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Found 40 results

  1. https://www.kinitv.com/video/24ebcc40-287b-4c1c-92b8-269a02892b2e Was watching an extract of a speech from the Shangri-La Dialogue By Malaysia's Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu. He has been widely criticised by many for his poor command of English on geopolitical issues. I listened to the entire dialogue as it is and though broken at times it was easily understood and the gist of the message was not lost. He used simple English instead of bombastic words. English may not be a country first language. Are politicians expected to speak a certain level of English? I would certainly be more concerned about getting the main facts right than working hard to be a grammar nazi. English is lingua franca, widely spoken in many countries. When we go overseas to countries whose native language isn't English we speak to them in English expecting them to understand. Looking at the shift of major power in the world today should we be shocked if the lingua franca one day becomes Mandarin? Fair enough to assume the rise of China will be accompanied by the rise of Mandarin? Where will that leave the Americans? Who are widely known to perceive the world as "It's okay everybody speaks English anyway." Just interested to hear more opinions. Here's his message for those unable to view the video: So what did Mohamad speak about? Christchurch terror attack “accident” in New Zealand The video began with Mohamad touching on the Christchurch terror attack in March 2019. He condemned terrorism and praised the response of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to the attack. Mohamad said: “So, we understand that terrorist is no border, and no ideology, and no religion. So we have to fight with them in soft way and hard way. But I am very appreciate the role of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, how she faced with the accident in New Zealand. We appreciate him, that’s the way the world leader should behave when that thing happen in their country. So I salute the Prime Minister of New Zealand.” Mohamad then addressed the sources of terror funding, calling them the “father” and “mother” of terrorists. Elaborating on how terrorists have access to advanced weaponry and funding, Mohamad said: “These terrorists, who’s the father and mother? Because they have a lot of money, they have very sophisticated weapons. If they’re an NGO, I think they cannot afford to have that modern weapon.” Mohamad then referenced the presence of terrorists groups in Idlib, Syria, adding: “And now in Idlib, they even have rocket launcher. So who’s the father and mother? We must our intelligence must share and expose who the mother and father, then we can reduce their activity throughout the world.” China’s regional activity: “The China coast guard is bigger than Malaysia warship” Subsequently, Mohamad talked about the behaviour of China in the region and stressed the need for diplomacy, given that “the China coast guard is bigger than Malaysia warship”. Mohamad highlighted: “We know China is a border with us, China is near to us. So, any they changing of the policy will affect us. That’s why we — I know… sometimes they send their coast guard. The China coast guard is bigger than Malaysia warship. So how can we begin to chase them? So we cannot fight with them. But we will always talk to them, defend diplomacy, respect sovereignty…” Mohamad then referenced the opening speech of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, on May 31, who stated that a clash between America and China will see many nations affected. “… and if they (China) send a warship there, then America will also challenge them. So, when the elephant fight, the grass will suffer. When elephant laugh, the grass will suffer. That’s mentioned by Prime Minister Lee last night. So we must active defend diplomacy, that we must get together, many time, this not the first time, second time or third time, many time to dialogue, because we want to keep the peace neutrality zone in this area, especially in South China Sea.” Mohamad concluded his speech by criticising the behaviour of large countries for not sticking to their rhetoric of respecting the sovereignty of other countries, as laid down by international treaties: “Big powers, they come and they give speech, they say we respect sovereignty, we respect UNCLOS, we respect COC (Code of Conduct), but their behaviour is different. That is we, the small country, especially ASEAN, we must unite together to face this problem. Thank you very much.”
  2. Wah piang eh.. Buay tahan liao! Some drivers simply don't see the importance of the brake lights especially the 3rd brake light. Can we take pictures of these cars and submit to LTA? Not i jiak ba boh sai pang but these cars when they brake, u dont even know they brake if u r not alert! Especially without 3rd brake light. Sorry for friday rant but alot of taxis and old cars dont bother to repair.
  3. Hey folks, important announcement...I think those affected will have to go back to ICA to redo everything over again. Check your passport to avoid delays for your holidays ok? ICA has discovered a technical glitch affecting a batch of passports that was printed and issued to Singaporeans between 23 May and 3 June 2011 If your passport number is found in this list, please bring your passport and IC to ICA Building, Level 3, Counters 25 to 27 for verification. Affected passport holders can also contact us at our 24-hour hotline: (+65)6391 6611 for clarification. http://www.ica.gov.sg/
  4. Picture explains it all.. This dumb f**k just bring stupidity to a whole new level..
  5. everything must change meh? what's wrong with the same neighbourhood with same shops for 10/20/30 years? i thought this is not bad mah... no? considered left behind meh?
  6. do you agree on this statement? i somewhat disagree. if you are not a scholar, you are hardly "spotted" and "groomed" in the fast track we all know being a scholar ... the highway to success is laid nicely for you, isn't it? if your academic is so-so even good but not excellent ie scholar ... that's a diferrent story altogether unless you are born enterpreneur ... like steve job, bill gate, mark zukerberg, george lucas, google founder, etc ... they don't need to be scholar ... as their natural gene is not going to work under others :) "Success is not and cannot be determined by what happened in your school years. That gives you a foundation but it should not be the basis for determining who succeeds in life. We have to provide opportunities for everyone to improve and to advance on the job regardless of the qualifications they started with," said Mr Tharman. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../1224210/1/.htm
  7. http://nepp.nasa.gov/whisker/background/index.htm http://nepp.nasa.gov/WHISKER/ http://nepp.nasa.gov/WHISKER/reference/tec...-app-sensor.pdf Check out the important PDF article about whiskers causing pedal sensor to fail. I think everyone should get their sensors checked once in a while to ensure its working properly. Imagine you step on accelerator, nothing happens and all of a sudden the car just launches forward (going out of control). It can be dangerous.
  8. As above, may want to change my ride soon and it still got half a year warranty with AD, how important is this when selling or trade in to dealer, can neg for a better price?
  9. The Holy Email The other day God was looking down at Earth and saw all of the wicked Behavior going on... He sent one of his angels to earth to look into it. When the angel returned, he told God, "Yes, it is bad on earth; 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not." God was not pleased so he decided to e-mail the 5% that were good, because he wanted to encourage them and give them a little something to help keep them going... Do you know what the e-mail said? NO? Okay, I was just wondering because I didn't get one either.
  10. I dunno whether this has been posted before. This video scares the s--t out of me.To those who have children, please do safety check before moving off. As for me, my rear doors is 24 hrs set to child lock. Safety
  11. Adrianli

    My job is more important!!!

    Haizzz, I'm beginning to hate/dislike my new boss. Yesterday early morning, he spoke in a high tone to another colleague from another department to drop everything n attend to his job ASAP. I heard liao. Then yesterday my colleague found out that the job I submitted to him since April was not done at all. At 4.30pm, he instructed the colleague to teach me how to do it. Then 5.30pm as I was about to leave the office, he came n ask me how is the job now!!! Err......This job was like five months ago I submitted already but u never complete it and now u want me to do it, come n ask me how when I was taught one hour ago n I am going off now. I just said I think abt it n left. In my heart, I cursing him. This morning I came to my tots n just do the sh!t lor. Just five mins ago, he came n ask me how is it again. Then gave me another job n force me to give him a dateline for this new job. I thinking, wow lan er, I picking up ur sh!t n now u forcing another pile down my throat. So I ask him back to tell me his date line n I try to work towards. He fed up n told me to sum up wat I am doing so far n tell him tmr during the meeting. At the moment, one colleague on reservist n another on leave, I am covering the one on reservist. Damn sian working under him. I didnt want to take up tis position but my director push it to me, I wanted another position one. Now this kind of sh!t. Earlier I know his pattern one but haizzz. Just have to lun lor. Just ranting only. Back to work................
  12. study never show that more man are telling lies [laugh]
  13. ODC

    What's more important?

    When you meet with fellow drivers who like to challenge others .. Which one of this decide the winner? MCQ
  14. i was at Toast Box in Viviocity, having coffee break, and I was ordering my items. Suddenly I noticed that all the staff serving are all Filipinos; from the cashier to the people making the food items (nasi lemak, laksa, etc) to the guys clearing the tables. All foreigners. My question is WHY? Are all our locals aleady being employed? No one to be employed? How about the marine parade resident? Is our garment blind to this? Do we need to do something today to make a change?
  15. This article is written by a close buddy of mine.. It highlights why the whole Singapore's non-PAP supporters is pinning it's hope on voters in Aljunied. Original article here
  16. Hi Bros here, Juz did my wheel rotation this morning... When checking balancing of wheels, my mechanic told me 1 of the wheels abit warp. Ask my mechanic for any cheap rims lobang, but he told me my original rims offset very ulu, he dun have suitable types on hand.. So Bros, is offset (ET) a impt consideration when changing rims? If im not wrong, my original rims offset is 15mm, can i still use 1 which is ET 30+??? Sorry for the Noob qns, i'm a newbie in this field...
  17. Have you ever wondered why we tend to be more polite with total strangers than we are with our own family? Think back the last time you accidentally bumped into a passer-by. I wouldn
  18. Reckless / dangerous driving (1st offence): Fine not exceeding $3,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both Drunk driving: - Fine of not less than $1,000 and not more than $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months - Disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for a period of not less than 12 months Source The above offences pose a threat to public safety Messing with an OPC coupon can get up to $20k fine and jail up to 12 months or both. Tampering with fuel gages can get fines not exceeding $5,000 and/or jail term up to 12 months. These offence invloves cheating the govt's money? This is for discussion and exchange of opinions. Contrary opinions are fine, but try to be civil.
  19. Ahtong

    Which is more important?

    Assuming both tasks had to be done at the same time, which would you choose?
  20. Ahtong

    Acting Important

    Some people really go out of their way to act important. These are some I have witnessed and recounted here for your amusement. - At an official dinner, someone is called up on stage. On his way to stage, the guy stops at every other table to say hi to someone and indulge in small chit chat. - During a friend gathering, someone casually places his BMW key on the table. - Someone tells me this restaurant serves great food. I say "Oh really?". The guy says "Yah, I went there with [name of big shot] the other day." Anyone have other tales to share?
  21. Bridgestone is showing signs of performing a dramatic U-turn and staying in formula one beyond 2010. Currently, the Japanese supplier is due to depart at the end of the season, as potential replacements including Michelin, Pirelli, Avon, Kumho and possibly others clamour at the paddock turnstiles. But the teams are trying to persuade Bridgestone to stay, and have written a letter to Bridgestone Europe that will be passed on to CEO Shoshi Arakawa. "The request is an honour," said the marque's F1 boss Hiroshi Yasukawa. Before departing Barcelona, he indicated in a statement that F1 is still important to Bridgestone. "We hosted guests from the USA and Brazil as well as many from our European markets which has illustrated the importance of formula one as a business tool," said Yasukawa. "Our sales companies continue to support our formula one activities, showing the significance of this to our business. "We are proud to have the support of all of the teams in this fantastic sport," he added. FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh said the teams are hoping the issue of 2011 tyre supply is settled in Monaco this weekend, but Stefano Domenicali fears it might take another week. "There are four proposals that appear to be out there and maybe there's another couple as well," Whitmarsh confirmed to Reuters. And with Michelin wanting tyre competitors and the smaller teams wanting cheaper options, the Briton admitted that the concept of multiple brands in F1 next year is not out of the question. But he insisted: "If you use multiple suppliers, it has got to be controlled in terms of testing and development." Source: GMM
  22. any bro got this msg from FB, i haven't open the attachment, sent to my wrong email address some more looks like some hoax to me, watchout bros....
  23. Ev0lutionz

    An important person's birthday today

    Happy birthday to you!
  24. Iliketodrive

    Mummy or wife IMPORTANT?????

    i cant understand why i see so many guys so afraid of their wife. my STUPID uncle throw my grandma out becos wife dont like her. my grandma give him the damn HOUSE !!!!! my friend uncle also the same, got 3 damn daughter, doc, lawyer, but he dump his mother to my friend parent, who is not doing well & never give any $$. all becos wife dont like!!!!! wife die or run, still can remarry, mummy only got 1