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Found 115 results

  1. At https://www.asiaone.com/lifestyle/050-hour-car-rental-now-available-singapore-supper-run-anyone😁
  2. Late morning, i was on a Teams meeting, W'ingFH. My doorbell bo battery, and there was knocking on the door. My father went to open the door, and a conversation started. My father is 86 btw, although still very healthy and fit, could sometimes be 'defensive' -- when got strangers come knocking. 😀 After a minute or two, i told my colleague i need to attend to something first, and ended the call, then went to the door. Got 3 persons standing there, and my father then let me take over. The 3 officers identified themselves as from MOM, and said they were checking on whether we rent or had rented out our house/room to Foreign Workers before. I said no, and they said they're checking cos there is one FW who registered his residential address using our address! Now that's a shock... The officer then explained that if it's not true, then the registration is wrong (i can't remember if he used 'illegal'), and suggested that I go online to check and if need be, to block my address from being used for this purpose. Then another officer took out her handphone to show me the website where this can be done. They then asked me for my name and contact number just in case MOM needs to check anything with me, and left. I was a little shocked, and when i told my parents, they of course started more comments, more shocked, etc. etc. 😂 I then went online -- as advised -- to check, and to my surprise, saw not one, but four, FWs registered to my address!!! The webpage advised to email a complain to MOM if anything is inaccurate, and i did that. Then i removed the 4 names and proceeded to update the record. Not sure whether there's any implication on my address being used, but thought it's useful to share this here. Have never heard of this before... You might want to check whether your address is also being used, and even if not, you can check the "block" option in the webpage so that nobody can use your address even if they want to. The website -- need SingPass to login -- to check is Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service (FWTES)
  3. Heard got some shop in ubi? Any exact add? Long time since i touched one.
  4. Hey all, I am doing a survey to understand more about the local luxury car rental market, and will appreciate your help with the poll above and comments. Will you rent a Porsche 911 (Type 997) or an Audi R8 (V8) for the above prices? Thanks in advance! Here are some photos of the respective cars: Audi R8 (picture below shoule be a V10 model but the V8 model is similar looking): Porsche 911:
  5. Hi all, I have a parking slot at 317 Outram Road (Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium) to let go. Looking at $150 a month. Lot is sheltered and entrance is via the hotel atrium. It is also outside CBD ERP cordon. Please feel free to pm me for further details.
  6. Bluepica

    Where can I rent a van/pickup?

    Any bro know where can I rent a self-drive van or pickup for house moving? Very few items only, no need movers. Thanks
  7. Pss2

    Stall to Rent

    Anyone want to rent a food stall in the west area or know who wanted to rent? My mum is old and cannot work anymore so looking to rent out.
  8. Hi.., usually when you rent car, when pick-up the car, what compulsory checklist must have?
  9. have been looking around for a long long time...but i just cant seem to be able to find car rental company that rent out Wrx.... ..went to yahoo auction but all rex are rent out by owners which only allow Sg driving...any idea where i can rent 1?
  10. RadX

    Rent a Rolex for a day?!

    What’s happening to our values? Show off by renting? See the sentence “be the envy....” https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/style/rent-rolex-tudor-cartier-omega-iwc-month-subscription-watch-club-10804896?cid=fbcna We reckon that you’re already an active participant in the sharing economy: You take a GrabShare to work, ride an ofo bike on the weekends and rent an Airbnb when you go on holiday. It seems like you can lease or share practically anything these days – even a Rolex watch. That’s right. Over the past 18 months, two subscription watch clubs – Acquired Time and TenTwo – have been offering watch rental services to horological enthusiasts, with a third, Specter One, set to launch this month. For as little as S$6 a day, you could be sporting a Rolex Submariner on your wrist, to the envy of your coworkers and chums. At least for an entire month, until it comes time to swap out your Sub for a Cartier Santos. READ: The James Bond watch turns 25 this year, with an exhibition at ION Orchard This week, TenTwo will also launch a special rental collection comprising four Singapore micro-brands: Arcturus, BOLDR, Reverie and Vilhelm. All are startups founded by Singaporeans who are passionate about horology, and are known as micro-brands because they typically produce less than 500 timepieces per year.
  11. I wonder what are the profiles who would rent in areas like Pasir Ris? It's awfully far from other parts of Singapore? Where do they work? What do they do and why would they rent there?
  12. Fishy

    Rent out or sell

    I have a condo that I just collected the keys and I also have a fully paid HDB. I always wanted to keep the HDB but my Wife wants to move to the condo and rent out the HDB. We are both working. A Property Agent once told me it’s better to sell the HDB as I can unlock more investment potential and choices with the sales proceeds. Further there is accrued interest on the HDB that might turn my sales into a negative sales in the Long run. Need some expert advices. Keep or sell?
  13. Our Full Service Lease Takes Care of Your Fleet Regular replacements of tyres and batteries Full vehicle maintenance and mechanical repair Replacement vehicle Comprehensive vehicle insurance Complementary personal accident insurance 24/7 Customer Care Drive to Malaysia whenever you feel like it GET A QUOTE! Send us your enquiries and we are glad to assist you.
  14. MotoristMel

    Rent or buy a car?

    I only need a car to travel to and fro from work (I live in Tampines & my workplace is at Benoi). My work is on a 2 years contract tho... And sometimes, I also go out at night for supper. In this case, is it more worth it to rent a car, or buy?
  15. Need a 1-2 month rental car, but cheap. Any lobang ? Thanks in advance.
  16. Icarsclub is down for few months now. No renters from them at all even cny peak period. Pretty disappointed as a member. Where else can I post to rent my car(mpv) out for the cny period? Tks.
  17. Any bros here can recommend a rental company that has the above MPVs and is open on Saturdays? Just need the vehicle for 2 days due to a wedding event.
  18. I am looking for a BMW 7 series or Mercs S class. Anyone know where can rent?
  19. Hi Bros and sisters, Will be bringing my family and friends to the Gold Coast in Queensland at the end of the year, 8 of us in total for 4 nights. I need advice from those of you who have been there recently, is it more convenient for me to rent an 8 seater vehicle or can we get by on public transport? We intend to visit all the worlds, Dreamworld, seaworld and movieworld. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Also, which company should I rent from if need to. thanks and best regards.
  20. Jumpman075

    Rent a end user car

    hi all, i wanted to rent a car. no renew coe car 1.4 to 1.6 any brand call me 'ken chian 98298577
  21. Sdf4786k

    Time to sell and Rent ?

    Some frens has suggested to sell and cash out the earning from the 09 /10 units that were purchase. The quantum gain is 300 to 900 K Then stay with parent / rent and look for distress sales My thoughts is can sell, but the TDSR is preventing from buying again based on the loan limit and the age as well as the interest rate. And like some who missed out on the earlier period, the rental of 2.5K to 3.5K for 2 years could have being made for better use to service the loan with the assumsion that the property may appreciate further For me, if I were to sell, I would most likely drop back to HDB and have a nice nest egg for early retirement ... But as the rule is , if you have private, you cannot buy HDB and the gains tax is a killer if you have sold in years before 2000.
  22. Sci10213

    PS3 games rental

    Hi Anyone knows any website in Singapore for renting PS3 games? Basically I intend to rent games to play & see if I like or not, rather than buy and then dun like...
  23. Friend looking for a white VW beetle for his wedding on Nov 6th 2016. Please pm me!