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Found 287 results

  1. I have read on some of tips given by forumers here but those posting are quite old (a few years back) already. Am planning for a road trip early November. Will be having 12 days (including touching down and flying off days). Will be landing in Christchurch and flying off from Auckland. My friend told me that AKL is very boring so I intend to leave only one full day for Auckland. Will be spending most of the days in South Island. hence, I have only having 9 or 10 days in South Island. I am trying to cover everything that was recommended (eg. Sky diving, Milford cruise, Penguin watching, baby seal watching, whale watching...etc etc....) At first, I thought of getting a campervan, but after reading some review, better switch back to normal car. I will be traveling with one friend and I am the sole driver. Some questions: (my first trip to NZ) 1. Looking at the distance given by google map, from one place to another (eg. ChC to Lake terapo) seems very far, like around 220km, going through winding road. Does these road same as those in Msia old trunk roads? I wonder how far can I cover in one day. 2. Is it possible to cover from ChC to Dunedin, Te Anau, Milford Sound, Queenstown, Mt Cook, Arthur's pass, Kaikoura in just 9 days?? 3. Must I book the lodging place/motel in advance or can I book upon arriving? Without advance booking, I can determine when I'm tired, then can find a place to lodge and do not need to pressing on till reaching certain pre-booked lodging place. 4. Will there be ample stop/ lay-by areas for toilet break and rest or petrol top up? 5. Does parking in town area need parking payment? Thank you for any advice.
  2. Think there is something wrong with my built-in oven . I can switch on the oven, but when i turn the selector (select different cooking) knob and the oven trip the house power supply. Anyone can advise what is the problem?
  3. Hey guys, planning a driving holiday to taiwan end oct. anyone done a driving trip with an itenary to share? 6d 5 night thanks! Starting city is taipei
  4. Just come back from Desaru last Saturday. When with wife for short holiday. Drove in last Thursday. Stay at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. I dont know whether u guys remember Impiana Desaru. The resort was abandon for more than 8 years. The Lotus group took over last 2 years, refurbish it and recently soft launch it. They having promotion now RM160 ++ for one bedroom suite. Going back there this Dec.
  5. STB partners Trip.com Group to market Singapore as a travel destination SINGAPORE: The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is collaborating with travel services provider Trip.com Group to market Singapore as a travel destination. Announcing the three-year Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday (Nov 17), both parties said they will also customise and promote travel products, itineraries and experiences to cater to different types of travellers. These include free and independent travellers, leisure groups and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) visitors. It comes as Trip.com Group recently set up its international headquarters in Singapore, focusing on marketing, sales and research and development. The partnership will “leverage Trip.com Group's fast-growing global network as a leading international online travel services provider, as well as its ability to draw insights on travel behaviour and needs from its large user base”, they said in a joint news release. “As Singapore gradually and safely reopens our borders, this partnership will help drive the recovery of Singapore’s tourism sector as consumers look to travel in this new COVID-19 environment,” STB CEO Keith Tan said. “We look forward to safely welcoming visitors back to Singapore, to enjoy our great food, unique culture, beautiful parks and fun experiences.” This is the latest collaboration announced by STB, as Singapore gradually reopens its borders following restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, STB announced a partnership with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to promote travel between the two destinations, before the first flights begin under the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble. MARKETING COLLABORATIONS, SHARING INSIGHTS The partnership between STB and Trip.com will cover areas such as marketing, data analytics and product and industry development, both parties said. This includes joint marketing campaigns to attract visitors to Singapore, which will focus on markets such as China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand. “STB and Trip.com will curate and deliver inspirational and engaging content via various media channels to showcase the Singapore destination story and to position Singapore as a safe and compelling destination of choice for travellers,” they said. The campaigns will be rolled out in phases based on their readiness to travel and prevailing travel policies. “STB and Trip.com Group will also exchange insights on key traveller segments and regional travel trends, with industry stakeholders in Singapore and key markets,” they added. “This is to equip them with useful insights that can help them reach out to consumers more effectively and to enhance the visitor experience in Singapore.” Trip.com Group’s chairman and co-founder James Liang said Singapore has “always been one of the most sought-after destination by global travellers”. He noted that searches for flights and hotels related to Singapore jumped 379 per cent within hours of the announcement on the easing of travel restrictions on visitors from mainland China. “As international travel resumes, we believe Singapore will be the first port-of-call for many international visitors and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with STB to develop and grow Singapore’s standing as one of the top tourist destinations over the next few years,” Mr Liang said. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/stb-partners-trip-com-group-tourism-travel-13577678 time to look beyond 2020 and covid19.
  6. Buzzzz

    Walkie Talkie for Road Trip

    hi bros, I am planning a road trip up north with few families. about 3-4 cars and am considering we need the walkie talkie for the drive journey. any bros here know is there anywhere we can find walkie-talkie for T-loan? need abt 3 sets for a week. hope bros with experience can share. E.g. which range type is suitable etc. thanks much.
  7. Philipkee

    Round the world trip

    Has anyone ever been on a round the world trip? Been dreaming of one since 2004. As I get older I think to myself my life is half over.... I plan Singapore to Seoul by plane Seoul to China by ship China to Paris by train via transfer sobering and whatever rail there is Paris to new York by plane New York to West coast by land West coast to Japan by plane Japan to Singapore by plane Anyone ever had such dreams? Anyone ever travelled from Seoul to China by plane or china to Paris by train? As I get older I thinking to myself just yolo.
  8. Just come back from Cherating. Stay @ The Legend Resort, Cherating. It was my first time driving to Cherating. No GPS. Just road direction given by bro here as a guide. Total journey from Singapore to Cherating. Start @ 6.40 am. Reach there 12.45 noon. It was longer than expected because at the E8 (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur), I exited at Kuantan. So end up in Kuantan town. Ask the people there for direction. Quite easy, just head to Kuala Terengganu direction to reach Cherating. Here are some of the picture.... 1) After Causeway, just head to EDL and drive to Yong Peng exit....
  9. Deucedude

    Road Trip To Thailand

    I will be doing a road trip with my group of friends to Thailand. I have not done this before and will appreciate any suggestions from forumers here. BTW, there is 9 of us going in 2 cars , most probably an SUV and a Sedan. What to look out and prepare for in terms of the car conditions to minimise it having problems along the trip If I need essential stuffs for the car along the way, is it safe or avaliable to replenish them in malaysia My friends are ambitious and would like to drive all the way to Bangkok, How many days does that take (to and fro) What are some of the stops recommended for overnight stays Any other things that I should take note of Thanks guys
  10. On behalf of Ah Lau..... Anyone for a drive trip to Yangon??? Details to be shared by Ah Lau.
  11. I have been planning this road trip for a couple of months already. Read through the various blogs of ppl who have done the same road trip. Also find out what is the current procedure to cross the Thai border at Sadao. Booked the hotels, printed and filled the necessary forms to cross into Thailand by car. Arranged with my brother to come along with me for the drive up to Bangkok, then he flies home from Bangkok. My wife will fly into Bangkok and join me on the trip back to Singapore. So its basically chiong all the way up and take the scenic route back while enjoying the drive. SG -> Hatyai -> Surat Thani -> Hua Hin -> BKK -> Hua Hin -> Surat Thani -> Hatyai -> Ipoh -> KL -> SG The day before the set off, filled the car to the brim and took photo of my odometer as this is going to be a very long road trip. 6th July 2019 (Saturday) Kiss and hug my wife goodbye and set off at 4am to pickup my brother. I didn’t want to set off so early but my brother wana avoid the causeway jam. There were indeed no jams at all and we are into NSHW. I took the first drive. Stopped over at Pagoh Reststop for pee and topped up TNG card. We switched drivers, my brother took over the drive. Next stop was Tapah Reststop as the sun begin to rise. Fuel the car to the brim and I drove now. Our initial plan was to stop at Alor Setar and enter Thailand the next day. But since we are so early, might as well try to enter it the same day. By 1pm, we arrived at Changlun town. It is the last town in MY before reaching the border. It is only 10km to the border. We went to the Petronas station for fuel and to get our 3rd party Thai insurance and white card. Then drove further ahead to a coffeeshop for lunch, our first meal of the day. We had bak kut the and was pretty disappointed as there is no pork ribs. Owner said the ppl here are stingy and not willing to pay so cannot cook pork rib. So funny. Anyway, just fill the tummy and move on. Arriving at Bukit Kayu Hitam, MY side is a new custom and immigration building. No tolls/road charge/VEP to be paid. Just stamp passport and we are off, same as SG/MY crossing. However as we exited the building, we are stuck in the jam already. Traffic has built up from the Thai side till MY custom. Inching forward every few 5-10mins, it was painful. When we were near the Thai immigration checkpoint, the police ask my brother, the passenger to alight and go through the normal walk-in immigration. He did the same for cars around me, asking passengers to alight. When I was just four cars away from the counter, I messaged my brother to check where he is in the human queue. Alamak, he still queuing at the outside of the building, not yet even enter it. So I did what everyone in front of me did, I called my brother to come over to my car and we will clear immigration together. The process is very weird. You drive up to the counter, everyone alights from the vehicle and stand in front of the counter to clear immigration. The immigration officer don’t care how many ppl in the vehicle, he will just process your documents. So thatz what everyone did, calling their passengers to join them at the counter. The human queuing also has those tour buses passenger so would take longer time. After having my passport stamped, I proceeded to the counter in the next building to “import” my car into Thailand. There was no queue at all here. I walked up and let the officer process the documents. He printed out the importation form and told me to let officer sign and remember to return it once I exited Thailand. As I begin to walk away, the officer shouted at me to come back. He kept saying let officer sign and point to his back, the other guy seating behind him. I tot I was to drive the car up and there is an officer at the gate to sign it. So I handed the form to the officer to sign and he also reminded me to return the form upon leaving Thailand, otherwise 10,000 baht fine. By then, there was a guy walking to me and told me that my car has breakdown as my brother was unable to start the car. Therefore there was a jam at my lane. Oops, went back and saw my brother trying to start the car to no avail. Then spare remote I passed to him got no more battery juice and he don’t know how to start it manually. Faster start and drove off!!! Took us a total of 2 hours to clear this Thai immigration. Woohooo, we are in Thailand. As we were stuck in the jam, I quickly made an online booking with The Regency at Hatyai for the night. We gave up our hotel in Alor Setar and went straight into Hatyai. Hatyai is 50km away from Sadao border, the drive there was smooth. Not much traffic jams. Using Waze to guide us there. The Regency has underground private carpark and it is in the night street stalls area, just opposite Lee Gardens Plaza hotel. Very well known area. The hotel room was dated, like in the 80’s feel. We rested in the hotel room till dinner time and proceeded to take a tuk tuk to Greenway market for dinner. After that we came back to the hotel area and walked the street stalls. Then we rest for the night. Makan photo here : https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711591-makan-in-thailand/?p=6711758
  12. My wife’s friend invited us to go over to New York, USA to visit her and stay at her place. So we agreed and planned for a visit in Autumn before the winter snow comes and it will be too cold to walk around. My wife’s friend stays at the suburbs of New York City but still within New York state so it is a good place to stay and still able to visit New York City. After extensive search on various websites, we settled for Qatar Airways flight with a stopover at Doha, Qatar. Initially, wanted to try the SIA direct flight but wifey say she does not want to seat in the aeroplane for 19 hours and also the cost was more than double of what we can get on Qatar Airways. We listed down the places of interest we wanted to visit since it was our first time to USA. And since it was NYC, most of the places will be what we saw in the movies and TV. Then we planned for shopping and throw in a road trip to satisfy my desire to drive long distances in USA. My wife’s friend provided some tips on places to visit and my colleague/trusted friend in the office provided me with lots of tips on what to see, where to eat and how to get around NYC as he is a regular to USA. His twin brother stays there and he visits him every year. There was enhanced security check for everyone bound for USA at Doha, Qatar airport. They first check if you have ESTA, if yes, your name will be already on their list. Then it is time to strip down your clothes. No sweater or jackets, remove belt, footwear, keys, coins, wallet, hp and anything from your pockets. Next, empty all your hand carry items in your bag. All electronic devices like laptop, camera, drone, tablet, hp, etc must be placed separately in another tray. They wipe down all electronic devices and put the cloth into the ion scanner to check for traces of explosive/gun powder (I guess). I left my drone in my carry-on bag and when the x-ray detected it, was told to go back to the line and repeat the process again. Passengers were already boarding the plane while I was still going thru the checks. Many ppl were in the same scenario too. Touch down in JFK airport. It was a wet morning. I left SG on Fri night and reached NYC on a Sat morning. Woohoo, as if time stood still. But in fact, it was already Sat night in SG. Have flown exactly 24 hours and the time difference between NYC and SG is exactly 12 hours. The queue at immigration was terribly long, 45 mins before we get to see the officer. And over here, they see u as a family. Ya, whole family stand in front of the officer and he ask questions and stamp passport. For us, he didn’t ask much as it was our first time there, only ask how long we will be in USA. Retrieved our luggage and followed the instruction that Enterprise car rental had provided me. Took the air train to where all the car rentals are located. For Enterprise, got to take a shuttle bus after alighting from the air train as it was further away. The temp was around a cool 14°C. Had booked a Rav4 but there was no Rav4 on site so the guy provided me with a Hyundai Tucson. Less than 10,000 miles on the odo, still got new car smell. Loaded our luggage and drove to my wife’s friend home, another 40+km away. Had to keep awake and ensure I drive the correct direction. Somehow lost my way while I was on the freeway as there was a split 3 ways and I guessed the wrong one. Did a few rounds in a neighbourhood and got back on to the freeway. Entrances to the freeway were not clearly indicated on the road, no big signboard.
  13. steveluv

    China Trip

    So, today travelled to China, gonna be a long one, 2 weeks. The trip starts in Foshan. Arrived hotel 9.30pm, tired and hungry Pretty large room
  14. Versatile

    Phuket trip!

    Hi Bros, Any recommendation on which Villa to stay? The location would be better if it is near or at patong. If it's not around patong area, which beach is nearer to patong? I understand that there are several Villa's that is near (but a walking distance) to patong and there are some that are really far from patong but still part of phuket. And, aside from the "happenings" in patong, anywhere in phuket has the same "happenings"? is patong the only happenings area? oh btw, it's just merely a 3D2N stay.. hehe.
  15. Dear bros (and sisters), I know there have been threads about this, but I would be very grateful for a patient and helpful reply. :) I'm planning a trip (around 4 nights) to Cameron Highlands in early June with my family. My first time there. I'd like to stay near the summit of the hill if possible (not at the foothills). I'm thinking of putting up at the Brinchang Equatorial. Do any of you have any helpful pointers about reasonably priced but comfortable accommodation nearer the summit? There will be a total of 4 adults and a child, with 2 adults and the child (5 years old) in one room/chalet. Not particular about meals, since we're all strict vegetarians, so would be packing our own food. I have AA and NTUC membership - any accommodations with special discounts for these cards? Also, I would be grateful for any tips or pointers on the best route to take (I'm driving there). Thanks in advance.
  16. Discoburg


    Anyone visited there for holiday recently? Any recommended place for food and visit?
  17. Arrived this evening On the way to hotel at river Arrived at hotel Went for a walk Respect this fella lifting up a bunch of cables for his truck to pass Why are bottle beers here costing $4 per bottle? Snails
  18. steveluv

    Short trip to Hong Kong

    At hotel lobby taking to lobby staff Me: Hi could you please recommend a good dimsum restaurant? Lady: Yes very good restaurant Me: Yea yes I like very good restaurant Lady: ok out of the hotel turn left one block down very good restaurant Me: ok thanks so name of restaurant please Lady: oh it’s very good restaurant you can’t miss Getting agitated by now Me: Yes its a very good restaurant but I need to know the name of the restaurant can you please tell me the name of the restaurant? I arrived at the restaurant finally :oops:
  19. I know there are lots of threads about malaysia etc. Have read comments by @enye, @dleodleo and many others in desaru and other threads. Maybe can get specific comments for stuff to do for kids in MY. Planning a 4 (maybe 5 day road trip) in June to Kidzania KL. Driving in daytime and need for regular toilet breaks for the kids will take quite a while to get to KL. Day 1 - drive up to Petaling Jaya area Day 2 - kidzania Day 3 - Farm in the City and ? drive down to Malacca to stay one night (The long drive is quite sapping for me, so i prefer to make the return trip to SG a shorter one) Day 4 - nuah and return to SG If i stay a day 5, what to do around the area? Going up Genting is an option but probably seems a bit short to go up just for 1 day... District 21 seems good, but maybe my 4 year old son can't enjoy much. 10 best things to do in KL with kids. http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/magazine/10-things-kids.htm
  20. Greetings! Did a short getaway to Guangzhou, China with my wife a short while back. We were looking for a short getaway, and at first we looked at the region, but finally decided that it would be more fun to go to China instead. So we chose Guangzhou, which was a 4 hour flight (like flying to Hong Kong). It was a free and easy trip. We didn't cover very much, but hey, this was supposed to be for rest and relaxation. Before I jump into what we say, check out this new 'All Fours Movement' (coined by me). Elderly crawling up hill on all fours? This was at Yue Xiu Park, Guangzhou. Quite bizarre, but they seem to know what they were doing. Stay tuned for more.
  21. steveluv

    Short trip to France

    Had a good 6hrs sleep on flight nice dinner too Starter Duck confit Cheese Breakfast chose pork porridge
  22. For some quick and impromptu family bonding and outing within half a day, busy parents, have you considered bringing your kids to a pony ride ? Beats going to the crowded hot zoo, the Gallop Stable is one great place to get to nature and animals. The old premise at Ponggol has come to an end as their land lease had expired and with no possibility of renewal ( god knows why, government future development I believe ). Gallop Stable is now re-opened at Pasir Ris. Do check out this new ranch ! https://youtu.be/5c9N7A5d7XA This video and post has no affiliation to Gallop Stable. This is just a plain sharing post for families with kids to enjoy.
  23. Got back recently from a most interesting trip to Xi'An China. This was a couple trip (left our kids at home, they got school lah), and also a belated birthday celebration for dear Wife. We wanted to try something different, so we decided to go to Xi'An, the historic capital of China, to take a look. Based on our research, there was so much to see. Didn't want to Scoot to Xi'An Yes, I know that Scoot flew direct to Xi'An. But, hey, birthday celebration - so can spend a bit more lah. We ended up flying to Xi-An on China Eastern, in Business class. China Eastern flies through Shanghai, so the schedule was: 1. 17 May MU 566 - dep Singapore 2310, arr Shanghai 0440 2. 18 May MU 2335 - dep Shanghai 0645, arr Xi'An 0930 This flight turned out to be an adventure in its own right! When we got to the airport on 17 May evening, there were long lines at the check-in. At first I thought the Economy check in was just slow, but something wasn't quite right because the line wasn't moving at all! We headed to the Priority Check in, only to be told that our flight was re-timed to next morning 0800hrs! DUH! Apparently the Shanghai Airport unilaterally did the re-timing, due to some bad weather over Guangzhou. What to do? Either we waited at the airport and let them put us up at a hotel, or we go home. Counter staff told us that there were more than 500 pax that were due to fly (because 2 flights were re-timed), and if we wanted the hotel option, we had to wait for the bus to come, and the hotel was somewhere downtown (i.e. not airport hotel). So we decided to take a taxi home so that we could have a proper sleep, and come back to the airport early tomorrow morning (i.e. before 6AM). We got to the airport before 6AM the next morning. We knew we had to change our connecting flight. We would have missed MU 2335 (dep Shanghai at 0645hrs). So the China Eastern counter staff changed our flight to MU 2162, dep Shanghai at 1730hrs. Based on our re-timed MU566, we would have landed in Shanghai around 1300hrs. So a 1730hrs flight was the next available fight out. At least we got seats. So we felt relieved. They issued our boarding passes (for both legs) and checked our luggage through. Ok, it was time to go to the lounge at Terminal 3 to relax. China Eastern uses the SATS Premier Lounge at Terminal 3. With our lounge invites issued by check in counter, we got in. It was very busy that morning! Even the China Eastern cockpit crews were there having their breakfast. Fortunately we could find some seats, but the staff were slow in clearing up used cutlery, making the place look very messy, as the video below shows. Well. the mess didn't bother me too much. I got some breakfast, including meat congee, laksa, noodles, otah-otah. Soon, it was time to board, and we made our way to the gates, which was a rather long walk at the end of the Terminal. When we got into the gates, I noticed that the cabin crew were still at the gates. Was the aircraft even here? Well there was no aircraft at the gate! Oh no, no plane, no need to go to Shanghai! Well, fortunately, the plane arrived shortly thereafter, being towed in. Managed to take this video clip. I think the plane was parked at a remote stand overnight, that's why they had to tow the plane to the gate. Travel Insurance Documentation Oh, before I forget, we had bought travel insurance for our trip. So we would be able to claim something from the insurance policy due to such a lenghty delay, but important to get an official letter from the Airline to prove that the flight was delayed. We asked at the check-in counter, and they told us to get the letter at the boarding gate. We asked again at the boarding gate, and indeed they gave us 2 copies of the letter. My point is that if you don't ask, you won't get anything. This is what the letter looked like. Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner Thrilled to see that the plane was one of their very new Boeing 787-900 aircraft! We were in for a treat because this model of aircraft carried their latest Cabin products, which you will see later. Boarding commenced shortly and a wonderful sight greeted us when we boarded the Business class cabin. It was gorgeous and very classy indeed! I was seated in 8L and my wife in front of me in 7L. Flight Experience on China Eastern Business Class The flight experience was very nice. We ended up taking off at around 9AM (instead of 8AM). All the seats could turn into a flat bed at a push of a button. Even though the flight to Shanghai was not long (under 5 hours), I had time to take a short nap. My wife told me she watched movies throughout as there was some Chinese show that she liked. They didn't have menus at the seats. Rather, the stewardess comes around to take your orders for the meal after takeoff. In that process, she showed me the menu. I made a flight review video, and I hope you enjoy watching. When we arrived in Shanghai, we had an aero-bridge and walked straight into the Terminal. After the earlier fight re-timing, we were expecting any more surprises, but a bigger challenge was to come! Stay tuned for more...
  24. It has been a long time since I visited Taiwan. This time, my in-laws were interested in visiting the country. They wana see Taichung and Taipei, so it was an excellent opportunity for me to include a road trip to satisfy myself. Having driven on the left in USA last year, I do not see myself having much trouble with driving on the left. So why not and they(in-laws) get to experience an overseas driving holiday. Also we planned it in late Feb for the cooling weather and to see the cherry blossom. Average temperature was around 16 - 18°C but it got warmer around 20°C when we left Taiwan. For this thread, I will touch on more of my driving routes. Half of the trip is driving and the other half is on public transport. Day 1 An overnight flight on Scoot and arrived in Taoyuan Airport 5.10am. OMG, it was too early in the morning. Did not expect to arrive so early so we just sat around in the airport while my bro-in-law went to buy sim card for data. Next we took the MRT to Taoyuan HSR station, about 20 mins ride only.Our arrival at Taoyuan HSR station was early too as our scheduled booked train is at 8.05am. So we just sat around the station. My in-laws first time ride HSR, so it was something new for them. I planned it. It took 45mins of ride and we arrived at Taichung HSR station. This is the place where I had booked our car and pick up of the car was. I went with Hotai rental, a large local rental car company. It offers the option of returning the car at a different city. Had booked a 2.0L Toyota Wish for the five of us. The car had 45K km on the odometer. Took me a while to install my car camera(Blackvue DR650S), all the wirings to charge hp and hp holder. I am using two hp, one with Waze and another with Maps.Me.
  25. KapitanE

    Trip Report..... SQ to London

    Yes, I am again in the air and flew out of Singapore on the 12th evening, SQ322, the A380 direct flight.... Well, have been on this type of seat configuration many times before, so it is not as exciting as before. But as always, couples of drinks, good food, and a good night rest before arrival...... Service not as good as previous experience, maybe because stewardess is young and new.... I was not asked if I wanted a drink when I woke up and she walked pass the aisle a few times,.... walk through... I had to stop another to ask for coffee... haiz.... What is a trip report without pictures.... Plane took off from Terminal 3, shots of other SQ planes at the terminal last night... Traditional leg room shot..... some champagne before taking off....