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Found 85 results

  1. The seventh generation Lexus ES will be the first to be introduced to markets in Western Europe. It follows the new LS flagship sedan and LC coupe in carrying forward a new chapter in Lexus design that has a much stronger emotional quality. The eye-catching styling, made possible by the use of an all-new Global Architecture - K (GA-K) platform, will have particular appeal to customers in the region, together with a more engaging driving experience and even higher safety provisions. The new ES is built on the all-new Global Architecture - K (GA-K) platform, giving Lexus the opportunity to explore the limits of mid-size luxury sedan design. The car is 65 mm longer (4,980 mm), 5 mm lower (1,445 mm) and 45 mm wider (1,865 mm) than its predecessor. The 50 mm longer wheelbase (2,870 mm) allows the wheels to be pushed closer to the car's corners, with wider front and rear treads (+10 and +37 mm). The range will include the ES 300h, on sale from December 2018, powered by a new self-charging hybrid system, together with the ES 200, ES 250 and ES 350 petrol engine models that will go on sale from September 2018. Lexus ES 250 Lexus ES 300h F SPORT
  2. Soya

    New 2018 BMW X3

    New model. Apparently. Doesn't it look like the old X3? http://www.bmwblog.com/2017/09/13/2017-frankfurt-auto-show/
  3. And now, the ongoing competition is to see who has the largest... ... screen. Automakers seem to have moved on from the horsepower wars and are now focusing their attention on a new kind of contest. Judging from car launches in recent years, it looks like there’s a race for the title of the largest infotainment screen fitted to an automobile. Mercedes-Benz is committed to taking part in this race; just look at the humongous center screen that the all-new 2020 S-Class will have. These are the very first spy shots of the luxury sedan’s portrait-style center screen which is the size of China. We don’t know exactly how big it is, but since the digital instrument panel is wider than on the current S-Class, the center display is at least as wide and significantly longer. From this distance, it seems even bigger than the iPad Pro 12.9, the world’s largest tablet computer. Look closely and you’ll notice some physical buttons at the bottom of the screen. They control the driving modes, hazard lights, volume, on/off, and some other functions we can’t decipher. Most functions will be accessible via the center touchscreen. Besides the digital instrument panel and the infotainment display, the rest of the cabin is still covered. On the outside, it’s pretty clear that the S-Class prototype features the production headlights and taillights. However, their shapes remain unknown given the heavy camouflage. The 2020 S-Class will arrive next year with Level 3 semi-autonomous driving tech, which is a step above Level 2 systems such as Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise. The flagship sedan will reportedly feature hybrid-only versions using the latest 3.0-liter and 2.9-liter straight-six gasoline and diesel engines. The PHEV versions are expected to offer all-electric driving ranges of up to 62 miles (100 km). The S-Class is also said to debut a new 4Matic all-wheel-drive system with a fully variable torque split between the axles, as well as an active suspension that will work together with a 48-volt system and a stereo camera scanning the road ahead. Besides the S-Class, Mercedes is also developing an all-electric EQ S luxury sedan that will use a new MEA platform different from the S-Class’ updated MRA architecture.
  4. inlinesix

    Mercedes G Class

    Gen2 G Wagen will be unveiled in 2018 Some shots of interior https://jalopnik.com/the-2018-g-wagen-is-different-and-mercedes-really-means-1821235895
  5. 2020 Genesis GV80 Drops Bulky Camo As Engine Lineup Is Revealed The wait for Genesis’ first SUV is almost over as we’re nearing the GV80’s world debut which will most likely happen at the LA Auto Show next month. The fact that the launch is just around the corner is obvious in the new camouflage adopted by 2020 GV80 prototypes. One of them was spotted at the Nürburgring with a tight fit camouflage covering the final production body, giving us the best look yet at Korea’s upcoming premium midsize SUV. Looking like a toned down version of the GV80 Concept, the production model adopts very similar horizontal headlights and taillights consisting of two parallel elements. The proportions are similar to the namesake concept as well, albeit less athletic and more massive. The third lateral window is fully covered by camouflage tape but a closer look reveals a triangular outline reminiscent of the GV80 Concept. In these photos, the Genesis GV80 does not appear to be fully in its element negotiating the treacherous Nordschleife. This should come as no surprise, since we’re talking about a massive SUV that’s 4,945-mm long, 1,975-mm wide and 1,715-mm high. Therefore, it will need powerful engines and the good news is it will get them. Earlier this week, Genesis confirmed a lineup of three powertrains for GV80: turbocharged Smartstream G2.5 T-GDi 2.5-liter four-cylinder and Smartstream G3.5 T-GDi 3.5-liter V6 gasoline units, plus a Smartstream D3.0 3.0-liter straight-six diesel. The four-cylinder delivers 304 PS (300 HP) while the V6 produces 380 PS (375 HP). The diesel is said to offer 278 PS (274 HP) but it will probably not be available in the United States. A new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic will also be part of the lineup. The 2020 Genesis GV80 is the first of three SUVs to be launched by the Korean luxury brand, including a compact GV70 and an unspecified model.
  6. BMWs typically have a shelf life of seven years but that won’t be the case for the current X5 whose successor is nearing the end of its development. One of the reasons for the speedy arrival of the redesigned X5 is to streamline the production process. The CLAR-based SUVs will all be built at BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Another being the current X5 is facing stiff competition from newer rivals like the Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. The current (third-gen) X5 was introduced for the 2014 model year but its underpinnings are shared with the second-gen X5 on sale since 2007. This fourth-gen model, which we’re currently expecting to arrive in showrooms in mid-2018, as a 2019 model, won’t have anything in common with its predecessors. It will ride on the SUV version of BMW’s modular platform that debuted in the 2016 7-Series and has since appeared in the 2017 5-Series. Referred to internally as a CLAR, short for Cluster Architecture, the platform combines lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium—and carbon fiber in the case of the 7-Series—with conventional steel to save weight while increasing rigidity and strength. The SUV version of the CLAR platform made its debut in the 2018 X3. The platform is also pegged for an X7 full-size SUV that BMW has confirmed for launch in 2018. It look like the fully redesigned forth-gen X5 will grow in size compared to the third-generation model currently on sale, which should lead to more interior space.
  7. For the SUV-loving group, there’s a luxury rendition of the Ford F-150. Looks yummy, any takers?
  8. 2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport revealed with all-new twin-turbo V8 http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/03/26/2019-cadillac-ct6-v-sport-revealed-with-all-new-twin-turbo-v8.html Cadillac is turning its flagship sedan into a speedboat. The 2019 CT6 V-Sport debuting at the New York International Auto Show is a high-performance version of the full-size four-door, and introduces an all-new engine to the brand’s lineup. The 4.2-liter turbocharged V8 is Cadillac’s first of the type. The very modern motor features a “hot-V” design that sends the exhaust through twin turbochargers stuffed in-between the cylinder banks. This creates a compact package and helps reduce turbo-lag, courtesy of the shorter distance that the exhaust needs to travel before it hits the turbos. Cadillac says the engine produces 550 hp and 627 lb-ft, while a detuned version be offered in non-V-Sport models with 500 hp and 553 lb-ft. Both are matched to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy ratings have not been revealed, but the engine is equipped with a stop-start feature that turns it off when the vehicle isn’t in motion. The CT6 V-Sport also features a louder exhaust than other models, a performance-oriented suspension and all-wheel-drive system, summer tires, Brembo brakes and subtly aggressive bodywork. The entire CT6 range is getting a mild styling refresh and updated controls for the infotainment system, with more auxiliary buttons and a knob controller to go along with its touchscreen interface. One thing the V-Sport is not getting is Cadillac’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving aid, which allows for hands-free driving on the highway. The feature is offered on other CT6 models, but not currently destined for what's very much a human driver's version. The CT6 will continue to be built at GM’s Hamtramck, Mich., factory, but the origin of the new V8 is intriguing. It will be hand-assembled at GM’s Performance Build Center, which is located in the Bowling Green Assembly plant in Kentucky where the Chevrolet Corvette is made.
  9. 50,000 units in 8 months [*]More than 50,000 new S-Class sedans delivered to customers worldwide since market launch in September 2005 [*]US and Germany top performing sales markets for the luxury sedan [*]S-Class is also the world market leader among diesel-powered luxury sedans Only eight months after the European premiere of the new S-Class, sales of the sedan have topped 50,000 units.
  10. how is it classified? or is it a mid size luxury saloon?
  11. Wt_know

    New 2018/2019 BMW X4

    GLC Coupe contender is here
  12. Michael2828

    Volvo XC90 Excellence

    Volvo is making a very luxurious SUV! anybody getting this? Volvo XC 90 Excellence
  13. Hi guys I notice something In the overseas forums like USA U.K. And EU a lot of them boast about their super cars and their high life But when I throw a fun challenge ( just for the sake of fun) to them to buy a similar model in Singapore they turn quiet and try to change topic. I mean if they are brave to take up the challenge they should try buying the same luxury model and accept the challenge Eg Bentley bentayaga forums
  14. Carbon82

    Luxury / Premium SUV

    Just a decade ago, Volvo "shaken" the world with the launch of it flagship SUV, XC90, touted as a premium SUV (after BMW with its X5 & Mercedes with the GL). Since then, the SUV assault continue, with Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche and such jumping onto the bandwagon, in hope to have a slice of the big pie. Last September, Bentley officially introduce it Bentayga, the world first luxury SUV, with it first customer the Queen of Britain.
  15. SINGAPORE — If the nursing homes housing the 5,000 beds the Government wants to add by 2020 are built according to a new model that affords patients more privacy with single and double rooms, it would cost about S$19 million more a year, a study commissioned by two philanthropic foundations has found. This is equivalent to 0.2 per cent of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) S$11 billion budget for the current financial year, and amounts to each resident paying about S$8 to S$13 more a day from the current daily average cost of S$106.20 per resident. Lien Foundation, which commissioned the study with Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation, shared these figures on Thursday (July 28), with the aim of quantifying the argument for single- and double-bedded nursing homes which feature en suite toilets, communal living and dining areas — a departure from the six- to eight-bed dormitory-style layout that is common here. The foundation has been lobbying for a shift towards nursing homes providing “people-centred” care, an effort that hit a roadblock last year when the MOH said it could not provide subsidies for the proposed Jade Circle home, a joint effort between Peacehaven Nursing Home, the Lien Foundation and Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation. The ministry had said it would not be “financially sustainable” to provide subsidies to patients staying in wards “designed to proxy private or A-class ward configurations”. On Thursday, Lien Foundation chief executive Lee Poh Wah urged the authorities to move away from “archaic” models of nursing care. “The elderly (in Singapore) are stripped of their privacy, dignity and autonomy, and reduced to living a regimen — all in the name of safety and efficiency,” he said. Commenting on the ministry’s decision on Jade Circle, Mr Lee, stressing that they were not asking for additional subsidies, said: “I am completely baffled. Why were we penalised for wanting to care for the poor, for delivering care that far exceeded MOH’s standards?” The additional 5,000 nursing-home beds that the Government aims to build by 2020 provide an opportunity for a new model of care to be introduced, he added. The study, conducted by strategy consultancy Oliver Wyman, sought opinions from geriatricians, nursing-home practitioners, and architects. The cost estimates are based on hypothetical nursing homes with 20 per cent single rooms and 80 per cent double rooms. Homes with only single rooms will cost about 36.8 per cent more, according to the study. Besides infrastructural changes, the model would see a dedicated Senior Care Associate tending to each “household” of up to 10 residents. The associate will engage the residents on daily activities and will be supported by roving teams who provide clinical and nursing support. At the Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home, 56 residents with dementia are currently housed in such a living community, where they are encouraged to make their own decisions, such as choosing activities they wish to take part in. Residents have shown a 30 per cent increase in well-being since moving into the facility in 2006, based on a profiling assessment, said the home’s executive director Low Mui Lang. The study noted that in countries with ageing populations, such as Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, single and double rooms in homes are already the norm. For instance, residents at the Green House Project in the US live in cottages with private rooms and baths. Those who are able help with food preparation and eat in a communal setting. Unlike the regimented meals in nursing homes, Green House residents are free to choose when to eat. In response to the study, the MOH, which received the report on Wednesday night, said it hopes to discuss the findings with Lien Foundation and understand the assumptions behind the economic analysis. Commenting on the Jade Circle episode, the MOH said it had made various offers to Peacehaven, such as providing financial support if part of the new facility could be converted into four-bedded wards. “Our offers still stand and we look forward to engaging Lien Foundation on experimenting with new models of care for our seniors,” said the MOH. It also pointed to ongoing efforts to try new models, such as the Ang Mo Kio Build-Own-Lease Nursing Home to be operated by Ren Ci, which will have a “cluster concept” of four beds in each room, sharing a common living area. In Financial Year (FY)15, the MOH’s investment in the nursing home sector was estimated at more than S$360 million, including manpower funding and capital investments. In comparison, expenditure in FY11 was around S$100 million, the ministry said. http://m.todayonline.com/singapore/costs-would-rise-least-s8-day-new-nursing-homes-study
  16. conti-man

    S320 vs 730Li

    MB released S320 a few month ago. BMW launched 730Li this month. These are scaled down/tuned down versions of their S400 and 740Li respectively. I think they both retain a 3 litre engine. Are the savings from S400 and 740Li respectively worth the while given the lower specs? Any comments on which is better?
  17. Little_prince

    2nd hand BMW 7 series

    hi guys. been offered a 2nd hand bmw 730 abt 5yr old any advice on the reliability and other stuff i should look out for? thanks in advance!
  18. Goldman_Luxury

    Goldman Luxury - Pre-Owned Watches for Sale

    Hello, Welcome to Goldman Luxury, we are the 1st pre-owned watch shop that knows that as much as you love your cars, you are also loving your watches. Please do take your time to look at our selections and we are help to help you with anything regarding about luxury watches.
  19. First of all........ a) I have searched the forum, nothing much about cleaning luxury watch straps (alligator leather to be specific) b) I refrained from posting in the watches thread, as high chance it will get lost within the tons and tons of watch posts... For this matter, if the mods think this is more suitable in the watch thread, pls feel free to merge Any watch experts there has any suggestions/recommendations on how to clean, care and maintain alligator leather watch straps? Mine is a light coloured strap, so I would presume products such as Mink oil doesn't work as it darkens the leather? Also, after each wear, I will wipe the straps with a damp cloth, let it dry, before putting it back to my watch winder, would that suffice? Any useful/helpful comments would be greatly greatly appreciated. cheers and happy 2016
  20. Duty-unpaid cigarettes hidden in the modified spare tyre compartment of a Mercedes-Benz car. More offenders have been caught for smuggling contraband cigarettes into Singapore using luxury cars. Singapore Customs said the offenders had assumed that luxury vehicles would less likely be checked by enforcement officers at the checkpoints. Last year, 15 offenders were caught for trying to smuggle contraband cigarettes into Singapore in luxury cars, compared to 2012 when there were four offenders. A total of 2,642 cartons and four packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes valued at more than S$250,000 were recovered from modified compartments of the cars including the seats, fuel tank, spare tyre and engine compartments. The duty and Goods and Services Tax evaded exceeded S$208,000. Among those caught, 11 were sentenced to between three and 13 months' jail. Their vehicles were forfeited. Court proceedings are ongoing for the other four offenders. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/more-use-luxury-cars-to/965218.html
  21. Carbon82

    2nd Generation Jaguar XF

    Everything has been improved, except for that quart window at the C-pillar... really spoiled the look.
  22. Hi guys. Need some quick advice. Got a wedding anniversary coming up. Thinking of buying my wife something nice. Maybe a Bottega bag or something. Is it significantly cheaper at Changi airport ? Was thinking I could get it at dfs since I got a trip to hongkong later this month. If not then I just get from ion later
  23. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/french-massive-tour-group-china-vip-treatment-183740515.html This is pretty cool. :) French give massive tour group from China the VIP treatment By Anne Chaon | AFP News – Sun, May 10, 2015 RELATED CONTENT View PhotoEmployees of Chinese company Tiens attend a parade on May 8, 2015 in Nice, France, … View PhotoThis photo from Image Trans shows Tiens employees arranging themselves in the phrase … View PhotoCEO of Tiens Li Jinyuan © waves to his employees on May 8, 2015 in Nice, Franc … The biggest-ever tour group to visit France, 6,400 mainly Chinese visitors invited by their company boss, received a VIP welcome Saturday in the southern resort town of Nice. In the morning the luxury department store Galeries Lafayette closed its doors to all other shoppers so that the visitors could browse the aisles, and queue at the till, in relative peace. Later, the group, 5,400 of whom arrived in France from China on Tuesday aboard 84 commercial planes, filled up the Palais Nikaia to watch the Moulin Rouge cabaret show. They are all employees of the Chinese conglomerate Tiens, which is celebrating its 20th birthday. Christian Mantel, head of the French tourism development agency Atout France said the authorities were pulling out all the stops to accommodate the wishes of the group, who are paying 13 million euros ($14.5 million) for the 5-13 May visit. "And that's without counting the shopping," added Mantel. With an average of 1,500 euros in purchases, Chinese tourists are among the world's biggest holiday spenders. The Tiens directors have relaxed in the most luxurious hotel rooms. Less elevated employees have been treated to three- or four-star accommodation. In the capital Paris, the group had the famous Louvre museum to themselves for a private visit on May 6 before heading south to Nice. "We have mobilised public services as well as tourism professionals, hotels, restaurants, shops and designer brands," said Mantel. "So far everything has gone smoothly, the feedback has been extremely positive." The whole adventure began back in December when Atout France got wind that the Tiens boss group Li Jinyuan wanted to celebrate in style the 20th birthday of his company which operates in tourism, trade and cosmetics among other sectors. Mantel said French authorities worked hard to narrow down his destination short-list, which had originally also included London and Rome. Along with the Chinese visitors, there were also Russians and Kenyans in the Tiens tour group. While in Nice, the group entered the Guinness World Records book after forming the longest ever "human phrase," positioning themselves in groups that read "Tiens' dream is Nice in the Cote d'Azur" in letters visible from the air. Tiens CEO Li Jinyuan even took part in a parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Standing in an American jeep he smiled and saluted towards his massed co-workers in the crowd. While the group have been getting the VIP treatment, the Tiens top dogs have gone one better with the VVIP treatment lavished on them. On Wednesday they met up with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Fabius, who hopes France will welcome 100 million tourists this year, is well aware that "the reservoir for tourists is mainly in the Far East, particularly in China," a member of his team said.