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  1. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  2. Hi All, I just bought a second hand Jaguar X-type 2.5. Can I ask any fellow owners if you could be so kind to recommend me an alternative mechanic that can service Jaguars apart from Malayan Motors? cause its already over the warranty period. Thanks in advance. Regards, Yann
  3. Ever seen a car with a big plume of white smoke in its wake? Guess you are going to now! Passers-by who happened to be in the vicinity of the local Jaguar dealership were treated to the amazing sight of a trail of billowing smoke from a black car that peeled into the premises. Watch the video here: 305049755_171661618772581_2698647415225735711_n.mp4 That's crazy! Talk about smoking! At the start the car's smoking trail was already quite a sight to behold. But then, the height of the smoke trail just kept growing, and growing... till it covered a good portion of the dealership front! The smoke was slowly dissipating in the wake of the car's departure, lending to its mysterious getaway not unlike a scene from a James Bond movie... We wonder if the car was rushing in for a refund! Just kidding. The Scientific Explanation We don't see this everyday--- so why do such phenomena occur? One of the reasons we found was that coolant could have gotten into the car's combustion chambers, thereby causing the appearance of the white smoke. In some cases, it could also be that the driver used the wrong fuel for his car (very dangerous) or that there was high friction from the tyres, generating the white smoke. Jokes of the day As expected, netizens made us chuckle with their witty takes on this unusual occurrence. LOL! It really does remind us of the fumigation sessions at the grass patches! Hmm, maybe it was Jaguar who opted for a new in-house service instead! Another netizen remarked that it looked like the dry ice trail from the Swensen's ice cream... We won't disagree... The food comments are making us really hungry, lol! Not an everyday sighting While it was an interesting sight, we hope the driver of the car gets his vehicle checked out for good as generating this amount of smoke often could be harmful to the environment and pedestrians around him. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  4. A white Jaguar F-PACE miscalculates camcar's actions and switches lanes too early, resulting in an unexpected hit-and-run. The video starts with the camcar and several other vehicles patiently waiting for the green light at the junction between Bukit Timah and Kheam Hock Road. Upon the appearance of the green light, all cars start to move off, with the Honda Jazz in front of the camcar making a right turn. It is at this moment that the white Jaguar F-PACE decides to filter to the right lane, as the driver assumes that the camcar would be making a right turn as well instead of going straight ahead. This results in a pretty nasty hit between both vehicles. Unlike the fierceness of the vehicle's name, the Jaguar driver immediately increases his speed and runs away after the hit. Do you see the resemblance? The location of the accident While most would agree that the Jaguar F-PACE was being too 'kan chiong' in his judgement, some questioned if the camcar was in a right-turn only lane. Upon further research, here is a quick screengrab of the location. According to the video, the camcar was in Lane 1, which is a lane where vehicles can turn right or go straight ahead, while the Jaguar was in the middle lane. Netizens' reactions It's so sad that this is the reality when it comes to dealing with rich and arrogant drivers. 😞 Oof, if only the Jaguar driver would have thought to slow down and check his mirrors before filtering. TBH, it is easy to prevent an accident like this from happening if the Jaguar driver is alert and did the proper checks before switching lanes. However, the way he ran off afterwards is simply a cowardly action - it's not like he does not have the money to settle the damages (judging from his vehicle). I hope the camcar can catch this driver and receive the proper payout he deserves! ---------- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  5. Damienic

    Jaguar XE

    This seems interesting...anyone knows when it might be coming? http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/jaguar/85784/jaguar-xe-price-pictures-specs-release-date-new-baby-jag
  6. A worthy sacrifice. If you haven’t noticed, Jaguar and Land Rover are under new management. JLR’s new CEO, Thierry Bollore, officially started work in September of 2020 where he began rolling out his new vision for the stalling brands. Thierry Bollore started his first month working at JLR driving around every single Jaguar and Land Rover product to learn the brand. He also killed off the Jaguar XJ luxury sedan. Starting a new job is never easy and joining a passionate team like the group at JLR as CEO must be a daunting task. The situation when Thierry Bollore joined was very clear, Land Rover was a massively successful brand with a clear growth path and Jaguar could use a little work. Previous management imagined Jaguar as a BMW competitor and aligned the brand’s models to compete with BMW’s product offerings. Jaguar found some success with this strategy, but as Thierry Bollore told Autocar, why would you buy a product imitating something that you could simply go out and purchase. Thierry Bollore’s vision is quite simple, build Jaguar products that are uniquely Jaguars and stop trying to imitate customers. Thierry Bollore is tired of making copies and wants to see Jaguar focus on delivering originals. Bollore went on to explain his vision to Autocar, “ “The plan I brought to the company now looks like the minimum we can achieve. Reimagine is a live project and I have been amazed by the number of people who think we can go further and faster. It has become a cooperative effort with the team.” In addition to reimagining Jaguar’s products, reliability is a top priority. Jaguar and Land Rover products have suffered in recent reliability assessments so rectify these issues is an important step to build the brand. We look forward to the future of JLR as their new CEO enacts this masterful plan for a strong future.
  7. I noticed there are several makes that have super noisy fan. One of my previous cars also had this problem which is F10. At times it gets noisy until 20-30m away can hear the noise. My neighbour W221 also noisy but not as bad as f10 but today i found out the most noisy one which is jaguar E pace, the car havent come, i can hear the fan noise lol, so heres the ranking based on car model 1. Jaguar E pace 2. Bmw f10 3. Merc w221 is there any other model that have this same annoying fan sound?
  8. To the owner of this black Jaguar F-PACE, someone is desperately looking for you. Earlier today, a video was posted online showing a cam car driver bumping into the back of a black Jaguar F-PACE in the KPE tunnel on 19th May. The owner of the cam car is currently reaching out on social media platforms to locate the Jaguar driver to privately settle the damages. Both vehicles were driving on Lane 2 when they noticed that the lane was closed further ahead due to another road accident. The Jaguar driver signalled right to filter to the extreme right lane but was unable to fully enter the lane. As a result, the cam car driver couldn't stop in time and ended up hitting the back of the vehicle. Due to the heavy traffic conditions at that time, the cam car driver signalled the Jaguar driver to meet further down the tunnel to settle the insurance claims for the incident. However, as he continued driving in Lane 2 and stopped further in front, he was unable to find the Jaguar driver (who was supposed to appear from his right). As such, the cam car driver had to take the Lorong Halus exit out of the KPE and continued to his destination. According to the cam car driver, he filed a police report that day and he is willing to pay the Jaguar driver for the damages that he caused. If you recognise the license plate number or know of someone who had gotten into a similar accident recently, do head on to SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page and post a response.
  9. Hello folks! We are back with an FB Live event again! This time around we are heading over to Jaguar Showroom at 45 Leng Kee Road to check out two spectacular cars that you might also be interested in! ( CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! ) We have the E-PACE, the first compact SUV for Jaguar and this is an extension to the Jaguar portfolio building on the success of F-PACE. Some of the key features that I really like about Jaguar E-PACE. This has a powerful stance similar to F-TYPE Sports car gear selector Exclusive Jaguar and cub design are hidden in the corner of the front windscreen. Muscular rear haunch gives a powerful stance similar to F-TYPE This car will be featured in our FB Live. So stay tuned on 4th March 2021, 8PM! ( CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! ) Julian and Idris will also be sharing the second-generation Jaguar XF that is on JLR's Lightweight Architecture that gives the Jaguar XF a lightweight and sportier ride. Some of the key features that I really like about Jaguar XF. 250BHP, which is much powerful than its competitor. Coupe-Like profile, short front overhang and long bonnet with deep power bulge. Torque vectoring by braking giving the constant distribution of engine torque between the four wheels during cornering. Register now and get a complimentary $10 petrol voucher! Highlights of the event Limited time discounted price for Jaguar E-PACE and Jaguar XF Complimentary $10 Petrol Vouchers for early registrants (Limited to 100 pax) 10 Lucky Draw winners get to take home a Jaguar Merchandise worth up to $180 and petrol vouchers 30 petrol vouchers worth $30 each to be won when you Like & Share our Facebook Live event ( CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! ) (Psst. the deal we have gotten is really good)
  10. Saw the weekend ad for the Jag XF going at $189k. Juz curious, which would tickle your fancy more - the 3.0L XF or the 2.0T A5?
  11. Just as we are having a lengthy discussions about the old XJ in the unusual car thread, an all new model is on the horizon, scheduled to be launched before turn of the year, and here are some spy shots & info for those interested. Jaguar's XJ flagship sedan bowed out at the end of 2019 but a successor based on a new platform and offering battery-electric power has been spotted testing for the first time. The new XJ sticks to the coupe-like format of its predecessor but modernizes it with fresh details. The daytime running lights of the headlights look similar to the design used in the new Land Rover Defender, while we know the taillight graphic will be similar to the design used on the latest Jaguar XE. Jaguar dropped a teaser for the new XJ during the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show. It revealed that the taillight will likely span the full width of the rear, too. Underpinning the car is Jaguar Land Rover's new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform. This is actually be the first application of the platform which will eventually underpin almost every model in the Jaguar Land Rover portfolio. The platform supports mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric powertrains. In the case of the XJ, the car is expected to arrive with electric power only but later offered with hybrid options. Expect battery capacity to meet or exceed the 90-kilowatt-hour rating of Jaguar's I-Pace. The new XJ will be built at the same Castle Bromwich plant in the United Kingdom where the previous XJ ceased production last July. In the time since, the plant has undergone a transformation to turn it into an EV hub for Jaguar Land Rover; it will also be the automaker's main source for batteries and electric motors.
  12. Jaguar's performance version of the F-PACE SUV, the F-PACE SVR, is put through its paces in our latest video review! And boy does this thing have a drivetrain befitting of a top-of-the-line performance SUV! A 5.0-litre supercharged V8 delivers 543bhp and 680Nm of torque, enough to see the two-tonne SUV launch from a standstill to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds! And just what does that translate into on video? Check it out... So, do Idris and Julian have any issues with this awesome beast? Can you guess? Do leave a like, remember to subscribe or drop a comment on the video! Bonus timestamps for those looking for that exhaust note: 0:25 and 11:55!
  13. Driving the Jaguar for 5 years. Found the cloth of the roof ceiling detached from the roof and sagging. Know of anyone who can fix it at a reasonable price. How much would it cost.
  14. Jaguar has published the onboard video of its recent record-breaking XE SV Project 8 Nurburgring lap. With a lap record of 7 minutes and 18.361 seconds, the XE SV Project 8 is still the world’s fastest four-door production car around the Naordschleife, improving its own time by 2.9 seconds and making it 7 seconds faster than the second-best rival. Driven by Belgian racing driver Vincent Radermecker, the car is no track special and is a production-specced car. With the help of some new sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyres and the Track Pack, Radermecker manages to do better than its previous lap record. Other than the Track Pack that removes the rear seats in favor of a roll cage, the car also had its adjustable suspension set to its ‘track’ ride height and the front splitter and rear wing set to their maximum downforce position for the lap record attempt. Thanks to its supercharged 5.0-litre V8, the 592bhp car can do the century sprint in 3.3 seconds and hit a maximum speed of 320km/h.
  15. At the price point of a Golf GTi, its going to sell in big numbers Using Land rover chassis and FWD. Wonder how the new Volvo XC60 will be able to compete. But based on reliability, going by Land Rover , its going to be difficult to convenience the type of buyers with deep pocket who treasure convenience and time.
  16. Need to change the reverse sensor and the sensor at the front as well for continental cars. Do you have good and reasonable mechanics in the west to recommend. Which brand of sensors are you using. Thank you.
  17. I am looking for a car battery of 850 amp of the brand FIAMM and VARTA, Appreciate if you could let me know the retailers of the above brands. Thank you.
  18. Electrek Review Jaguar I-PACE: a stunning electric vehicle with some issues https://electrek.co/2019/01/20/jaguar-i-pace-review/ We got a Jaguar I-Pace for a few days last week and we were able to take the electric vehicle on a decent road trip in California. Last year we took it on a drive through Portugal but that was a heavily regulated and scripted ride by Jaguar. How does the I-Pace work in a real world, unscripted use case? Here I give my thoughts on the I-Pace, which I think is a stunning electric vehicle and a first great EV for Jaguar, but it has some issues. Jaguar I-Pace DesignLet’s start with the design and form factor of the I-Pace, which is interesting for different reasons. First of all, it’s a beautiful vehicle. Absolutely stunning. The design was growing on me over the few days I was driving the car and I never had so many strangers complimenting me for a car before. When on our road trip, we even had someone flagging us down in traffic to tell us how beautiful it was. Jaguar didn’t fall for the same traps that many established automakers have fallen into when making their first electric vehicles. They didn’t make feel the need to include some “electric design accents” and instead focused on making a great looking car that just happens to be electric. Why the Jaguar I-Pace is not really an SUVAs for the form factor, Jaguar is calling it an SUV, but I can’t really get on board with that. The only way this car looks and drove like an SUV is when you put the suspension on the “off-road” setting and that’s not something you should do most of the time: When the suspension is on “normal”, the car looks a lot more like a sedan or a wagon but not exactly. It makes for quite a unique crossover CUV in my opinion. The design is not the only thing that differentiates the I-Pace from an SUV. When you are driving, it certainly feels more like a sedan than an SUV since you don’t really have that height advantage over other cars on the road. But that’s not a bad thing at all. Also, the cargo space, which is 25.3 cubic feet in the trunk and 51 cubic feet with the rear seat down, is only what you would expect in a compact SUV or even sedans. There are sedans, like the Tesla Model S, with more cargo space than that. In short, it doesn’t have most of the things you would expect from an SUV today, but to be fair, it does have the “sports” aspect of an SUV…in spades. Jaguar I-Pace Driving ExperienceThat’s where the I-Pace shines the brightest. It’s a fun car to drive. So. much. fun. With their first EV, Jaguar managed to take advantage of the instant torque of the electric powertrain and it delivers on an exciting pedal response. The handling is strong and helped by the lower center of gravity thanks to the battery pack – the vehicle hugs the road. I also liked the steering responsiveness. On the highway, the driving is comfortable and … boring, as it should be in a luxury vehicle. As for the driver assist features, I wasn’t impressed. I had to correct the steering system regularly and sometimes it would stop working without warning other than the wheel render going gray. The active cruise control was mostly working fine, but the car gave me a few weird front collision alerts in stop and go traffic while active cruise control was enabled, which is not what you want out of that. Jaguar has some work to do here. Jaguar I-Pace User InterfaceThat was the biggest downside of my entire experience with the I-Pace. The user interface is unintuitive and it had several bugs. Jaguar’s navigation system wasn’t great so we wanted to use Apple Carplay, but it wouldn’t work. Apple Carplay would stop working after 30 seconds or so and the iPhone wasn’t the problem because we tried two different ones and the problem persisted. Some apps simply wouldn’t launch when we clicked on them and the center touchscreen would be very sluggish at times. Jaguar I-Pace User InterfaceThat was the biggest downside of my entire experience with the I-Pace. The user interface is unintuitive and it had several bugs. Jaguar’s navigation system wasn’t great so we wanted to use Apple Carplay, but it wouldn’t work. Apple Carplay would stop working after 30 seconds or so and the iPhone wasn’t the problem because we tried two different ones and the problem persisted. Some apps simply wouldn’t launch when we clicked on them and the center touchscreen would be very sluggish at times. Photos from the recent motorshow. Seems like this is going to be on sale in Singapore.
  19. recommended by the local Varta battery distributor to two shops in the west. one shop offered me a varta battery of the capacity i wanted but the battery has no indication of the Varta brand on the body. It has a BMW marked on the body presumably it is used on BMW car but mine is not a BMW but the capacity is suitable for my car. the battery does not come in a box as most new batteries do. it is wrapped in cellophane plastic. It looks very much like a new battery to me. the boss said is a new battery and it just came in a few days ago. he said could check the barcode but when I scanned the barcode the search ended with no result can this be a new battery as the shop is recommended by the local varta distributor
  20. Had a pleasant experience with Sindo Accessory in the installation. The boss explained to me the installation process and made some recommendations as to the operation of the dashcam. Only after the explanation that he quoted his price. Unlike some installers who are non-commital of their price leaving the customers apprehensive of how much more they would be charged in the end. The installation did not seem to be easy, took about an hour and after that the assistant helped to install the software in the handphone. The price is not the lowest in the market but we are happy that it is reasonable for the work done. Anybody know where to download the software for itronics ITB=100SPW in window 7 platform in laptop/ If the distributor is in the forum would appreciate if you could revert.
  21. hola my first new topic here on MCF currently considering these 2 (or rather 3) cars but really having difficulty deciding between another. i have test drove only the Lexus GS450H among this, unless including the '08 XF 3.0 v6 petrol. First of all just listing some of my opinions on the cars, LEXUS GS450h (2010) Likes -SUPERB SUPERB Torque and power (254Kw) , Non-stop acceleration until there is not enough numbers on the speedometer -AWESOME handling even at high speeds (+sports suspension works) -The seats are far more comfortable and better feeling than on the Jag XF (maybe cause asian body?) -Easier to use infotaintment system than on the XF -crystal clear Mark levinson sound system dislikes -brand (aka face value) still bit of a setback on this. Some people say lexus for uncle lexus is expensive toyota ..... - interior not as posh as on Jag XF. bit boring la basically -boot space (yes, hybrid batteries... but not that important) Jaguar XF 2.2D /2.0T (2012 facelift) Likes - aircon vents and gear knob elevation ( every jag owner knows (: ) -POSH super luxurious interior, slightly less dated compared to Lexus -ITS A JAG - Diesel efficiency of 1000km full tank (2.2D) dislikes - the infotainment system seems a lot more complicated and difficult to use than on the Lexus - engine specs nowhere near the lexus for both the 2.0 or 2.2 ( lexus really no fight in this segment ) - seats (as mentioned above) - diesel clatter and pumping together with lorries and vans (for 2.2D) - 100hp less but drinks more than lexus (2.0T) anyone owns one of these cars can give an opinion? cheers bros, safe driving :)
  22. Jaguar F-Type successor, which could be called J-Type, will feature a mid-engine layout and hybrid tech. A full EV model could also follow. The successor to the Jaguar F-Type will embrace hybrid technology and go mid-engined when it launches around 2022, Auto Express can exclusively reveal. And further down the line, Jag could launch a fully-electric version to rival the forthcoming Porsche Taycan. Development work on the F-Type’s successor is under way, with engineers devising a plan that will transform the model into the brand’s halo product to compete with McLaren and Audi Sport. Central to the plan and favoured by engineers is the shift from a front to mid-engined layout for the performance car. According to high-ranking technicians working on the project, the Honda NSX is being used as a benchmark for the next-generation Jaguar model, because key to the car’s armoury will be the use of hybrid technology to boost performance. Although it will be a replacement for the current F-Type, the new product is likely to bear little resemblance to the existing car. The switch to a mid-engined layout will enable Jaguar to be more daring with the proportions; the long bonnet and cab- rearward design of the current F-Type will make way for a lower, sleeker overall look, previewed in our exclusive images. The mechanical make-up of the car is yet to be finalised, but it’s expected that at least two electric motors, one on each axle to give four-wheel drive, will supplement a mid-mounted V6 engine. If it is to be competitive, a power figure upwards of 550bhp is likely, placing it among competitors such as the McLaren 570S and Audi R8. It will be only the second mid-engined car in Jaguar’s 83-year history, following on from the XJ220 of the nineties. The firm came close to launching another in 2010 with the C-X75. Developed with Williams Advanced Engineering, the supercar was pitched as a rival for the McLaren P1, but the economic situation at the time concerned Jaguar and the project was axed due to a fear of a lack of return on the company’s investment.The flexible platform on which the new F-Type will be based will also allow the brand to develop a fully-electric version. Auto Express understands engineers are keeping a close eye on the Taycan project and are keen to build a rival for that car. Jaguar has much more experience recently with developing electric cars as opposed to mid-engined vehicles. The I-Pace is widely regarded as the best of its kind and is driven by concentric permanent magnet synchronous motors – that means the car’s driveshaft runs through the middle of them – which are designed and built by Jaguar itself. It’s also possible that by the time the F-Type EV arrives, solid state battery technology, which is being analysed and developed by a host of global car brands, could be ready for production. Given the extensive changes the F-Type’s successor will undergo, it’s possible Jaguar could rename the model J-Type. The firm applied to trademark the name as recently as last month.
  23. Peaceracer

    Jaguar XF

    This car looks dam solid. Went for a test drive with my dad last weekend and we were impressed! Was wondering anyone here owns this car? How is it like to own one and how is the FC like? Luxury is currently at $195k Premium Luxury is at $220k Given a choice of the XF 3.0, BMW 530 ($241k), Lexus GS300 ($192k), Audi A6 3.0Quattro ($238k) and Merc E230 ($197k), Which would you choose?
  24. Good day fellow brothers. It's been long guys. Hope all of you are doing fine ;) I wanted to know, anyone here is driving the Jaguar XJL 3.0 SC? I'm looking at getting one as it's quite attractively priced in the used market to replace my ageing F02 730Li. However, since it's quite a "niche" brand, not too sure about the wear and tear, plus the parts availability. Was looking at the S400 too, but depreciation still too much for me to swallow. Would appreciate valuable input as it would greatly assist in me making up my mind. Thank You
  25. I was recommended these toyo tyres for continental car. I am looking for tyres for ordinary family usage. Comfort will be the priority. I hardly drive in rainy condition and even if I drive it would be about 80km/hr. I was told these are made in Japan. Would welcome any comments and recommendations.
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