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  1. Neost

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    ICA mostly armour plated, iron cladded, ceramic coated rice bowl Auxillary officer mostly contract service.
  2. Neost

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    dealing with such a case, I guess no long weekend for those officials. How come I feel this Soh is like a spoilt child huh? Am I the only one with this feeling?
  3. CL can't connect with the ground. Her life is soooo smooth since student days. She was always the top 3 in her cohort. And, spend whole working life in govt. Everything is well taken care of.
  4. Neost

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Target is Sunway Lagoon Going In (8 Aug) Book a cheap room in Melaka. In case too late to go straight to Sunway hit custom immediately sch release the students. cross over if there is min jam. Stay 1 night in Melaka Delay to later if there is massive jam. I reckon it will be too tired and late to go straight to Sunway. So, rest at Melaka Coming Back (12 Aug) I reckon must hit custom before lunch. Hence, we woke up early. Be the first guest at hotel breakfast table and check out before 7am and straight to custom
  5. Agreed with you totally. The policeman could be shot by his own revolver if the rioters managed to snatch the gun from him. These people are not protesters. They are rioters. They are worse then those Koreans whom we saw on TV. At least, they seldom hammer the police. They burnt themselves
  6. Neost

    Boleh Land Election 2018

    In my opinion, the issue of learning jawi calligraphy in chinese / tamil school is not so much about eroding respective ethic group traditional values as what the managment of the schools made it out to be. Surely, it cannot be a bad thing to learn something new and able to understand the culture of another race better The main issue here is total distrust between the govt and the Chinese community. Govt can start by doing what they promise to do during the election campaigning. If the promises can't be materialise immediately, at least state the concerns and have a road map to do it. Everybody understand it is not easy. But if you want progress, then everybody must move in the same direction, sing the same song to the same tune.
  7. That's the price to pay for stupidity.
  8. Neost

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    Good for him to tell me cause I wanted to fail him and he will have to repeat the attachment in another Company. But after he told me this, I passed him cause I wanted to fail his mother instead
  9. Neost

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    One thing I couldn't quite figure out. Everybody will roughly knows the peak of the peak jam, either going in or coming back. But everybody still go in at such timing. And despite apps and traffic cameras showing jam, people still decide to go. I drove to Melaka and KL over last long weekend too. But I have plan A and plan B, for both in and out of Malaysia. Quite fortunate for us, we don't need to activate plan B. I went in on 8 Aug and came back on 12 Aug. About one hour to clear both customs each way
  10. Neost

    "Vultures" At MRT Station

    That's my favourite line
  11. Neost

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    You MIL remains me of one of my student on attachment with me. His mother told him to work slowly and do not ask for more opportunities to try out on other areas in the Company because he wasn't pay a salary but only an allowance as student on attachment I do not have a chance to speak to his mother. If not, I will tell his mother it is ok with me cause he is only with me for the period of attachment. However he is your son and is going to take care of you right to the day you leaves this world. Good luck if he has this attitude and brilliant idea taught by you.
  12. Neost

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    what industries you from?
  13. Neost

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    I have the same doubt as you... 放开,放下,向前走。