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  1. You did not mention. So what's ur estimated renewal cost?
  2. not at fault. Both claims got video evidence that the car is stationary and no one pilot it?
  3. probably first time driving there. And in high speed who brakes during a cornering? haizzzz… E G O
  4. UncleAtas

    Track Day Calendar for the Year 2020

    Some of the timings are wrong. ACM round 2 should be in the AM.
  5. UncleAtas

    Royal Family Rumble

    I was hoping for nasi lemak photos.
  6. UncleAtas

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    Savage level 99999999999999999
  7. HAHAHAH. Their pet dog fart also can trigger oil price up.
  8. UncleAtas

    Motorist seeks court order to renew 5-year COE

    Should implement 100 years COE. Car-Knee-Nah!
  9. I quite enjoy hearing these kind of videos. There was 1 lady ATC which was experiencing a stroke and slurring her words. She was the only ATC as the partner went on break. Pilots managed to comm among them up in the air and landed safely.
  10. There will always be somebody to forgo their spare change. The multistrada pikespeak used is going above 50k.
  11. GoJek has responded. Driver was suspended, but only for a period of time. Probably only suspended for 1 day. Somebody need to make a report to LTA to get his demerits. If happen to me, i'll just ignore and continue sitting inside his car. Or just agree to disagree. Once reach destination then say "oh sorry I change my mind".
  12. UncleAtas

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    Just tried TPG. Only 1 bar of network at workplace. Tested watching youtube, CMI.
  13. UncleAtas

    Pay for fines according to your income?

    All those making shit tons of money will say no.