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Found 72 results

  1. D3badge

    Chicken in a Biskit

    Hi anyone know where in Singapore that still sell this Chicken in a Biskit? been searching NTUC and ColdStorage the last 3 months can seem to find on their shelves. Did Singapore discontinue because Made in China now? As Australia stop selling since late last year 2015. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/ritz-in-a-biskit-chicken-and-dixie-drumstick-snacks-discontinued-in-australia/news-story/90a755e390ca181deb82fdc457c4635c
  2. Lab-grown chicken to be sold in Singapore after 'world's first' approval for cultured meat SINGAPORE: Consumers in Singapore can soon get a taste of lab-grown or cultured chicken after food technology start-up Eat Just received the go-ahead to sell the product here. Announcing this on Wednesday (Dec 2), Eat Just said its cultured chicken has been given “first-in-the-world regulatory approval” by Singapore authorities. It will be used as an ingredient in its “chicken bites” or nuggets which the company plans to launch at a later date. This would likely be the first time globally that a cultured meat product is sold commercially, said the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), which made public on Wednesday new guidelines to ensure the safety of food inventions. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/eat-just-lab-grown-chicken-cultured-meat-first-approval-sfa-13681072 Alright, who wants to eat delicious man-made chicken ?
  3. https://www.scmp.com/video/china/3122632/visitor-chinese-zoo-dangles-live-chicken-tiger-enclosure The court shld hang the idiot on the pole for the tiger.
  4. I think the best fried chicken in Singapore for me is at Wisma lvl 5 beside the food court. It’s a Japanese karaage shop, at japan town. I am worried they close down because dunno why not much business leh. Weird...
  5. its my favourite also … no wonder cant find it recently in the supermarts ... ‘It’s the end of the world!’: Hong Kong netizens upset that US sausage company has declared bankruptcy Let’s be frank, chicken frank. Even with the ongoing China/US trade war, rarely does economic news out of the ol’ US of A rattle Hongkongers. Well, until now. Panic has erupted — well at the very least some concern has been expressed online — after reports that the US company which makes some of the city’s favorite chicken franks, aka chicken sausages, aka “Valley Chef” sausages, has gone belly up. Announced earlier this month, Zacky Farms, a California-based food production company, filed for bankruptcy protection. The news started causing concern recently when online reports emerged suggesting company’s chicken frank sausages could disappear from supermarket shelves altogether following the bankruptcy filing. You see, Zacky Farms distribute the sausages via a Hong Kong-based subsidiary called Dah Chong Hong Ltd under the brand Valley Chef. For years they have been a staple in Hongkongers’ breakfasts, hotpots, barbecues, and afternoon teas. Check out this commercial from 1987 showing how they can be used to prepare “western-style dishes”, like, sausage on a steak… According to The Business Journal, the company made the filing after it emerged that it was shutting down its poultry processing plants in Stockton and Fresno, and eliminating 475 jobs. The bankruptcy petition lists estimated assets as well as debts in the range of US$50 million to US$100 million, which could spell the end for the company, and could also mean that Hongkongers may have to say goodbye to their little processed friends. According to HK01, netizens left comments on online forum HKGolden expressing their distress. “No Valley Chef, no life”, said one freaked-out Hongkonger. “It’s the end of the world!” typed another, before presumably running around in circles in a mindless panic. Others have been posting photos of the sausages in supermarkets around the city on sale. A chef surnamed Mak told on.cc: “I’ve been cooking with those sausages for about 20 years, if I have to switch brands, people will notice and say ‘chef, why don’t you have Valley Chef sausages? These taste different’.”
  6. Civic101

    Popeye Day - 9th Jun 2019

    For fried chicken lovers! [attachment=29
  7. Guess this week no one dare eat chicken rice?
  8. Extract from Sunday Times, 13 June. Fans of Texas Fried Chicken, which was here in the late 1980's, can rejoice. The chain relaunched with an outlet at the Singapore Expo on Wednesday, 9 June. Take a bite of the Original or Spicy Fried Chicken ($7.40 for a two piece combo) or the Mexicana Burger - a sandwich of chicken fillet, cheese onion and nachos ($7.40 for a combo). http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1036612/1/.html Can't wait to go this week to try! I also wan my A&W back here!!!
  9. Christan

    All the furore over fried chicken

    Some heated discussions going on at EDMW after TS said Arnold's chicken refused to sell food to non-Muslim. My encounter with them during Ramadan recently was that I had to wait until 7pm for for my takeaway orders (had arrived at 6.20pm) so chose to skip this time round. Noted there were other Non-muslims eating there as well that time. (different experience with TS) Really big hoohah erupted over this issue. Fried chicken saga
  10. Neutrino

    Kampong chicken legs

    Is the skin on the legs of Kampong chicken a blackish colour??
  11. Fowl play: 13 chicken suppliers fined record S$26.9m for price-fixing, non-compete pacts THIRTEEN distributors of fresh chicken have been fined S$26.9 million for price-fixing and agreeing not to compete for customers, the largest total financial penalty in a single case to date, the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) said in a media statement on Wednesday. Fresh chicken distributors import live chickens from farms in Malaysia and slaughter them in Singapore, selling the fresh chicken products to customers such as supermarkets and restaurants. The 13 distributors collectively supply more than 90 per cent of fresh chicken products in Singapore, with an annual combined turnover amounting to about half a billion dollars. The 13 suppliers were fined between S$705,939 to S$11.4 million, taking into account relevant turnovers; the nature, duration and seriousness of the infringement; aggravating and mitigating factors, such as cooperation with the CCCS; and representations made. "Particularly for this case, the large size of the industry, the high market shares of the parties, the seriousness and the long duration (of about seven years) of the cartel conduct contributed to CCCS imposing the highest total financial penalty in a single case to date," said the CCCS.
  12. Ysc3

    Is this art ?

    Esplanade to take down Vincent Leow artwork after kerfuffle Singapore — The Esplanade will be removing a sketch showing the back of a naked man on top of a chicken from its exhibition walls, after the artwork sparked an online furore. In a statement by Esplanade’s chief executive officer-designate Yvonne Tham on Wednesday (June 6), the performing arts centre said it came to this decision following a discussion with Mr Vincent Leow, the artist featured in the exhibition BLANK at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. "We have agreed to not continue displaying the drawing, given that the public space at Esplanade’s Community Wall does not allow opportunity for an advisory and is visited by a wide range of visitors, including families,” she said. “We appreciate Vincent’s understanding of the situation, which arose solely from Esplanade’s error of judgement in exercising our responsibility to both artist and audience for presenting work in the appropriate space and context,” Ms Tham added. The 1989 artwork is part of a April 13 to July 8 exhibition curated by the Esplanade showcasing Mr Leow’s sketchbooks and loose drawings from his 30-year career as an artist. Facebook Group Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family accused the Esplanade in a Tuesday post of “promoting bestiality” by featuring the work in a public space. The group noted that the exhibition, which spans the school holidays, is located near a children’s art space and play area. Several parents and passersby interviewed by TODAY on Tuesday also expressed concern. A 69-year-old retiree, who gave her name only as Madam Chan had said: “We don’t want to see our children being exposed to this. Their values will be shaken. They will find that there is a new norm appealing to people.” On Tuesday, Ms Tham admitted that it was an “error of judgement”, while stopping short of apologising. She said the Esplanade needed to discuss with Mr Leow before taking any further action. “This exhibition has no intent to advocate for any position… The sole intent of the exhibition is to be able to present the very different things that may go behind the minds of an artist,” she had said.
  13. To those who always go JB, where to find the nicest chicken chop or western food in general? Just had two hainanese chicken chop at jb. Pretty good! About SGD5. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
  14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/chicken-rice-laksa-flavoured-potato-chips-to-launch-in-singapore-9421862?cid=FBcna SINGAPORE: Two new flavours of potato chips - Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa - will soon be available in Singapore. Local brand F.EAST will launch the new flavours, which are inspired by "two of Singapore’s most beloved dishes", next Monday (Nov 27), it said in a news release. Customers can sample and purchase the chips at F.EAST's Christmas Fair booth located at Raffles Place. They are also available for purchase online at www.redmart.com. The potato chips retail for S$3 per pack. It will also be available in a four for S$10 promotion until Dec 1. F.EAST added that it hopes to introduce more flavours from across Asia in the future. Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/chicken-rice-laksa-flavoured-potato-chips-to-launch-in-singapore-9421862
  15. Porker

    Tribute to the Chicken Farmer

    Looks kinda decent there with the plastic rim spectacles but you can see the tinge of sex maniac on his face. Word is out that he is gay. Look at the positions of his chickens! That POOHBOR! :D
  16. SimonTan

    Chicken nuggets shrink?

    long time never eat mcnuggets. Today went to try the new spicy nuggets. Seems like the size is greatly reduced! Thinner too! Not going to buy anymore. Feel not worth it.
  17. TOKYO—Christmas is coming, so it’s time to reserve fried chicken and cake in Japan. Consumption of those two foods has so firmly come to mark the informal holiday here—Dec. 25 isn’t an official day off—that few Japanese are aware other countries prefer somewhat different Christmas cuisine. “I had no idea,” said 22-year-old university student Ryuya Morimoto, informed that chicken and cake aren’t American yuletide staples. “When I was a little kid, we would eat chicken as a family,” he said, “and then have Christmas cake, with a little chocolate piece on the top that said, ‘Merry Christmas.’ ” Families like his make this the busiest time of the year for Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Japan. KFC lets customers reserve fried chicken as early as October’s end. Those who try buying buckets on Christmas Eve risk having to stand in line up to six hours under the watchful eye of a Santa-suited Colonel Sanders. Japan’s Christmas-chicken tradition dates to the early 1970s, when a non-Japanese customer came into a Tokyo KFC store one day to buy fried chicken as a turkey substitute, according to the chain. KFC, still struggling at the time to win Japanese over to eating greasy food with their fingers, hatched the idea for a new Christmas tradition.It was a hit among families, and a lasting ritual was born. “Christmas is boring without Kentucky,” said 18-year-old high-school student Yuna Nakajima, using the name by which KFC is popularly known in Japan. Ms. Nakajima has already reserved her chicken this year, planning to enjoy the traditional meal on Christmas Eve. A spokeswoman for KFC Holdings Japan Ltd. said December’s sales every year are double regular monthly sales. The publicly traded company operates under a franchise agreement with a subsidiary ofYum Brands Inc. For the first time this year, KFC Japan is letting customers reserve online at many of its stores, after a trial last year. Customers can pick up their Christmas baskets from Dec. 19 through Dec. 25. Recently, some of the nation’s ubiquitous convenience stores have been crowing that they offer a better deal.FamilyMart Co.’s “premium chicken” basket starts at around $20. The chain, with more than 11,000 stores in Japan, says in its advertising: “If there isn’t fried chicken, it isn’t Christmas.” By contrast, turkeys and pigs are under no particular stress at this time of year in Japan, as the American and European custom of eating those meats at Christmas is hardly known. Student Ms. Nakajima gasped when she heard that turkey was among America’s yuletide preferences. “Christmas and chicken are one,” she said. The KFC in Japan is the real deal! Please go try it when you're there
  18. Hamburger

    Who still eat phoenix leg mee?

    for months been craving for one but seems very few hawkers sell nowadays. it used to be a SOP for wantan mee stall to have one but...... until i finally found one in Bt batok.....good sia
  19. Any bro here ever kena the Chicken Chop virus??? http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/south-east-asia/story/malaysian-student-diagnosed-chicken-chop-mc-20150303
  20. So_nice

    Chicken pox - eat what?

    Down wif CP at the moment...already went to see a GP yesterday and on mc now. Is there any food to take to aid the recovery? Opened to tcm methods too. Also any specific food to avoid? TIA
  21. So cute... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYQc5uAHDos
  22. StreetFight3r

    20 Best Chicken Wings in Singapore

    The Best Chicken Wings in Singapore I recently read a survey which found that 98% of ardent chicken-lovers regard the wings as some of the best parts of the bird. I count myself to be amongst this 98%. From sauce-slathered bar bites, to charred outside nibbles at barbecues and hawker centre har cheong gai, chicken wings have a special place in Singapore's food culture. That said, chicken wings are not exactly the healthiest food around. To keep everyone’s weight in-check, I decided to be the sacrificial lamb and spent three full consecutive days eating chicken wings from across the island. The results? An outbreak of pimples, an expanded waistline and this list of the 20 best chicken wings in Singapore worth spending your calories on. 1. Lola’s Cafe Drizzled with sweet honey and sprinkled with paprika flakes, the chicken wings from Lola’s Cafe are a nice change from the usual wings that are merely served with chilli sauce or ketchup. The wings and drumlets play host to a slew of spices without overpowering the natural flavour of the chicken, and I found myself scraping off the honey on the plate with a piece of the drumlet. I was slightly puzzled that most patrons there are sharing the wings, because frankly I would have had the whole plate to myself. Address: 5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893. 2. Little Part One Cafe Little Part One Cafe is a small cozy cafe that epitomises tranquillity. At first glance, the buffalo wings looked rather unappetizing as the skin was an unappealing shade of dark brown. But they made up for it in the taste department. Borrowing the sweetness from the Thai chilli sauce that was served alongside, these wings were flavourful with the right amount of spice. Mark my words: I’ll be back to try the Smelly Cheese Buffalo Wings and Mint Miley Buffalo Wings. Address: 15 Jasmine Road Singapore 576584. 3. Wings World It is no secret that some of the best eateries in Singapore are congregated in the East Coast area of Singapore. Wings World, a casual restaurant that opened last year adds to that list. Here, it's all about choice. Exercise yours wisely. You can order your wings with a wide array of homemade sauces. On top of classic buffalo wings that comes in four levels of spiciness, Wings World offers other more interesting sauces and seasonings such as Vurry Curry, Mango Habanero and Jamaican Jerk. Of all the flavours, Mango Habanero was the standout, with a fruity sweetness that lingered without being overpowering because of the chilli pepper spiciness that cuts across. Though I wished for bigger and fatter wings, I’d definitely be back to have more of these wings along with some cheap beer. All wings are also served with celery, carrot and their much-raved homemade blue cheese dip. Address: 214 East Coast Road, Singapore 428913. 4. Yan Fried Bee Hoon 焱 This stall has gained much traction on social media after someone uploaded a photo of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong queueing for it. I could finally see why PM Lee spent a good 30 minutes queueing for these chicken wings. The chicken wings, with their crunchy skins laced with a mild prawn paste flavour, and runny-moist flesh on the inside had me sucking the bones dry, down to their very tips. Paired with the spicy-sweet chili sauce, the combination is perfect. The customer right before me ordered 50 chicken wings, and I saw how the owner took great pains to neatly arrange the wings into the packet, demonstrating the sheer amount of pride he has in his work. There is a perpetual queue at this stall no matter what time of the day you choose to visit and it’s not hard to see why. The prices are also almost unheard of in Singapore: $1.20 for each chicken wing and $0.60 for bee hoon. Address: Redhill Lane Blk 85, Redhill Food Centre #01-09, Singapore 150085. 5. Eng Kee He did not ask me how my day was, or where I wanted to go. “What’s that smell? You are making me hungry!” was the first thing the taxi driver told me when I entered the cab with five Eng Kee chicken wings placed in a brown paper bag. I felt slightly guilty for filling his cab with the aroma of the Eng Kee chicken wings because I couldn’t help but take some away from trying some freshly fried ones at the stall. In terms of taste, price and quality of the chicken wings, the ones from Eng Kee are largely similar to the ones from Yan Fried Bee Hoon, but the waiting time at Eng Kee is way shorter. While the chicken wing may look unassuming at first glance, I was sold at the very first bite. This was definitely the best $1.20 I had spent in a long while. Address: 117 Commonwealth Drive #01-711, Singapore 140117. 6. Cuscaden Patio I have a friend who has been going on and on about how Cuscaden Patio has the best fried chicken wings in Singapore so I was eager to finally try them. Located at the basement of Ming Arcade, the smell of deep fried chicken was already wafting through the air when I arrived, and every group had at least a plate of chicken wings on their table. At first glance, the chicken wings looked a tad over-fried and not golden brown like how I expected them to be. As I dipped the wing into the homemade chilli sauce and bit into the succulent flesh of the chicken wing, I was a convert. At just $10+ for half a dozen of chicken wings, these chicken wings are definitely a steal for a pub in town. With a chicken wing in a hand and a bottle of beer in another, my night was complete. Address: 21 Cuscaden Road, #B1-11 Ming Arcade, Singapore 249720. 7. Two Wings Legend has it that Jeremy, the stall owner of Two Wings, spent six months learning the secret family recipe from the same granduncle who taught the owners of Carona Chicken and Victor Fried Chicken Rice. The first thing that impressed me was the lack of grease on the outer layer of the skin. It immediately made these wings feel less sinful, and one does not having to worry about clogging a vessel while enjoying the meal. The chicken wings are cooked to a rich golden brown crisp, with the meat within retaining just the right amount of moist and juice. Dipped into a homemade garlic chilli sauce that gave the wings a nice bit of zest, I would gladly trade my IKEA chicken wing fanaticism for these.Appropriately named Two Wings, I could see why no one could stop at just one wing. Address: Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40, Singapore 151119. 8. The Bark Cafe Located at the extreme end of Singapore, The Bark Cafe provides an entirely alfresco dining experience (read: no air-conditioning, but shelter and fans provided). This café-restaurant beside the Changi Chapel and Museum has a calm, relaxed ambiance and is a good switch from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. The chicken wings here have received the stamp of approval from celebrity chef, Eric Neo, who claimed that these are one of the best wings he had. Perhaps it’s because I had such high expectations of the wings here, I thought the wings here were merely slightly above average. What came as a slight disappointment to me was that the quality of these wings were fairly inconsistent. One of the three wings I consumed was slightly undercooked and not piping hot like the other two that were served. Nevertheless, this is a great place to be for a quaint, quiet afternoon. Address: 1000 Upper Changi Rd N, 507707. 9. No. 5 Emerald Hill Housed in a 1910 Peranakan shophouse, this cozy 2-storey bar with antique carvings and unpolished wooden flooring is an extremely popular after-work hang-out location among both expats and locals. No. 5 Emerald Hill serves wings that will make the KFC Colonel cry with envy. The chicken wings are marinated in shrimp sauce and Chinese wine, and are the perfect finger food to wash down with a pint of beer and one of their classic martinis. It takes self-discipline not to polish off the whole basket of wings within minutes. With a crispy chicken wing in a hand and a beer in another, there are few places I’d rather be on a Friday night. Address: 5 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229289. 10. Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hoon This is an extremely popular fish bee hoon stall among Singaporeans, and the fish soup here is one of my personal favourites, but that is an article for another day. The lesser-known fact about this place is that they serve up really good prawn paste chicken (or otherwise known as ‘har cheong gai’) as well. It's always freshly fried, and with the right amount of crisp on the outside, while being juicy and fragrant on the inside. The use of premium prawn paste with fresh, rather than frozen, chicken wings makes a huge difference to the taste. I have no complaints about this place except for the slightly erratic Uncle who tends to be a little angsty sometimes. Still, I’m willing to put up with his cranky attitude because of the amazing quality of his food. Address: 19A Dover Crescent #01-05, Singapore 131019. 11. Beer Market Betcha didn’t know huh? Yes, your trusty Beer Market packs so much more than just a good live band and beer. While they have lots of excellent bar grub to choose from, do yourself a favor and don't skip the honey glazed BBQ chicken wings. The sweetness of the honey nicely compliments the natural flavour of the poultry, making these wings surprisingly addictive. Once, I had 14 honey glazed BBQ chicken wings in a single night and woke up with a voice so coarse that my parents could not recognize it. I had no regrets. Address: 3B River Valley Road, #01-17/02-02 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021. 12. Kko Kko Na Ra This list wouldn't be complete without a Korean Fried Chicken brand and Kko Kko Na Ra is a significant step above the "fast food" Korean fried chicken chains of 4 Fingers and Bon Chon. One of the very first restaurants in Singapore to serve Korean Fried Chicken, they have been maintaining their high quality ever since they opened in 2008. By double frying and removing the fat from the skin, the Koreans have developed a crunchy, non-greasy deep fried chicken, mostly dipped in sauces. The chicken here is considerably a lot thicker and fleshier, but pricer as well. Opt for the Chicken Combo Set I say, that comes with three flavours: sweet and spicy, soy garlic, and original. The best part of Kko Kko Na Ra is that it opens past midnight. I can’t say no to having fried chicken for supper. Address: 57 Tras Street, Singapore 078996. 13. Tony Cafe One of my personal life goals is uncovering cheap and good food in Singapore, and I consider Tony Cafe one of my achievements. The Adelphi is a sleepy mall that sees more shopkeepers than customers, except during lunch hour when hordes of office workers head over to Tony Cafe. Tony Cafe is an economical rice stall that sells affordable home-cooked food. But its best-kept secret is the Fried Chicken Rice Set that is only served on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. While the batter is slightly bland, the marination sits thoroughly on the meat and is flavourful even to its bones. Address: 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #02-23, Singapore 179803. 14. Punggol Nasi Lemak I actually have a WhatsApp group chat that’s titled “Punggol Nasi Lemak” with some food emoji because this is a frequent supper spot for my friends and I. While I have heard mix reviews about the Nasi Lemak here, the fried chicken wings here are indisputably delicious. The wings are nicely battered and marinated so well that one is immediately rewarded with a crunchy, juicy bite filled with that elusive flavour from the perfectly fried chicken wings and drumstick. There is no greater gratification than completely stripping the flesh and skin off the bones of the chicken wing and drumstick here. Address: 238 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437026. 15. Wingstop I had my first taste of Wingstop last year. A lady working out at Wingstop was providing samples to visitors at Bedok Mall and I thought to myself “another fast food chain selling fried chicken in Singapore?” Despite my initial skepticism, I ended up eating my words because after consuming a full meal of chicken wings and fries, I was relatively impressed. I’m an avid cheese lover and Garlic Parmesan is without a doubt, my favourite out of all the flavours I tried. Parmesan cheese is generously sprinkled on every chicken wing, and each cheesy bite has a hint of garlic to go with it. Other flavour I enjoyed are Louisiana Rub, Lemon Pepper and Teriyaki. Wingstop also offers boneless wings for those who may prefer fuss-free consumption though to me, part of the joy of eating chicken wings comes from biting every little tiny bit of succulent flesh from its bones. Address: Bedok Mall #B1-53, Singapore 467360. 16. Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill Originally featured in our places to go on a road trip in Singapore, I like Chuckwagon for its secluded location, western cowboy decoration and friendly service staff. But it was its unforgiving, fiery buffalo wings that really got my attention — crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, covered in a sticky red glaze that I found hard to resist. The buffalo wings here come in ten levels of spiciness. Level Two was just right for me and I couldn't consume Level Three without gulping down some water. Address: 7 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139298. 17. Teddy Bear BBQ Chicken Wing One of the things that used to frustrate me when I visit East Coast Lagoon Food Centre was the fact that I never really knew which stall is the best, and I usually end up ordering randomly from whoever does the best touting that night. After several visits and recommendations from my friends, I have safely concluded that Teddy Bear BBQ Chicken Wing does the best job when it comes to chicken wings at this competitive cluster. The skin is perfectly crisp and the tender meat is dripping with juice. Fusing the flavours of the sea with that of poultry in the best way possible, Teddy Bear’s expert hands are more than worthy of a spot on this list. Address: #01-44, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 1220 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468960. 18. Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wings I don’t think I ever visited Bedok 85 without ordering the BBQ grilled chicken wings over there. The BBQ Grilled Chicken Wings here are superbly executed. Crispy and charred bits of glistening skin on the outside while incredibly juicy and tender on the inside. They are well-marinated, and very flavourful both on the outside and inside. The bright heat of the tangy chili sauce and a squirt of lime highlights the flavor and made these wings even more addictive. This is the perfect side dish to go along with your favourite bak chor mee. A word of caution: expect to wait at least 20 minutes for these wings during peak hours. Address: 85 Fengshan Centre, Blk 85 Bedok North Street 4 #01-53 Singapore 460085. 19. Hooters Don’t be distracted by the skimpily dressed waitresses at Hooters, their world famous chicken wings are the real catch over here. The skin was crackly and crunchy, good enough that I found myself scrabbling after the bits and pieces of shrapnel that fell away. The wings were well-seasoned and have a genuinely spicy kick, lifting the flavours for a common finger snack. With five secret sauces to choose from, Hooters is definitely worth a revisit. Address: Blk 3D, River Valley Road, Clarke Quay #01-03 Shophouse Row, Singapore 179023. 20. Wings Bar Watch out, Hooters – you’ve got competition. Wings Bar, a 1940s World War II aviation themed watering hole complete with hunks and babes in flight suits and short skirts, serves up buffalo wings done in many ways. The wings on their signage do not refer to the chicken wings but the overall aviation theme. Nevertheless, they serve up pretty interesting chicken wings. Choose from ten different Buffalo wing flavours, including the original B52s, the Thai afterburner and Japanese zero teriyaki selection. For something completely different try the house nachos served with layered cheese and sour cream, and topped with spicy beef for an extra kick. Address: 3D River Valley Rd, Singapore 179023. Source: http://www.thesmartlocal.com/read/best-chicken-wings
  23. Imagine being able to devour messy foods like buffalo wings, cheese fries and potato chips without getting your fingers dirty and creating a mess. What if we told you there’s a way to make that happen? They’re called Trongs, and they’re here to help you successfully knock out that batch of ribs without looking up from your plate. There’s no reason the best foods in the world should be the most annoying to eat. Thanks to these incredibly weird, finger-condom-looking things, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can buy a 12-pack for $19.95.
  24. Baal

    $1.80 Chicken Rice ?

    http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/03/30/dpm-teo-advertises-1-80-chicken-rice-in-his-grc/ DPM Teo advertises $1.80 chicken rice in his GRC March 30th, 2014 | Author: Editorial A reader sent the following screenshot of DPM Teo’s Facebook post to TRE. DPM Teo was sharing a photo of chicken rice with netizens yesterday (29 Mar), with the following message: lunch only $1.80 at Pasir Ris Blk 446 The photo actually originated from Ng Cher Pheng (https://www.facebook.com/ng.cherpheng). He posted the photo on his own Facebook page and shared it with DPM Teo on Friday (28 Mar): Mr Ng posted it with the message: “Lunch only $1.80 @Blk446“. DPM Teo then added the words, “Pasir Ris” to make the message clearer when he re-posted Mr Ng’s photo on his own Facebook page. Mr Ng turns out to be a grassroots leader for the Pasir Ris West Division [Link]. At the National Day Awards 2010, Mr Ng received the Public Service Star (BBM) as Chairman of Pasir Ris West Citizens’ Consultative Committee [Link]. According to the People’s Association website [Link]: The Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs) are at the apex of all grassroots organisations. A vital bridge between the people and the Government, the CCCs plan and lead major grassroots activities within the constituency, oversee local assistance programmes, and organise major fund-raising projects and national campaigns. A further search on the internet reveals that Mr Ng was in fact a member of the Executive Committee of Singapore Insurance Employees’ Union (SIEU) [Link], which was sued by more than 100 of its members last year for failing to represent their interest: Union members go to court when union fails to represent their interests 141 union members behind court application against their union SIEU is an entity affiliated with NTUC. A number of union members are currently suing their employer NTUC Income, another entity under NTUC (‘FCs take collective legal action against NTUC Income‘). After DPM Teo posted the above photo on his Facebook page [Link], some netizens expressed doubt. One said: MP not same ma we go sure $5 dollar confirm DPM Teo tried to assure the netizens: Come and try it for yourself, like Cher Pheng, our Pasir Ris resident who had his lunch there and posted this up. When DPM Teo starts advertising $1.80 chicken rice in his constituency, the general election must be near. What do you think? Meanwhile, a blogger has reported that the Tampines restaurant which sold nasi padang to MP Baey Yam Keng for an unbelievably cheap $2.50 has closed [Link] and will be replaced by the popular Al Salam Restaurant: Has MP Baey given Al Madina the kiss of death? What do you think?
  25. Picture is self explanatory. Not bad huh? I think Singaporeans still got hope after all. By the way, does anyone know where this hawker is at? I will wear No. 4 go look for him