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Found 44 results

  1. dear bros here. i need some help for my mum's old HDB 4 room flat. existing: spoilt casement aircon in 1 room that is rented out *planning to install system 2 aircon for the 2 other rooms. any recommendations for aircon brands/models?* Criteria will be: not too expensive. is it possible for system 2 to be below $2000? low energy consumption. reliable. as the house doesn't come with any existing aircon except the casement aircon may i know an estimate of the labor cost to fit in a system 2?
  2. Hi all, Looking to DIY wrap my intake pipe with heat insulating material to keep the heat out of the pipe. Any recommendations? Guess it can be from kitchen or building supplies as well. Thanks
  3. Bros I figured that I want to do a little road trip with friends before I have to give up my car.. See some of the nice places around M'sia, and not just the typical stuff. The plan is to go in October just before the school holidays, or end of Sept.. so I can also see the East coast before the annual monsoon. Some ideas: Perak rice fields Makan in Ipoh Tasik Kenyir in Trengganu Food in Penang I won't mind stopping in Malacca along the way, but I have been there a lot of times If anyone has a similar plan or done this before, please share, thanks! Also please share if you have tips on food spots, places to stay (under $100Sin), and sights to see. Cheers
  4. hi guys. my baby birthday in august. was thinking of bringing her and the family for a short getaway to celebrate. maybe my parents/inlaws also joining us. biggest issue is that the birthday is over the national day long weekend. hopefully don't jam too much. lol got any suggestions? couple of ideas we are thinking of. 1) lotus desaru resort - can eat seafood - can go the fruit farms / farms etc to see animals - can go beach 2) port dickson thinking of eagle ranch resort relaxing time. abit far for a 2yr old on her first road trip any other farm stay type resort nearer to sg? preferable within 1-2 hr drive. any comments or other suggestions? thanks in advance.
  5. Dear Forummers, Apologies if there is already a thread for asking such questions, but I need some help. I am looking at purchasing a used Audi A4 1.8 L and the price quoted by the dealer is 68800. The car is a single owner car with 66K mileage on the Odo and OMV of 36,062 and COE of 43290. I am wondering if the price quoted is reasonable. I also saw a similar car quoted at 60,800 but the mileage on the ODO for the car is 107,000 so am thinking of getting the one with the lower mileage. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Mods: Please move this thread / merge the thread in the appropriate topic if there is already a topic/thread existing on this topic. Cheers
  6. First of all........ a) I have searched the forum, nothing much about cleaning luxury watch straps (alligator leather to be specific) b) I refrained from posting in the watches thread, as high chance it will get lost within the tons and tons of watch posts... For this matter, if the mods think this is more suitable in the watch thread, pls feel free to merge Any watch experts there has any suggestions/recommendations on how to clean, care and maintain alligator leather watch straps? Mine is a light coloured strap, so I would presume products such as Mink oil doesn't work as it darkens the leather? Also, after each wear, I will wipe the straps with a damp cloth, let it dry, before putting it back to my watch winder, would that suffice? Any useful/helpful comments would be greatly greatly appreciated. cheers and happy 2016
  7. Hmm, Ah Lui is a very efficient minister who has already concluded that the above red and blue suggestions are unfeasible. PS: Those who post "tuck yew... tuck yew", you know he's watching hor.
  8. hmmmm.......... MOF requesting your suggestion for Budget 2015 CNA news: Public invited to give ideas, suggestions for Budget 2015 SINGAPORE: Individuals, households and businesses have been invited to give ideas and suggestions on possible measures for Budget 2015, and provide feedback on issues such as taxation and public spending, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said on Wednesday (Nov 26). Members of the public can visit the REACH Pre-Budget 2015 microsite at www.reach.gov.sg/budget2015 until Jan 29, 2015, to submit their views online. MOF has also launched the Budget 2015 website at www.singaporebudget.gov.sg, through which the public can access the latest updates on Budget 2015, as well as general information on the Singapore national budget process. On Thursday, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport Josephine Teo and Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport and REACH Vice-Chairman Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim will join around 80 Singaporeans at an MOF-REACH Pre-Budget 2015 Conversation to discuss ideas and suggestions for next year’s Budget. In addition, MOF and REACH will stage three pre-Budget 2015 Listening Points across Singapore from December 2014 to January 2015. The Listening Point is an open booth for Singaporeans from all walks of life to share their views. Singaporeans can also submit feedback via the following channels: REACH Singapore Facebook www.facebook.com/REACHSingapore REACH Singapore Twitter (#SGBudget2015) Singapore Budget website www.singaporebudget.gov.sg Email reach@reach.gov.sg Toll-free hotline at 1800-2260806 SMS to 9-SPEAK-UP (9-77325-87) - CNA/cy link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/public-invited-to-give/1494350.html OK.... my suggestions 1) Reduce Defence Spending - more money channel to Health Care subsidy & medicines (out patient clinic - polyclinics) 2) Reduce Personal tax 3) Reduce transportation fare 4) Reduce education fee (all levels - pri to uni) already coming to evening, mind can't think of any more after long day works...
  9. We will be going to Macau for a short 2D/1N stay, from Hong Kong. Staying at the Holiday Inn at Cotai. I understand Macau is a small place. I am not into casinos. Can recommend the 'must-sees' during the time that we are there? Thanks.
  10. Hey bros/sis, any suggestions on where is a good place to hold an office year-end lunch? Typically we go for buffet-style (for the spread, and also to prevent over-ordering until budget burst ) Need a Halal place - any cuisine is open for consideration. Budget is below $35nett/pax (for 15 pax).
  11. Friendstar

    How u spending ur NYE? suggestions!

    Hi all. End of 2012 is ard the corner and we are about to welcome 2013. So how are u going to celebrate NYE? :)
  12. Zniper

    Batam 3d2n suggestions?

    hi bros, any kind suggestions for batam 3d2n to relax and maybe sea sports and stuffs? which hotel/resort will be nearest to beach and value for $$$? thanks for all the kind suggestions...
  13. Mini recently announced that the Mini Clubvan will go into production and the numerous types of engines used were also announced. The company plans to debut the production version of the car later this year and also plans to release it some time next year. But even before the general public gets to see the car, a controversy has arisen recently, concerning the Clubvan. A fifteen year old teenager from East Sussex, United Kingdom has claimed that he suggested the production of the Clubvan to Mini and he has the proof to back it up. Back in 2009, Alexander Goldsmith (12 years old at that time) wrote a letter to Mini and suggested that they produce a van and he even named it the
  14. A reader suggested citizens be given some priority in COE biddings. Something like:- Cats A, B be reserved for citizens only In addition to his suggestion, Maybe non-citizens be made to pay 50% more then the COE price citizens pay? Any use of proxy ie non-citizens caught using citizens' name to bid will be heavily fined and banned from buying car! The above still allows the use of COEs to control car population, at the same time differentiate between citizens and non-citizens. Similar to recent MOE's new methods for allocation of places in schools. LTA may end up collecting more COE money thru the 50% surcharge!
  15. Is an amp/DSP really necessary ? I have the following * Pioneer AVH-P4350DVD with Head Unit cover to replace original headset * SoundStream AMP - X Stream XTA720.4 720 Watt * Sound Processor: Pioneer DEQ-P7650 Multi-Channel Processor Unit * Blaupunkt Velocity Capacitor ! No speakers The above was purchased from another owner who dismantled it and could not fit his new ride. I was 'advised' the following - Trade in XStream and Velocity capacity and replace it with a smaller amp thats able to fit below car seat. The amps are big and by placing it behind the boot, i needed to custom make a board (more money involved) - install new speakers cos the original won't be able to take it - including labour / installation, trade-in of Xstream amp & capacitor, install new speakers + back cameras would come up to $1K or so (price not fix yet as I was told my the techs to speak to the boss the next day) What do you guys suggest ?
  16. Hi all, Thinking of going on a holiday in end july / early august any one got good suggestions...... considerations: preferably below 25 degrees C duration abt a week prefer location with sightseeing instead of shopping.... just two of us: me and my wife
  17. Autobat

    Suggestions on party goodies!

    Hey guys, I am planning to have a small party over the weekend to get together with old frens. Anyone can provide moi some good recommendations? what kind of party snacks do you think are great and like? Also what Alcoholic drinks? =D No BBQ please! lol.
  18. #1 ---- Daily meals at coffee shop Stall holders in kopitiams say they have to increase prices coz they need to cover costs and make a living. Since one major component of their costs is rental, why not HDB put a cap on the rentals in heartland kopitiams so that food prices do have be go up, and heartlanders can enjoy their meals at reasonable prices?? Currently HDB charges kopitiam rentals based on bidding system ie the highest bidder gets the place and in turn sub-lets the spaces to stall holders.... the winning bidder takes a cut doesnt matter how high he bids to win..... winner: HDB and winning bidder, lose: customers.... whether the individual stall holders make or not, it depends, but chances are they win also...... the winning bidder and his tenants (stall holders) simply pass the high cost (rental) to the consumers, who LL gotta pay, no choice. If the rental is capped, and draw lot to decide who get the stalls, consumers are 'protected'. Your views? Revert public transport systems to public-run operation Currently, MRTC, SBS etc have to make profits to satisfy shareholders. Passengers' comfort etc are secondary or even further down the list of priority. To maintain high profits, trains and buses are packed even at 11pm.... frequencies of trains/buses are lower than it should be to cope with demands, why? To satisfy shareholders' expectation in dividents. If the operation is changed from profit-oriented to customers-oriented, the 'profits' made can be ploughed back to improve the train/bus services instead of going into shareholders' pockets........... Your views? Any other suggestions?
  19. SINGAPORE: The Motor Traders Association of Singapore (MTA) has written to Transport Minister Raymond Lim, offering some suggestions to fine-tune the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system. In a release issued on Wednesday, the MTA suggested the removal of taxis from the Category A COE quota, and doing away with Category E (open category) COEs. It said COE premiums are now among the highest since the COE system was started in 1990. These high prices come on the back of sharp cuts in the COE quota over the last 12 months. The cuts coupled with the high COE premium have had an adverse impact on both the motor industry and car buyers. It added that under current rules, the situation is expected to worsen this year. On the removal of taxis from the Category A COE quota, it said over the last 20 years, the taxi population has more than doubled. With the liberalisation of taxi supply in 2003, there is now no cap on the taxi population. MTA said taxi operators currently compete with the private car buyer for a COE as they are required to bid for a Category A COE to register their new taxis.This puts additional pressure on the Category A COE premiums. And because they are business enterprises, taxi operators are in a better position to bid more for COEs. The MTA said higher COE premium for taxis translates to higher cost for taxi operators and this higher cost would inevitably be passed to the commuter in the form of higher transport fees. Higher transport costs would lead to higher inflation which will affect everyone. As to doing away with Category E COEs, it said this category can be used to register any vehicle. The MTA has suggested that Category E COEs be removed in order to allow for a more equitable spread of the COE quota and to prevent possible speculation of category E COEs. The MTA is interested in public feedback and these can be sent to COE_feedback@mta.org.sg My feedback is let the buyers bid their own COE.... only with COE than you are allowed to buy the car from AD. AD should only provide price without COE. This should be made mandatory and no AD should submit COE on behalf of buyer. In addition, buyer should get their own financing and financing houses should market the packages directly to buyers and not through ADs that get a cut from deals. MTA should also provide market price statistics on used car markets for make, age and mileage to create transparency for seller so that those cocky sales man do not profit at the expense of car owners.... If not LTA should screw their proposals.... let those crappy car AD go bust. I have no sympathy for them. Not enough sales and not enough scrap for export..... they are screwed.
  20. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1104182/1/.html .....In a release issued on Wednesday, the MTA suggested the removal of taxis from the Category A COE quota, and doing away with Category E (open category) COEs. is high time to remove the taxis from cat A. perhaps reassign cat E to taxis only....
  21. SimonTan

    Christmas presents suggestions

    What to get for a person who has almost everything. Iphone, MP3, Ipad, Computers, Laptops, GPS, PS3, Xbox, Wii, TVs, Watches, cars, motorcycle, wife, kids, house, all he already have. I am cracking my head on what to get a legit gift for this man. Of course not getting him a gun or mistress or cocaine or anything that is bad for health or illegal lah.....(although it will be nice). What useful and worthwhile gift can I get for this man, aka myself!! Pricing must be less than $20k (bonus from my company) I am open to suggestions. Any websites selling interesting gifts?
  22. Hi All, My CO birthday is coming real and we are both taking 3 days off from work. so on the first day of leave, a day before her birthday, i will be taking her to ubin for some cycling and makan.. second day, which is the actual day is the real headache. thought of bringing her spa during the afternoon and a real nice dinner at night. on the spa, i am thinking of Spa Vintage. Is this place good? on the dinner part, intital idea is on Forlino or The Cliff. Is there any good dinner place other than these 2? Anyone know if there is some kind of package whereby there is hotel stay, spa and nice dinner all together? Thanks
  23. I am driving my dad's wish......It is also equipped with an external GPS...... However, i think the speedometer is not really accurate as sometimes it shows 100km/h but the GPS only showed like 90km/h +/- ..... Also, GPS is somehow lagging like a few minutes thus i couldnt get the most accurate reading on time.... Just wondering any bros here have other methods of reading the speed of your car?
  24. Edwardthy

    Wiper for cars, any suggestions?

    Hi all, been raining these few days on and off and i would like to know wat are e good aftermarket wipers that really leaves no streaks of rain behind. Driving kia Picanto 07 model. Many thanks.
  25. HI Would like to drive up North but am not comfortable in parking our ride on the main island and take a boat elsewhere (eg. Tioman). Is Pangkok also the same? Do we have to park our car on the main land? Also, would like to know if Kuantan is similar to Desaru or Port Dickson? Have drove to Malacca, KL, Genting, Cameron Highlands, Port Dickson & Desaru before...hence not sure where else are the to go Any other suggestions besides the places that I've mentioned above. Thanks in advance :)