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  1. Relacklabrudder

    Close season transfer news and rumours part 2

    Seemed Aly Cissoko is done deal
  2. Relacklabrudder

    Liverpool Season 2013/14 part 1 - Transfer news fever

    Looks like Aly Cissoko is done deal
  3. Relacklabrudder

    Kindle paperwhite for sale, BNIB

  4. Relacklabrudder

    Kindle paperwhite 6" wifi

    Hi guys , Anybody interested in Amazon's kindle paperwhite 6" wifi, totally brand new and sealed. Letting go 228.
  5. Relacklabrudder

    Straits Times: Resale HDB for Citizens Only

    Not true for many Malaysian PR who bot HDB resale on cheap pre-2005
  6. Relacklabrudder

    Liverpool Season 2012/13 part 4 - This is Anfield

    BR no guts to replace Suarez
  7. Relacklabrudder

    Who Is Amy Cheong?

    Fault lines are there. avoid tokin about religion, race. Yes in a sense we are artificial engineered society that tries to look racial harmonious but deep inside we are not 100% true
  8. Relacklabrudder

    HDB sell 3-room flat for $795k?

    actually it looks spacious outside but inside is really small and squeezy
  9. It is the truth wat, 25dec is celebrate virgin birth of Christ. Lidat also lock thread
  10. Relacklabrudder

    U guys visited The Star Vista next buona vista mrt?

    Topic totally deviated
  11. Anything nice to makan there?
  12. Relacklabrudder

    U never heard of virgin birth meh, radx?

    This One SP famous! Celebrate every 25 Dec
  13. Relacklabrudder

    Liverpool Season 2012/13 part 4 - This is Anfield

    Yeah Shelvey is a gd player but I hope he will not be captain, I dun wan Dr. Evil as Liverpool captain
  14. dance? Yeah was watching the children's channel when see the hi 5 gals dance....
  15. Relacklabrudder

    Singapore Mega-Church Faithful Invest in Malls

    There is big diff when u organuse a church of 25k ppl and a church 250 ppl. Btw ncc is not investing in malls. They are just into the auditorium which they need to house 24k strong congregation. And it is not even enuf since it 5k seater. and renting indoor std is not long term option as weekly rental over 1 yr can amount to a lot of $ too.