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Found 123 results

  1. plastic bags and other container i can understand but no straw and cup lids? they probably need more cleaners to clean up more mess.
  2. https://www.publicguardian.gov.sg/opg/Pages/The-LPA-Submit-the-completed-LPA-form.aspx?ParentTag=The+LPA Those that are pangtang, can ignore, but like insurance, its good that you can appoint someone who can take charge of the situation or rather you think can take care of the best interest.
  3. carloverguy2017

    DIY steering wheel wrap - very nicely done !

    Here is a very successful DIY project - leather wrap ( or Alcantera ) on steering wheel. The wrap is customised for each specific model of steering wheel, and they provide all necessary items required for the DIY, which is a rather nice feature . There shall be no mention of what seller since this post is to show you how easy to DIY your steering wrap. If you are good at hands-on, do consider this option instead of paying hundreds to shops instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xU_IvxSN2A
  4. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ct-gst-20121121 Win liao loh..
  5. Hi gurus. Long story short. Early Dec: Offered renewal quote by insurance Mid Dec : Branch hit front windscreen. Windscreen replaced with no excess because I purchase the plan with "no windscreen excess." End Dec: Renewed Insurance. Cover note issued. Road Tax renew. 3 Jan: CSO called and tell me they will invalidate my motor insurance as my premium have now increase due to the windscreen replacement. No mention of increase in premium until 3 Jan. So now I have 2 qns. 1) Can they invalidate my insurance at this point?! I have written in to LTA and GIA to seek further clarification. 2) Wouldn't it make consumers a fool since we are then paying twice for windscreen? I pay more to get a plan with "no windscreen excess". Now that I replace my windscreen I have to pay a higher premium because my wind screen was replace. Then isnt I paying twice? Then why don't we all just buy the cheapest policy since ultimately we are still the suckers???
  6. how much and did it work ??
  7. Please share for interest sake. The job can be dirty (literally or metaphorically), uncommon, interesting, or just plain weird.
  8. Recently a mass culling of stray dogs in Seremban create some hoo-ha in Malaysia and caught quite a fair bit of attention. Here is the link. https://www.worldofbuzz.com/viral-photos-of-stray-dogs-being-euthanised-publicly-seremban-send-msians-into-outrage/ Lets share some views on what do you think of such acts by the gov given that there is news of rabies in 3 states in Malaysia. What about the shooting of crows here? Mad cow disease and bird flu saw thousands of these animals put to sleep? Is it cruel to do this? Or sld there be other ways to control the situation? I think dog lovers are going to be firing at full power.. But I think it is more than dogs only..
  9. Aventador

    DBS Advertisement - Very Well Done

    Just came across this DBS ad on the internet was impressed, very much like the touching Thai ads, and the Malaysian CNY ads I wonder was it done by a Thai ad agency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghDQjbDeqxE
  10. Hi ppl How many of you , dog owners have sent your dogs for licencsing with AVA? I read on the paper today , not many are doing it because of the fees ($70) involved , or fear of being slapped with a heavy fine ($5000) , if the pet is found with no license . Because of this , some have even abandoned their pets!!! I have two dogs with no licenses now , and want to apply license for them ...but defintely dun want to be slapped with 10k fine
  11. Tried to remove some minor scratches on the alloy rims (non glossy non shining type) with fine sandpaper on a boring sunday. Managed to buff out the scratches but left a bit of polishing marks . It is not noticeable unless look at it closely. I can live with it. Do I need to do anything more on the affected areas like applying a protective coat?
  12. I've done all! except no 8, maybe is should try it later.. hahaha
  13. The woman who miraculously survived a 10-storey fall last Friday and landed in a condominium pool, will leave the hospital today - with nothing more than bruises. In an interview with The Sunday Times from her hospital bed yesterday, Chinese national and karaoke hostess Zhou Zhi Hui, 25, said doctors transferred her from a high dependency ward to a general ward yesterday at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 'The doctors said landing in the swimming pool saved my life. If I had landed on the ground, I would have been finished. I am very lucky,' said Ms Zhou in Mandarin. She looked tired and spoke in a soft voice because her chest would hurt when she spoke louder. She said the doctors had told her she had neither broken bones nor internal injuries, but she is taking painkillers to ease the pain in her chest and arms. Her dramatic fall happened last Friday morning when she climbed out of her 12th-floor Balestier condominium unit at The Citrine and lost her grip, landing in the swimming pool on the second level of the 20-storey building. She had apparently been arguing with a man she referred to as her 'landlord' over his refusal to apply for a work pass for her. She claimed the man grew belligerent, locked her in the apartment and even took away her mobile phone. 'Can you imagine what it was like? I was so frightened. All I could think of was to get out. I did not care how I was going to do so, I just wanted to get out,' said Ms Zhou. She said she tried to climb to a lower floor but could not hold on to the balcony as she did not have enough strength. That was when the Shandong native, who works here as a KTV hostess, fell 10 storeys into the pool below. 'The moment I lost my grip, I thought I was going to die. I felt that I was turning in the air. Everything was a blur. And then suddenly I hit the water.' She said she realised she had to get out of the water and began swimming furiously, before being helped out by one of the estate's cleaners. When Ms Zhou arrived in Singapore last month to work, she never imagined she would have such a close brush with death. She had heard from friends that she could earn good money as a KTV hostess here. The high school graduate was working as a makeup artist in a bridal studio and also at her family's steel parts shop in Shandong. She said she made just a few hundred Singapore dollars a month. 'I came here to earn money so that I can go home and get married. Most girls of my age in China have a few kids already. Of course, I feel pressured to get married,' she said. She borrowed 50,000 yuan (S$9,800) from her friends to pay her 'landlord' and buy a plane ticket. She did not tell her parents which country she was going to or what job she would be doing, as she knew they would object. She told only her younger sister, she said. Before she left, she broke up with her boyfriend in China because they did not get along, but is now dating a Taiwanese salesman who is working in Singapore. Here, she claims she worked at Tiananmen KTV & Lounge in Havelock Road and was earning more than $3,000 a month, but when The Sunday Times went there last night, all the staff members approached claimed they did not know who she was. 'It is not good to let others know that KTV hostesses can earn so much. They won't want to leave the job. Unlike me, I know this is a temporary job. I want to go back to China,' she said. She said she had worked from 6pm to midnight almost every day for the past month and entertained customers by chatting with them and singing. There were seven other KTV hostesses staying at her Balestier apartment, but Ms Zhou said they left one by one. Since Friday, only one friend has visited her at the hospital - her ex-roommate, a fellow Chinese national whom she will be staying with when she is discharged today. She said she does not plan to meet her landlord again and will try to pay part of the money she borrowed from her friends with the money she has earned so far. She said the police told her that they will speak to her when she is discharged today. 'I plan to go back to China soon. I don't know when exactly though. I came here to earn money but I want to avoid trouble,' she said, looking resigned. Source: The Straits Times Interactive
  14. Darryn

    Three things I've done today

    1. Got a new client 2. Converted my company to a Pte Ltd 3. Bought my first set of stocks online What are three things you've done today?
  15. Hi Wondering if you guys have any suggestions as what can be done to help resolve the issue. My dad bought a second hand merc from a car dealer at Commonwealth. He liked it and we discussed the details. After which, I had requested that they write on the document that they will provide a six month warranty for the car. They told me that They could not do so as that document is to be submitted to IRAS. Huh? Then when the inspection report came back, it was stated that the muffler was not approved and they were asked to remove the two mufflers. However when we went to collect the car, the mufflers were all there. The lady said not to worry, if inspection does not pass, can look for them again. Huh?? Again I requested for her to write down the warranty period but she said she couldn't in the document . after assuring us that all is ok, we left with the car. Now after driving for less than a month, we noticed that the aircon blows hot and told intermittently. I asked the agent and They said it is part of wear and tear. I asked if They did a proper check of the car and if They did, this shouldn't happen at all. Now she says she will "talk to her boss" to see how to help. Am just wondering if we have any case for insisting that they repair the aircon Since we have only driven it less than a month. Did any of you ever encounter such a matter? Hope to get your advice ..thanks in advance !
  16. Deputylove8

    Where can one get a sunroof done?

    My apologies as I know that this post was made before. I've read thru them and have called shops like the sunroof guy,audio concepts etc but they are no longer doing it.These were the shops recommended by the other threads. I also realized that these threads were made in 2006/7 etc. That explains why most of the shops I called no longer do them. Would appreciate it if anyone knows any sunroof contacts, may I get them from you. Thank you very much Famy 83995999
  17. Very interesting experiment. Many instances in real life.
  18. South Korea announces US$10b energy package Posted: 08 June 2008 1555 hrs Photos of SEOUL : South Korea on Sunday announced a 10 billion dollar energy package aimed at helping consumers cope with the effects of rising oil prices. The package includes tax rebates for 12.8 million people for one year and subsidies for low earners to buy fuel, Prime Minister Han Seung-Soo said in a statement. "We have great difficulty as our country is the world's fifth-largest oil consumer while it does not produce a drop of oil," Han said. Among the beneficiaries of the 10.49 trillion won (10.3 billion dollars) package are truckers who have threatened to strike unless the government helps them reduce surging energy costs, the statement said. Oil prices on Friday posted their highest ever one-day gain of nearly 11 dollars, hitting a new record of 138.54 dollars a barrel in New York trade. Han added that the government would consider further measures, including tax cuts, if oil prices exceed 170 dollars per barrel. - AFP/ms
  19. At the height of the Commonwealth Games, Singapore looks set to have one of their best games ever. This is fantastic and awesome, and I want to offer the joy and hugs to the whole of Team Singapore. With the games ongoing - I decided to take a look at some stuff so that I could write a blog post about Facebook Support for Sports teams - and it threw up some interesting things... What I see in this simple and straight forward comparison - there is a comparative dearth of support for local teams - why do you think this is, and what can be done about it? here's another excerpt from my post.. In Singapore – there are 218,000 Man U facebook fans and 122,000 Liverpool fans (ranking 1 and 2 respectively in the “Sports” category as measured by Socialbakers). There are FIVE “non Singapore” teams in the top 10. Compare this to New Zealand – the first “Non New Zealand” sports page is the (Australian) NRL – a league that has a New Zealand team competing at number 5. The highest ranking page with no direct New Zealand link is the NBA (American Professional Basketball) at number 9. The first “non New Zealand” TEAM comes in at number 12 (the LA Lakers) Measuring the comparative success using the Commonwealth Games as a proxy - New Zealand has thirty something medals, to Singapore's 6. (some of this is due to a bigger population, with NZ at 4.4 million compared to Singapore's 3.3 million citizens) .
  20. RadX

    Well done George Yeo!

    This man, I still respect and like! Good choice! Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has been appointed to a special Vatican commission set up by Pope Francis. SINGAPORE: Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has been appointed to a special Vatican commission set up by Pope Francis. The move is part of efforts by Pope Francis to reform the Holy See and help it move on from a series of scandals and allegations of corruption that made the news under his predecessor Benedict XVI
  21. Sorry Lexus that is. Free road tax in the UK. Its a shame that Singapore is not a eco-friendly town.
  22. Ysc3

    Anyone done self storage ?

    anyone used such services ? what's the rates like and how's the service, if any ?
  23. Nissan almost killed off Infiniti Since the CEO doesn't even care about Infiniti , will they build their cars like ''chin chye''?
  24. Xefera

    Would you have done the same?

    If you are at an intersection, going straight means having to pay ERP, but the queue to turn out before the gantry is too long, would you 1) wait and queue up/chance to filter into the turning lane? 2) or follow what the car in the video has done? Video