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Found 107 results

  1. Been encountering alot of these 'blind' pedestrians. Walk across road, nvr look out for traffic, like grandfather's road. Yesterday encounter 1, dash across road without checking for cars, gimme a scare.....
  2. https://mothership.sg/2020/03/police-nsf-police-car/?fbclid=IwAR1O8yo6xDz8ABFkkmlokWCxbDADRb7SX89sJCfa2Wo5N0TuPbIB1W7N-3o She can be heard laughing and saying: “So this is the ride for tonight, we’re going in a police car.” Speaking to Mothership, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that the boy is a 19-year-old Full-time Police National Serviceman (PNSF). “The Police have arrested a 19-year-old Full-time Police National Serviceman (PNSF) for theft of a police vehicle on 19 March 2020. Preliminary investigations revealed that the PNSF, attached to the logistical support office of Protective Security Command (ProCom), had drove the police vehicle out of ProCom without authorisation. Police investigations are ongoing. Officers of the Singapore Police Force, including PNSFs, are expected to uphold the law and maintain high standards of discipline and integrity. Those who commit criminal offences will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”
  3. I am asking this question is that it seems like Proton are treating us as a fool. Example, they have came out Waja with Campro engine more than 8 months ago (I knew because my in-law drives one) and we are still not selling it here. Waja with Campro engine could clock at least 650km per full tank with the way my in-law drive in Malaysia. He told me that Waja without Campro engine could only clock max 580km per full tank. Since in Singapore we are paying so much for a car, Proton is not selling us their latest/best car. Same thing goes for Perduo, Myvii has been selling like hot cake in Malaysia and is a good car but in Singapore it is still not available, they are still selling Kelisa..... Don't proton owners in Singapore felt short charge? No wonder their sales never go up.
  4. On and off, we will come across news, photo or video footage of driver(s) performing stupid stunt / act with their ride(s). Let me start off with these 3 cases reported recently (overseas). Autonomous car from Ford? Not yet... Residents of Arlington, Virginia, were stunned to see an unmarked, gray Ford Transit van tooling around town without a human driver behind the wheel. According to ARLnow, the vehicle was spotted driving through the Courthouse and Clarendon neighborhoods with nary a soul in the driver’s seat. Some speculated the van was part of Virginia Tech’s recently approved autonomous driving tests... ... A few days later, NBC 4’s transportation reporter Adam Tuss spied the driverless van again at a stop sign. And when he approached, Tuss noticed the driver’s “seat” had two hands and legs sticking out from it. Tuss tried to get the costumed driver to talk, but they sped off, running a red light in the process. A Cage to Protect Your Rolls-Royce, Will it Work? A rich guy buys $645,000 (Australian dollars) Rolls-Royce a few weeks ago, and then decides the parking structure of the luxury apartment building just wasn’t secure enough to safeguard his Roller. The Rolls owner had a custom cage built surrounding his parking space to protect the Rolls-Royce, sort of like how you’d protect a $500,000 labradoodle. Unfortunately, that very cage, built with the sole purpose to protect the car, also proved to be what caused a good amount of damage to the car, since the owner soon found that navigating in and out of the cage was a challenge beyond his skills, and ended up driving into one of the cage’s support poles and walls, causing a surprising amount of damage to the car. The steering was damaged along with a good bit of bodywork on the side and rear, plus the loss of a marker light that probably costs more than most of the objects you and I interact with every day. Ouch... ... Lessons learnt: Cars aren’t meant to be kept in cages. Especially if you’re pretty shitty at parking as it is. Porsche Pay For Owners Sunglasses? Lawsuits and settlements are usually pretty straight forward but one involving Porsche is anything but normal. A class action lawsuit has resulted in the company being held responsible for compensating owners for sunglasses - yes, sunglasses. According to the settlement, customers who purchased or leased any Porsche model between 2007–2016 are eligible to make a claim. However, the vehicle must have been equipped with a Cognac, Luxor Beige, Natural Brown, Platinum Grey, or Sand Beige dashboard. If you're one of the handful of Porsche owners who fit that description, you could receive up to $175 in compensation. Affected owners can check out DashboardGlareClassAction.com for more information but claims for sunglasses need to be submitted by September 21st. Customers who made other modifications to reduce the glare coming off their dashboards will have until June 25th of next year to submit a claim. The whole issue sounds ridiculous but the original lawsuit claimed the glare was a safety issue. Porsche objected to this notion but eventually decided a lengthy court battle wasn't worth the effort. In case you were wonder, the lawyers for the plaintiffs will apparently receive $790,000 in attorneys’ fees and $50,000 for expenses. That should be more than enough to buy a few Porsches and their own pair of sunglasses. Penny wise, pound foolish??
  5. StreetFight3r

    $7 gojek driver wanna be famous lol

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2852222498129027&id=100000239154468 Let's make him famous then before video removed
  6. SINGAPORE: A serial prank caller who repeatedly made nuisance calls to the police – despite being jailed for the same offence previously – was sentenced to three years' jail on Thursday (Sep 6). Gurcharan Singh, a 61-year-old cleaner, usually made the 999 calls after drinking alcohol, the court heard. The latest incidents occurred over two days in June this year, with Singh making two calls on the first day and 15 on the second. On Jun 10, Singh called the police using a public phone at a void deck in Chai Chee. As the operator could not hear what he was saying, he asked him to call back with another phone. Singh then told the operator: "You are stupid." When asked what emergency he was calling about, Singh spoke incoherently about immigration and corruption. He also said: "I put one dynamite to the immigration house." He knew this message to be false, Deputy Public Prosecutor Daphne Lim said. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/prank-call-police-jail-singapore-10689402
  7. Wind30

    Cancelling Uber eats account

    I hate Uber. I keep getting sms code Everyday cuz someone is trying to hack my account. With a 4 digit verification code, it is only a matter of time before they crack it. I tried cancelling my Uber account but my Uber eats is still active. How do u cancel Uber eats. I have never seen a company so hard to cancel
  8. Recently theres a guy who complain a certain airline for not supportive enough to let hia family to sit together on a flight back to sg. And he blame the airline for making him queue and thus got his poor kid's fever to worsen. He seems to like to blame and blame... Anyway just wondering is this a norm of our new generations or perhaps its just me who thinks this guy is full of self entitlement and is just about me and me and me ah
  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=534117390036660 Not bad. Good try. but It's blardy cheesy
  10. Anyone buy car and pay FULL CASH? Why? Clever or Stupid? Pls share why u pay Full Cash and why not? What are the Pros and Cons? If u pay full cash? Wats your model? How much? Is it wise to do so?
  11. Interesting article: http://www.todayonline.com/commentary/why-everyone-mean-and-stupid-and-getting-worse
  12. Went up to their unit to ask them to lower volume. They said ok but continue jamming away. Belong to a certain race as you all know it. Call police come laio then now start again. I think need to look for MP
  13. Jchuacl

    Stupid loan shark runner

    why splash paint on my parents place when it is our neighbour down the corridor who owe u money?? Bloody hell , hope u will kenna caught and serve time in jail !
  14. Hi all, I did something bad and stupid today, luckily nothing went seriously wrong, but's I feel it's something worth sharing. On my usual way home, most of the journey is on express way. My usual habit is to avoid lane 1 as I feel it's very stressful and accident prone, except for one special stretch of about 2-3km of the journey which the heavy vehicles usually occupy from lane 2 and inner, so I will goes to lane 1 for this stretch, and filter off lane 1 immediately after that. My habit is to keep 2-3 car length as safety distance even when I am travelling on lane 1. As usual, I was on lane 1 of that stretch of the road today on my way home. A silver Audi A8 came and started to tailgate me, well, I must admit that I was unhappy with that. By keeping 2-3 car length, I don't think I am road hogging. My intention was to keep to lane 1 after that stretch of road then let him pass after that. Suddenly, the Audi tried to overtake me from the left, and my unhappiness translated to pressing on the throttle to block him from overtaking me. But I filter off lane 1 immediately after that stretch of road to let him pass. The silver Audi didn't pass me after I went off lane 1, instead, he followed me all the way for more than 30km to where I intended to go. The Audi driver, a middle age guy got off the car and started screaming at me, I roughly remember his first statement was "what you think you are, I am driving a 4.2 V8, and you tried to play stun with me .... blur blur .... ", and lot of screaming following ..... I kept my cool, ask him to cool down ... I told him he's taking things too seriously .... I said sorry to him and after few minutes, he started talking to himself to cool down. Finally, we shake hand and he went off, hopefully his anger is over by now. Overall, nothing serious had happened. Out of curiosity, I punched his car number into Goolge. He's seems not very Internet savis, and his photo, his full detail is on the Internet. His's a technical director of a medium size MNC. Being able to drive an Audi A8 4.2, I assume he's should be quite successful in life. In conclusion, I should not have let my anger of the Audi's tailgating to block him from overtaking, I should have played defensive, slow down, even though his overtaking was a very close shave to my safety. However, I think I did well was I did not went mad and scream back at the Audi driver, else we may likely ended up fighting and get ourselves into more serious problem. Overall, I feel that life here is really very stressful that we must constantly remind ourselves to keep cool and don't let our emotion lead us to something stupid and even something unrecoverable.
  15. A Ferrari and an SBS Transit bus collided along Mountbatten Road on Friday night (June 26). The New Paper reader Mr Roy Lee was at home when he heard a loud bang at about 10.15pm. He said he came out to see the front of a Ferrari 456 Italia Spyder bumped up against a double decker bus. While he did not see how the accident happened, Mr Lee said the Ferrari was facing against traffic flow. Fortunately no one was hurt in the accident. A spokesman from the Singapore Civil Defence Force said two fire bikes and one ambulance were dispatched to the scene. shit. wrong section.
  16. Anyone read this? Come on, getting into a stranger's car just for a free ride?? She got more than a free ride, kenna robbed and raped. And a Proton Savvy?? At least a Toyota ma. SINGAPORE - A 34-year-old woman who had trouble getting a taxi at 5am got into the car of a stranger who offered to drive her further up the road. But she claimed the "good Samaritan" raped and robbed her before kicking her out of his car after he had his way with her. On Monday, 24-year-old storeman Haliffie Mamat stood trial in the High Court for raping the woman in his Proton Savvy along Kallang Bahru on May 4, 2013, and robbing her of her brand-name handbag and the items inside. He denies raping her and disputes the contents of her bag. The prosecution has lined up 40 witnesses to prove its case against Haliffie in a trial scheduled for eight days. Deputy Public Prosecutor Sellakumaran told the court that the victim, who cannot be named under a gag order, waited for about an hour along River Valley Road when Haliffie stopped his car and offered to drive her somewhere else where it was supposedly easier to get a taxi. After she got into the front passenger seat, Haliffie offered to send her home. She dozed off in the car and when she woke up, the car had stopped. The DPP said the evidence will show that Haliffie stopped the woman from alighting, threw her handbag to the backseat and raped her after a struggle. After the rape, Haliffie drove off for a short distance, stopped the car, opened the door on her side and kicked her out to the road. He then drove off with her bag. The stranded woman got into a taxi and told the cabby that she had been raped. The cabby and a friend he subsequently picked up nearby will testify about that the woman had asked to go to the police station, said the DPP. Police officers on duty at the Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre will also testify that the woman could not walk properly and was visibly injured when she told them she had been raped. Haliffie was nabbed when he sold a mobile phone that was in her bag. The prosecution will also lead medical evidence on her injuries and that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her ordeal.
  17. Nissan Motor Co said that it would roll out a new family of cars later this year, picking China for the new product launch for the first time. The Livina Geniss is to make its world debut at the International Motor Show Frankly when I first saw the new name Livina Geniss - I also saw - Virgina Peniss I mean which high level Japanese Nissan Exec signed off a silly arsed name like that??
  18. Fcw75

    Stupid snatch thief

  19. Porker


    McDonald’s Corp. said Chief Executive Don Thompson was leaving, less than three years into his tenure, and promoted a company veteran to try to revive the fast-food giant from its worst slump in more than a decade. Steve Easterbrook, 48 years old, who started with McDonald’s in 1993 and is currently chief global brand officer, will succeed Mr. Thompson on March 1, becoming the company’s third CEO in the past decade. McDonald’s gave no reason for the abrupt retirement of the 51-year-old Mr. Thompson but it comes after two years of worsening sales declines in its core U.S. market that have so far defied management’s remedies. Net income last year fell nearly 15%, to $4.76 billion, and McDonald’s stock has been basically flat since Mr. Thompson took over in July 2012—a period when the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 36%. McDonald’s shares rose more than 3% in after-hours trading on Wednesday following the news, to $91.60. A spokeswoman said the retirement, announced after a regularly scheduled board meeting on Wednesday, was Mr. Thompson’s choice. In a statement, Mr. Thompson said Wednesday, “It’s tough to say goodbye to the McFamily, but there is a time and season for everything.” “Steve is a strong and experienced executive who successfully led our U.K. and European business units and the board is confident that he can effectively lead the company to improved financial and operational performance,” said Andrew McKenna, McDonald’s nonexecutive chairman, said in announcing the change. Left unclear for now is how Mr. Easterbrook will address the broad range of challenges McDonald’s faces. Its business is under attack from a host of smaller, more focused “fast casual” restaurants that are winning younger consumers with fresher and more customized offerings. These range from burrito chain Chipotle Mexican GrillInc. to upstarts like Shake Shack Inc., a boutique burger joint with 63 locations that is expected to raise up to $109 million in an initial public offering scheduled to price on Thursday. The Golden Arches also is wrestling with the effects of its own expansion over the years, with more than 14,350 locations in the U.S.—4.6 for every county in the country—and a menu that executives acknowledge has become so bloated with items that it has slowed service. Mr. Thompson’s team, including Mr. Easterbrook, has unveiled a host of proposed solutions in recent months. It announced last month plans to eliminate low-selling items from its menu, and to expand experiments with more customized offerings. That followed a restructuring of its U.S. operations designed to give regions more autonomy to offer locally tailored products. This month, McDonald’s launched a new marketing campaign in the U.S. with commercials and food packaging designed to refresh its longtime “I’m lovin’ it” slogan, under Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl, who joined in March, and McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres, who took over in October. Still, McDonald’s said it expects January same-store sales to decline, after a 3.6% decline in global customer traffic last year, including a 4.1% drop in the U.S. “Don got fatally behind the last couple of years,” said John Gordon, restaurant consultant at Pacific Management Consulting Group. “And he hasn’t presented to the investment community that he’s moving quickly to solve these problems.” McDonald’s has a history of promoting within its ranks rather than recruiting outsiders, which comes with the risk that the changes won’t be substantial. But some investors and analysts think the potential to shake-up the business is still there with Mr. Easterbrook. “While Easterbrook is an insider, I think his expertise and focus on branding, media, and menu should give him credibility in the areas that McDonald’s is most needing change and improvement,” said Will Slabaugh, restaurant analyst at Stephens investment bank. Investor Bill Smead, CEO of Smead Capital Management, said that even though Mr. Easterbrook and Mr. Thompson have long been on the same management team, that doesn’t mean they have the same management style. “I think Don [Thompson] just wasn’t inspiring the franchisees or people around him in the way that they needed to be,” said Mr. Smead, whose firm owns about 168,000 shares of McDonald’s. Mr. Easterbrook has zig-zagged through McDonald’s corporate leadership roles, starting in London as a financial reporting manager in 1993. He climbed the ranks of its U.K. operations and in September 2010 was named the top brand officer. After just two months, he took over as the president of the European operations—then left McDonald’s less than a year after that. He then served stints as CEO of two British restaurant chains, PizzaExpress Ltd. and Wagamama Ltd., before returning to McDonald’s in June 2013 to head up global brand operations once again. Last March, McDonald’s broadened Mr. Easterbrook’s responsibilities to include oversight for corporate strategy and the restaurant solutions group as well as sustainability and philanthropy. Mr. Easterbrook has been vocal about McDonald’s need to make itself attractive again to “millennials,” often defined as the group born between 1980 and 2000, who are now in their mid-teens to mid-thirties. That age bracket once was a core demographic for the chain. Millennials “want to buy into a brand not just from it,” he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal last summer. “What we’ve got to do is find interesting and engaging ways to share that information with millennials, not old-fashioned corporate lecturing.” Also on Wednesday, McDonald’s appointed Google executive Margo Georgiadis to its board, representing a push to improve digital capabilities and connect with younger consumers. Mr. Thompson, McDonald’s first African-American CEO, took the helm after nearly a decade of prosperity led by Jim Skinner . Mr. Skinner became CEO in 2004, in the wake of McDonald’s last big business downturn. Mr. Skinner helped turn around McDonald’s U.S. operations, which had been suffering from overexpansion. Under his tenure, he slowed new-store openings and focused on improving the company’s operations. McDonald’s steered through the recession relatively unscathed, partly by rolling out coffee nationwide, which helped make the company one of the most successful restaurant chains at the time. By Mr. Thompson’s appointment as CEO in March 2012, McDonald’s stock price had nearly quadrupled since 2003 on strong revenue and profit gains.
  20. I had a operation on August.They dun provide letter of guarantee. So I pay around 8k cash n 3k medisave. They promise me, will pay me in 2week. Ccb. August 8th until now 3 fu(king long month, I have not even recieve a single cent. I keep calling them, they tell me need to investigate, zzzz . Investigate Wat? Trying to find out me n doc trying to cheat them is it. 100% screw up company. 11k , so small amount, fu(king big co can't pay, must delay so long. Next time buy insurance, please find those co that offer letter of guarantee!!
  21. Very interesting experiment. Many instances in real life.
  22. Neutrino

    Brave, stupid or both?

  23. Ahtong

    Is he trolling or just stupid?

    STOMPer Misnomer wonders why a store would be named something unrelated to its business. This was after coming across a clothing store at a shopping mall that was named like a bakery. The STOMPer wrote:
  24. BabyBlade

    Threesome ends in Horror

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Do6-Jkt048 Last Thursday, two ladies and one gentleman in Wenzhou were about to enjoy a steamy, "car-shaking" 3-header when one of them accidentally released the handbrake and sent the car hurtling down the hill and straight into a tree - ending the night with a 'bang' in an entirely different sense. Two dozen firefighters arrived on the scene to find the vehicle a twisted piece of metal, sprinkled with shards of glass from with the shattered windshields and filled with naked, bloodied women. One of the women broke both of her legs and needed firemen to pry her out with the jaws of life. The man walked away unharmed, but investigations are said to be ongoing. http://therealsingapore.com/content/2-chinese-girls-and-1-china-man-threesome-inside-car-ends-horrific-accident
  25. Little_prince

    Stupid china kids.

    A group of Chinese students caused a stir online when they allegedly ordered "cooked sushi" at arguably the world's greatest sushi restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro. When the staff refused, one of them, surnamed Lin, ranted online about their "poor service," hoping her countrymen would sympathize. They did not. RocketNews24 reports: As most people know, the vast majority of sushi toppings include raw fish, clams or some other form of edible goodness from the sea. Lin’s friends found the Japanese delicacy incredibly hard to swallow, and after testing their limits with two pieces of fishy sushi, apparently exited the restaurant to fill their bellies with deep-fried pork cutlets at a nearby establishment. The remaining entourage then cancelled all the items on their pre-ordered course and asked to switch to “cooked sushi” … to go. In response to the unusual request, the sushi master enquired, “Is sushi served cooked in your country? If you can’t handle raw food, you should have informed us when you made the reservation!” Possibly feeling humiliated for being questioned, Lin then retorted, “Who knew!? I didn’t make the reservation!” Lin expressed her outrage in her post, writing, “If we were Abe! If we were Obama! Would he dare to show such an attitude?” Because how could she possibly know the world's most famous sushi restaurant, and the subject of hit film Jiro Dreams of Sushi, actually served sushi, right? Also, we assume neither Abe or Obama ordered "cooked sushi." We're glad seats at a restaurant that requires you to make a reservation a year or more in advance were wasted on this group. Lin's online rant was recently taken down after she was bombarded with (rightfully) scathing netizen comments. Here's a screenshot: At 2:45 p.m., I brought my food to the restaurant again right after it closed. I've received criticism and suggestions from from many people. I stood at the door and said sorry. The person who answered the door was the head of the restaurant. I asked him if he could remember me. He beamed and said yes... He asked why I didn't eat raw food but still went to a Sushi restaurant. I said it was because of work. I didn't choose which restaurant we ate at. He asked why I didn't say sorry for being 40 minutes late. I said it was my fault. Forgetting to say sorry was my fault too. It's my problem. He asked why I talked to the staff about having the sushi cooked. I said because at that moment, I... probably from the same ilk that expect singaporean not to cook curry in our own house. kaoz