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  1. There's nothing like celebrating National Day with a little racing between an SUV and an MPV. A white Honda Odyssey was spotted going toe to toe with a silver Mercedes GLA200 along the TPE expressway on Monday (Aug 9). The video starts off with the white Honda in the lead, as the driver recklessly switched into the camcar lane. Footage from the rear of the camcar showed that both cars were initially speeding along the expressway, with the silver Mercedes desperate to outrun its fellow counterpart. With the Honda quickly gaining speed, the driver of the Mercedes de
  2. A cyclist entering the CTE tunnel suddenly falls off his bike and onto the path of oncoming vehicles but manages to avoid causing an accident. Is this the work of a higher presence in the universe? 😱 A short clip of a cyclist cycling in the opposite direction inside a CTE tunnel shows exactly why there should be stricter enforcement of cycling restrictions and regulations. The clip starts with the camcar cruising down the tunnel, when the car in front of him suddenly brakes. It is then revealed that there is a cyclist in the tunnel going in the opposite direc
  3. Angsty uncle takes time out of his day to teach a blur driver a lesson. The video starts with the cam car behind the uncle, who was driving a Mazda CX-3. As the lights changed, the black Mazda proceeded to make its turn, only to be rudely cut off by a white Hyundai Elantra that had turned into the wrong lane. This infuriated the uncle, who honked loudly to alert the white car of his presence. Here is a closer look: As the cam car continued driving down the road, the Mazda suddenly revved its engine and sped ahead. The uncle then slotted himself back in
  4. Watching the way these two drivers fight, they probably have clocked in a ton of hours on the game. Although the two vans were blocking the cam car at the junction, the driver got a first-row ticket to a pretty intense fight. The video starts with the cam car driver showing the two stationary vans in the middle of the traffic junction. The driver of the white van marches over to the black van, aggressively pulling the other driver out of his vehicle. Slamming the first driver against his van, the second driver tries to subdue his opponent.
  5. These impatient pedestrians receive the lesson of a lifetime for dashing across a junction when the traffic light is still red. Last week, a motorcyclist captured the moment when a group of pedestrians decided to abandon the rules of the road for their own. The incident occurred at a junction in Clementi Road, just opposite the Police K9 unit. With the green man signal counting down the last few seconds, the group of pedestrians decided that there was still enough time for them to make the crossing. As they stepped foot on the road, the signal immediately turned
  6. It's time for LTA and the TP to take this taxi driver down a peg. Posted less than two hours ago on Facebook, a fellow citizen spotted a Transcab driver driving a Renault Latitude outside Orchid Country Club. Situated along Yishun Avenue 1, the red cab noticed a queue for vehicles to turn out of the road. Not wanting to join the long line, the taxi crossed the double white lines (yikes!) and tried to exit the lane in the opposite direction. In all honesty, if the roads were clear, his plan would have worked. However, just at that moment, a blue cab and
  7. Is this the reaction of a jilted lover or was the lady really in danger? As seen on Facebook, a driver uploaded a video that he caught from his car of a woman clinging onto a black vehicle. As if it was straight out of a scene from a Hollywood movie, the woman was captured running beside the car before it made its turn. According to the cam car driver, the vehicle turned out from Prinsep Street onto Middle Road. It was at this point that the woman clung onto the side mirror on the driver’s side. She kind of looks like a little kid clinging onto her
  8. Although there were 'casualties' in this incident, the man did end up stopping the bike. A confusing video showing a man kicking the bicycle of a young child as he free-wheels down a slope is currently going viral. In the video, the child, who is not wearing a helmet or any safety gear, attempts to free-wheel down a slope. While the slope does not look that steep, it is dangerous for any child (and adult) to ride a bicycle in public without some sort of protection. The child could be heard screaming (out of fear or joy?) as he goes down the slope. An
  9. Update: After scrolling through TikTok, a video of the couple enjoying their romantic anniversary ride came up. This couple is the ultimate definition of 'loving each other through thick and thin'. Posted recently, on Facebook, a video of a man taking his significant other for a romantic drive garnered the attention of numerous netizens. Taken from the back, the video shows a man in a red shirt riding a white Vespa. Attached to his vehicle is a matching sidecar, with which his significant other is seated comfortably in. Sounds romantic, right?
  10. Is a child ever too young to learn about road safety? Well, for one set of parents, they are about to find out. On 15 February, a cam car driver was cruising down the roads of Edgefield Plains when he almost had a heart attack. The cause? A young toddler dashing towards the middle of a pedestrian crossing despite the traffic lights being in favour for oncoming vehicles. His older sister stood before the crossing, waiting for the lights to turn green. However, upon seeing her younger sibling run across the road without harm, she joined him. At t
  11. With the Chinese New Year festivities happening last week, most Singaporeans are sure to be extra cautious during this busy period. Whether it's chauffeuring their loved ones around or going about on their day-to-day tasks, the last thing a driver wants is to be involved in an accident during CNY. Luckily for this Honda Civic Type R driver, the unthinkable almost happened if not for his powerful brakes and short reaction time! The video starts with the cam car slowing down and stopping at a busy junction, just as the traffic lights turn red. On his right, a
  12. What in the world is happening to our vehicles? In this video posted by Beh Chia Lor, an unknown vehicle (later identified as a motorcycle) catches fire and was quickly engulfed in flames and smoke. As the vehicle kept burning, a taxi driver attempts to exit the open-air carpark after dropping off a passenger prior to the recording of the video. The taxi slowly crept closer to the burning area as the witness zooms in on the huge fire on his/her device. The burning vehicle suddenly explodes with a fiery 'BOOM', scaring everyone in the vicinity. The taxi
  13. This driver puts the Tesla Model 3 to shame after he misses his turn on the expressway. In the video, a fellow driver was travelling on the expressway when he noticed the white Tesla tailgating the car in front of it. For those who are unable to identify the Tesla, here it is! As the cam car driver remains on the left lane, the driver of the Tesla immediately brakes to avoid following the turn on the right lane. The driver then signals left and attempts to squeeze himself onto the left lane at the very last second but fails as his $120,
  14. A driver captures the moment when a motorcyclist almost met his end – all because of a tinted visor (and a dash of overconfidence). The cam car driver was driving behind a large prime mover and the motorcyclist along Pioneer Crescent in the video. The area is known to house several facilities and factories, some of which supply building materials and metals. The large truck signals right as it enters a bend before its designated turn. Here is a closer look: Upon noticing the signal, the motorcyclist ‘chiongs’ ahead, thinking that he could pass
  15. As of January 1st, all cyclists in Singapore have to maintain a maximum length of 5 bicycles per group on the roads. Failure to heed this new regulation will result in a whopping $150 fine for errant cyclists. While most have kept to this new regulation, this group of cycling enthusiasts attempts to defy the rules by tackling the roads (and the drivers) late at night. In the wee hours of 9th Jan, a driver was travelling near Keong Saik Road when he chanced upon the large group of cyclists. After stopping to let them pass, he tagged behind the group as he needed
  16. Children are the future – and it's looking brighter than ever. A driver took to Facebook to share a heart-warming occurrence that happened to him while he was driving along Anchorvale Link. If you observe the video carefully, you'll notice that the driver seems to be in the vicinity of a school. Tagging behind a school bus, he slows down when he notices the zebra crossing ahead. The driver had thought nothing of it when he stopped to let two young kids cross the road. To his surprise, the two children bowed to show their appreciation as they quickly crossed w
  17. Because there’s nothing more Christmas-sy than getting a surprise visit from the TP. In a video posted on Christmas Day, a reckless Honda Civic driver decided to make his own Fast and Furious sequel on the TPE. With the cam car travelling in the middle lane, the driver caught the white Honda Civic dashing through the (snow) roads on the first lane. The white car swiftly overtook its left silver taxi, squeezing itself just in front of the cam car. The driver then recklessly cut in front of the taxi and sped up, with its left indicator shining strongly in
  18. Kudos to the Honda Shuttle for not falling victim to this Mercedes driver’s antics! With 2022 drawing near, this Mercedes driver decides to pull one last trick out of his sleeve to end his year with a bang. In this video, a cam car is driving in the middle lane towards Paya Lebar Road. A silver Honda Shuttle is traveling right in front of him. After both vehicles pass a junction, the Shuttle shifts to the left lane. The Mercedes in front of it quickly mirrors his actions, blocking the silver vehicle. Here's a close up of the action: Determ
  19. Legend has it that the reptile has yet to cross the road. In this video, a stuck lizard tries to cross a busy road. Terrified by the loud noises and fast vehicles, the reptile pauses in the middle and engages in an intense stare-down with a driver. Realising that the animal would not move, a bus driver alights from his bus and tries to shoo the lizard away gently. Noticing the commotion, two cyclists join in by clapping their hands loudly to guide the reptile to a safer spot. Their efforts prove to be successful as the lizard starts to shuffle slowly to the b
  20. An Audi driver blocks a red Transcab and attempts to fight with the taxi driver. In this video, a cam car travels down a quiet area in Teban Garden Crescent. A grey Audi and a red taxi were travelling side by side in front of him. Upon closer inspection, the Audi driver seemed to be chasing the taxi. After going through a speed hump, the grey car managed to catch up with the red cab and slotted itself right in front of the vehicle. The driver then stopped his car, which forced the taxi driver to do the same. As the cam car got closer to both ve
  21. Have you ever had to carry your family’s groceries in one trip after they have been on an NTUC run? Usually, it takes two or three trips (with a trolley) to haul back all of the plastic bags but every once in a while, your parents might hit you with the “It’s fine. It’s not that heavy. You can carry all of them back with your hands.”. While you try your best to balance the hefty weight on your arms, your body might feel like it’s going to burst any second. Well, that’s what happened with this truck. On Saturday (4 Dec), a cam car caught the moment when the re
  22. Not all heroes wear capes; some of them drive a Toyota Hiace. In this video, a cam car and a silver Hiace were waiting to turn right at a junction. As the green signal came on, both vehicles started to make their turns. A silver Prius suddenly charges straight through the junction out of the blue, clearly ignoring the red light signal on the road. The front of the van almost swipes the side of the car as it rushes past both vehicles. Unimpressed, the cam car follows the silver vehicle and forms right behind it in the next junction. H
  23. When life doesn't go our way, we have to suck it up and move on. Some of us, however, tend to go the other direction. A video of a young punk (YP) harassing a driver in a multi-storey carpark late at night has circulated on Facebook. The man who recorded the incident stated that he heard the YP shouting late at night while the driver honked at him to give way. In the video, a driver is trying to park his car in one of the lots. As he reverses, the YP waddles forward and blocks his path. He then madly waves at the driver and hits the bonnet of the car. No
  24. A Toyota Dyna driver loses patience in a slow-moving traffic along the PIE and decides to create his own lane instead. This one tops the list of all the 'brightest' ideas drivers have had over the past year. The video starts with the cam car stuck in a traffic jam along the PIE. The driver slowly inches forward at a snail's pace as he listens to the radio. Out of the blue, a silver Toyota Dyna suddenly appears from the right of the cam car. Keep in mind that the cam car is already on the rightmost lane! The impatient driver rushes forward on the road sh
  25. Breaking news: A silver Toyota Wish suddenly went up in flames in Yishun, producing a large cloud of smoke and a constant racket of noise. Earlier this afternoon, pedestrians and passers-by uploaded several videos of a silver Toyota Wish burning in the middle of the road. As the flames swallowed the vehicle's insides, its horn started to produce a loud and constant noise. This garnered the attention of more individuals, who then called for the police and the SCDF. In one of the videos, police officers could be seen directing traffic at the junction.
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