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Found 119 results

  1. My car, less than three months old, kena bird s--t. Sent the car for grooming by Imperial1, the stain is still obvious, if viewed from a certain angle. Sigh... For bros who have PPS on their rides, please advise how effective is it against bird droppings, especially if they have been in contact with the paintwork for more than six hours. Thanks
  2. Sgnick

    The fight against loansharks

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/The%2BNew%2BPa...215-263644.html They now live like this By Koh Hui Theng kohht@sph.com.sg FED up with loan sharks splashing paint at her Serangoon flat repeatedly, counsellor Sheena Jebal came up with a novel way to ward them off. She and her next-door neighbour installed a metal gate in the common corridor near their units. They rent the space from HDB. It's the first time residents are renting the common area because of loan shark harassment, HDB told The New Paper. Ms Jebal, 37, and her neighbours, the Roslis, have been paying HDB about $22 yearly for the space since last December. She said she forked out $1,500 to install the metal gate along the 11 sqm common area too. The Roslis live in a corner unit on the second storey. They said they have been harassed by loan sharks since they moved in last year; Ms Jebal in May and the Roslis in August. Both claim they have not borrowed from loan sharks. So has the gate been effective in keeping out the Ah Longs? Yes, so far. Ms Jebal and the Roslis said they haven't had paint splashed outside their flats since they installed the gate in December last year. But Ms Jebal added that the loan sharks have got to her in another way. Last month, they sent her a letter demanding payment, saying it was their last warning. "If you have money to buy the flat, you have money to pay the debt," the loan shark allegedly told Ms Jebal when she first called the man. Note in Chinese That was last April, when her flat was being renovated. A note written in Chinese characters had been left at her door then and Ms Jebal had dialled the mobile number, thinking it belonged to a contractor. The loan shark claimed a previous tenant owed $25,000. Ms Jebal had paid $308,000 for the four-room A model flat at the end of 2009. She had heard from her agent that the market rate was about $350,000 then. When this reporter tried calling one of the loan sharks, this is what he said: "Sister, there's three things you can do. One, track down this guy who owes money. Two, call the police. Three, I come and paint your place." He then hung up. But Ms Jebal was determined not to give into the intimidation. She said: "I didn't borrow the money, so why should I pay?" Between May and July last year, she said paint had been splashed at her flat four times. She has called the police "many times" and also asked her Member of Parliament, Mr Wee Siew Kim, for advice. A police spokesman confirmed that they have received calls about loan shark harassment. Investigations are ongoing. Ms Jebal said there were increased police patrols around the neighbourhood. The authorities also installed four CCTV cameras along the corridor. Still, the ongoing harassment is mental torture, even though there have not been any paint attacks or letters since August. "It's a horrible feeling looking over your shoulder all the time and feeling that someone is monitoring your movement," Ms Jebal said. After receiving the threatening letter, she is thinking of putting up a badminton netting over the corridor to prevent the loan sharks from throwing in any objects from outside. Her neighbour, Mrs Sarimah Rosli, 39, added: "Whenever we come home, we're always wondering if the loan sharks will creep up behind us and do something." Her husband, technical officer Rosli Basri, 44, said: "I'm most worried about the safety of my two youngest boys in kindergarten. What happens if the loan sharks end up hurting them?" When contacted, an Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council spokesman said they had advised Ms Jebal to make a police report. She added that loan shark harassment cases are rare in the town council's area. MP Wee said in an e-mail reply to The New Paper: "Although the (corridor space-renting) solution may not be applicable to all, the gated solution works well." Since May 1993, HDB has rented corridor space out, mainly to related families living next to each other's units. Flat lessees pay a nominal sum of $2 per square metre per year. They have to ensure their neighbours can access common facilities like the staircase and lift lobby, while firemen can reach the dry risers, a spokesman said. As of last month, HDB had 130 cases of residents jointly renting the common area.
  3. Just today, I almost hit onto another vehicle which made an illegal entry into a no entry area as there is only one-way traffic in the carpark.. It happened at Raffles City.. In fact, for the past few months, almost every once in a while I will see cars doing that.. It's especially prevalent in Raffles City.. But also prevalent at other carparks as well.. On entering the carpark (from Bras Basah Rd entrance) at B2, cars are supposed to make a right turn on the 2nd junction (1st junction is for cars exiting when they travel from B3) followed by a left turn immediately.. Some cars, choose to ignore the no entry sign and go straight in.. Is it a "lazy to go one big round to get to that free lot" attitude? Or is it a simply "bo chap" attitude? I think by taking the short cut, it puts other users' vehicle or pedestrians' lives at risk.. I understand sometimes it is difficult to get a lot and by the time you turn one round to get to that lot, it might already be taken, but I'd rather be safe den sorry.. So what are ur views guys and gals?
  4. As the exclusive period lapsed, here it is penned by putitthisway EDMW forum member, that was never published in ST forum www.hardwarezone.com.sg - View Single Post - Xenophobia: A label to silence critics of liberal immigration poliy
  5. Hi, does anyone know if anything can be done to offenders who drive against traffic in a private property? Few days back, while walking across the carpark my mum got a shocked when suddenly a car appeared from the wrong side of traffic. I reported the case to our condo MA and they said they will issue a notice to the offender. The MA also shared that there have been afew other similar reports against the same car and one of the resident has also lodged a report with TP but they will not penalise the driver because it happened within a private property. Obviously this driver will continue this reckless behaviour. Is there any way we can take action against him or is there any suggestions to overcome this issue? I also notice other cars going against traffic but so far I don't bother cos they seem to move with caution... but I guess I was cant be bothered cos it did not affect me/my family till now. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi guys, like to consult MCF brothers and sisters who might have been in a similar situation before. Was caught for a traffic offence for failing to conform to "NO Entry sign " except for lorry at sentosa gateway. I know that i had did that because i think there are no u-turn sign at that road.....and if i proceed straight on ....i had to pay the entrance fees for entering sentosa , but recenty i went over to sentosa for some job purpose and realise that there are one over the "No Entry Sign" but the U-turn sign was partially covered by the shrubs and leaves.....any chances for me to appeal?? Thanks alot for any comments ! Anyway juz copy some info from the TP website....to share. List of roads where speed camera deployed 1 ADAM RD 24 MARINE PARADE RD 2 ALEXANDRA RD 25 NICOLL HIGHWAY 3 ANG MO KIO AVE 5 26 ORCHARD BOULEVARD 4 AYE 27 PIE 5 BKE 28 PUNGGOL CENTRAL 6 BOON LAY WAY 29 PUNGGOL EAST 7 BRADDELL ROAD 30 SEMBAWANG RD 8 BT PANJANG RD 31 SLE 9 BUANGKOK GREEN 32 TAMPINES AVE 1 10 BUKIT TIMAH ROAD 33 TELOK BLANGAH RD 11 CTE 34 TPE 12 DUNEARN ROAD 35 TUAS WEST DR 13 ECP 36 TUAS WEST RD 14 HOUGANG AVE 3 37 UPP BUKIT TIMAH RD 15 JLN BAHAR 38 UPP CHANGI ROAD EAST 16 JLN BOON LAY 39 UPP SERANGOON RD 17 JLN BUROH 40 UPP THOMSON RD 18 JURONG TOWN HALL RD 41 WEST COAST HIGHWAY 19 JURONG ISLAND HIGHWAY 42 WOODLANDS AVE 2 20 KALLANG RD 43 YISHUN AVE 6 21 KJE 44 YISHUN AVE 7 22 LENTOR AVE 45 YIO CHU KANG RD 23 LORNIE RD
  7. As a NS recruit, I did not know much about the Kota Tinggi details but later as a staff officer I had the opportunity to meet these personnel from 2SIR during the usual Friday Tombolo Night. At that time when Singapore was a part of Malaysia our two SIRs were renamed as 1MIR and 2MIR. 2SIR was operationally responsible for the Singapore and southern Johore area. 2MIR (2SIR) was raised in 1962 and billeted at Holland Road Camp. According to my superior who was then a young 2LTA in 2 SIR, Dalgit Singh was already a platoon commander, together with LTA Mejar Singh. 2SIR's CO was a Colonel Campbell, a British seconded from the British Army. It was the crack Indonesian paratroopers from the "KKI", an elite Guards unit from Jakarta which was sent on this mission. The Malaysian police post at Kota Tinggi were alerted of the parachute-landing and the nearest infantry garrison to Kota Tinggi was 2 SIR in Singapore. 1SIR at that time was deployed to the Sabah border with Indonesia. One platoon of 2SIR was sent inside the jungles of Kota Tingi. For those who have ventured into Kota Tinggi (which I did as a child and as a teenager), it has a waterfall as the key attraction. The killing zone was north of the waterfall. 2SIR made no contact with the Indonesians for about a week. However, unknowingly the Indonesians were tailing one of the SIR sections. Not finding them for a week, that section grew tired and went for a bath at one of the nearby Kota Tinggi streams. Everybody left their weapons at the riverbank with no personnel on sentry-duty. For those trained in the SAF doctrine, you are not supposed to do this and at all times, your rifle must be with you. The Indonesians pounded on our boys but one injured personnel managed to sneak away and ran for his life into Kota Tinggi Town. All this time, there was "radio silence" because this was a mission. It was only after the injured personnel emerged from the jungle that the incident became known. When the dead were recovered, their bodies were infested with maggots and were very gruesome Reinforcements were rushed up from Singapore. On that mission were names like James Teo (who was the 5SIR CO for BERSATU PADU in 1971), Jimmy Yap (CO Officer Cadet School), Mahinder Singh (Dy Director SAFTI) and Dalgit Singh (CO 3SIR). They were
  8. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...new/694824.html
  9. The Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA) clarified today (Oct 21) that of the 2,438 motor vehicle complaints reported by the Straits Times on Saturday, only 1,084 were related to defective goods. The article — “Grouses about car dealers speeding up” — stated that the 2,438 complaints the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) received from January to September this year has exceeded the 2,255 made in the whole of last year. SVTA President Neo Tian Ting explained that the figure of 2,438 also includes enquiries and feedback, which do not require CASE to take action. Mr Neo also said that the spike in complaints this year can be attributed to the lemon law, which came into effect last September. Consumers, he said, could be contacting CASE more often as there is a misunderstanding of the lemon law. In fact, only 156 were filed and assisted cases pursued against SVTA members in relation to the lemon law and other complaints such as delays in delivery and misrepresentation — meaning CASE handled claims on the consumers’ behalf or assisted the consumers in drafting letters to approach the vendors themselves. Singapore has about 800 to 900 car dealers. About 410 of them are SVTA members. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/only-1-2-complaints-against-car-traders-were-about-lemons-svta
  10. Wah. What happened to NTUC Income? More than 100 financial consultants have filed a joint complaint to the CPF Board against their employer NTUC Income. NTUC Income has allegedly over-deducted from their income to pay into their CPF over many years. These over-deductions were not submitted to CPF Board but kept by NTUC Income which has not returned the bulk of these over-deductions to the financial consultants. This practice went on for many years in NTUC Income, according to the financial consultants TR Emeritus (TRE) spoke to. A letter from CPF Board (shown to TRE by the financial consultants) acknowledges that a complaint was formally lodged with CPF Board on 14 September 2012 [Link]. Over 100 signatures accompanied the complaint. In their collective letter to CPF Board, the financial consultants said that they had been chasing their union representatives to
  11. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...lpable-homicide Firstly, I pity the family of the lady he murdered. Secondly, I feel a little scared that there's a chance he might be walking amongst us in 20 years or less.
  12. NIMBY Version 3.0 [shakehead] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1260600/1/.html Petition against setting up of childcare centre at rooftop garden By Lip Kwok Wai | Posted: 17 March 2013 2214 hrs Ow Bin Bing SINGAPORE: Some Punggol residents are petitioning against the set-up of a childcare centre at the rooftop garden of a multi-storey carpark. A closed-door dialogue session was held with residents on Sunday. It's understood that officers from the HDB and the Social and Family Development Ministry were also present. Some residents told Channel NewsAsia they were informed about the plans to set up the centre at Block 180 Edgefield Plains, last week. Some were concerned about the safety of the children, adding that there's already a childcare centre within the vicinity. Others felt that doing so goes against the government's push to allocate more green spaces within housing estates. Still, there were residents who felt the rooftop garden has been under-utilised and can be put to better use. One resident said she's garnered about 20 to 30 signatures for the petition. Ow Bin Bing said: "If the small kids - two months old baby to seven years small kids, if anything happened, how can they run for their life? Let's say if there was a fire or anything, I have been teaching for 27 years, I know the small kids are very active, if anything were to happen, who will be responsible for their safety?" When contacted, MP for the area Penny Low said there are plans to build more childcare centres in Punggol. She said some locations are suitable, while others are not. And added that ground consultations and innovative use of space are needed, to make sure residents' needs are met. - CNA/ck
  13. happened last night 10Feb13. SO dangerous! LOST? Took a wrong turn?
  14. Feel free to pung jio on the cabin floor too.
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    Our Beauty No Match Against HK ......

    HK beauty Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012 finalists revealed 30 Jul - Hong Kong TVB station has finally revealed the finalists of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012 recently. The winner of the competition will represent Hong Kong to participate in the upcoming Miss World and Miss International competitions. During the press conference, TVB unveiled the nine finalists who have made it to the grand finale. According to TVB website, Hong Kong viewers can now vote for their favourite contestant online as the one with highest votes will be the tenth finalist. Amongst the nine finalists revealed are: Christy Chan, Carat Cheung, Tracy Chu, Wingto Lam, Melanie McAndrew, Jennifer Sum, Roxanne Tong, Cynthia Tsang and Jacqueline Wong. More information and photos can be found on the newly-established Miss Hong Kong 2012 official website. "Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012" finale is scheduled to take place on 26 August. The show will be broadcasted live on Hong Kong TVB Jade, HDJade and Singapore Starhub TVBJ.
  16. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/27/world/as...tml?_r=3&hp SINGAPORE
  17. SimonTan

    News: Haram to go against gov.

    Win Liao loh. AFP Monday, May 07, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian clerics have issued a fatwa against demonstrations, days after Prime Minister Najib Razak said a quashed election reform rally was being used to topple the government ahead of polls. Tens of thousands defied a government ban and took to the streets on April 28 to demand clean elections, breaking through barricades and clashing with police, who fired tear gas and chemical-laced water, arresting 513 people. "Rioting, causing disturbance and damaging public property are all forbidden by Islam," National Fatwa Committee chairman Abdul Shukor Husin told state media late Sunday. "This also applies to any intention to topple a duly-elected government by organising such demonstrations," he added. Najib is widely expected to set a June date for what is predicted to be a close battle between his ruling coalition and the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim, but observers say polls may be pushed back over the rally fallout. Although video sharing sites like YouTube have shown many scenes of heavy-handed action against protestors, Najib told state media Friday that the Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square rally, which was supported by opposition groups, was aimed at more than just electoral reforms. "They had the intention to take over Dataran Merdeka, not to gather for two or three hours but for two or three days or even longer, to show that the government cannot control the situation," he told the national news agency Bernama. "They wanted to make Dataran Merdeka like the Tahrir Square in Egypt," he added. Federal police chief Ismail Omar told the Star newspaper they had started an investigation to identify the mastermind behind the alleged overthrow attempt. Analysts say Najib may delay expected polls following the rally, as his reform credentials appear to have been dented. Najib was also hit by heavy criticism of a police crackdown on a similar rally for electoral reform last year and has since launched a campaign to repeal some authoritarian laws and pledged to expand civil liberties to regain voter support.
  18. STOMPer Ave said the her dad almost got into an accident when a car suddenly came speeding against the flow of traffic on the CTE today morning (May 6), at 5.45am. Said the STOMPer: "My father almost could not react to the oncoming car travelling on the same lane at the wrong direction! "This shocking scene took place this morning, at 5.45am at CTE expressway. " http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...fic_on_cte.html How can this be possible? Drunk driving?
  19. COMMENT Member of Parliament for Tampines group representation constituency Baey Yam Keng recently had to apologise for his comments with regards to Chinese scholar Sun Xu's remarks that "there are more dogs than humans in Singapore." Sun studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). His remarks set off a storm of protests among Singaporeans, especially online. Baey added to the controversy when he said in a New Paper report that Singaporeans also "need to reflect" on their own behaviour. The paper reported: "Mr Baey weighed in on the issue during an interview with The New Paper published last Wednesday. He said people should not jump to the conclusion that all foreign students are like Mr Sun and that Singaporeans also 'need to reflect' and ask whether 'we (have behaved) the way they described'." It was like throwing a matchstick into a tinderbox, and Singaporeans turned their anger to Baey. The MP later issued an apology, in Parliament, for his remarks. "I do not think that we can just treat all the negative sentiments towards foreigners as noise," he said. Ng Bin Hong, in a letter to the Today newspaper on 5 March, expressed disappointment at Baey's apology. "Mr Baey, in urging us to examine if our society is walking in a healthy direction, was one of the few voices acknowledging the social problem we face today," Ng said. "His comments did not undermine Singaporeans but, rather, cautioned against discrimination and bigoted behaviour. It is unfortunate that he ultimately apologised because of irrational, populist sentiments." One would suspect that few Singaporeans would agree with Ng, especially given the prevailing sentiments on the issue of foreigners in our midst. Acknowledge sentiments towards foreigners What the government should realise, however, is that such sentiments towards foreigners are real. More importantly, these should be addressed more thoroughly and effectively. And to be fair, the government has tried to do so
  20. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/the-flipsid...-025207888.html In a new column called "The Flip Side", local blogger Belmont Lay lets loose on local politics, culture and society in his weekly musings. To be taken with a pinch of salt and with parental permission advised. In his latest post, he wonders why the PAP has been taking potshots at WP and Yaw Shin Leong. With the expulsion of Yaw Shin Leong from the Workers' Party for his alleged indiscretions, the People's Action Party has come out with guns blazing. The political potshots are too blatant to miss. The cattiness of the remarks are difficult to read past. Take for example, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who said: "WP has let down the voters of Hougang." Or PAP chairman Khaw Boon Wan, who said: "I think it is sad that the voters in Hougang have been misled." Both spoke about the issue within a day of WP's media conference announcing Yaw's dismissal. However, if the PAP wants to apply stringent standards of accountability and transparency to any opposition party by calling WP to explain itself fully, it is going to be a tight rope to walk. Because the one question the public-at-large have in their collective mind is: How candid has the PAP been in the first place? Remember Steve Tan? Let's go back in time, shall we? The most memorable incident that should have elicited heightened calls of transparency and accountability was at last May's General Election. At the eleventh hour, Tampines GRC PAP candidate Steve Tan was pulled out unceremoniously and substituted by auntie-killer and the very metrosexual Baey Yam Keng. In the hustle and bustle, not much was explained, except that Tan had to withdraw due to personal reasons. Right. For any observer, the PAP did a fine job explaining very little about the circumstances surrounding the last-minute switch. All the public got from mainstream media reports subsequently about Tan's substitution was a reiteration and smattering of cryptic clues that referred to "allegations" and "female colleagues". I don't remember reporters stalking Tan, questioning his wife relentlessly or staking out at his home while rummaging through his trash. No one bothered to ask our founding grandfather Lee Kuan Yew what he thought as well. To further clear the air unconvincingly, the 39-year-old Tan then infamously said in an exclusive interview last year with a broadsheet about his pull-out: "I did not have an ideal love story or love life, and I dated people. But my conscience is clear." Oh wow. That sure explains a lot, you almost-Member-of-Parliament, you. And then what happened next? Yup, nothing. The mainstream media wasn't too interested being on his case. So why the sudden interest with Yaw Shin Leong now? Lee Hsien Loong's verbosity But whatever, let's turn our attention to the prime minister for the moment. Within hours of Yaw's expulsion, PM Lee Hsien Loong spontaneously developed an opinion or two. You see, this is very unique for a man who is known for his taciturnity and measured views in comparison to his father who could raise hell with each word he spoke. For those of us who remember, Lee junior remained resolutely silent when Jemaah Islamiyah leader Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre almost exactly four years ago in late February 2008. How long did it take for him to make his first public comments about the jailbreak then? Yup, that's right. He spoke on the issue after 12 whole days had elapsed. Well, I mean, I guess I can see where his priorities lie. I mean, what's more important than winning back Hougang SMC, right? Public vs. private Regardless, we've got to love Khaw Boon Wan, who is also Minister for National Development. This is a man who is presently tasked to clean up the housing mess that his predecessor Mah Bow Tan wrought. And this is what Khaw, the PAP chairman, had to say about the Yaw debacle that has resulted in many people getting hot, bothered and rattled: "
  21. She is not the only one as many of us are also constantly bombarded by these calls, day and night. Some are not deterred by or ignorant of the foreign ring tone when they dial the number My response to all the cold-calls is very simple: NOT INTERESTED and then I just hang it up. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_762460.html Helpless against property brokers Published on Feb 3, 2012 THERE has been no let-up in property agents representing agencies like ECG, ERA and HSR haranguing me on whether my property is for sale. I have been plagued by calls because they got hold of my phone number. They also know where I live. Once my child answered the phone and they asked for my name... and now they know that as well. Each time I have asked them to remove me from their list, or to speak to a supervisor, or for an e-mail to unsubscribe, all to no avail. These agents have stock answers ready such as: sorry, the managers are all out or have gone home; sorry, they do not know the e-mail addresses; sorry they do not have a number in the office I could call. While I can unsubscribe from receiving SMS messages, I cannot get them to stop calling me. Li Zhenyi (Ms)
  22. this driver damn suay, kana bang go up kerb and go jail for road rage. Elite driver from the SBS and still EARN S$700. ====================================== Road rage against bus driver sends man to jail for 1 week Ching Chee Seng, 49, who punched a SBS driver was sentenced on Thursday to one week in jail. -- ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN When an SBS bus collided with his car and did not stop, odd-job worker Ching Chee Seng was so incensed he gave chase on foot. He caught up with the vehicle at a bus stop and demanded that the driver come down. When the latter did so, Ching, 49, grabbed him in a headlock and punched him in the face. For voluntarily causing hurt, Ching was sentenced on Thursday to one week in jail and ordered to pay $700 in compensation to Mr Tan Jilong, 40. In the incident on Dec 29, 2010, the SBS bus had hit the car while changing lanes along MacPherson Road. The impact caused the car to mount a kerb.