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Found 35 results

  1. Pss2

    Stall to Rent

    Anyone want to rent a food stall in the west area or know who wanted to rent? My mum is old and cannot work anymore so looking to rent out.
  2. Hi all, Have you guys tried these 5 ? Malaysia's 5 mamak stall favorites Regards,
  3. Duo who caused ruckus at Balestier Bak Kut Teh stall charged in court http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/duo-who-caused-ruckus-balestier-bak-kut-teh-stall-charged-court PS to mods: please feel free to place this post in the relevant thread if available, thanks.
  4. cos petrol tank empty liao now those jiu ju kias all laughing at us https://www.facebook.com/ifromjb/photos/a.177709309052083.1073741828.177699642386383/559519674204376/?type=3&theater
  5. Been buying fruit juice from the stall for a while now. And always wondering why sometimes the juice tastes diluted. Finally, today let me see the juicing lady spraying plain water very quickly while juicing. Confronted them and they say boss asked them to do so. Freaking a**holes. Last time they get my business.
  6. Little_prince

    Car stall at traffic light.

    hi guys. recently my nissan sunny been giving me a little problem. car stall at traffic light intermittenly. sent to the workshop but found no problems. car batt is new. just changed last month. any ideas? thanks in advance.
  7. hello my friend car (auto, Nissan), facing a problem. When his car stopped at traffic light, the RPM will dropped and the engine died. Anyone have similar experience and what could be the issue? Thanks in advance.
  8. Went to this hawker centre near SGH to tapao 4 packet of fish soup. Place order with aunt, she tell me max can only pack 3 packet, if not happy, go to another stall and buy. I was like what the fish and tell the aunt if cannot tapao 4 packet then tell nicely la. then i say ok pack 3 packet, guess what the uncle inside tell the aunt, I DUN WANT TO DO HIS BUSINESS. WHAT THE FISH, i tell aunt, just now you say max 3 packet, then now i say 3 packet already what. aunt tell me uncle dun want to do your business since you not happy. I was like KNN , you think you are the king of fish soup or what and walk to the other end of the market where there is another fish soup stall. so who is the one with the funking altitude.
  9. Any recommendation? thinking of eating until puke
  10. the mrbrown show: the stall next door (YouTube audio version) http://mrbrownshow.com/ Repent!!! ........... Repent!! .....
  11. Mockngbrd

    Mr Brown Show - Stall Next Door

    http://www.mrbrownshow.com/2011/05/04/the-...tall-next-door/ I wanto eat her nyonya kueh... hehehehe
  12. Kage

    Stall owner at tampines

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us More pics from Source from: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3217252
  13. Heard there is a famous crab stall at Blk 200 plus in AMK. Anyone know of this place? Understand it is run by two brothers? Yummy crab...
  14. Reproduced here from one of my earlier posts: Long long time ago in the western part of an island there was a tiny kampong. In this kampong there was a famous chilli crab stall which due to it's previous owners' sheer hard work & determination made it the biggest both in terms of size & turnover in the whole island. And this caught the attention of folks from all over the island through word of mouth. The owner was even invited many times to other islands to teach the people how to whip up a nice spicy plate of A-class chilli crab. When there were rumours of several small operators each wanting to also set up chilli crab stalls to grab scraps of the kampong market share, the present owner quickly issued a statement: "My stall sources the best crabs in the whole island-there can be no other juicy crabs that others can get. The point is, there are no way these guys can get good-eating crabs because I myself have tried very hard to get them in the first place. In order for foodies to continue getting their delicious chilli crab, it is important that they continue to support just mine and not other stalls. If they want to try-try other stalls, there will be one day whereby my stall will no longer be viable and that they will not able to get a fix of my A-class chilli crab anymore. I know folks out there are saying that my stall is too dominating and my chilli crab is very expensive but you can be assured of the quality, nevermind there were unconfirmed cases of suspected food poisoning cases traced to my stall, the sales speaks volumes-even when my kampong stall is tucked at a remote corner in the western area where tigers roam, my supporters still flock there to taste my chilli crab. So is this good or bad? You decide. I am also aware that a previous owner mentioned that my few dedicated chief chefs should not work too long but retire to make way for aspiring young ones but I think given that these experienced guys are very difficult to find, I have to respectfully disagree with him on this. There were lately some grouses that I have employed some very young & inexperience managers who may not even know how to serve customers. Although they did not have to go through job interviews and can directly join in any of my departments, I can assure you that they are good people so please give them a chance to prove themselves to serve you better. I just want to send a message across the whole island that there can be only ONE true chilli crab store. No other stall can get the best crabs so if you think there can be another or few more like mine then you are dead wrong. I intend to make my kampong stall the best in the region if not the whole world so please continue to support me and the ones that will be replacing me. Remember there can ONLY BE ONE."
  15. for mi 750rpm is ok however there is a slight bog 500 rpm the engine will bog heavily and stall
  16. due to the 3 days of non stop rain, i think the crowd has been giving chinatown a miss. the weekends are the days where they can make the most profits, but i think its not going to be good for them this year
  17. Yahgo22

    Hawker stall dun accept 5ct coin

    The goreng pisang stall at Old Airport Hawker Centre dun accept 5ct coin. There is a notice pasted at the front of the stall. By doing so, is the stall owner committing an offence under the Currency Act?
  18. STOMPer Karen witnessed helpers at a well-known 'tze char' or cooked food stall in Yishun carelessly preparing raw meat on the floor at the back of the stall. According to the STOMPer, the workers also dump innards and unwanted parts into the drain nearby. She relates the incident to STOMP in an email: "There is a tze char food stall at Block 654 Yishun Ave 4 called 妹记大排档. "Ever since it was featured on a TV entertainment programme, its dinner crowd boomed. "Perhaps its kitchen is overwhelmed by food orders, the stall's helpers have started to process raw food on the floor at the back of the food centre, right next to pails that held used dining ware. "I have also attached photos which show how a kitchen helper had placed a clear sheet of plastic on the grimy floor. That same sheet of clear plastic was later placed on top of some patty he had prepared. "Raw meats that fell onto the floor were simply picked up and tossed back into the lot, and brought back into the kitchen. "Furthermore, when the kitchen helpers were done with their meat, they would conveniently dispose of the filthy water and unwanted animal innards onto the floor and down the drains. "It was disgusting how bloody pools would form in the grooves of the parking lot closest to the back of the food centre. "My family has brought this issue up to the attention of the National Environment Agency. We provided photo evidence too. "Disappointingly, the officer assigned to this matter replied to say nothing incriminating was found. "It is worthwhile to note that the officer had conducted a 'discreet inspection' at 8.30am on a Monday morning. Tze char stalls start work late morning and get busy towards dinner time. "It would seem a lot more appropriate if the officer had conducted his 'discreet inspection' on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, so I am very surprised that was not done. "I am surprised by the nonchalance of NEA in this matter, when the agency has always preached the importance of food safety and public hygiene in Singapore."
  19. currently, have a hot dog stand for take over. started it as a pet project. it profitable wont lose monies just need your time and care to grow it. the reason why i giving up is my work is taking too much of my time. interested parties can PM me or come down to united square at novena inside cold storage
  20. SINGAPORE: The National Environment Agency (NEA) is taking court action against the licensee of the Geylang Serai Rojak stall, Sheik Allaudin Mohideen. The decision was taken after the NEA, together with the Attorney General
  21. I used to study at toh tuck that side so along jalan jurong kechil theres this bus stop beside the bukit timah cc. beside the bus stop theres this small coffeeshop at the corner with an open air HDB carpark. there used to be a chinese lady running a nasi lemak stall there! does anyone know where she is right now?? her stall moved off after i left the school too. this was 2yrs ago
  22. Hey all seniors! I have encounter this problem ocassionally: 1) Normally, When i drive with AC on, the idling is at 1200-1300, and when i off my AC, its at 700-800 . But i had this problem yesterday (again..had this a few times liao) after driving for 10mins, i decided to off my AC during a jam,then my idle falls to 200-400 suddenly, and engine stall and cut off eveything! scary! but when i turn my AC on the idle went up to 800 and car is back to normally but brakes and ride felt weird. What seems to be the problem? 2) Whenever after i parked my car, i will let it cool down and idle for 2mins without my AC, then similar problem occurs ocassionally - the engine will then idle low similar as above 200-400, and it will cut off by itself... Anyone can help?
  23. I am referring to the just concluded series Buzz the Cashier that was on Channel 8. I think its in the vicinity of Bedok Reservoir(BlK7xx). At the last show, it was commented that its chilli is the best. Thank You.
  24. remember that seafood bbq stall who overcharge a group of tourists over seafood and tiger prawns? they have opened for business after suspension. do take note when going to newton to eat. we locals also dun want to be chop carrot by them.