around Malaysia. Thinking about Sing to Tanjung Malim/Slim river as first leg. Then up to Ipoh as second leg. Then a week around Ipoh. Ipoh to Kota Bharu or Kuala Trengarru as next leg. KT to Kuantan. Kuantan Singapore. Are there better places to stop with nicer hotels or better/more interesting places to see? Are the roads from Ipoh to Kota Bharu good in rainy weather. Anything else I should be aware of. Thanks guys.
  12. OMG, the 3-day work week sounds so nice; but 11 hour days, hmm http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11339918&ref=nzh_tw MEX Billionaire urges three-day work week Mexican billionaire also says people should work 11 hour days until they turn 75. The world's richest man is calling for a radical overhaul of our work-life balance that would see people at their jobs for just three days a week. Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom tycoon worth over US$80 billion ($101 billion), also believes people the typical working day should last 11 hours instead of eight and that the retirement age should be increased to 75. "You should have more time for you during all of your life - not when you're 65 and retired," he told CNNMoney. The 74-year-old billionaire first raised the idea at a conference in Paraguay during the summer when he called for "a radical overhaul" in people's working lives. He believes the concept would not only re-invigorate how we live, but be positive for the economy and financial markets. "With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax; for quality of life," he said. "Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied," he told the conference. While machines should operate 24 hours a day and services should work as much as possible, Slim said people deserve more time for entertainment, family and to train for better jobs. "It's a society of knowledge and experience. You have better experience and knowledge when you are 60, 65 and 70," he said. Slim wasn't clear if wages should stay the same or decrease to reflect less time on the job. He declined to throw his weight behind recent calls for workers to get paid higher wages though. He conceded prices may have grown faster than wages, but he believes salaries will rise along with stronger growth, increased productivity and technological advances. "I am sure it will happen," said Slim, although he conceded he's not exactly sure when. To a certain degree, Slim has been applying this train of thought to his own businesses for years. Slim's phone company Telmex has implemented a system where workers on a collective labour contract who joined the company in their late teens can retire before they reach 50, and can continue to work for full pay four days per week. Slim also applies this philosophy to his own work life and is still active as a businessman at 74. He also maintains a life full of hobbies, such as art collecting. He opened the Museo Soumaya, an art museum dedicated to both his love for art and religious relics as well as the memory of his late wife, Soumaya Domit.
  13. I drove for 20 years and no speeding tickets... Last week kenna 2. One is over by 20-30km/hr on SLE (limit 90) and another is over by 1-20km/hr on Adam road (limit 70). can appeal or not? I got very good record for like 20 years... over by 1-20 also can catch one meh?
  14. AS MANY as 110 errant drivers were caught running the red light in school zones in the first six months of this year alone. That translates to an average of nearly five cases a week. Drivers were also caught for other offences in school zones, such as speeding and tailgating. The Traffic Police gave these updates in response to queries from The Straits Times. Since January, road safety in school zones has been beefed up with harsher punishments, after two brothers were killed by a truck in Tampines last year. Nigel Yap, 13, was cycling across the road with Donavan, seven, who was riding pillion, when the driver hit them. The police did not have a breakdown of the number of offences committed within school zones before the law was toughened earlier this year. Those who run a red light in a school zone will get 13 demerit points - one more than before. For drivers with less than a year's experience, it means their licences will be revoked as they have exceeded the maximum of 12 demerit points in one year. Speeding was the second most common offence in these demarcated areas. Within the first six months of this year, 23 summonses were issued against speedsters who exceeded the 50kmh limit. The Land Transport Authority lowered speed limits outside 10 primary schools to 40kmh in January as part of a pilot project which will be rolled out to more schools progressively. In the first six months of this year, there were also eight cases of inconsiderate driving and 17 instances of careless driving. Examples include tailgating and sudden lane switches. There are more than 300 school zones at primary and secondary schools. MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng said drivers should keep a lookout at all times in school zones, not just at dismissal hours. "There are schoolchildren who are coming and going all the time. Some of them stay back for CCA (co-curricular activities), some are waiting for their parents. It's alarming and worrisome the number is so high." Nurse May Tan, 52, mother of three, said: "I always remind my kids not to take for granted that green light means 'go', and to watch out for speeding cars. I tell them, 'This involves your life'." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/school-zone-yet-5-drivers-run-red-light-every-week-20140811?page=1
  15. Zakkwylde

    Woman has 15 orgasms at work a week

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2711694/Woman-works-professional-sex-toy-tester-15-orgasms-work-week.html - Cara Houiellebecq has an office crammed with 2,000 toys - She test drives them for adult companies and reviews them on her blog - Earns £15,000 a year and shares advice for women - Met her long-term partner working at a sex toy review website before setting up her own company Talking about job satisfaction, she is taking it to a whole new level…..
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    2 Celebrities Divorces Within A Week .....

    Within a week, 2 divorces .... from yahoo: 1) Singapore celebrity couple Allan Wu, Wong Li-Lin file for divorce By Jeffrey Oon | Singapore Showbiz
  17. Got a change of career since March. After sorting out some of the company issues, my daily work became routine.... Sent out only 15 emails over the last 4 working days and most of it are acknowledgement emails. Am I a very unimportant staff in the company???
  18. If official weekly working hour is 44, so average of over 40 hours is normal, no? 60 hours will be quite siong though but glad to see there are more companies offering different type of time off for the staff. Saw the news last night on one of the minister's conversation with the youth (yah there are all kind of 'conversation' lately), some young adult actually express that the stress in work and suggested a 4-day work week! will singapore soon becoming France to have 35 hours work week?
  19. Hi All, I wanna get out of Sgp during the 2009 CNY week by driving to Koh Samui for a week. Anyone interested? I've already booked my rooms from the 24th Jan to the 31st Jan. Stopover at Penang for the night (23rd Jan & 1st Feb) Its a family thing for me with my 4 years old kid going as well. Do highlight interest. I can pass to you the websites that you can book your accomodation, eg. AWD or Asiarooms, etc. Cheers.
  20. pls share itinerary for Adelaide - 1 week -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hi, gg there for post grad study for 2 weeks in Jan next yr. tot after 2 weeks can get my wife and son-2+yrs along for 1 week in Adelaide. any itinerary to share? some told me Adelaide good for 2 days, but i should drive ocean road to Melborne and back. what u guys think?
  21. To be honest, I rather feel sorry for her. I wonder if she recieved proper orientation or not. Former SBS driver jailed a week over fatal crash She pleaded for a fine but the judge said that the victim was not negligent and sentenced her to a week in jail instead. Tue, May 08, 2012 AsiaOne SINGAPORE - An SBS bus driver was Monday sentenced to a week in jail and disqualified from driving for a year for her role in an accident which left a 19-year-old motorcyclist dead. On Nov 9 last year, 36-year-old Chen Hongyan was driving bus service 209 when she hit Temasek Polytechnic student Toh Jia Wei. Turning right at the junction of Tampines Avenue 8 and Tampines Street 84, she did not see Mr Toh riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction. Chen, who had been an SBS Transit bus driver for just a month, cut into his path and he crashed into the bus. Mr Toh died six hours later at Changi General Hospital. The Straits Times reported that video footage from a camera on board the bus confirmed that the teenager had the right of way and that Chen had a clear view of the rider and motorcycle. The prosecution pushed for a jail term of two weeks while Chen, who did not have a lawyer, pleaded for a fine. She said she had a debt of $6,000 which she had not yet cleared. The Chinese national added that she is a single parent and is supporting a daughter and her aged mother in China. Asking for forgiveness, she said that not a day passes without her regretting what had happened. Noting that Mr Toh was not negligent, District Judge Low Wee Ping ruled that a fine would not be appropriate. She could have been jailed for up to two years, or fined up to $10,000, or sentenced to both. dassa@sph.com.sg
  22. this driver damn suay, kana bang go up kerb and go jail for road rage. Elite driver from the SBS and still EARN S$700. ====================================== Road rage against bus driver sends man to jail for 1 week Ching Chee Seng, 49, who punched a SBS driver was sentenced on Thursday to one week in jail. -- ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN When an SBS bus collided with his car and did not stop, odd-job worker Ching Chee Seng was so incensed he gave chase on foot. He caught up with the vehicle at a bus stop and demanded that the driver come down. When the latter did so, Ching, 49, grabbed him in a headlock and punched him in the face. For voluntarily causing hurt, Ching was sentenced on Thursday to one week in jail and ordered to pay $700 in compensation to Mr Tan Jilong, 40. In the incident on Dec 29, 2010, the SBS bus had hit the car while changing lanes along MacPherson Road. The impact caused the car to mount a kerb.
  23. By right all grades should break below $2.00 before discount. Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Oil fell from a one-year low in New York, extending declines after the worst quarter since 2008. Crude for November slid as much as $1.20, or 1.5 percent, to $78 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange and was at $78.17 at 8:08 a.m. Sydney time. Futures declined 17 percent from the end of June, the biggest quarterly drop since the three months ended December 2008. Brent oil for November settlement fell 89 cents, or 0.9 percent, to $101.87 a barrel on the ICE Futures Europe Exchange in London.
  24. Hello, I am having some doubts on what are the dos and donts when parking the car for a week. My dad is always overseas and he instructs me to start the car once every 2 days, is it necessary? I did some research on the internet, they said it is advised to do so, because the engine belt will change shape etc.. Also, is it better to release the handbrakes if we park for a full week? Thanks!