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Found 47 results

  1. hope both of then get maximum sentence
  2. Couple acquitted of murdering 5-year-old son but could face alternative charge Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/couple-acquitted-murdering-5-year-old-son-after-allegedly-scalding-keeping-him-cage SINGAPORE — A married couple accused of abusing their five-year-old son, who eventually died from severe scald injuries, were acquitted in the High Court on Friday (April 3) of murdering him by common intention in 2016. Justice Valerie Thean ruled that Azlin Arujunah and her husband Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, now both aged 27, should be convicted of an alternative charge instead — although that charge has yet to be determined. The judge ordered both sides to make submissions on what the alternative charge should be. She then adjourned the case. Azlin and Ridzuan remain in remand. In acquitting the couple of the capital offence, the judge noted that legally, “common intention” needs to be formed before the first alleged offence is committed. However, she said she could not infer such an intention from the medical evidence, which showed only a “collective injury”. Prosecutors argued for the charge to be replaced by one of causing grievous hurt by a dangerous weapon or means, but the couple’s lawyers opposed this. Read also: Death of 5-year-old: What father did was a ‘calculated, escalated pattern of violence’, says psychiatrist Azlin — who turns 28 later this month — is defended by Mr Thangavelu, Mr Terence Tan and Ms Cheryl Ng, while Mr Eugene Thuraisingam and Ms Syazana Yahya are representing Ridzuan. The murder charge was premised on four acts of abuse — namely of burning or scalding, from Oct 15 to 22 in 2016. But Justice Thean pointed out that not all of them involved both parents. The couple could have faced life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted of murder. Ridzuan was also cleared of another charge of causing hurt by means of heated substance — burning the boy’s palm with a heated metal spoon around September 2016. His wife was acquitted of abetting him to do this. Azlin and Ridzuan face another four and seven charges respectively, which are pending before the courts. These are mostly for ill-treatment of the boy under the Children and Young Persons Act. Ridzuan is still accused of burning his palm with the heated spoon on two occasions. The couple had admitted to abusing their son over three months, including confining him in a cage meant for their pet cat, scalding him with hot water and punching him on the face. The boy died on Oct 23, 2016. He had suffered second to third-degree burns over two-thirds of his body from being scalded with hot water, with the prosecution saying its temperature was between 86.5°C and 98.7°C. He cannot be named to protect the identity of his surviving siblings. Prosecutors said that he showed “classic signs” of physical abuse — cuts on his head and face, nasal bone fractures and extensive bruises over his limbs and back. His skin had turned yellowish, whitish, wet and raw, with parts peeling off. The boy’s injuries included substantial bleeding under his scalp measuring 18cm by 10cm, which was “almost the entire head”, a forensic pathologist testified during the trial. The couple chose not to take the witness stand in their defence. They had admitted to abusing the boy in several police statements that they gave after their arrest. The prosecution had urged the court to draw an adverse inference from their refusal to testify, as only they knew what had happened then. The court previously heard during the trial that Ridzuan had a troubled childhood and once stayed in the Singapore Boys’ Home. His lawyers argued in his defence that he was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intermittent explosive disorder, and hypnotic use disorder, a condition associated with repeated use of sedative-like drugs. Nevertheless, a psychiatrist said that his abuse of the boy “clearly described an escalating pattern of physical punishment in response to persistent bad behaviour” from his son. As for Azlin, she told police officers that she had disciplined the child only when he gave her “attitude”, stole milk powder and told lies, and that she did not mean to kill him. A defence psychiatrist who examined her said that she abused methamphetamine to cope with the stress of taking care of her children. At the time of her offences, she had been going through withdrawal symptoms as her supply was drying up. The psychiatrist also opined that she suffered from an adjustment disorder with depressed mood at the time, which substantially impaired her mental responsibility. Ridzuan had allegedly been having an affair and left her alone for three weeks in April to look after the children. The boy’s foster mother, Azlin’s close friend Zufarina Abdul Hamid, took care of him from when he was one month old until he was four.
  3. Just them sharing their experience and they found out about certain media coverage. Nothing "political" here as highlighted them - Just presenting facts vs media stories. Interestingly, the topic isn't about the virus but rather something else even more dangerous for all of us. Some Mod has concern with my postings, so not sure if Thread will pass his censorship. HA!
  4. Ongoing saga... This sg couple famous liao. This couple is damn cruel and evil The young woman give birth in a Taiwan hotel last week, then dump the newborn baby in a rubbish bin in Ximending and then returned to Singapore on the same day. The Taiwanese police managed to track the couple and collected DNA samples from the couple's room to determine whether they are related to the dead infant. Taiwan police just announced blood samples found in hotel room match the newborn's DNA. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/baby-dumped-by-spore-couple-in-taiwan-blood-samples-found-in-hotel-room-match-newborns-dna
  5. https://mothership.sg/2018/05/married-couple-divorced-buy-hdb-flat-as-single/?nlarticleid=11561273 Husband and wife agree to a divorce of convenience A husband and wife in Singapore had apparently agreed to divorce — just so that they can each own a HDB flat. This was after they figured marriage is just a status, and by divorcing, they can unlock their Central Provident Fund monies in a different way. Wife bought another flat under singles scheme The couple originally bought a HDB flat together when they got married. It was paid for using the husband’s CPF. The husband is now a cab driver. He is likely to be 54 this year, or somewhere in his mid-fifties. He claims he cannot withdraw his CPF money by next year because it does not meet the Minimum Sum, or Retirement Sum, which is the minimum amount of money needed in your CPF account when you turn 55 before withdrawals can be made. The wife too will not be able to withdraw any CPF money in a few years’ time, since she also does not meet the minimum sum. The plan Husband and wife then divorced. On paper. But they are obviously still very much together. This frees up the wife to buy a HDB flat of her own as a single under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) scheme. She is able to get a housing grant for the flat as a second-timer single Singapore citizen applicant. She can pay for it with her CPF — which otherwise would be locked in once she turns 55. The man now owns the first flat as a single. Rental income Since he has lived in the house for longer than the five-year Minimum Occupation Period, he is able to rent it out. The husband then proceeds to live with his now ex-wife in the new flat, while both enjoy the passive income from the rental of the first matrimonial flat — said to be about $2,500 monthly.
  6. PaiKia-Lee

    Accidents across the causeway!

    Guess the speed they are travelling in? I simply dont understand what is the mentality of these young people. How come you cannot keep to speed limit?? Young, inexperienced and like to hao-lian. Next time no chance to hao-lian already. I use the highway 15 times a month and most of the time my speed is a mere 110km/hour even though my car is bloody damn stable and my tyres will never burst due to extra applicant being applied on it. But I still keep to speed limit. Please learn your lesson. For many people, they learnt their lessons when they go downstair. She blames herself for driving car S'porean killed, girlfriend injured in N-S highway crash By Amanda Yong June 17, 2010 He would have turned 22 today. But Mr Soh Weihao died in a car crash in Malaysia on Tuesday evening. And his girlfriend, student Kammy Goh, 20, blames no one but herself. The second-year nursing student at Nanyang Polytechnic was behind the wheel when the vehicle hit a central divider on the North-South highway in Johor. The car was Mr Soh's, but he does not have a driving licence. ( And why he bother to buy a car to hao-lian in the first place?! ) ] The impact flung the young couple out of the car. Kammy suffered a head injury and fractured three toes on her right foot, her doctor said. Mr Soh, who had serious head injuries, died instantly. His body was taken to a mortuary in Batu Pahat.
  7. 新加坡人力部外道路出现跪地抗议者 新加坡讯,网民在社交媒体上发布照片显示,在新加坡人力部外道路上,有人跪地抗议,诉求不详。 网友上传的照片显示,一男一女跪在公路上,手持标语。 目前,抗议内容不详。 The above is from the Nanyang Post 南洋視界 Netizens found these photos on the Internet, showing a couples kneeling on the road outside MoM holding placard in their hands. They are believe to be protesters, but no one know what they are protesting.
  8. Ironstarz

    Naked Couple at Holland V

    Hmm in UK / US , i won't even flinch, but to happen in singapore?? Maybe becoz they are not locals Naked Couple in Holland V
  9. Thaiyotakamli

    Couple divorce due to smog

    Hope this wont happen in sg When indo haze come http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/east-asia/story/chinese-man-seeks-divorce-saying-smog-has-driven-family-apart-20140501 Chinese man seeks divorce, saying smog has driven family apart Cars drive on the Three Ring Road amid the heavy haze in Beijing February 26, 2014. A Beijing man is seeking to divorce his wife after she took their son to a tropical island province to escape the capital's notorious smog, saying the long-distance relationship had destroyed their marriage, state media said on Thursday. -- FILE PHOTO: REUTERS BEIJING (Reuters) - A Beijing man is seeking to divorce his wife after she took their son to a tropical island province to escape the capital's notorious smog, saying the long-distance relationship had destroyed their marriage, state media said on Thursday. The man, identified only by his family name of Wang, married his wife in 2008 and had a son two years later, the Beijing Times reported, in a story widely picked up by other Chinese media outlets online, including Xinhua news agency. But their son developed serious health problems because of Beijing's air pollution and his wife took the son to the southern resort island of Hainan to escape the haze. However, Mr Wang's wife did not like Hainan and nor did she like living apart from him, and whenever the two of them met they fought, the report said. Fed up with this, Mr Wang has filed for divorce in a Beijing court, the newspaper said. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/east-asia/story/chinese-man-seeks-divorce-saying-smog-has-driven-family-apart-20140501#sthash.1bTpl32X.dpuf
  10. This old couple had a near brush with death. http://www.odt.co.nz/regions/central-otago/327080/couple-close-death-after-night-stuck-keyless-car Here's a pic of their Mz3 handle. Has a manual unlock button. Gramps got flustered and couldn't find it. Lucky for them it all worked out and we can have a laugh about it.
  11. Deckbuild

    Maternity Leave for SC & SPR couple

    I have a read thru on MOM website but still unsure how it will work., have email MOM for a firm answer, meanwhile would like to check with bros and sis here. I'm a SC and my wife SPR, the website state the paid maternity leave for SPR will be 8 wks and SC 16 wks with child as Singaporean. What if vice versa Husband is SPR and Wife is SC, will the wife enjoy 16 weeks or 8 weeks given that the child will be Singaporean as well?
  12. Spotting such activities is like spotting UFOs....always bad image quality... http://www.tnp.sg/content/couple-flee-after-they-are-spotted-having-sex-car Its not new news but somehow the comparison....always like that one...blur blur images...
  13. http://therealsingapore.com/content/singap...ans-national-tv Singaporean shamed on Taiwan National TV
  14. Viceroymenthol

    The Real Couple Behind Before Sunrise

    http://mobile.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/201..._lehrhaupt.html The Real Couple Behind Before Sunrise By Forrest Wickman Updated Thursday, May 30, 2013, at 9:02 AM If you stick around through the closing credits of Before Midnight, the latest film in the trilogy that also includes Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, you
  15. Duckduck

    Car runs over couple in China

    Car runs over couple in China i hope none of these type of drivers end up here as PRs...
  16. household income = $15K, 0 children household income = $7K+, 1 children household income = $1.8K, 6 children the higher the income, the lesser children (likely 0) per family this is simply because a. we want the best for the child, enrichment class such as ballet, piano/violin, etc b. we want the best for the child, clothes such as polo kid, baby guess, oshkosh b'gosh, etc c. we want the best for the child, the best and most popular pre-school with low teacher-to-student ratio will "paternity leave" solve this problem? hehe high competitive = high expectation = high expenses = this reflect the society in big cities (including hong kong, taipei, tokyo, seoul, etc unlike beijing/shanghai that has 1 child policy)
  17. An angry Singaporean aunty chased her husband and his PRC mistress up a bus and caused a freak road accident instead! According to media reports, the 61 year woman had long suspected her husband had an extra-marital affair outside when she discovered lewd messages sent to him by an unknown woman in his handphone. One night, her husband suddenly left home at 10 O
  18. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._couple_to.html Posted on 10 Apr 2012 Malaysian mechanics force S'pore couple to pay $925 for minor car repair STOMPer fendi and her husband encountered several mechanics in a workshop in Malaysia who had initially promised them that repairing their broken down car would cost them $103, but later increased the fee to $925. Said the STOMPer: "I'm sharing our bad ordeal which happened on Sunday (Apr 8) at the North-South highway. "Our car broke down at Senawang, Seremban. "At that moment, a red car pulled over and a man in dark blue uniform with an Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) pass and logo told us that he has a workshop and will arrange for towing and promised us that it would cost RM250 (SGD$103), inclusive of towing. "The boss told my hubby that it was probably the gearbox but luckily my hubby is familiar with cars and told him that it was the alternator that was spoilt. "The boss told us that he would need to order the parts and asked us to stay at a hotel and collect it the next day. "But we refused and my hubby kept monitoring the progress. "He asked the boss what the cost would be but the boss said to settle it later. "We reached the workshop at 3pm. "The driver that picked us started drinking hard liquor. "After waiting for the repairs (which took 4 hours) to be done, he showed us the bill and we got shocked -- the total amount was RM2,250 (SGD$925). "We told the boss that it was ridiculous and asked why the cost was different from the amount that was earlier promised. We also told him that it was unlikely that a second-hand alternator would cost that much. "At this point, the men started to get rowdy and raised their voices. "We told him that we didn't have enough money, and he asked us to walk to the pump station to withdraw. "My hubby was thinking of our safety, hence we had no choice but to pay them as it was getting dark and we needed to travel a 4-hour long journey back home. "Even the staff at the pump station knew about that workshop and their dishonest methods.. "Back home, I did a search on Google and found out that many others had also fallen prey to this same workshop. "The workshop had used the same method on all their customers, and some who had innocently left their cars at the workshop overnight had ended up paying RM9000 (SGD$3,698) even after a police report was made. "Be cautious. "Why can't the police do anything about this?"
  19. hi guys. Jus helping out a friend with the above subject, anyone can help?
  20. Sorry folks who don't have facebook, so far it's only available on facebook.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=342511549098088 [laugh]
  21. Donut

    Couple seat in movie theaters

    anyone know of any cinema that has couple seats? Does Leisure Park cinema has? Tiong Bahru GV?
  22. A couple failed to consummate their marriage and had to learn how to have sex from a doctor. The 38-year-old couple, both civil servants, were married at 26 years old. They could not have children for the past 12 years and approached a doctor for help. After being interviewed by the doctor, it was found that the couple did not have children because they have not consummated their marriage. The doctor found that whenever the couple tried to have sex, the woman would cramp up because she was too nervous. As her husband did not want to cause her pain, he eventually gave up trying to consummate the marriage. According to Dr Kumar, a senior consultant at the Gleneagles Hospital Gynaecology department, more than 90% of sex-related problems in women are a result of psychological issues. This includes the cramps that the woman was experiencing. He said, "Painful sex as a result of the vagina cramping up is mainly due to psychological barriers in the woman. This could be due to a lack of sexual knowledge or due to the woman's views toward sex. She could be very reserved or think that sex is a dirty act. In the case of the 38-year-old couple, the woman had believed that she has a very small and narrow vagina. She was also very afraid of pain. This resulted in her cramping up and her fears coming true. Despite counselling and learning relaxing techniques, the couple still failed to achieve intercourse. Finally, Dr Kumar put the woman on the operating table and sedated her to relax her muscles. The gynaecologist then showed her that her vagina is not as small as she thought it was. The couple eventually managed to consummate their marriage and the woman became pregnant four months later. According to doctors, 50% of Singaporean women experience some form of sexual dysfunction but most of them do not seek help. Most of these women develop problems between the ages of 25 and 35. Women between 45 and 65 also experience these problems due to menopause. Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 9 October 2011. Click here for the Chinese report.
  23. ST Forum Couple raring to start family face housing woes LIKE Mr Lim Chong Wee, I too cannot realise my dreams of owning an HDB flat ("Stuck in housing limbo despite higher ceiling"; last Wednesday). I bought a small private studio apartment about five years ago when I was single and below 35 years old. The flat is under my name. However, I got married last year and am seeking to move to a bigger place for my wife and myself. We are both Singaporeans and we wanted to apply for a bigger matrimonial flat jointly to start a family. I have been trying to sell my current apartment at valuation so as to be eligible for an executive condominium (EC). However, HDB rules state that you have to wait 30 months after selling your property. Why is there a need for this 30-month clause? Where does the HDB expect us to live in the interim? Do they expect us to join the already heated-up rental market and rent a flat while waiting out the 30 months? The EC itself takes a few years to complete and that would further extend our waiting time. B. Elamaaran
  24. STOMPer Imaguy feels that guys in Singapore are being bossed around by their girlfriends so much so that even their outfits seem to be determined by their partners. One of the guys also seemed to be carrying his girlfriend's bag, the STOMPer pointed out. The STOMPer said: "I've seen so many guys wearing the same outfit as their GFs, and this one is even carrying her bag in the queue! "Come on, guys, there are better, more dignified ways to show your affection, than to be bossed around and have your outfits decided by your GF. "Does so much affection towards your girlfriend, turn you into her? Men are men for a reason and this is not it. "I'm shocked that more and more guys here seem to think that it's ok to do whatever they tell you to do. "Man up please, I think your girl would respect, and love, you more if you had a mind of your own!"