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Found 9 results

  1. Wah no fried chicken (KFC) in MY for a while sia, so will KFC SG grab to MY? All other chicken outlets, faster stock up, give promotions and take their customers. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/business/kfc-malaysia-temporarily-shutters-outlets-citing-challenging-economy-4302171
  2. I would have thought it is a April's Fool joke if posted 2 months later. Distasteful. [thumbsdown] KFC Thailand draws backlash over fried chicken incense sticks for Lunar New Year source: https://nextshark.com/kfc-thailand-fried-chicken-incense-sticks Last week, KFC Thailand reportedly shared a video about the product on Instagram. The incense sticks, which come in a box of 11, have been designed to look and smell like fried chicken thanks to a combination of scents from 11 herbs and spices, Marketing Oops reported. Following several outraged Instagram users’ reactions to the product, KFC Thailand reportedly took down the video from the social media platform on Saturday morning. However, the video is still up on Facebook. Several of them pointed out that the product is inappropriate given the millennia-old tradition of burning incense sticks in Asia. The practice is meant to commemorate various events, such as special occasions and funerals. People also burn incense sticks during their daily prayers and while they pay their respects to their ancestors.
  3. The KFC Chicken Skin will be a limited time offer, while stocks last. Each customer will be limited to 5 sets per transaction. It is also not available at KFC Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo.
  4. plastic bags and other container i can understand but no straw and cup lids? they probably need more cleaners to clean up more mess.
  5. Is the KFC game console real? PS5 and Xbox Series X parodied by Colonel Sanders! source: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/06/15/is-the-kfc-game-console-real-ps5-xbox-series-x/ Although 2020 has been a miserable year so far, its conclusion could be good for gamers thanks to the planned releases of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, in addition to Sony and Microsoft, another next-gen console has emerged from KFC with specs more mouth-watering then their kentucky fried chicken. People have been asking is the KFC game console real, and here you’ll discover what there is to know. Sony conducted a PlayStation 5 reveal event last week where they finally showed what the console looks like. Similar to its controller, the PS5 console is largely white with aspects of black. It stands out from the Xbox Series X which resembles a PC, and it looks awfully futuristic (or like a Wi-Fi router). However, while Sony’s next-gen console and the Xbox Series X both look magnificent, the suddenly announced KFC game console looks even better. But, is it actually real? KFC video game console price There’s no price for the KFC video game console. However, although it doesn’t have a price, the KFC video game console does have a release date of November 12th, 2020. In addition to boasting a release date, the trailer for the suddenly announced platform shows that it will feature crossplay multiplayer as well as “true 4K” and 120 FPS. Enveloped in black with bits of red, the KFC video game console is shaped after a kentucky fried chicken bucket. It certainly looks impressive with the chicken chamber being the biggest selling point, but alas you most definitely won’t be able to actually get it. Is the KFC video game console real? No, the KFC video game console is not real. Although the KFC gaming Twitter account hasn’t said whether their video game console is real or not, it’s clearly a parody of the Xbox Series X and more specifically the PS5. Granted, the kentucky fried chicken foodchain has created finger-licking keyboards and mouse before in the past, as well as even crocs, but don’t expect their gaming system to come out on November 12th. After all, a video game console with a BBQ grill called the Chicken Chamber is a dream too good to be true for those of us who aren’t vegans.
  6. Must go KFC S’pore on Tuesdays because 6pcs for $9 promotion is back until further notice Mark all Tuesdays on your calendar because KFC Singapore is bringing back their 6pc chicken for only $9 offer. Available all day every Tuesday for a limited period, customers will be able to choose from Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy for their fried chicken. Save more than $10 That means you pay only $1.50 for every piece of chicken.
  7. Meemee

    War zone kfc

    Super horrible kfc at jurong east swimming complex 720pm today Stack of pizza boxes left unclear Not a single one clear the leftover ...... War zone ......
  8. TOKYO—Christmas is coming, so it’s time to reserve fried chicken and cake in Japan. Consumption of those two foods has so firmly come to mark the informal holiday here—Dec. 25 isn’t an official day off—that few Japanese are aware other countries prefer somewhat different Christmas cuisine. “I had no idea,” said 22-year-old university student Ryuya Morimoto, informed that chicken and cake aren’t American yuletide staples. “When I was a little kid, we would eat chicken as a family,” he said, “and then have Christmas cake, with a little chocolate piece on the top that said, ‘Merry Christmas.’ ” Families like his make this the busiest time of the year for Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Japan. KFC lets customers reserve fried chicken as early as October’s end. Those who try buying buckets on Christmas Eve risk having to stand in line up to six hours under the watchful eye of a Santa-suited Colonel Sanders. Japan’s Christmas-chicken tradition dates to the early 1970s, when a non-Japanese customer came into a Tokyo KFC store one day to buy fried chicken as a turkey substitute, according to the chain. KFC, still struggling at the time to win Japanese over to eating greasy food with their fingers, hatched the idea for a new Christmas tradition.It was a hit among families, and a lasting ritual was born. “Christmas is boring without Kentucky,” said 18-year-old high-school student Yuna Nakajima, using the name by which KFC is popularly known in Japan. Ms. Nakajima has already reserved her chicken this year, planning to enjoy the traditional meal on Christmas Eve. A spokeswoman for KFC Holdings Japan Ltd. said December’s sales every year are double regular monthly sales. The publicly traded company operates under a franchise agreement with a subsidiary ofYum Brands Inc. For the first time this year, KFC Japan is letting customers reserve online at many of its stores, after a trial last year. Customers can pick up their Christmas baskets from Dec. 19 through Dec. 25. Recently, some of the nation’s ubiquitous convenience stores have been crowing that they offer a better deal.FamilyMart Co.’s “premium chicken” basket starts at around $20. The chain, with more than 11,000 stores in Japan, says in its advertising: “If there isn’t fried chicken, it isn’t Christmas.” By contrast, turkeys and pigs are under no particular stress at this time of year in Japan, as the American and European custom of eating those meats at Christmas is hardly known. Student Ms. Nakajima gasped when she heard that turkey was among America’s yuletide preferences. “Christmas and chicken are one,” she said. The KFC in Japan is the real deal! Please go try it when you're there
  9. Happen to come across some youtube videos on prank calls For you listening pleasure... Ah Beng and a Banglaldeshi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj1Khl9g5TI Maid Agency Prank Call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI6zo9B0pxc
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