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  1. There's nothing like celebrating National Day with a little racing between an SUV and an MPV. A white Honda Odyssey was spotted going toe to toe with a silver Mercedes GLA200 along the TPE expressway on Monday (Aug 9). The video starts off with the white Honda in the lead, as the driver recklessly switched into the camcar lane. Footage from the rear of the camcar showed that both cars were initially speeding along the expressway, with the silver Mercedes desperate to outrun its fellow counterpart. With the Honda quickly gaining speed, the driver of the Mercedes decided to resort to overtaking the camcar on its left - a really dangerous move given that all vehicles were travelling at a relatively high speed. As both vehicles zipped in and out between other cars on the road, it was tough to judge who won the race. Netizens' reactions Who really won this race? --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  2. Just out of curiosity, how well do you think electric vehicles perform in a flood? Are there certain safety features installed to prevent extreme damage to the car? The floods this morning looked quite serious and resulted in a few cars stalling in the middle of the road, which got me thinking about how EVs would be impacted by floods like this. 😅
  3. A cyclist entering the CTE tunnel suddenly falls off his bike and onto the path of oncoming vehicles but manages to avoid causing an accident. Is this the work of a higher presence in the universe? 😱 A short clip of a cyclist cycling in the opposite direction inside a CTE tunnel shows exactly why there should be stricter enforcement of cycling restrictions and regulations. The clip starts with the camcar cruising down the tunnel, when the car in front of him suddenly brakes. It is then revealed that there is a cyclist in the tunnel going in the opposite direction. To avoid being hit by the car in front of the camcar, the cyclist suddenly stops as well, which causes him to accidentally fall off his bike. This gives the camcar a shock as he stops just in time to avoid hitting the cyclist, who immediately gets up and walks off. According to the driver, he claims that after this incident, he spots a second cyclist further down trying to enter the same tunnel as well. Are cyclists allowed on expressways and tunnels? While it is no surprise that cyclists are allowed to ride on the roads (given that they follow the rules and the proper code of conduct while doing so), it is often unclear if they are allowed to ride in tunnels and expressways. According to the Road Traffic Act - Road Traffic (Expressway Traffic) Rules, any bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor and may be propelled by human power or by the electric motor with which it is equipped, or by both, is not allowed in road tunnels and expressway tunnels. Additionally, according to the Road Traffic Act - Road Traffic (Expressways - Excluded Vehicles) Rules, users riding bicycles, tricycles, or trishaws are not allowed on expressways, including the KPE, MCE, and CTE tunnels. This is because the expressways are meant for other motorists travelling at higher speeds, and cycling on these roads may cause fatal traffic accidents as drivers attempt to avoid hitting them. Cycling on expressways is considered an offence in Singapore and can result in a fine of up to $2,000 or a jail term of up to 6 months, or both. So, the short answer to that question is no, cyclists are not allowed on expressways and tunnels. Current cycling regulations in Singapore With the Active Mobility Act (AMA) in place since 2018, it dictates a set of rules and code of conduct to enable safer sharing of public paths among various users. The active mobility devices governed under this act includes bicycles, power-assisted bicycles (PAB), motorised and non-motorised personal mobility devices (PMDs) and personal mobility aids (PMAs). On top of riding on the roads, cyclists can also use various cycling paths, park connectors and footpaths around Singapore to get to their destination. The full list of cycling rules and regulations while riding on the road can be found in a previous post: Netizens' reactions Can you imagine the dire consequences if the drivers hadn't stopped in time? 😱 More like the cyclist is lucky instead of the driver. While there are laws and regulations in place to ensure that cyclists don't enter these dangerous areas, there should be stricter enforcement of these rules considering how there has been a rise in cases of cyclists on the expressways. Otherwise, when accidents occur, the game of blame between cyclists and drivers will never end. -------- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  4. Angsty uncle takes time out of his day to teach a blur driver a lesson. The video starts with the cam car behind the uncle, who was driving a Mazda CX-3. As the lights changed, the black Mazda proceeded to make its turn, only to be rudely cut off by a white Hyundai Elantra that had turned into the wrong lane. This infuriated the uncle, who honked loudly to alert the white car of his presence. Here is a closer look: As the cam car continued driving down the road, the Mazda suddenly revved its engine and sped ahead. The uncle then slotted himself back into the first lane, right in front of the fella who had previously cut into his lane. He then hit his brakes, scaring both the Hyundai and the cam car driver. As the cam car came to a stop, the uncle from the black Mazda alighted from his vehicle and angrily approached the white Hyundai. He then gave a pretty stern verbal lashing to the driver before making his way back to his vehicle. The video ends with all three vehicles driving off after the uncle's confrontation. Netizens' reactions Seeing how he just turned into the wrong lane, I would guess that it's probably the Hyundai driver's first few times on the road. These people obviously need to be sent back to their driving schools! Was their instructor asleep at the wheel when they did their TP? 😒 If the uncle hadn't publicly confronted the fella, this would have been 100% in his favour. ======== Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. Although there were 'casualties' in this incident, the man did end up stopping the bike. A confusing video showing a man kicking the bicycle of a young child as he free-wheels down a slope is currently going viral. In the video, the child, who is not wearing a helmet or any safety gear, attempts to free-wheel down a slope. While the slope does not look that steep, it is dangerous for any child (and adult) to ride a bicycle in public without some sort of protection. The child could be heard screaming (out of fear or joy?) as he goes down the slope. An unidentified man notices the little boy struggling to control his 'vehicle' and runs up to the speeding bicycle. He immediately kicks the bicycle to stop the child in his tracks. This works a little too well as the child flies off his seat and lands face-first on the pavement. Although the child did sustain some light injuries, the way he fell with his bicycle was hilarious. The man then looks back towards the camera's direction in search of the boy's parents. Before the video ends, the child could be heard crying from the pain. Netizens' reactions This video garnered mixed reactions from netizens, some of whom feel that the man could have used a better method to stop the child from getting hurt. While it has not been confirmed yet if the man is the child's father, his fast reaction is something to applaud. Maybe he plays football a lot? Honestly, I would have done the same thing to stop the kid from further harm. The injuries that he received from falling off his bicycle was just collateral damage. At least he didn't collide into a tree or gone off the path. I agree! While this video has been going viral for both the right and wrong reasons, it is always important to stop and help someone in need. While we might never know if the man is indeed related to the child, at least he managed to save him from a serious injury! ======== Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  6. Watching the way these two drivers fight, they probably have clocked in a ton of hours on the game. Although the two vans were blocking the cam car at the junction, the driver got a first-row ticket to a pretty intense fight. The video starts with the cam car driver showing the two stationary vans in the middle of the traffic junction. The driver of the white van marches over to the black van, aggressively pulling the other driver out of his vehicle. Slamming the first driver against his van, the second driver tries to subdue his opponent. Amidst their power struggle, the wife of the second van driver steps out to stop the brawl and save her husband. She falls to the ground, clinging onto both men as they continue their battle. The video ends with the first van driver on top of the second driver. Both men were attempting to strangle the other party. According to the cam car driver, the fight happened along Yio Chu Kang. Before the fight occurred, the drivers were arguing with each other. He also stated that the second driver apologised to him for blocking the traffic after the incident was over. Netizens’ reactions While I do understand why the cam car driver chose not to step in, I agree that we should always try and stop others from getting into a physical fight in public. 🙅‍♀️ Judging from the video, it does look like the two van drivers were intensely hugging instead of actually brawling. Hopefully, this is the last time we see a fight like this on our streets. Especially during such a festive season! 😰 ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  7. These impatient pedestrians receive the lesson of a lifetime for dashing across a junction when the traffic light is still red. Last week, a motorcyclist captured the moment when a group of pedestrians decided to abandon the rules of the road for their own. The incident occurred at a junction in Clementi Road, just opposite the Police K9 unit. With the green man signal counting down the last few seconds, the group of pedestrians decided that there was still enough time for them to make the crossing. As they stepped foot on the road, the signal immediately turned red. Instead of backing away, the group assumed that the vehicles on the road would give way to them and proceeded to cross the junction. As the first few individuals reached the other end, an oncoming driver entering the junction stepped on his brakes to avoid a collision. This nearly sent a pedestrian to heaven as he reached out his arms to deflect the vehicle. The rest of the group immediately dashed to safety while those behind him raised their hands in an awkward apology. The video ended with the motorcyclist riding off after the whole group had jaywalked across the crossing. Another incident Earlier that week, another similar incident involving an entitled jogger occurred. In this video, the cam car and another driver were waiting at a junction for the red light signal to turn green. As the lights changed for the drivers, a half-naked jogger suddenly dashed across the junction with his arm raised out. The other driver drove off, nearly hitting the smug, entitled man, while the cam car stopped briefly. The cam car driver posted the video with the description 'Self-entitled, heck care attitude jogger failed to observe traffic rules and ran across the road on red man causing inconvenience to drivers, that had to stop just for him.' Netizens' reactions For the first incident, several netizens were quick to criticise the pedestrians' actions while some provided explanations for their impulsive behaviour. Sadly, that's the reality of driving in Singapore. Well said! There's no point in rushing for the last bus when it almost cost you your life. For the second incident, netizens unanimously agreed that the jogger was at fault and should not have continued running across the street to keep his momentum going. The irony is real. Yep! Just because you're a pedestrian doesn't mean that you have the right to command vehicles to stop for you while you illegally run across the street. ======== Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. It's time for LTA and the TP to take this taxi driver down a peg. Posted less than two hours ago on Facebook, a fellow citizen spotted a Transcab driver driving a Renault Latitude outside Orchid Country Club. Situated along Yishun Avenue 1, the red cab noticed a queue for vehicles to turn out of the road. Not wanting to join the long line, the taxi crossed the double white lines (yikes!) and tried to exit the lane in the opposite direction. In all honesty, if the roads were clear, his plan would have worked. However, just at that moment, a blue cab and a silver van wanted to turn into the lane from the main road. This ends in an awkward face-off between both cabs as the red taxi driver refuses to back off. The citizen recording the video zoomed in, showing the driver of the red cab hanging out of the window of his vehicle, presumably yelling at the other cabby. As minutes passed, the Transcab driver stood his ground between both lanes. As if things could not get any worse, the driver of a silver car on the main road found himself situated awkwardly in the junction box as he could not make his right turn into the blocked lane. The video ends with the citizen zooming onto the red cab's license plate to identify the entitled and selfish driver. Netizens' reactions Understandably, most netizens were furious over the entitled taxi driver's behaviour. Besides committing the offence of crossing the double white lines, the driver intentionally blocked the flow of traffic due to his own selfishness. It's no wonder that people were tagging LTA, Transcab and the Traffic Police in their comments to highlight the issue to these authorities. I honestly salute the blue taxi driver for not engaging in any road rage with the red driver. I would also honk the taxi until he reversed and joined the queue. Why though? Why are they like this? I wonder what Transcab's response will be. Do you think they even take note of the number of complaints they receive on social media? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  9. Is this the reaction of a jilted lover or was the lady really in danger? As seen on Facebook, a driver uploaded a video that he caught from his car of a woman clinging onto a black vehicle. As if it was straight out of a scene from a Hollywood movie, the woman was captured running beside the car before it made its turn. According to the cam car driver, the vehicle turned out from Prinsep Street onto Middle Road. It was at this point that the woman clung onto the side mirror on the driver’s side. She kind of looks like a little kid clinging onto her parents during a temper tantrum. While we may never know why this woman is so persistent in chasing down the driver, we do know for a fact that she was not dragged by the vehicle. The cam car driver also mentioned that the police and an ambulance arrived half an hour later to tend to the parties involved. Dragging someone is a serious offence Recently, a man was charged for dragging a police officer with his moving vehicle after he drove off during a Traffic Police check. The incident occurred in March 2021, and the man was arrested on the same day for rash act causing grievous hurt, and other traffic and drug-related offences. According to Section 337 of the Penal Code, whoever causes hurt to any person through a rash or negligent act that endangers human life, or the personal safety of others is guilty of an offence. The offender will receive an imprisonment term of up to 1 year and a fine of up to $5,000. Although the video showed the woman relentlessly clinging onto the vehicle, the driver did cause a rash act and endangered the safety of the lady, himself, and other motor drivers by moving off and performing a turn. On the other hand, the woman could be charged with harassment, if found guilty. Under Singapore law, harassment involves: - the act of intentionally alarming, harassing, or causing distress to another party - behaving in ways that are likely to cause alarm or distress to another party, even when there is no intention to do so - instilling fear through provocation or violence - insulting or behaving in an indecent, abusive or threatening manner toward public officials or public service workers - unlawful stalking - doxing In this case, one could argue that the woman was behaving in ways that are likely to cause alarm or distress to the driver. If found guilty, offenders will receive a fine of up to $5,000 and an imprisonment term of up to 6 months. Netizens’ reactions Most netizens quickly took the side of the driver, claiming that the lady could have let go of the side mirror if she wanted to. While this could be a possibility as well, the more logical solution would be to let go and call the police immediately. I don't see the need to physically cling onto the car. Whatever the reason might be, the actions of both the lady and the driver could have resulted in a serious accident. I hope that both parties will learn that the road is not their playground. ======== Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  10. Update: After scrolling through TikTok, a video of the couple enjoying their romantic anniversary ride came up. This couple is the ultimate definition of 'loving each other through thick and thin'. Posted recently, on Facebook, a video of a man taking his significant other for a romantic drive garnered the attention of numerous netizens. Taken from the back, the video shows a man in a red shirt riding a white Vespa. Attached to his vehicle is a matching sidecar, with which his significant other is seated comfortably in. Sounds romantic, right? However, a higher power has other plans for this couple as heavy rain plundered the entire country that day Somehow, the man had forgotten to check the weather (or maybe he assumed that there would be no rain) - exposing the both of them to a cold thundery shower. Netizens' reactions Despite his mistake, numerous netizens came together and celebrated the couple for enduring the unexpected ride. This definitely beats the same old dinner with flowers. This is the real definition of true love! I'm sure this experience is definitely going to be one of those stories they tell their kids in the future. ======= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  11. Is a child ever too young to learn about road safety? Well, for one set of parents, they are about to find out. On 15 February, a cam car driver was cruising down the roads of Edgefield Plains when he almost had a heart attack. The cause? A young toddler dashing towards the middle of a pedestrian crossing despite the traffic lights being in favour for oncoming vehicles. His older sister stood before the crossing, waiting for the lights to turn green. However, upon seeing her younger sibling run across the road without harm, she joined him. At this moment, the cam car driver stepped on his brakes and managed to stop his vehicle from mowing down the two children. Soon after, a grown up, presumably the kids’ helper, chased the two kids and waved for them to stop. Worried about the younger toddler, who was already at the other side of the crossing, she dashed across the road to chase the carefree child. Unsure if she should do the same, the older sibling ran behind her helper, lifting her right hand briefly to thank the driver for stopping for them. The child quickly picked up the pace when she noticed another car coming in the opposite direction. Bewildered by this incident, the cam car driver submitted the video to warn other motorists to be alert on the roads. Netizens’ reactions Even if the roads were empty and quiet, it is never safe to disregard traffic signals and dash across the street like this. Parents of young children should take note and teach their kids the importance of following traffic signals. I'm sure they would be horrified to know that their kids almost got into a nasty accident - if not for this alert driver! What if something had happened to the older child? The helper should have stopped and ensured the safety of both children instead of risking their safety. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  12. With the Chinese New Year festivities happening last week, most Singaporeans are sure to be extra cautious during this busy period. Whether it's chauffeuring their loved ones around or going about on their day-to-day tasks, the last thing a driver wants is to be involved in an accident during CNY. Luckily for this Honda Civic Type R driver, the unthinkable almost happened if not for his powerful brakes and short reaction time! The video starts with the cam car slowing down and stopping at a busy junction, just as the traffic lights turn red. On his right, a blue Honda Civic Type R from the opposite direction makes its right turn across the junction. As the vehicle enters the yellow box, a motorcyclist suddenly speeds across the junction as he beats the red light. Luckily, the Type R driver reacts quickly in time, slamming on his brakes and coming to a complete stop. The rider was shocked by the car's presence and swerved slightly to avoid being hit in a head-on collision. If it wasn't for the driver's quick thinking (and his brakes), this rider would not have been able to ride away with his leg sticking out like that. Big brake kit – is it purely for aesthetics? As one of the most popular car modifications, a big brake kit is advertised to drivers as necessary for greater stopping power and better overall handling of their vehicles. Consisting of larger-than-stock brake rotors, upgraded brake pads and rotors, stainless-steel brake lines, and fittings, the kit allows drivers to upgrade their car’s stock brake system for one single price. Even in wet conditions, drivers can enjoy better stopping power and shorter distances. It is also aesthetically more pleasing to look at and is safer to use on track. However, the downside is that installing one can be pretty expensive. Drivers have to upgrade their tyres to a larger size to fit the enormous discs of the kit, which can cost a few thousand dollars. Buuuuut, you can’t put a price on safety right? Netizens’ reactions Maybe AP Racing should contact our Honda Civic driver for a sponsorship? ========= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  13. What in the world is happening to our vehicles? In this video posted by Beh Chia Lor, an unknown vehicle (later identified as a motorcycle) catches fire and was quickly engulfed in flames and smoke. As the vehicle kept burning, a taxi driver attempts to exit the open-air carpark after dropping off a passenger prior to the recording of the video. The taxi slowly crept closer to the burning area as the witness zooms in on the huge fire on his/her device. The burning vehicle suddenly explodes with a fiery 'BOOM', scaring everyone in the vicinity. The taxi driver immediately stops in his tracks. A netizen was kind enough to provide a transcript of what was being said in the background during the explosion: Translation: *Explode* Wooh oh my god, I tell you hor, don't want to go closer then like that lor. (Author's Note: I think this guy is trying to say "This is why we don't go closer.") Mimicking an atomic explosion, the fiery flames spread to another car that was parked beside the burning motorcycle. Thick black smoke starts to fill the air, and the video promptly ends. According to the witness, the SCDF arrived minutes later to attend to the fire. Netizens' reactions While there is no information currently on what caused the fire, netizens were quick to jump to the gun and come up with their own theories. Very unlikely, but it is a plausible explanation. I don't even know what this guy is on but he seems pretty sure of his theory. Again, another plausible explanation. Finally, one netizen came forth with the most likely scenario. Others started to echo the same sentiment, hoping that no one was hurt and that the owner of the other car manages to get his insurance payout. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  14. This driver puts the Tesla Model 3 to shame after he misses his turn on the expressway. In the video, a fellow driver was travelling on the expressway when he noticed the white Tesla tailgating the car in front of it. For those who are unable to identify the Tesla, here it is! As the cam car driver remains on the left lane, the driver of the Tesla immediately brakes to avoid following the turn on the right lane. The driver then signals left and attempts to squeeze himself onto the left lane at the very last second but fails as his $120,000 vehicle almost hits the expressway barrier. The cam car driver presses on his horn to alert him of his presence. The embarrassed driver quickly drives off with no other way to get onto the right lane. Was the driver on autopilot mode? According to Tesla, its advanced safety and convenience features are designed to assist the driver with the most burdensome parts of driving (whatever that means). Over time, the brand will introduce new features and improve existing functionality into its Autopilot mode. This is to make the car safer and more capable. Currently, Tesla’s Autopilot allows drivers to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane. Drivers can follow navigation suggestions to optimise their routes, which will lead the vehicle to automatically steer towards highway interchanges and exits based on its destination. However, Tesla has started that active driver supervision is still required and the Autopilot function does not make the car 100% autonomous. While it is hard to discern if the driver was really on Autopilot (or just plain distracted/indecisive), it is always essential to learn how to properly form up and know the routes that one intends to take. Even the smartest car in the world can’t save a ‘blur’ driver. Netizens’ reactions I honestly think that cutting through at the last second is not the smartest move 😅 It looks like this car is quite well known in that area 👀 👍👍 ========= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  15. A driver captures the moment when a motorcyclist almost met his end – all because of a tinted visor (and a dash of overconfidence). The cam car driver was driving behind a large prime mover and the motorcyclist along Pioneer Crescent in the video. The area is known to house several facilities and factories, some of which supply building materials and metals. The large truck signals right as it enters a bend before its designated turn. Here is a closer look: Upon noticing the signal, the motorcyclist ‘chiongs’ ahead, thinking that he could pass by the large vehicle. However, the rider receives a scary surprise when the prime mover suddenly turns. Here is a closer look: With his path blocked, the motorcyclist had no choice but to brake and stop his bike from crashing into the giant truck. He gently guides his bike to the side and performs what I call the ‘U-turn of shame”, all while raising his hand to apologise for the sudden scare. Netizens’ reactions ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  16. As of January 1st, all cyclists in Singapore have to maintain a maximum length of 5 bicycles per group on the roads. Failure to heed this new regulation will result in a whopping $150 fine for errant cyclists. While most have kept to this new regulation, this group of cycling enthusiasts attempts to defy the rules by tackling the roads (and the drivers) late at night. In the wee hours of 9th Jan, a driver was travelling near Keong Saik Road when he chanced upon the large group of cyclists. After stopping to let them pass, he tagged behind the group as he needed to make another left turn. As he drove, he realized that the cyclists were slowing down and stopping to decide what to have for supper in the middle of the road. Wanting to make his left turn, the driver honked at the group, letting them know of his presence. This upsets one of the cyclists, who turns his head and glares at the driver. The cam car then makes its way to pick up a passenger in a nearby alleyway while being chased down by a group of upset cyclists. As the driver was about to leave, he notices one of the cyclists approaching his vehicle from the right. The angsty rider plops in front of the vehicle to block its way as his other friends arrive, shouting vulgarities and challenging the driver to a fight. The cyclist in blue throws down his bike, angrily gesturing at the driver for honking earlier on. He even smacks the car's bonnet a few times as he confronts the driver. The video ends with a picture of a handprint on the window of the cam car. Harassment in Singapore According to the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA), any person who threatens, abuses or insults (whether by behaviour, words or other forms of communication) with the intention to cause and did cause another person alarm, harassment or distress, will be guilty of an offence. Offenders will receive a fine of up to $5,000 and/or an imprisonment term of up to 6 months. For repeat offenders, the punishment will be doubled. For causing someone to believe that unlawful violence will be used against him, offenders will face another charge and receive a fine of up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment terms of up to 12 months. Lastly, unlawful stalking is also an offence under the POHA and it constitutes: Following someone Loitering in areas near someone’s home or business Giving or leaving someone gifts despite being asked to stop doing so Keeping someone under surveillance Repeated circulation of revealing photographs of a classmate to other classmates If convicted, offenders will receive a fine of up to $5,000 and/or an imprisonment term of up to 12 months. Netizens’ reactions I agree with this comment. While cyclists are more vulnerable on the roads, it does not mean that they get to do whatever they want on the road. I think that would create more issues instead 😥 Is there such a thing as bicycle gangs? ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  17. Children are the future – and it's looking brighter than ever. A driver took to Facebook to share a heart-warming occurrence that happened to him while he was driving along Anchorvale Link. If you observe the video carefully, you'll notice that the driver seems to be in the vicinity of a school. Tagging behind a school bus, he slows down when he notices the zebra crossing ahead. The driver had thought nothing of it when he stopped to let two young kids cross the road. To his surprise, the two children bowed to show their appreciation as they quickly crossed with their hands raised. Once they had safely reached the other side, the two kids bowed again to thank the driver for his patience. Touched by their small gesture, the driver commended the children’s parents in his post and explained it’s heartening to see such etiquette from young children in Singapore. He also encourages other parents to educate their young ones on polite road etiquette, especially if they are travelling on their own to school. Proper road etiquette for pedestrians While most drivers are familiar with impatient and rude jaywalkers, these two children prove it is not challenging to display proper road etiquette. For those who are unfamiliar, the Singapore Road Safety Council has listed these guidelines on pedestrian road safety. If young children can adhere to these rules on their own, surely the adults can as well. Netizens’ reactions Exactly! Road safety is not a light matter and it is obvious that the parents of these kids have done a great job. ========= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  18. Because there’s nothing more Christmas-sy than getting a surprise visit from the TP. In a video posted on Christmas Day, a reckless Honda Civic driver decided to make his own Fast and Furious sequel on the TPE. With the cam car travelling in the middle lane, the driver caught the white Honda Civic dashing through the (snow) roads on the first lane. The white car swiftly overtook its left silver taxi, squeezing itself just in front of the cam car. The driver then recklessly cut in front of the taxi and sped up, with its left indicator shining strongly in the night. The Honda’s crazy antics led to a few drivers slowing down on the middle lane. Surprisingly, the taxi didn’t waver once throughout the whole ordeal. Speeding and overtaking on the left? All jokes aside, the way this Honda Civic driver drove on the expressway is perilous and reckless. In Singapore, the speed limit for expressways and tunnels ranges from 80 to 90 km/h. Judging from the video, it looks like the Civic was doing more than the limit. Drivers who exceed the speed limit by 40km/h or less will be issued a fine ranging from $130 to $170 and up to 8 demerit points. On the other hand, drivers who exceed the speed limit by more than 40 km/h will have to be prosecuted in court. They will also be issued up to 24 demerit points. While overtaking on the left is not illegal, it is not recommended unless a road hog blocks the rightmost lane. Even so, overtaking on the left requires the middle and left lanes to be mostly unoccupied. Switching lanes and slotting yourself in spaces between two lanes is unsafe and could result in an accident if other drivers are not alert enough. Netizens’ reactions ======= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  19. Kudos to the Honda Shuttle for not falling victim to this Mercedes driver’s antics! With 2022 drawing near, this Mercedes driver decides to pull one last trick out of his sleeve to end his year with a bang. In this video, a cam car is driving in the middle lane towards Paya Lebar Road. A silver Honda Shuttle is traveling right in front of him. After both vehicles pass a junction, the Shuttle shifts to the left lane. The Mercedes in front of it quickly mirrors his actions, blocking the silver vehicle. Here's a close up of the action: Determined, the Shuttle quickly merges to the middle lane. However, to the driver’s dismay, the Mercedes manages to copy his actions and shifts to the right as well. The Honda Shuttle immediately hits the brakes to avoid bumping into the Mercedes, narrowly missing the vehicle by a hair’s length. Here's a close up of the action: The cam car slows down and merges to the right lane, where the Mercedes can be seen blocking the Shuttle’s path. What is a brake check? Brake checking is the act of sharply hitting the brakes whilst driving to make an unsuspecting driver behind slam on his brakes or swerve out of the way to avoid an accident. Perpetrators can then make insurance claims against the victim, with the common thought that the insurance companies would fault the victim for not leaving enough space to react or brake in the event of an emergency. In Singapore, brake checking is an offence and anyone who purposefully brake checks will be fined by the TP. Victims can file for insurance claims, no matter what had happened before the brake check. Netizens’ reactions Exactly! No matter what has happened before this incident, there is no excuse for brake checking. It is simply a douche move! 😤 I hope the TP catches this guy before he actually causes an accident. 😭 ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  20. Legend has it that the reptile has yet to cross the road. In this video, a stuck lizard tries to cross a busy road. Terrified by the loud noises and fast vehicles, the reptile pauses in the middle and engages in an intense stare-down with a driver. Realising that the animal would not move, a bus driver alights from his bus and tries to shoo the lizard away gently. Noticing the commotion, two cyclists join in by clapping their hands loudly to guide the reptile to a safer spot. Their efforts prove to be successful as the lizard starts to shuffle slowly to the back of the car. The bus driver then gets back and slowly drives away, with the poor reptile stuck underneath it. It is unclear if the driver knew of the animal's presence before driving away. With the help of the cyclists, the lizard manages to cross the first half of the road. It then stops at the road divider and seeks solace by climbing up a tree. The cyclist who posted the video hopes that the animal will be able to cross the second half of the road safely. What type of lizard is this? According to a quick Google search, it seems that the lizard in question is, in fact, a green iguana. Native to Mexico, southern Brazil and Paraguay, the common green iguana has been found in the wild in Singapore and Thailand. The most likely explanation for this is due to the international reptile trade. These lizards can grow up to 1.7m long and are unsuitable as pets in urbanised high-rise apartments. Netizens reactions ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  21. An Audi driver blocks a red Transcab and attempts to fight with the taxi driver. In this video, a cam car travels down a quiet area in Teban Garden Crescent. A grey Audi and a red taxi were travelling side by side in front of him. Upon closer inspection, the Audi driver seemed to be chasing the taxi. After going through a speed hump, the grey car managed to catch up with the red cab and slotted itself right in front of the vehicle. The driver then stopped his car, which forced the taxi driver to do the same. As the cam car got closer to both vehicles, the Audi driver stepped out of his car as the taxi driver slowly reversed. Attempting to flee the scene, the cab driver paid no attention to the raging Audi driver. When he realized that the taxi would not stop, the angry man latched onto the taxi’s front passenger door. The door then opens as the cab hurridly escapes the confrontation. The video ends with the Audi driver getting back into his vehicle after his road rage incident. While we are still unsure of the specifics of this incident, road rage is a severe offence in Singapore. Offenders will face a fine of up to $5,000, a jail term of up to 2 years and can be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s license for life. No records found for Audi driver While trying to search for the model of the vehicle, we stumbled onto an interesting find. After entering the car plate number into LTA's Road Tax Enquiry search engine, we were surprised to find out that the number does not exist at all. This is a little too suspicious, don't you think? 🤔 Netizens’ reactions Even the fiercest tiger road ragers will turn into a meek little cat after a session with the police. Yep, I agree. This video only shows the aftermath of an incident and not the whole situation. He almost turned into a Hulk when he grabbed the taxi door! ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  22. Have you ever had to carry your family’s groceries in one trip after they have been on an NTUC run? Usually, it takes two or three trips (with a trolley) to haul back all of the plastic bags but every once in a while, your parents might hit you with the “It’s fine. It’s not that heavy. You can carry all of them back with your hands.”. While you try your best to balance the hefty weight on your arms, your body might feel like it’s going to burst any second. Well, that’s what happened with this truck. On Saturday (4 Dec), a cam car caught the moment when the rear tailgate of a truck suddenly broke off the vehicle on the expressway. After snapping off, the heavy tailgate cartwheeled across the road, hitting the side of a white Audi TT. While the rest of the truck was encased by a cloud of soil, the cam car immediately came to a halt after witnessing the horrific hit. The cam driver hopes that his video will assist the white Audi TT in making an insurance claim for any damages done. How did this happen? Although this was not the first time we heard of a vehicle getting hit by some random part of another vehicle, incidents like this should not be a common occurrence. Last week, a tyre fell from a different truck and hit another vehicle on the PIE. While there were no injuries reported, the scene of a flying tyre is more than enough to traumatize a driver. Even though there are no solid details on what happened in this video, netizens were quick to speculate several possibilities. The first was that the truck driver failed to maintain his vehicle correctly and did not perform the necessary checks to ensure that his truck was safe to drive. The other possibility was that the load of soil that the truck was carrying was too heavy, resulting in the tailgate's sudden breakage. While we might not know for sure how this happened, we’re glad that nobody was severely injured from this potentially deadly incident. Netizens' reactions ======== Receive a $10 PayNow transfer for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  23. Not all heroes wear capes; some of them drive a Toyota Hiace. In this video, a cam car and a silver Hiace were waiting to turn right at a junction. As the green signal came on, both vehicles started to make their turns. A silver Prius suddenly charges straight through the junction out of the blue, clearly ignoring the red light signal on the road. The front of the van almost swipes the side of the car as it rushes past both vehicles. Unimpressed, the cam car follows the silver vehicle and forms right behind it in the next junction. However, the van driver was not going down without a fight. As he reaches the same junction, he sticks to the left lane. He then proceeds to charge towards the Prius, only to abruptly stop in front of it, narrowly missing it by an inch. According to the cam car driver, the van driver confronted the other driver as he slowly straightened out his vehicle. That ought to teach the Prius driver a lesson for beating the red light! Netizens' reactions He most definitely was not! With the way this Prius drives, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more clowns like this on the streets of Singapore. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow transfer for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  24. When life doesn't go our way, we have to suck it up and move on. Some of us, however, tend to go the other direction. A video of a young punk (YP) harassing a driver in a multi-storey carpark late at night has circulated on Facebook. The man who recorded the incident stated that he heard the YP shouting late at night while the driver honked at him to give way. In the video, a driver is trying to park his car in one of the lots. As he reverses, the YP waddles forward and blocks his path. He then madly waves at the driver and hits the bonnet of the car. Not wanting to confront the crazed punk, the driver remains seated in his vehicle. After some time, the YP gets tired and sits at the side of the car. At this moment, the driver attempts to escape and drive off to a safe location. However, the YP immediately stands up and blocks the car while shouting at the driver. Slowly, the car inches forward as the driver attempts to drive away from this madness. Not wanting the driver to leave, the YP continues to taunt him by blocking and leaning on the car's bonnet. Ten minutes later, police officers arrived on the scene after responding to the driver's call. I guess you could say that this YP won the battle but lost the war. Netizens' reactions Hello IMH, I think we found your missing patient. In Singapore, harassment is a very serious offence and offenders will face a fine of up to $5,000, a jail term of up to 6 months, or both. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  25. A Toyota Dyna driver loses patience in a slow-moving traffic along the PIE and decides to create his own lane instead. This one tops the list of all the 'brightest' ideas drivers have had over the past year. The video starts with the cam car stuck in a traffic jam along the PIE. The driver slowly inches forward at a snail's pace as he listens to the radio. Out of the blue, a silver Toyota Dyna suddenly appears from the right of the cam car. Keep in mind that the cam car is already on the rightmost lane! The impatient driver rushes forward on the road shoulder, wanting to skip the queue and get to the main road as fast as possible. To his dismay, the cam car blocks his path as the driver continues moving forward. This forces the silver van to stop in the middle of the road shoulder. Can drivers ride on the road shoulders of expressways? According to the Road Traffic (Expressway Traffic) Rules, riding on the road shoulder of an expressway is prohibited, as the lane is supposed to be kept clear for emergency government vehicles. This includes ambulances, fire engines, vehicles used by the Singapore Police Force and vehicles owned or authorised by the government. Drivers caught riding on the road shoulders will receive 6 demerit points and a fine of up to $250. Additionally, stopping on the road shoulders is also considered an offence. Offenders will receive 4 demerit points and a fine of up to $200. When can drivers use the road shoulders? According to the Road Traffic (Expressway Traffic) Rules, certain exceptions are made for drivers who need to stop or remain at rest while on an expressway. This includes vehicle breakdowns, accidents, emergencies, drivers who have to recover or remove an object on the expressway or drivers who stop to help those experiencing the circumstances above. If you must stop at a road shoulder, ensure that your vehicle does not obstruct traffic and that you do not remain at rest for longer than necessary. Netizens' reactions Looks like the driver of this Toyota Dyna has some explaining to do during his kopi session with the TP. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow transfer for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
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