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Found 27 results

  1. rainoo8

    Boats to give away FOC

    Hi everyone, I have 3 boats to give away. First one is a Larsson 25 footer. The boat is presently berthed at punggol Marina. Boat is seaworthy,you need to replace the outboard engine which you can get new from $18k.cabin cruiser The two other boats are berthed at my fish farm. They are diesel engines and both of them requires engine overhaul Maybe $5-$8k each. Anyone interested please pm me
  2. Clawing For Sustainable Seafood: Why These 4 Men Started S’pore’s First Soft Shell Crab Farm source: https://www.msn.com/en-sg/money/companies/clawing-for-sustainable-seafood-why-these-4-men-started-spores-first-soft-shell-crab-farm/ar-BBZFLC8?li=BBr8Cnr Clawing For Sustainable Seafood: Why These 4 Men Started S'pore's First Soft Shell Crab Farm From chilli crab, to salted egg crab, to soft shell crab, Singaporeans love to chow down on all sorts of dishes made from the tasty crustacean. Despite our ravenous appetite for it, there are only a handful of local farms that rear their own crabs here — unsurprising, with our limited land space. Instead, most of the crabs we consume are caught and imported from our neighbours. Here’s the problem: Crabs are quickly being over-harvested for consumption, which leads to their numbers in the wild depleting. That’s where Sam Chua and his co-founders at Crab Lovers Farm want to come in, running one of Singapore’s few sustainable crab farms at Neo Tiew Road. Good Care Makes Good Crabs Although he’s taking a chance in the field, 53-year-old Sam lays down a pragmatic truth about crab farming in Singapore: There are almost no crab farms here because Singapore is generally unsuitable for farming, due to high costs for land, labour and operations. Sam Chua, Co-founder, Crab Lovers Farm For that reason, he explains, most crab suppliers in Singapore only focus on trading rather than rearing. Traders import wild caught crabs from overseas and redistribute them to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. While it’s an efficient system, the quality of crabs ends up at the mercy of factors such as polluted rivers and poor transport conditions. By the time the crabs have crossed seas to get here, they often lose a lot of mass and aren’t as fresh and healthy as they should be. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some crabs to die along the journey, leaving the live ones exposed to harmful toxins and bacteria released from the dead crabs too. Concerned about long-term sustainability, Sam and his partners decided to take a slower approach at their farm. A young crablet about to start its journey / Image Credit: Crab Lovers Farm They start out by bringing in younger or “lower quality” crabs and raise them till they grow big and healthy. Being territorial creatures, each crab is housed in its own individual unit, where it receives a constant flow of water and feeds on mussels and trash fish (fish that is deemed not good enough to sell). By doing so, they reduce mortality rates and produce higher grade crabs that are nice and meaty when they reach restaurants. Their Own (Soft) Spot In The Market But what really drew Sam to embark on this venture was the concept of creating Singapore’s first and only soft shell crab farm. On Crab Lovers Farm’s website, they call soft shell crabs “seafood in its most perfect state”, as it retains the flavour we love without the hassle of prying open shells to indulge. The idea was the brainchild of Gilbert Pang, one of the four co-founders, who has over 10 years of experience in aquaculture and researching the life cycle of crabs. In 2017, Gilbert roped in Norman Lim, owner of Sheng Da Fishing Farm, Alan Ong, owner of an electrical engineering firm, and Sam. Sam himself previously co-founded a company that provides factory automation solutions, which he has been running for over 20 years. “When Gilbert invited us to join the project, we realised there was no good quality soft shell crab supply in Singapore and that inspired us to move into [this space],” he shares. Alan and Sam also joined the team as investors, though they’ve declined to share how much they injected to start the farm for now. Being Soft Doesn’t Mean No Substance Interestingly, soft shell crabs are not a particular species, but can be any type of crab that has just gone through moulting, when their bodies are most delicate. To speed up production, typical practice in the industry is to chop off some of the crab’s legs or claws to artificially induce moulting. With this method, it only takes a few days to harvest soft shell crabs. However, Sam and his partners don’t buy into it. “This kind of farming is not only inhumane, but also results in a very low quality soft shell crab with much less meat,” he feels. To most consumers (ourselves included), it seems like the norm when you bite into a soft shell crab and find barely any meat under its crispy exterior. In all honesty, I never realised meaty soft shell crabs were even a possibility. Like most other suppliers, Crab Lovers Farm uses mud crabs. But instead, they let their crabs grow and moult naturally — which only happens about once a month. Although the yield is much slower, Crab Lovers Farm says their soft shell crabs can sometimes weigh more than 800 grams. Clawing Through Their Obstacles Talking to Sam, it’s easy to tell that he’s full of pride for his crabs. But rearing them to meet high standards wasn’t so smooth sailing at the start. In their early days, the co-founders met some pitfalls when they mistakenly placed their trust in the wrong partners who claimed to be experts in rearing crabs. We invested into their methods, but they failed. As a result we lost about 80% of our crab stock within two to three months. Sam Chua, Co-founder, Crab Lovers Farm Left to their own devices, developing a better system didn’t come easily. It took over a year of repeated trial and error before they succeeded. On top of that, Sam brought on his expertise in factory automation to help the farm work smarter. Using a data management system, they keep track of every crab’s activity, monitor their water conditions, and stay on top of feeding and cleaning schedules. “It’s like running hotel management for the crabs,” Sam says. “We know when they ‘check in’ and ‘check out’, and predict when it will be time to harvest.” Netting The Few With An Eye For Quality With the gears in motion, Crab Lovers Farm now makes a steady output. However, Sam shares that it’s also an uphill battle to find clients who are willing to shell out a little more money for better quality seafood. After multiple rounds of rejection, they found a sweet spot in narrowing their focus to boutique hotels and restaurants. Smaller establishments, where chefs themselves personally make the purchasing decisions, are more likely to value good quality beyond its price, Sam says. Through these experiences, they adjusted their production levels to harvest about 20kg of soft shell crabs each day, from a constant stock of 600 crabs on their grounds. For periods of high demand, they still maintain a larger standby capacity so they can push production to 100kg of crabs a day when necessary. Besides soft shell crabs, which take up 1 acre of their farm land, Crab Lovers Farm also produces other seafood in the remaining 9 acres, such as giant river prawns. Sam says the farm is expecting to grow more than 20% year-on-year. “Ultimately, our goal is to set up a crab hatchery in the future to tackle the issue of over-catching in the wild,” he tells us. Once again, land space in Singapore would pose a significant challenge to this ambition, and they may consider looking abroad to open their hatchery when the time is right. Find out more about Crab Lovers Farm here, and follow them on Facebook here. Featured Image Credit: Crab Lovers Farm
  3. https://youtu.be/HkTz8qtMZJY General Polling : DO you love to drink milk and/or coca cola ? I like milk but I don't drink Coke as refreshments as Coke usually leaves a very sweet artificial after-taste in my mouth whole day long. Some people just love Coke. I prefer beer..haha
  4. SINGAPORE: A bull has escaped from a dairy farm in Lim Chu Kang, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said on Tuesday (Apr 9). SFA said it is working with NParks and the farm to locate the escaped animal, and advised anyone who spots the bull to steer clear. "Members of the public are advised not to approach or provoke the bull," SFA said in a statement. "The farms in the vicinity have been advised of the escaped bull and to contact the authorities, if sighted," it said. SFA said that members of the public who spot the bull should report sightings to the Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600. Source: CNA/na(aj) wow what if it run across the road and caused accident
  5. was shopping for medicated oil when I saw this Crocodile oil made in Singapore supposedly good for skincare and good for pets?? WTF! Singapore got crocodile farms meh? I didn't know we got crocodiles farm to harvest the oil. i digress but where can I eat crocodile meat ah, i am curious about the texture and whether its tough or soft.
  6. Wifey found a duck farm with resort facilities to visit for our annual road trip to MY. She likes duck but never came close to a real duck before. So we decided to visit this duck farm and Port Dickson. After contacting the farm, they requested for payment first before any reservation can be made. As they had MY Maybank account only, I sought the help of a fellow bro(@Mcf777) here. With his help, we managed to make a reservation at the farm. The day has arrived and we drove 600km up north to a town Terung, slightly above Ipoh. Entrance to the duck farm : Here, you can fully interact with the ducks. Feeding them from your hand or let them eat from the tray and pet them. These lucky ducks are for tourist entertainment. The unlucky ones are at the farm.
  7. Hi to everyone We had a drive-up in the previous year [4/7/2010] to Sim Koa Yen Durian Farm "SKY". * reference : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...2382&st=200 [from post #210 onwards] Now we are planning a drive-up for Jun
  8. Local distributor Nature's Farm recalls health supplement for men SINGAPORE - The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on Monday issued a health advisory, alerting members of the public against consumption of male performance enhancement drug "VIA.X For Men". Nature’s Farm Pte Ltd, the local distributor of the product, has recalled the product from the market. HSA said in a press statement that it had found "undeclared potent ingredients in the product" and is advising all consumers who may have the product to stop consuming it immediately. "VIA.X For Men" claims to contain only natural ingredients, including Red Algae Peptide Hydrolysate, Pycnogenol, L-Arginine and Zinc Gluconate. However, samples of the product were tested and found to be adulterated, containing undeclared potent ingredients of sildenafil and propoxyphenyl sildenafil. "Sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction and should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Its usage without proper medical advice and close supervision can cause serious adverse reactions such as decreased or loss of vision and hearing, low blood pressure and other cardiovascular events such as stroke and myocardial infarction," HSA said in the statement. "In addition, sildenafil is not suitable for patients with some medical conditions including certain heart problems or patients who are taking heart medications such as nitrates." Propoxyphenyl sildenafil is a chemically related compound of sildenafil. It is not approved for use as a medicinal ingredient and could cause adverse effects which are similar to those of sildenafil. HSA said that they have not received any reports of adverse reactions associated with the product. Consumers who have taken the product should seek medical attention if they are feeling unwell or concerned about their health. Members of the public can contact Nature's Farm at 6744 1865 if they have any questions regarding the voluntary recall. - See more at: http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/local-distributor-natures-farm-recalls-health-supplement-men#sthash.AcyO9pEk.dpuf Source: Asiaone.
  9. Will you still eat? http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/10/01/ja...fukushima/print Tokyo (AFP)
  10. [sweatdrop] As if the lions and the hippos there are not bad enough... From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1249926/1/.html 15,000 crocs escape from South African farm Posted: 24 January 2013 1552 hrs JOHANNESBURG: Around 15,000 crocodiles have escaped from a farm in South Africa amid heavy rains and flooding, local daily Beeld reported Thursday. The predators sprung from the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in the far north of the country when owners were forced to open the gates to prevent a storm surge. A number have since been recaptured, but at least half remain on the loose, scattered far and wide. One turned up on a school rugby pitch 120 kilometres (75 miles) away. The surrounding province of Limpopo province has been hit by serious floods which have killed 10 people and made many more homeless. The floods have also savaged neighbouring Mozambique, where tens of thousands of people were being evacuated from their homes. -AFP/fl
  11. Siewss

    Leisure Farm Resort

    Thought of trying something different this round - it's always been beaches and hills, and recently KL and Malacca. I've passed by Leisure Farm twice in recent years on the way to Senai. Just wondering if anyone has tried before and what's the recommendation?
  12. Anyone been to there before? any feedback to share? http://www.ukfarm.com.my/
  13. Astro

    Desaru Fruit Farm

    Hi was at the malaysia tourism fair yesterday and came across a booth promoting a tour to Desaru Fruit Farm and it sounds interesting. So before I make any booking just wondering if any forumer had gone on the tour and what is your comment ? Should my family of four go on a 2D/1N or 3D/2N tour ? Lastly they are charging $175 for a 2D/1N tour is it worth while ?
  14. Tan Kin Lian / Columnist Are we seeing a modern Animal Farm happening in Singapore, where corruption and propaganda are used to control the populace? ANIMAL Farm is a novel written by George Orwell in 1945. I studied this book for Literature when I was in Secondary Two. It is a satire, depicting events in Russia leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. The animals of Animal Farm threw out the owner Mr. Jones and took over the farm, depicting the overthrow of the Czar of Russia during the Russian Revolution in 1917. The animals, representing the people, looked forward to a better life under a new leadership. Their leaders were the Pigs, and Napolean was the supreme leader. He ruled Animal Farm initially with the support of the animals, but later kept his power through all means, including propaganda, lies and the use of terror. Two memorable parts of the book were the Seven Commandments and how they became distorted and the story of the loyal horse Boxer. Seven Commandments The original seven commandments of Animal Farm were written to reflect equality of the animals, ethical behaviour and the search for a better life: Whatever goes upon two legs enemy Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend, No animal shall wear clothes. No animal shall sleep in a bed. No animal shall drink alcohol. No animal shall kill any other animal. All animals are equal. Corruption Later Napoleon and the Pigs (elites) were corrupted by the absolute power they held over the farm. To maintain their popularity with the other animals, they secretly painted additions to some commandments to benefit the pigs while keeping them free of accusation of breaking the laws. The Pigs manage to get away with this because only Benjamin the donkey and Muriel the goat can read to any effective degree, but they were not willing to challenge the pigs. The commandments were changed to accommodate the desire of the leader for a life of luxury and wealth, while ignoring the lot of the other animals. No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets. No animal shall drink alcohol to excess. Four legs good, two legs better! No animal shall kill another animal without cause. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Boxer I felt strongly attached to the horse Boxer. He was the symbol of the working class: loyal, kind, dedicated and respectful. He was physically the strongest animal on the farm, but na
  15. Hi, Does anyone know what are the parking charges at Dairy Farm Road Carpark B ? Thanks!
  16. Click link to watch the video. The New Stig -Stig Farm
  17. I am planning a day trip to Desaru, mainly to visit the fruit farm. I have the following questions which I hope forumers can help me with, especially those who have been there and done that: a. Time needed to tour fruit farm (I am thinking of allocating 3 hours max and spending 2 hours in the afternoon at the Kota Tinggi waterfalls) b. Worth detouring to Sungai Rengit for lunch or dinner? c. Recommended breakfast places enroute to Desaru (not in JB, if possible) d. Can we get good durians at the fruit farm? e. Any durian farms around Desaru worth visiting? f. Best beaches to visit in Desaru, preferably with good and clean waters like those found in Terengganu. Any comments would be appreciated, planning the itinerary now.
  18. Fisbike

    Durian farm

    Any recommedations? Thinking of heading over for those eat until pengsan type of durian buffet. Please include location and price, thanks.
  19. As per the topic....anyone know?
  20. went with an unknow group of total 10 cars to this durian farm at Segamat ( Tangkak ) early July, total distance is about 400km+ to and from. Price for the buffet RM22 (eat all u can for diff grade of durian, except MSW, but the owner open a few MSW for us to try on that day), buy back for MSW RM20 and other at RM8 per KG. Whether it worth or not worth, it all depend, for me is the driving part and can burn some carbon .. hehe by the way, durian season for this farm had end on the 20/07 and wl have to wait until next year .. notice there are quite a number of Sporean go there for the buffet .. when i was there there is 3 coach of people there for the durian buffet. attach some photos to share have to pass by this red mud road .. durian waiting for us .. yummy Owner daughter - purple and pink the owner Mr Gan free flow of mangosteen u see how they open durian .. what we bought back ..
  21. Hi, I am planning to drive over tomorrow. Anyone has been there before? What are the charges like? Their website not very user friendly... Thanks in advance
  22. Verve

    Leisure farm

    anyone been to leisure farm. is it a nice place for a quick getaway? or if bros can suggest good places to go in jb other than the usual carreforre jusco and city square shopping stuff would be great too.
  23. Hamburger

    All in 1 farm@desaru?

    anyone been there b4 or if there is any? Heard on e radio ppl goin there for croco farm, fruits (durian), etc.
  24. Vroomtattat

    Farm Stay @ Kranji

    Hi MCF brudders, Any one of you ever been to the Farm resort at Kranji? Thinking of booking a couple of nights there but want to hear recommendations/comments from you guys before deciding. Yes, I know it's kind of rush and it's the year end Sumatra monsoon period but got nowhere else to go and want to try something new Please, I would like to hear from you. Thank you! http://travel.asiaone.com/Travel/Places+%2...0804-80524.html
  25. Joemit7850

    Durian farm

    hi anyone can advise e address to segamat durian farm?thinkin of drivin there.