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  1. Owner lived at Jurong east area where I use to live. It was one of a kind. Gold + dragons. Really sad if it was scrapped.
  2. UncleAtas

    Myanmarese neighbour's food

    It's rebung aka bamboo shoots. Thais use it a lot for their cooking too. Smells bad but the taste is nice.
  3. UncleAtas

    How many kids do you have? local singaporeans only

    Same exact story here.
  4. Not many knows Apollo. The IE is a definite hyper. PHOTO HERE
  5. Most underrated supercar. Not forgetting Maserati MC12.
  6. You did not mention. So what's ur estimated renewal cost?
  7. not at fault. Both claims got video evidence that the car is stationary and no one pilot it?
  8. probably first time driving there. And in high speed who brakes during a cornering? haizzzz… E G O
  9. UncleAtas

    Track Day Calendar for the Year 2020

    Some of the timings are wrong. ACM round 2 should be in the AM.
  10. UncleAtas

    Royal Family Rumble

    I was hoping for nasi lemak photos.
  11. UncleAtas

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    Savage level 99999999999999999
  12. HAHAHAH. Their pet dog fart also can trigger oil price up.
  13. UncleAtas

    Motorist seeks court order to renew 5-year COE

    Should implement 100 years COE. Car-Knee-Nah!