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Found 35 results

  1. JeepChee

    Hi all

  2. Wah piang eh.. Buay tahan liao! Some drivers simply don't see the importance of the brake lights especially the 3rd brake light. Can we take pictures of these cars and submit to LTA? Not i jiak ba boh sai pang but these cars when they brake, u dont even know they brake if u r not alert! Especially without 3rd brake light. Sorry for friday rant but alot of taxis and old cars dont bother to repair.
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    MERRY CHRISTMAS ....... Everyone

    ........... MERRY CHRISTMAS ........... EVERYONE.
  4. Interesting article: http://www.todayonline.com/commentary/why-everyone-mean-and-stupid-and-getting-worse
  5. Wt_know

    Full Cash - T2 advise everyone

    there is pay cash ... and there is pay cash ... lol if i go Hour Glass and buy gold rolie with 24 months 0% interest is "unsecured credit" right? Debt-ridden borrowers given more time to repay bank loans Repayment scheme set up to help borrowers reduce unsecured debt
  6. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/insurance-should-...-tommy-koh.html Insurance should cover every person who seeks coverage, whether or not they suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, chronic diseases or congenital health conditions, said Singapore
  7. Any bros watched SH NGC: Inside Afghan ER? Saw the show last night and was somewhat traumatized.... It tells the real life experience of a US army combat hospital team in Camp Salerano in Afghanistan sometime in 2008 when the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) and the Talibans/insurgents were slugging it out bitterly. Injured friends or foes alike were flown in via Blackhawks to be treated at the hospital which was made up of Americans. The traumatizing part was when two seriously injured 101st AB troopers, victims of a IED, were wheeled in. Their Humvee was obliterated in the process and three of their buddies were KIA on the spot. Their condition were actually very critical and the surgeon, a Lieutenant Colonel, made the painful decision to amputate all their legs as well as arms of the Lieutenant, one of the victims. The nurse then used a small electric saw and started working on one of the limbs (thankfully this footage was in B & W) after which she used both her hands to carry the sawed-off bloody human thigh to dump it in a red plastic bag to be disposed of. Once their conditions were stabilized, they were heavily sedated and readied to be flown out to Germany for a more proper medical treatment. The film crew also shot footages of Afghans, friendly and hostile, being sent in for treatment. One was a suspected insurgent and this guy was in real bad shape. He was basically gurgling in his own blood and dying of lack of breath so the medical team tried to cut an opening in his throat to help him breath but then he suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest. Despite their best efforts, the bad guy kaput and the Afghan crew then moved in to prepare the body as accordance to Afghan ritual. Really a powerful show. It showed the gruesome aspects of a bitter war where many perished and if not dead, some were maimed beyond recognition for life... [:(] One thing interesting was that some of the US army nurses were actually officers. One old man nurse was a Lieutenant while another, a woman, was a Captain.
  8. Something to share and hope more people can take a step back and help look out for each other. [rolleyes]
  9. Mazdaowner

    Everyone just LOOVVEESSSS Radx.

    Yeah, some love, some hate his guts out, it's only people who really know the SWINE, know only too well, he helps from his heart (if there ever was one, Hahahaha! ) After the show, "Everyone Loves Raymond" this is MCF's version, Everyone Loves Radx!! Not ball carrying, I cross swords with him many a times before as well. And I found a true friend in this so called esshole. OOooowwwwwwwwww..... so sweet hor? Shoot away! EVERYONE LOOOOOVES RADX!
  10. Happily1986

    Everyone please drive safely

    1400hrs: Took Lentor entrance into SLE(CTE). Rightlane was cordoned off by EMAS recovery truck and subsequently by half a dozen reflective safety cones. Visual ID of vehicle not confirmed. Peripheral vision and OC's verbal account noted 2~3x TP riders and a single badly crumpled up subcompact hatchback. Possibly Suzuki Swift or Perodua Kenari. No other damaged vehicles spotted. i heaved a sigh of relief as OC couldn't help but gasp that the crumpled wreck was horrifying. No police tent, thats all that matters. 1420hrs: Sent OC back home and on Yishun exit from SLE(BKE). Spotted a hurried Avante patrol car with strobe lights flashing, travelling from Yishun (possibly Yishun South NPC) ascending the SLE(CTE ramp) My heart sank. Gut feel told me that Avante was delivering police tent. God bless that poor soul. Guys please drive safely.
  11. Helloworld88

    Why everyone cut queue ?

    I horn and highbeam because you cut into my lane last minute, you then proposely slow down , what kind of driver you are ? Video Link :
  12. Do you think this is true? "Low" income couple of $5000 can buy new HDB which is $$$ "High" income couple of $10,000 must buy either resale or condo which is $$$$$$ So at the end of the day, one couple may stay in a more "atas" address but everyone is paying through the nose and other than cosmetic differences, floor area is about the same. If the income ceiling is raised, $5000 couple will be damn pissed because the high income earner is now competing with them for flats. But in reality supply is not really a problem, just that a certain horse last time don't want to build.
  13. HEHEHE i am still driving my 1.6L manual Octvia
  14. KARTer

    Goh Joke Tong

    Together Singaporeans Can Make A Difference Goh Joke Tong
  15. "While more than two-thirds (69%) of drivers consciously worry about being killed when driving, only 1% believe they perform worse than average when it comes to driving safely. Conversely, 98% think they are safer than, or as safe as the average driver." Lifted directly from a UK press release I received today - though it was kind of appropriate.
  16. Greatbirdlegend

    Jobs for everyone

    Keep the good news coming. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_641244.html
  17. Interesting Article: http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/06/07/wh...rs-male-bosses/ I do agree with the findings. although exceptions are always there !!
  18. Nadia Comaneci The first perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars in Montreal 1976. The display buay tahan already. No extra digits so her score became 1.00! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tl0kE7Oels You can see how tense her competitor from USSR Nellie Kim is. Here again in Montreal 1976 on the balance beam. Here is the floor routine from Montreal 1976 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B6IOpduitQ I'm afraid the video is pretty poor in quality but you can make out the smile as she does the floor routine. More like she is having fun than competing. Her book Letters to a young gymnast is available in the NLB. It is a good read and it does tell you the bleakness in a commie country. Also tells you how came to be under husband and wife coach Karolyis. In the end, both the Karolyis fled Romania to the US. Nadia made her escape in 1989.
  19. Sorry to all the innocent bros here, due to the above stated title. Just got into an accident this morning, and hit a taxi. This time GG liao, my premium will rise exponentially, and other innocent motorists' insurance premiums will suffer an increase as well due to me adding to the stats. Haiz...
  20. Little_blue

    Hello everyone!

    hi everyone!!! little blue is back.... it's been a long time... two years to be exact! just saying hi to everyone who still remembers me.... and of coz everyone else who's here. just rejoining the forum after a long while N to the ppl i know who are still here, Xiao Lan finally pass advanced theory n taking driving lessons al
  21. Thermodynamics

    Everyone happy with the new Fit/Jazz?

    Hi all Owners of the new fit/jazz, are you happy with your ride? Is there anything you don't like about your ride? Please share your experience here. For non-fit/jazz owners, what's enticing you to change to this ride?
  22. In the recent car robbery at N-S highway, why rob the Singaporean Ferrari couple when the best selling car brand in Malaysia is Ferrari. :) ------- Source: http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?...6&sec=lifefocus THE best selling car brand in Malaysia today is Ferrari. Yup, you read right
  23. Good article although somewhat technical. Maybe the road planners here should read it. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080...of-anarchy.html
  24. David

    Now, can everyone land..

    OK everyone can fly...look at this http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=4377513